Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Shirlexia, the Fashion Designer in Disguise :p

As soon as we confirmed we were going to have our supposedly Registration of Marriage (R.O.M) at the church in Taiping (which later become a complete church wedding), I started to look for a suitable short dress.

I wanted it to be formal and not trashy (it's a church ceremony after all), preferably hi-lo bottom (read about my love for hi-lo dresses here) for a grand effect of train behind me when I stand in front of everyone, and most importantly, something that I can wear again after the wedding instead of finding ways to sell or give it away, which also means it has to be as simple as possible (no sequins, no over-exaggerating stuff).

I was looking at online boutiques and wedding magazines for ideas of what to wear and where to buy until one day it struck me, that I can actually design my own wedding dress! I mean, it was my dream to become a fashion designer back in high school and I was even doing some sketches back then! All I needed to do now is to absorb all these ideas and sort of mix-and-match to form a dream dress that has everything I want and without things that I hate! Then, just ask Erin (who made my Vera Wang-inspired gown) to help make the dress into reality! Oh yay~!

So I put together what I want into an ugly sketch, like this...
Originally wanted an ombre effect on the train but it was a bit too tough for Erin to do that.
Okay, so it's basically a heart shape top with a soft tulle toga overlay with some beautiful details at the shoulder, with a straight cut bottom that comes with a peplum. The train is detachable with those small hidden buttons underneath the peplum so I can decide to put it on or to just wear the dress as it is.

And yes, I didn't want it to be fully white, also because I don't know if you realise, I don't normally wear white cos I think I've been cursed that every time I wear white I would dirty it! And yes I always think it makes me look fatter. So the baby pink is a practical yet aesthetic touch to the otherwise boring white dress.

Then I went to Erin and this is either from herself or Pei...
Professional sketch it is! 
Okay, now I can officially allow you to say my sketch sucks! 

I also added a layer of white lace on the pink peplum last minute to add in some complexity into the otherwise plain dress.

All in all, my dream dress should be simple yet with a bit of sophistication, modern but with a bit of vintage twist, formal yet with a touch of fun and sweetness. I mean... If you get what I mean! :p
Trying out my own design was an extraordinary experience.
When I went for the first fitting, I thought it was flawless! The details I wanted at the shoulder looks amazingly perfect! And Erin must be a genius to add some buttons on my toga shoulder so I can actually transfer my train up to make myself look like a Greek goddess! LOL! But really, that was a really good idea and I really appreciate the creativity that Erin offers, without just following suit! :)
Closer look at the dress.
That's me all fresh in the morning! So #ootd dress by Shirlexia Tan... LOL! 
Of course at our wedding, I wore the dress with the custom-made birdcage net hair piece (also by Erin) and a feather hair clip from Diva, plus a girly diamond earrings from 3e and her family to complete the vintage look. I however chose to wear my edgy unique-cut Zara Fuchsia heels to give the entire look a modern twist. The fuchsia really stood out and I needed that because otherwise I will look damn pale since everything on me were light colours!
I'm still very much in love with the detailed work from the shoulder down and I really must thank Erin for such a fantastic job well done! :)
It came out just the way I wanted it to be in photos! 
As I stood and take loads of photos in that dress on my wedding day, I was beyond just feeling happy that I was wearing my dream wedding dress. It was excitement, happiness and pride that I was wearing my own design!
It was, indeed a fashion designer dream come true for me!!! :D

*Of course, my dream wouldn't come true if it's not for Erin and Pei who tailored out the dress for me. And after a gown and a dress, I must say I'm very thankful for them because I think I gave them some headaches with the designs I wanted but they were very patient with me. So to all you future brides out there, Neoromantic is a pretty good option to go to if you are planning to tailor make your wedding gowns/dresses! I can assure you they are one of the most affordable ones in town too! :)

Oh by the way, my Vera Wang-inspired wedding gown is on sale! Click here for details!


Hayley said...

That's a simple yet sweet peplum!

ShiRLeXia said...

Thanks Hayley! :)

tash said...

Love your dress! I was searching for ROM in church in Taiping when I saw yr post. Can I also know which church in Taiping that you manage to do ROM? Thanks and Congrats to you!!

ShiRLeXia said...

Hi Tash!

Sorry for not replying you earlier! Didn't realised there was a new comment!

It was at FGA, Full Gospel Assembly Taiping!