Sunday, February 23, 2014

Our Lovely Wedding in Taiping Part 2

As mentioned earlier, during our one-day wedding in Taiping, I've specially requested for a photoshoot session after our church ceremony around Taiping town, mostly because I was wearing the short dress that is very fresh (never appeared in our KL wedding) and that was designed by yours truly (more about the dress a bit later). So this entry may actually look more like a pre-wedding photos sharing but it was actually taken on our wedding day itself!
The photos taken by Isaac from Juno Perfection Studio are simply beautiful!!! Some of them weren't even edited and they already look so nice!!! 
Love how vintage and romantic this batch of photos look! 
Haha, this one is just for laugh! :p
We really had a lot of fun taking these photos!
Since the dress and the entire look that day was a vintage one, I personally requested that we should take some photos at some old-looking building in town and this famous corner shop in Taiping was pretty perfect! :)
The normal ones...
The fun and creative one! 
The one that is unedited yet so beautiful!
Then we went to somewhere on the way up to the rest house to snap some photos too. I especially love the creativity that Isaac has in trying out different and difficult poses! LOL!
Some classic yet beautiful shots.
Last few photos were captured at Deardo's place before we started the tea ceremony and they look super gorgeous, don't they? Love them love them love them~!!! 

Our wedding banquet at night was quite huge with almost 50 tables of our parents' friends and family, which some of them we know, but some we have no idea who they were. Well, I must say I still enjoyed ourselves meeting some old aunties and uncles who I haven't seen for years and I truly enjoyed seeing how my parent enjoyed themselves! :)
March-in with my tailor-made gown which is now on sale!!! 
Some other photos of us on stage. 
Decided to skip all the 'yum seng' photos again but you can check them and more of other photos here.

So, that concluded our wedding in Taiping! Although in terms of numbers of posts, this is far lesser than our Cloudy with a Chance of Wedding Bells, but that one-day event in Taiping really made a lot of us super stressed-out and exhausted. My parent were organising the wedding themselves, for the first time so it was a little 'kelam-kabut'. I was extremely tired since I also couldn't sleep well a night before the wedding so I heard I was the rare bride who could still catch a nap in the afternoon (by nap I mean slept like a pig)! :p But all in all, it was a great and memorable day! :)

One thing for sure that I was pretty surprised myself was the quality of stuff we have back at home. Despite being a really small town in Malaysia, Taiping has so much of better quality stuff to offer! My make-up, hair and photography by Juno Perfection Studio were simply too awesome I think they are way better than many bridal houses in KL. I'm talking based on the photos and the comments that people have given to me and I can assure you I don't get paid for sharing this wonderful experience I had with them! I know a lot of Taiping Lang love to go around and spread the rumour that Juno is super lansi and all but well at least from my experience he isn't. And even if he really is lansi, based on he and his brother's superb work, he is allowed to be a little lansi wurt!

My bridal bouquet and corsages from Irene Florist were extremely pretty too! I mean, when I got them I was like... Man I didn't know an old aunty like Irene and such an old florist shop would have such 'imported-looking' flowers! I was really impressed!!! :)

So I guess my piece of advice here? Never underestimate your hometown! LOL! Seriously, to those who are getting married in Taiping, why hire people from KL when in Taiping there are better and probably cheaper services???

I hope my short sharing of our wedding in Taiping was good enough! More about some other details of the weddings coming up soon! :)


ykristen said...

Love your dress, really nice.

ShiRLeXia said...

Thank you very much! I'm really happy that you like it!!! :D

Hayley said...

Cute and sweet photos there!

ShiRLeXia said...

Thanks Hayley!

I am also extremely happy with Isaac's work! :)