Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Here and There...

I swear I so want to start blogging about our wedding but really, there are too many photos (from so many photographers) that it will take a lot of time for me to go through them one by one before I can choose some to go with my coming wedding blog post! So, just stayed tuned! *wink~*
For now let's have a little updates from me even though I'm not sure how many of you care? LOL!

The Fashion Department:
Out on a casual Saturday!
I rarely wear loose t-shirts like this but when I saw this Cotton On t-shirt I just couldn't help but bought it home because somehow I think somewhere, some part of me is really a New Yorker! Ha, fake New Yorker I am!!! Love how it goes so well with my very old Forever 21 skirt and my new Zara heels!

I've always wanted a change to my plain short hair, so after my series of weddings, I've decided to really give it a go. I permed my hair, but only the front. So it looks something like this...
First day at work after 2 weeks of wedding 'holiday' sporting my new hair! 
Although Deardo has a point that I look a bit more matured but then I personally think the hairstyle added a lot of character to my entire image! :) Now the problem is I need more time to style and I absolutely suck at styling my curly hair!
I'm also in dilemma whether to keep it for CNY next year or not? What do you think?
Mint colour FTW!!!
Just a photo of my colleague June and me on a day that we appeared in the office in same colour!

Women's Weekly Malaysia: Great Women of Our Time
So 4e was nominated for the Great Women of Our Time award and she decided to give her niece a chance to be exposed to social event at the award night itself. Pretty cool I shall say, pretty well-organised and superb decor and fine-dining dishes and services at Mandarin Oriental KL. It was interesting yet very exhausting socialising around... Phew~!!!
A night of stardom????
I was pushed to take photos with some celebrities by 4e who funnily enough, didn't know who are they, most of the time. LOL! But seriously, nothing beats meeting one of my favourite designers, and yes my favourite Malaysian designer Melinda Looi! I just had to send myself up to her and told her how I have admire her since high school!!! Totally starstruck man!!! 
Debbie Goh was truly elegant!!!
With my long-time idol Melinda Looi, while totally ignoring Xandra Ooi at the back! LOL!
Next thing I know, I made it into the magazine, December issue!!! Aaaawwww~~~!!!
And now I have a month of stardom... 
4e didn't win but honestly she has always been my hero in every single way, an example to me since young! So to the family, she is the winner, no matter what okay!!! :D

Annual Dinner 2013
This year's mini Annual Dinner's theme was Whimsical and Mad Hatters.
My inspiration this year was Effie Trinket from Hunger Games! I've always love seeing the clothes and bizarre make-up she constantly changed into in the movie, so I thought she would be my perfect inspiration since it's a whimsical night!
Happy Hunger Games~!!!
I didn't spend a cent renting any clothes or buying any hats. All I did was put on an old but whimsical-looking tulle dress (with the colourful belt I bought from Bangkok few years back) and put on my hair piece and birdcage net that I bought for my wedding, in stead of a hat. I also wore the cool stockings I bought long time ago with clouds, rain and thunder on it and my pink wedding shoe from Zara to complete the look.  I did however, spent some money on the make-up for the right effects that I want!
So how do you like my Asian Effie Trinket look??? 
Here are some other photos from the event for your viewing pleasure! :p
Lea Johnny and Shirlexia Tan in the house~!!!
Some other cool hat and Tiara (from me) by Jojo and Sabrina.
A group picture of us!!! Spot the cute mushroom hat guys!!!
Our very cool CMO who put so much of efforts into his whole look!!! Super sporting lor!!!
Yes, I won a lucky draw prize too! Second year in a row!!! Yay!!!
And this is, undeniably the deserving winner of The Best Hat Award!!! How can you beat that man???
Check out my evil Queen's look at last year's Annual Dinner!

Updates on Little Yue Yue
Yue Yue just turned 2 few days ago! Time really flies, isn't it?
At Yue Yue's birthday party where she wore her new dress Aunt Shirlexia bought for her as birthday prezzie. Surely, I've made her a fashionable kid isn't it? :p
Well as she grows older and smarter, little Yue Yue can be very annoying and naughty it sometimes irritates me a bit. But when she is in a good mood, she is such a cutie pie you just couldn't help but manja her like crazy!!!
Look at her!!! Cannot stand the cuteness lar!!!
That's all for now!

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