Monday, January 13, 2014

Cloudy with a Chance of Wedding Bells Part 2

If you have not seen the earlier part of the movie wedding, you can catch them at Cloudy with a Chance of Wedding Bells Part 1 and The Intermission.
Sorry for keeping you waiting (and thank you for your patience), but here's the Part 2 (not too sure yet if this is the final part because the sequel might come later :p) and personally, I think this is the most interesting part! :)

Our wedding banquet definitely started with a bang when Deardo Wong made his SUPER GRAND ENTRANCE looking like this...
Ironman/Tony Stark aside, I love those flower arrangement in the ballroom!!! 
Super 'yau ying'!!! 
Despite finding some of my crazy ideas in the beginning of our wedding planning unreasonable, he became pretty overexcited nearer to our wedding date. And this entrance with him wearing an Ironman mask with the famous Ironman movie theme music playing was entirely his idea and I love it because 1) it's creative and 2) my man is finally wanting some fun for himself at his wedding too, so why not?

And then the entrance music changed to one of my favourite OSTs - theme music from The Artist.
Carina and Tessa walking in as our pretty flower girls! Awww~~~
Yeap, all music and songs played not only during our march-ins, but also throughout the night were music and songs from movies, dating back to 1970s I think! Of course, our flower girls marched-into the banquet hall throwing flower petals out from a Coke paper cup and a popcorn bag too! *wink~* Ah Kim actually tailor-made the girls' dresses and hairbands!

That was followed by Papo and I walking in before he passed me over to Deardo. :) I was wearing my tailor-made gown with a feather head piece I bought from Diva during their sales period and the birdcage net specially made by my tailor too!
Papo waving like a superstar while I was trying hard to not trip over my gown!
Many thanks to the team in Concorde Hotel for the gorgeous purple-pink set-up, and the uniquely long backdrop wordings! 
And then the show officially started!
For your viewing pleassure??? 
While everyone enjoyed their dinner, here are some other stuff we did for our wedding according to the movie theme...
We used these batches as our 'corsage' in stead of flowers. Ours spelled quite well for us actually! 
Mamo, the Datin! LOL!
Papo said he is 'Damn Famous'! Haha!
Okay, since you can't see clearly from the photo, Ducum and Vivian wore 'Drama Queen' batches.
We asked the hotel to remove the married couple statue on top of the dummy cake and we changed it with our very own fake Oscar statue! 
I bought the batches from a shop in Publika and yes, I made sure they were all pretty much related to movies! The not-very-Oscar Statue looking award can be easily found anywhere, but I bought mine from S&J. And oh yea, we also played Eye of the Tiger from the movie Rocky when the food presentation parade came in!

Like any usual (Chinese) weddings, I went back to our room to change quite soon (hence not much of time to enjoy the food) and came back out to the ballroom with Deardo, this time with the very famous theme music from Back to the Future, one of the very few movies that both of us love! 
I really don't know why Deardo looks like this in the photo but this is the only nicer photo of our second march-in!
Cake-cutting with a very long sword!
Oooohh... One of my favourite photos of the night!
I was wearing my second gown from the bridal house. Like I've mentioned earlier, I've never really find evening gowns from bridal houses nice and this was probably one of the rare ones. In fact, I already had my eye on it when I first visited the bridal house, clearly because of the lighter shades of pink and white, but the girl did tell me that I wouldn't be able to fit into it and I'm really proud of myself that after a few months, I can actually fit into it!!! Yay!!! *victory~*
Let the drinking begin!
I'm skipping all the table-by-table 'yum seng' session because well they all look quite the same, even though there were only 12 tables! LOL! By the time we finished the session, Deardo was already half drunk but for some reasons, both of us were thankful of that! You will know why as you continue reading...

We kept our thank you speech at almost the end of the dinner. Of course, we did it the Oscar way! Both Papo and FIL were asked to go on stage to read out the winner of Couple of the Year award (they were actually reading the script Ducum and I created. LOL) to who else but us??? 
Yes, we re-used this fellar, I call him the Golden Naked Man Award!
I know it seems quite lame a way to get us up to give our speech but hey at least we had fun with all these cool gimmicks! :)
I initially wanted to write a complete speech, just so that I don't forget to thank anybody but in the end the preparation forced me to go on stage without any script. So I did what I can and while in the end I think I did left out some people, my aunts and uncle have been complimenting my speech. So I guess it wasn't too bad! :p
Deardo on the other hand couldn't really remember what he exactly said! LOL!
Our thank you speech without anybody telling us time's up like at those award ceremonies! Hehe...

Just for the fun of it, Deardo and I had a first dance at our wedding. There were totally no rehearsal so just us hanging onto each other and sort of moved left and right... Oh yea, we were dancing to Take My Breath Away, a song featured in Top Gun. It's pretty funny though because the song was actually played when Tom Cruise and the main actress (lazy to find out who also) were having sex! LOL! But I personally chose the song after watching one of Glee's prom episodes...

A romantic photo of us, finally?
Another nice shot of us!!!
Kinda awkward though because at Chinese weddings like this people will just continue to talk loudly, 'yum seng' non-stop and won't care about us two so the dancing stopped half way through cos the atmosphere just doesn't feel right... LOL!

But according to plan, the dance floor was then opened to everyone!!!
... But guess who started the party first???
Deardo of course! And his colleague Tony and Malcolm joined in too!
Super love this photo!!! Haha!!!
That was why I said both of us were thankful that Deardo was a bit 'high high dei' (half drunk)!!! Don't think a lot of Deardo's friends have seen him like that until that very night! LOL!!!

Check out who else also joined the dance?
Malcolm and Lea, the East Malaysians taking the stage by storm too! LOL!
We were dancing to I'm Sexy and I know it if you haven't figure it out yet.
Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Yeah~!
More wiggle and more people wiggling!!! Woot~!!!
Malcolm having fun with the bride! I knew he would be dancing that night! 
My crazy family members having some fun too! :)
Hahahaha... I just... Every time I see these photos I just couldn't stop laughing or smiling!!! I mean, we were quite worry that not many of our guests (obviously I already knew some of them would) would go on and dance insanely at our wedding! Look at all these photos!!! Everyone just seemed to enjoy themselves so much!!! :D

I'm skipping all the photos taken separately with friends and family because you know, all of them look quite the same too even though there were only less than 130 of them! :p Well you can still check them and quite a number of other photos out in my FB albums:

I must say both Deardo and I enjoyed planning our wedding in KL a lot because we were both quite excited about the movie theme concept. We had a lot of ideas but in the end we kept it simple so we don't overspend. There were of course glitches here and there but it all went on quite as planned, which we are both very glad. We wanted the wedding to be memorable not only because of the movie theme, but also because it is a fun wedding in stead of it being serious and too conventional. I think we achieved that objective because we truly enjoyed ourselves and we believe some of our guests enjoyed themselves too! :)

Well good or bad, I have some tips for some of you out there who are planning your wedding:
1) Make sure you hire a trusted photographer & make sure you call them a day before to remind them about your wedding! 
In my case, I didn't really have time to call any of my photographer or videographer a day before but brief has been sent to them through emails, including soft copies of our wedding invites. When I arrived in the hotel, I texted them our room number, signalling we are ready for the wedding! My official photographer thought I was checking-in that day but wedding was going to be the next day. ==|||

2) Make sure you have back-up photographer(s)
There are so many people who are photography addicts and are very opened to the idea of helping you to snap some photos at your wedding! Lea, Jason and Tze Yang did a great job for me as back-up photographers but mind you, a lot of my friends who took photos with their smartphones also have some beautiful photos of our wedding! You might not officially need them, but their photos taken from other angles might turn out nicer!

3) Make sure you have an emcee who know you/your other half/both of you well OR hire someone according to your liking
I've attended numerous weddings (including my own in Taiping) which comes with a too talkative emcee who always happen to be performers who sing break-up songs or sad songs with horrible butt-twisting and body-shaking at people's wedding. Unless if you are going for a typical Chinese wedding then yes, go ahead to hire those people. 
It's Malcolm's show time!!!
Malcolm was my first and only choice to be our emcee simply because we were pretty close when we were working together back then. But most importantly, he has a fun, crazy, open-minded personality which suits the wedding theme so perfectly. He also has a deep voice and speak fluent English. As an emcee myself, I didn't expect professional standard from a first timer emcee like him (who was by the way, quite nervous at the beginning of the banquet) but from the photos you probably know why I must choose him!!!

4) Make sure things are well-prepared way ahead
A night before the wedding, Ducum, Vivian, Mamo and I were still putting some final touches to the stuff for the wedding and although we managed to finish everything up, the uneasy feeling will always be there to remind you that you might have forgotten something out of the rush!
Hard-working bunch of people!
Make sure the communication with everyone at your wedding, including with your groom are aligned. We had a little situation at our wedding when we had to put ourselves together to march-in when Malcolm announced that we were coming in soon, which until now I don't have a clue from whom he got the signal from. And that was one of the few glitches! It is true that as a bride/groom you should learn to let go and let people handle stuff for you, but brief all the people who are helping you clearly beforehand!

5) Plan your wedding according to your guests
Well in our case, the first dance failed because it was not a romantic and quiet Western style wedding but our dance floor part at the end was a success simply because our guests were an open-minded bunch of people who aren't dance floor-shy!
So really, take your guests into account when you plan for your wedding because you will enjoy it more when you see them enjoying themselves too, trust me!

That's all I can think of! There might be a Part 3 when the videos finally arrive in my hands but till then, THANK YOU FOR WATCHING! :)
With love, Mr. and Mrs. Wong? 


Rosemount said...

I like that poster!
And the photo u like, I think u look very pretty in it.
Your wedding is like a western wedding, dancing and party, how fun!

ShiRLeXia said...

Thanks a lot Rosemount for the compliments! :)

Well it was still a Chinese-styled wedding actually, just added the dance and party in for the fun of it! :p

Hannah Johansson said...

Awesome wedding pictures and lovely wedding venue. So much of joy seen in the pictures. God bless! :)

ShiRLeXia said...

Thanks a lot Hannah!

Yan said...

I can feel the night, Shirlexia, this is a very wonderful wedding dinner. So much fun and special. You are a great planner.

ShiRLeXia said...

Yan! I can tell you there were a bit of havoc in between that you can't tell from the photos!

But yes because my job involved event-planning, I'm also a bit more anal about my own event! :)


jackmarie said...

Wow! Awesome cake! Really I have never seen such a high cake throughout my life. And I must say your celebration at this best of Wedding venues, seems splendid. The idea of using ‘batches’ in party is also very unique.