Sunday, March 23, 2014

One Last Entry on Our Wedding!

So now that you have read almost everything about our weddings, including everything about Cloudy with a Chance of Wedding Bells, our wedding in Taiping, my Vera Wang-inspired wedding gown (which is still on sale by the way, please do e-mail me yo~!) and also the wedding dress I designed for our morning session and church session in Taiping, I'd like to conclude my blog posts on our weddings by sharing some other stuff involved in our wedding.

1) The Evening Gown
While in KL, we still have gowns from the bridal house we have engaged earlier, we didn't really engage to anybody in Taiping for our outfits. We basically D.I.Y everything - I wore the short wedding dress I designed and tailor-made in the morning, then put on the Vera Wang-inspired gown for the march-in at the our wedding banquet at night.
While we didn't have a second march-in, I reckon my gown would be too bulky to walk around for the toasting session of 50 tables (duh...), so I decided to find myself a straight cut evening gown. Knowing that I never really like those typical evening gowns from bridal houses which are mostly dark colours, I went straight online to look for a budget gown and finally found one at My Dream Gown.
The gown comes in sky blue with some lace details on top and straight down at the bottom. It was simple yet beautiful and I totally love the colour! Best of all, the gown only cost me RM380. I can assure you that it's quite hard to rent a gown with that price! 
I had doubt of course, although I ordered it with my measurement that I might not be able to fit into it but thank god it was okay (I left some time frame in between so even if it didn't fit I had enough time to alter)! My relatives and I were all really impressed with the quality and the workmanship of the gown (it's made in China) too! :) 
My advice here is, go online to look for gowns! You'll be surprise to find some gorgeous gowns with a much lower price! 

2) The Wedding Shoes
Here's the thing, I looked around and it is obvious that brides love to go for designer's shoes. In Malaysia there is the very famous Christy Ng which I have referred to but nothing catch my eyes at all! And then the search went on to other smaller names...
Until I saw blogger Kim who got her wedding shoes from Payless and even from Bangkok I went hey, famous blogger also never buy expensive designer's shoe so why must I? I think to me the most critical point is that I really don't find those designer's shoes any attractive. Perhaps because my requirement is that my shoes shouldn't be that typical kinda wedding shoes so I could wear them again for other occasions. 
So yeah, I eventually found my first pair at Nose when it was on sale. So it cost me I think slightly over RM80! The Fuchsia heels was perfect to my liking because of the colour and the fact that it wasn't too lacy or girly, yet has a little details in the design were the reasons I fell for the pair of heels. The chunky heels also gave it a unique kick!
Then I bought a same colour pair of heels from Zara also on sale at RM99 as back-up. The pointed-toe and unique cut made it looks really edgy and sophisticated (have I mention before that I have always love Zara's shoes?). In the end I wore it with my short dress for our morning session in Taiping and it has certainly gave the vintage styling a modern twist! Love it love it love it!!! 
So really, personally I think it's not necessary that you have to find an expensive shoe for your wedding! I think you have to pick something you really like and something that goes well with your gown/dress in stead of blindly searching for one at some designer's website. :)

3) The Hair Pieces & Earrings
Because of my short hair, I've been quite obsessed with hairbands, clips and hair pieces (some call it fascinator) because they are the only stuff I can use to decorate my hair! But because of that, I'm very particular with what are going on my head on my wedding and I certainly don't trust the bridal house giving me nice stuff. In fact they were trying to give me a princess crown hair piece which I quickly asked to change because it just doesn't suit me at all, don't you think so? Shirlexa? A princess? No way~!
So I was smart enough to buy a few hair pieces from Diva and H&M and am glad that almost all of them were utilised at our weddings! They are all bought at some bargain prices too! Of course I spent a little extra money on the tailor-made birdcage net hair piece but it was worth it since I've even used it after that at our annual dinner! :)
Most of the earrings I wore on my weddings were also from my own collections while the one that I was wearing at the morning session in Taiping was a wedding gift from 3e and family from Diamond and Platinum.
It is very important that you have your say in what you are going to wear at your wedding because people like your make-up artist or the person who pick the accessories for you from the bridal house doesn't know you. Hence, it is very dangerous because they are going to choose something that doesn't reflect your personality or give you something totally outrages to wear! So really, tell them what you want and don't let them mess you up on your big day!

4) The Wedding Bands
We went to a few shops, including the famous ones like Love & Co. and Tiffany & Co. to look for our perfect wedding bands. I wanted them to be something that is beyond just a round ring yet it was really hard to find something interesting and suits my finger because they are really small (yes, I have really small and short fingers).
We eventually settled with this pair of wedding bands from Diamond and Platinum, the same shop where Deardo bought the engagement ring when he proposed to me. Made of diamond and platinum, it has a little criss-cross details in the design. We paid a little over RM5k for the pair of rings and are until now very happy with the quality. :)

There you go! Finally, I've completed all blog entries on our wedding! I hope by sharing my preparations, wedding days' chaos and fun, as well as where I got my wedding items actually inspire and help you future brides out there to get your wedding done! :D


Hayley said...

Your gown is simple yet elegant!

ShiRLeXia said...

Thanks Hayley! And I was really glad it turns out okay! :)