Sunday, February 16, 2014

Our Lovely Wedding in Taiping Part 1

*Updated with link to photos! 

Since we are done with Cloudy with a Chance of Wedding Bells a.k.a our wedding in KL, it's time to finally have a look at our wedding in Taiping! 
We kick-started the day with the morning session and like all you brides out there, I had to be up as early as 5ish in the morning. Juno from Juno's Perfection Studio was my make-up artist and based on my short dress and the birdcage net (that were all tailor-made), I've requested for a vintage hair and make-up and thank god he really nailed it! :)
Love how the vintage look gives me a totally different style that I've never seen myself with!
Obviously the Loo brothers are very talented in their own ways! Juno's brother, Isaac was our photographer and based on his young age, we were extremely surprised and impressed with his work! I personally love how creative his shots are!!!

We kept our morning session very simple too. I had no 'ji muis' except for my two real 'ji mius' and a cousin sister to help out. All we wanted Deardo to do was to read out some love messages to me entirely in Teochew! Oh yes, by the way, he had some Heng Dais but I guess they didn't need to help him much! :p
Deardo arrived at my house and found a surprise obstacle in my crazy aunties who just asked him random questions about me! LOL!
That's our Teochew script! 
One for the album! 
Tea session was quite a short one, with priority given to those who weren't there at our wedding in KL.
Tea for one of the most important persons, Ah Ma! :)
Once again, I couldn't help but praise Isaac for his capabilities in capturing some really nice photos and surely, they are very unforgettable moments at our wedding!
These are truly precious set of photos of my two Ah Mas smiling/laughing their heart out! Some said it is very rare to see them smile/laugh like this! 
So we were taking our family photo and Isaac asked Papo and Mamo when was the last time they kissed??? 
Our crazy family photo!!!
Oh man, I tell you, that was the first and probably the only time I've seen them kiss in my entire life!!! Really owe this to Isaac man!!! Hahaha...
More crazy photos with the families and Heng Dais! :)

After the morning session at my place, we went off to the church to our supposedly small R.O.M but turned real church wedding! LOL! Kinda defeated the purpose of me making a short dress but then again, I thought well let's just be a different bride who had her church wedding in a short dress! I mean, nothing wrong with that too, right? In fact, I think it was kinda cool idea! *wink~*
Insanely beautiful photo of Papo walking me down the aisle.
I think we were reading our vows here...
Rings-exchanged! Deal is done!
That church wedding officially made us a married couple, like legally! :D

We did some photoshoot in town too before heading back to Deardo's place but I shall share that with you guys in another post. Here are some other snapshots at Deardo's place, before we wrapped up the first half of our wedding day in Taiping.
Yum Cha???
One cute family photo too! :)
More to come in the next post! See the rest of the photos here.


Hayley said...

A nice group of photos indeed!!

ShiRLeXia said...

He also took some really nice photos for us at Lake Garden and around town! Will share them soon! :)