Thursday, December 26, 2013

Cloudy with a Chance of Wedding Bells Part 1

This is the first official blog post on our wedding in KL, also better known as Cloudy with a Chance of Wedding Bells. Read more about the name and theme of the wedding here
Since we kept the 'chu men' ceremony in Taiping, the KL ceremony only has a tea ceremony and the dinner. It was more for 1) Our friends and family who are in KL or more convenient for them to travel KL in stead of to Taiping and 2) us to have a wedding that is very small, yet with a theme and atmosphere that we really want. :)
We started our wedding early evening with a tea ceremony in the hotel. Of course, before that, here are some photos of the make-up session in our hotel room!
Didn't the bride looks absolutely stunning??? LOL!
Of course, like I've mentioned earlier, our photographer 'smartly' thought our wedding was the next day and didn't turn up until later. Surprisingly, in stead of getting all stress up and angry about the whole situation and the photographer, I was extremely calm. I just didn't want to ruin one of the happiest days in my life just because of some unprofessional photographer! Plus, I had Lea, Jason and Tze Yang there to be the back-ups so I thought, hey it's all under control! 
Say hi to Deardo and Deardu!!!
Lea acting like she is tying my corset up for me, as per requested by our videographers.
Still lovin' my pink wedding shoe heaps. More on that later!
Deardo suiting-up!
Wait, was it Deardo or Tony Stark???
So yes, the photos from this post are from three different photographers, hence there are little differences in terms of styles, angles and colours as well! Honestly, both Deardo and I are pretty happy with the photos, while I won't say all of them are nice, but really, when there are nice ones, they are really of professional standard! So really, kudos to the three very talented amateur photographers!!! :D
Oh well, what can I say? It's just not me if I don't do all these stupid stunts! :p
Pardon me for the crazy amount of photos of myself than Deardo because hey, he doesn't need any make-up or hair-styling and he had to be downstairs to say hi to our guests who have arrived earlier! :p
The 'sentimental' shots... 
Because Lea, Jason and Tze Yang are not really wedding photographers yet, so if you realised, most of the photos don't look like the usual ones that you see from a wedding shoot. We did some crazy shots and I'm all fine with it because I do not want to not look like myself on my big day. :)
My life-saving photographers Lea and Tze Yang (photo bomb).
And this is Jason who is famous for his troll expression and he loves doing it with the bride!

And then we moved on to the tea ceremony. As you can see, I was wearing my white corset-can can gown from the bridal house for the session, very slimming and boobs-popping I must say! Wooohooo~~~!!!
One for the album!
Very very nice photos!!!
There was a bit of a havoc at the tea ceremony when some of my uncles, aunties and cousins came really late because of the crazy KL traffic (it was also raining that day, haih...) so we sort of had to finish giving Ang Pows to the kids then went back to pouring tea to our relatives who came in a bit later.
Fantastic shots of Ah Kim and us!
Uncle Mike was called up for a last minute work trip and couldn't make it but 4e made a long distance call so that he can still talk to us!!! 
And the kids receiving Ang Pows from us!
The ceremony lasted almost an hour, which was a little bit longer than expected. Also unexpectedly, before the ceremony even ended, some of our guests have already arrived!!! Man, since when guests appear at wedding dinner so damn early??? So our helpers at the registration table (which was Vivian and Joo Ling, my cousin) had to run out to do their job, leaving us a little short-handed at the tea ceremony~!!! Phew~~~!!! I was literally sweating because of the situation!!!
Family photos time!!!
Thankfully, as the bride, I just had to move on and leave it to the helpers. So after all the tea-pouring and Ang Pows-giving, plus some quick family photos, I ran up to change for the wedding banquet...

Well this blog post is to be continued with the second part of the wedding, consisting of mostly our very dramatic wedding banquet (it was a movie-themed wedding after all)! And there are simply too many photos I really will have a hard time summing things up here! But, stay tuned ya'll!

*To view the rest of the photos, click here.


Rosemount said...

I dont remember how I got here.
U look beautiful. I like your gown. I wish that I could wear this type of gown well..

Rosemount said...

I always thought that the wedding heels had to be white. Pink is absolutely an outstanding one and matches the white dress very well! How cute!

ShiRLeXia said...

Hello Rosemount!

Thanks for your support! I must remember to read your blog too, you seem to have a very beautiful wedding too! :)

I'm really a fan of can-can gown cos it sort of cover up tummy fat! Hehehe... Yea, I've always wanted my shoe to be non-white so it would be more outstanding against the light coloured gowns! :)

Rosemount said...

I grew up dreaming of wearing a cancan gown.. But the reality is cruel! It doesn't suit me well..
It's very nice on u :)
And thanks for visiting my blog.

I'm glad I got to link to your blog, u seems like a nice girl, can tell from the words, the things u wrote

ShiRLeXia said...

Thanks a lot!

Your life in NZ seems very interesting too so I shall visit your blog more often! :)

Hayley said...

Congratulations once again!

Yes you look stunning, all brides are stunning! ;D

ShiRLeXia said...

Thanks so much Hayley!!! :)