Monday, February 10, 2014

My Beautiful Vera Wang-Inspired Wedding Gown

If you have read my previous post on choosing a coloured wedding gown, you should know that I actually tailor-made a Vera Wang inspired gown for our wedding and in this entry, I would like to share with you a little bit about the gown.

I've always have a thing for Vera Wang wedding gowns cos they are really unique with certain signature details that are truly hers. I know however, I can never afford a real Vera Wang! So as I decided to explore the possibilities to make a gown, I naturally checked out her website first for inspirations. Unsurprisingly I was really excited to see so many super unique gowns in her website! And then I stumbled upon this in her Spring 2012 collections...
The jaw-dropping 'Harlow' gown.
It caught my eyes because of it's cool and stand-out train. I've always wanted my gown to have a nice long train that people could pay attention to when I march into the banquet hall or church. And this one really gives me the 'grand' that I wanted in a grand entrance. 

I then met up with my tailor, Erin who then drafted the design without following the original design blindly mainly because she knows what suits a body frame like me. So we changed the top to a heart shape top with a lower waist cutting to showcase my 'assets' (LOL!) and cover the belly fat. I also had to make the grey colour to a lighter shade because of Deardo who didn't like my gown to be too dark in colour. We also forgo the know on the waist because I didn't think it looks nice when it's on low waist.

I seriously had goosebumps when I received the draft from Erin!!!
So gorgeous!!! 
I however, think I've given her a tough job because at the first fitting, both Deardo and I were not very happy with some details on the gown (obviously Erin isn't Vera Wang) but it looks great after some changes! And I like to call it save the best for 'the back'!

I'm also quite glad that I changed the colour a bit cos it gives the gown a romantic-dreamy feel instead of dark and sad. I also feel the colour makes the gown looks 'younger'. It might not look super impressive in real, but the effects on photos are really so beautiful!!! 
Pre-wedding photos showcased my beautiful gown with the pretty details at the back!!!
After wearing it trice - for pre-wedding photoshoot, wedding in KL and in Taiping, I still honestly love the gown heaps. But now that I've dry-cleaned it and hung it in my wardrobe, it has come to no use anymore. Hence, I'm ready to let it go. 
At our wedding.
Just so you can have a look at the details at the top of the gown.
So if you are a fan of unique and coloured wedding gown with a gorgeous train, just like me and is looking for an affordable one, here it is. I might not be too good at the technical part of the gown, but I shall try listing them out here:

1) Heart shape top 
2) Low waist design
3) Can Can design (although no can can used) with 5 layers of materials
4) Materials are mix of soft tulle, organza and satin
5) Light grey with soft pink details
6) Train length: 70cm
7) Detachable flowy soft tulle included at the top back of the gown
8) Absolutely perfect for photoshoot and march-ins
9) Asking price: RM900

Here's the catch... Because the gown comes with a side zipper on a soft tulle, if alteration is made to widen there may be stitch holes seen on the gown. So it is preferably that you are smaller than me or at least same size as I am, which is around a UK8-10 (please e-mail for exact measurement). But of course if you are from a bridal house I don't see size as a problem as you may use it for only photoshoot so small stitch holes are not too bad and you could actually convert it into corset closure. 

So if you or somebody you know is interested, kindly please drop me an email at and we shall see how we can arrange things from there on. :)


Hayley said...

I always love straight gown, it makes us looks slimmer ;) But then gown with can can also very nice la! Very princess feel =)

ShiRLeXia said...

Hayley yea I know but us with big waistline harder to go for straight gown though...

Unknown said...

Yeah, you are absolutely right that mostly women are choosing Vera Wang Wedding Gowns to express their style and sense of fashion on her most important day of life.

ShiRLeXia said...

Hi Patrick!

Yeah, though I have a few favourite designers, I still love Vera Wang's work the most! :)