Friday, February 7, 2014

Cloudy with a Chance of Wedding Bells (The Finale?)

Of course, it's not the finale! There are more stuff that I haven't blog about our wedding but for the KL wedding entries, this shall be the last part.

Our wedding video is definitely the perfect way to summarize the wedding itself. Excuse us for our long speeches because one of us was drunk and the other one didn't have a speech prepared. :p

Although I won't say our wedding video is perfect, but both Deardo and I are very happy with it because of some good quality of cinematography, visuals that were well-captured (even lovely moments that I missed on the day itself) and of course the songs that were chosen by yours truly went quite perfectly with the video. :) I truly love how the video really presented our wedding just the way we wanted the wedding to be - no ji muis and heng dais or gate-crashing games yet it can still be such a beautiful, memorable and fun wedding! :)

Engaging JC Studio for the videography of our wedding is probably the best decision I've made for our wedding. They are very easy-going, committed and their work is simply awesome (though they took three months to finish the post-production of our video)! So many thanks to Jonathan and his crew and to you guys who are getting married, book them!!! 

Once again, thank you for watching! :)

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Hayley said...

Ok, seems like a long video, shall find the time to watch it!

By the way, happy CNY!

ShiRLeXia said...

Hi Hayley!

There is a short 5 mins video but I shared this because it captured more things lar. Hehehe...

Happy CNY to you too!