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Cloudy with a Chance of Wedding Bells (Intermission)

Since our wedding banquet in KL was a movie-themed wedding, I think it is only fair to give some air time to some stuff that we have specifically did to go with the theme. I'm sure you have read about our wedding invites earlier, now we have more stuff to welcome you at the venue itself.

First of all, as our guests arrived at the hotel, they should register themselves and will receive a 'movie ticket' each.
The original design from Ducum.
Initially we have thought of many ideas as doorgifts(besides the chocolate that comes with the banquet package). We wanted something that is of movie-theme, e.g. a sticker to stick on your arm like at most movie premiere or a batch or something like that.
Printed on brown paper for a vintage twist and tied with pink and purple ribbons, according to our theme colours.
'Tickets' being given out at the registration table, comes with an 'I WAS HERE' stamp too!
In the end due to budget constrain and also based on relevancy and functionality, we decided on a movie ticket-cum-bookmark. Obviously you'll need a movie ticket to watch a movie, but we didn't want people to just dispose it at the wedding itself. So I thought of tying a ribbon at the side to make it look like a bookmark, then all I needed to do was to pray hard that people bring them home and really find them useful! I myself am already using one for the book that I'm currently stuck reading! :)
Copy-writing for the 'movie ticket' was very simple, just the movie title, date, table number (which was left empty till the person register themselves) with a short thank you note at the back.

So after you've got your tickets, the next thing you do is surely to grab some snacks before your movie starts right? Both Ducum and I spent quite some money and efforts on these stuff - Popcorn & popcorn bags, old school snacks such as kuaci, lemon slices, 'San Cha Peng' and Asam. Except for the popcorn, I got the rest all from Taiping and while I thought people would not care about those details, they all turned out to be a hit at the wedding! Seriously! All gone before we knew it! :)
Too bad I didn't have a nicer picture of the snacks because my official photographer came late... :(
Malcolm with the cute popcorn bag Ducum managed to find for me!
On the table itself, there was also a film strip photo frame we got from Ikea with our pre-wedding photos in it and a Clapper Board we got from Material
So, are you at the right cinema hall yet?

Near to our snack table a.k.a album table, we have our movie poster! Not a huge backdrop-size poster but good enough for us! *wink~*
The design was purposely done in a very classic and typical movie-poster way. I however, did put some efforts into the copy-writing. I think a lot of our guests didn't really realise due to the small font used so here you go...
Hmmm... I wonder if people will be interested to watch the movie based on this poster...
Yeap, Lady 'Baba' is probably from Egypt, Steven 'Spillbeer' is probably always drunk, Michael 'Khor' is the Asian version of Michael Kors and Quentin 'Taraktidor' definitely needs a lot of sleep (Mr. Tarantino might agree! LOL!). And yes, the movie is definitely based on an 'extraordinary true story'! Haha! 

And then into the banquet hall, as soon as you find your table, you will see this...
Who was at the Forrest Gump's table???
Taken from Wai Quan's FB. She was at the Little Miss Sunshine's table! :)
Each table is labelled with not only a number, but also a movie poster. Unlike some other movie-themed weddings I saw online, the movies we chose as posters were not only romance movie... In fact, I think none of them was really a pure romantic movie! :p Deardo and I actually spent quite some time deciding which to use based on two criteria: 1) Movies we love and 2) Movies that their posters are pretty famous and iconic.
Here are the list of movies that made it into our list:

1) Italian Job
2) Home Alone
3) Grease
4) The Sound of Music
5) Back to the Future
6) Forrest Gump
7) Terminator
8) Top Gun
9) Ace Ventura
10) Amelie
11) Little Miss Sunshine
12) Ocean's 11

Urm... No prize for guessing which represent Deardo's friends and which represent mine! Way too easy to guess! :p

Ducum also helped customise our menu to be put on all tables. Copy-writing of course, once again comes from yours truly!
Which dish actually makes you drool, huh? 
I don't know about you, but one of my colleagues actually told me she 'stole' the menu home! LOL!
And yes, on both our movie poster and menu, we added a little social media stuff in it and that's a hashtag I created for our wedding on Instagram. So if you have an Instagram account, search for #cloudywithachanceofweddingbells and you will find a couple of photos from my wedding, thanks to some of my contributing guests! :)

I do hope that people have enjoy all these efforts that we have put into the event because I think Deardo and I personally kinda enjoyed the whole process of brain-storming for ideas and thinking of funky ways to make the wedding a bit more fun and cool! In fact, I think these little details are big part of the reason that our wedding banquet was truly unforgettable. :)

There are some other stuff we did when the wedding banquet actually started but let's leave it to the next post when I blog about the event itself!
Now what about a video to end this post? Here's the photo slides-video we made, which pretty much captured our childhood, younger lives and a little bit of our love story. It was played at our wedding banquet and for those who have missed it, here you go~! :D

*Video was entirely done on an iPhone with an app called iMovie.

Thank you for watching! 
Stay tuned for the next part of the movie wedding!

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