Friday, April 27, 2012

BIG FAT YUMMY CRABS @ Wong Poh Restaurant, Aman Suria

I just went to Wong Poh Restaurant for their crabs yesterday for the third time this year and this blog post actually consists of photos from my second visit with Deardo's family. The first time I went there and got so amazed was our departmental CNY outing and yesterday I bought my family there and I had a sense of satisfaction when Papo especially loves the crabs so much! :)
The truth is, I was never a big fan of crabs, simply because I hate the entire process of eating it, just too ma fan and messy, don't you think so?
Things changed after I first tasted the crabs at Wong Poh Restaurant back in January. I swallowed the crabs like crazy until I think I had a minor allergy feeling very heaty after the dinner. :S
Anywayz, here are dishes we ordered that day...
Curry Wild Boar.
Kung Po Mantis Prawns.
Stir-fried Sweet Potato Leaves.
Clapypot Butter Crabs.
Salted Egg Crabs.
Fried Man Tou.
Well their crabs are in general very big in size and very fresh and juicy as well, which is why it is not hard to understand why people just love to go there for their crabs. Of course, their signature Claypot Butter Crabs, which you can go with some deep fried or steamed man tou seems like a big hit and I think it is actually not too bad. But my favourite has to be the Salted Egg Crabs! Love how they made the salted egg smells and tastes so nice and I have tried other salted egg seafood dishes but this has to be the best one so far!!!! Seriously, my colleague who doesn't eat seafood at all was licking the crab shells just for the salted egg gravy!!! I tell you, it's only at Wong Poh Restaurant you actually see me knocking the crabs out and dirty my hands and mouth, noming the crabs with a super satisfied face! Ha!
The aftermath. *grins~*
That was not as much as what I ate when I first visit that restaurant cos boss paid for the bill! :p
I tried their other dishes and I think their Kung Poh Lai Liu Ha (Mantis Prawns) is another must try. The mantis prawns has the extra crunchiness compared to those usual ones you get at other restaurants! Other dishes I tried unfortunately failed to impressed me too much.
Of course it isn't too cheap to have such crab meals. Four of those crabs cost us about RM128 but their other dishes are very reasonably priced. Great options whenever you are craving for some BIG FAT YUMMY CRABS!!!

Wong Poh Restaurant
36 & 38, Jalan BM 1/2
Bukit Mayang Mas
47301 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 603-7803 3527

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