Wednesday, September 30, 2009

No time to blog, but got time to die???

I'm still very busy with my work now, have no fucking time to blog, even about my birthday bashes.
But then today I heard there were tremors in KL, although I didn't feel anything... ==||| It seems like Tsunami warning has been sent to Malaysia too~!
For the first time in my life, I felt like death is so near me (of course, minus the times where the plane I was on shakes like crazy)...I mean, this kinda thing, I cannot control one mah, if it wants to hit me, then it would.
So... I would like to say... If I die, please tell my dear pa, mi, sisters, friends that I love them all~! Tell Shawn (Xiao Ma), Matt Damon, Tobey Maguire, Sean Penn, Johnny Depp, David Tao, etc that I love them all too~!
Thank you~! :p

Friday, September 25, 2009

Coffessions of a 25 year-old...

So, I officially turned 25 today~!
Yea, no more 2x or whatever secret lar, but I'm 25 today and will be 25 forever, just like Alan Tam, okay? :p
I don't feel like I'm 25 anywayz, most of the people I first know wouldn't think I'm that old. Some would even said I look like I'm the youngest in the family! Well, 25 isn't old lar, okay? Like I always say, those Hollywood actresses such as Nicole Kidman only got to the peak of their career in their 40s. So 25 is just really really really young okay!
Honestly, I'm not afriad of getting old. But I'm a bit worry. At this age, many people have a great income, own houses, own cars, own property, etc. What do I have? Nothing... My dad keeps asking me to buy a house, but the way I spend and all my travel plans just make it impossible. It's like oh gosh, I'm 25, what do I have? What have I done? I don't even have a job that I wish to stay longer! Aaaaarrrrhhhh...
Yet, sometimes I think, hey, life is too short to worry about all these! Why can't I just enjoy life? Why can't I just spend money on whatever I like to buy, or whereever I wanna go?
Okay, there isn't a conclusion here cos I still couldn't decide which one is better...
Anywayz, I've just turned 25 guys~! Don't forget to wish me oh~! (thick skin)Hehehehehe...:p

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Three Musketeers Reunited~!

Selamat Hari Raya~ Kepada la la la la la la la la la~!
Hehehehe... Sorry, I can never remember the lyrics... :p
Anywayz, without any real preparation, Revathi called me and told me we shall visit Lina on Raya Pertama itself. I just finished gym when I got her call! So quickly I went home and changed into my one and only Baju Kebaya which has been untouched in my closet for a while now, and we got off to Lina's house.
OMG her house was so crowded with all her relatives visiting at the same time~! Luckily the house is big enough~! Phew~!
I must say I enjoyed the food at Lina's a lot! I mean, I don't always get to eat Malay food like this you know... And on Raya, the one thing that I always look forward is the Lodeh or Lontong, and yay~I got to eat Lodeh at her hosue! Slurp~! :) And, and the Lemang~! Yum~! Say hello to Lina~! Here she was inviting us to makan~! Yay~!
Our orange juice...
Look at the food~ Ah... saliva coming out already lar~!
My favourite dish on Raya~! Presenting~ Lodeh~!
Yea, and the Lemang and pulut are a must!!!
Cookies and cakes Malay and Indian make are always more colourful, don't you think so???
Not to forget, the dessert, some agar-agar!
But I guess the most important part about the visit was our catch-up... Finally~! After almost a freaking THREE years~! Our ex-Aussie housemate named us 'The Three Musketeers' back then~! But seriously, we should name ourself 'One Malaysia'~! Hehehe...
Yes, after so many years, it might get a bit odd when we started chatting. But then from our jobs, our life, guys, etc, we started talking about our life back in Perth. I just realised, there were so much that happened during that one semester we spent together under one roof! I mean, honestly, all the times we spent cooking Malaysian food, sharing our Malaysian gossips and political opinions, sharing our emo moments, our happy moments, crap about guys and relationship... Honestly, the final semester in Perth was like the most 'happening' semester for me, especially the 'guys issue' and Revathi and Lina were the two who shared and adviced me (and teased me too) throughout that period...The Three Musketeers reunited! I guess, this is an older version...
Nice picture hey? I know, everybody asked me, why didn't I wear a Cheongsam! But the truth is, I have Baju Kebaya, Punjabi dresses, but never had I own any Cheongsam!
Lina's mum always love to join us lar, she is just such a fun mum~!
Me and Rev, who always wanted to look pretty in pictures...
Unlike Lina and I, we don't mind looking stupid... Hahahaha...
Anywayz, that was quite a nice catch-up~! Hopefully we get to go to Rev's place for Deepavali next month~! :)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

I wanna have my Rendang and Lemang~!

Okay guys, I just had a really boring week after returning to KL... So I got nothing much to share with you guys... Until... Oh thanks to the Raya break, I went out to Mid Valley with I Rene today to catch a movie and we had a really nice lunch at Purple Cane Tea Restaurant that I couldn't help but to share the experience with you guys! But please bare with my photos because they were taken with my lousy handphone camera...I just cut my hair about 2 days ago, but hard to notice that huh?
Purple Cane Tea Restaurant of course, is a restaurant with a 'tea' theme. So almost everything in their menu comes with tea, which means, healthy in a way~! :)Our Shui Xian Tea, served without us ordering.
Guess what? That's our soup! I had the Ginseng Tea Soup while I Rene had the Star Fruit Soup. Both awesome!
Seriously, that was the first time I had my soup in a tea cup!
Stir Fried Lotus Root with Water Chesnut, etc.
Ooooohhhh... Very nice Sweet Potato Leaves with some tea...
Long Cheng Tea Steamed Egg.
Good news for guys out there! The green tea rice there has free unlimited re-fill!
I Rene and I enjoyed every bit of the lunch there! The food were really good! I especially love the soup~! And most of all, we felt great having lunch there just because we knew its such a healthy lunch! :)
Mid Valley's Raya deco may be the best in KL although well, I didn't get to see much. But the Lat's inspired black and white kampung houses are just cute~! Don't you guys think so???Aih... I should have bought my Shawn zai to take pictures!!!
Grrrrrhhhh... The face is too chubby lar~!!!

Next up, movies review~!
The Orphan
I Rene wanted to watch this so badly that we went for it today even it's been on for such a long time! I guess good reviews from others help, cos surprisingly still many people were watching with us today!
Well, it's not a ghost scary movie, it's just a horror movie (well actually... I don't think it's very scary lar) about the 'orphan' brought into a new home. And slowly the family discovered she isn't as simple as everyone thought so... Well since the movie is already so old, I can tell you the twist lar. If you don't wanna know, then please skip the next paragraph.
I love the twist... The twist is, she has some kinda sickness, where she couldn't grow bigger but she is actually 33 years old. So she is actually a 33 year-old lady in a 9 year old body. And of course she is crazy and tries to seduce all 'new fathers' she got. I mean, I wouldn't have thought that that was the story! Quite cool, right? And the girl can really act! She is only 12 in real life, imagine that!

吓到笑 Where Got Ghost?

Like everybody said, Up is bloody awesome, everyone should go and watch it! And I can already see it winning an Oscar next year!
You can never really pick on the animation when it's Pixar you know, they just always make really nice-looking animation! This time around, the characters themselves are already cute enough to make you stay on througout the whole movie! But I think the story is still the most important part, the entire movie was great without me feeling any boredom!
I think the story is really really cool! And it actually makes me think a lot. I think about my parent, I think about their dreams, I think about myself, I think my dreams... It's like a movie telling you not to waste your time if you have something you really want to do! Life is just too short!
I personally love the part when Carl finally managed to finish the adventure to Paradise Fall, he found out Ellie's thinks the best adventure of her life was the time she spent with him... Oh that was so sweet lar~! :)

Hahaha... I'm sorry, Malaysia hates all the nice movies! :p
So, Bruno is Sacha Baron Cohen (the guy who was also Ali G and Borat) latest creation. This time around he is a fashion reporter turned hollywood star. Urm... The movie is about his life lar, how he tries to make it big in Hollywood with all kinda weirdest ways you can never think of.
I definitely had my jaw dropped for like almost the whole movie, looking at dicks 'dancing' round and round, looking at very gay scenes, looking at the big stars who made their guest appearance in the movie, etc...
I really don't know how to comment on this movie. But I guess if you are a fan of Ali G and Borat, you're just gonna love this too!

I'm now soooooooo hoping to watch The Informant!
It's Matt Damon's latest movie, and another great movie by Steven Soderbergh! I really can't wait! I hope I get to watch it 'legally' lar! The preview itself is already sooooo bloody COOL! And from what I read, Matt Damon did a great job~! Oh well, to me, he always does great jobs! Maybe an Oscar this time around??? Oh.... I'm already so excited! Hehehe...

Friday, September 11, 2009

I need more movies!!!

First of all...

Okay, back to the business...
I kept most of these movie reviews from KL lar. I wanted to go for Up in Taiping's cinema but my mum doesn't want to let me go, she said someone caught fever after watching movie there... ==|||
I Love you, Beth Cooper
I know, this definitely isn't the kinda movie I would watch. But then for some reason, I just soooooo wanted to watch it. Luckily, I didn't regret watching it, though it isn't like super good.
The story itself, a nerd liking the 'IT' girl at school isn't that new. But honestly, the twist and the ending surprised me a little. I thought it will probably end with the two as a couple, but it didn't! And the main guy Dennis actually found out how his dream girl isn't like what he thought so. That is so cool and REAL! In real life, your dream girl, your prince charming, even your idol, those Korean, Taiwanese actors may not be as perfect as you think!
But anywayz, this movie is only worth watching by the 'illegal' way lar! :p

The Hangover
Haha... Another 'not my type of movie', but I read from the paper that the movie has been chosen as the most worthy movie to watch this summer by some Americans, so I got curious! And I had high hopes!
The Hangover is about the four guys celebrating Bachelor day(s) before one of the guy getting married. They eventually forgot what happened after a night of drugs in Vegas. The whole thing is quite funny, but not funny enough lor.
The only thing I like is the surprise appearance of Heather Graham and Mike Tyson! Especially Mike Tyson! That whole part of him and his tiger is my favourite part of the entire movie! Hahahaha...
Other than that, nah, The Hangover actually disappoints me... :(


Monday, September 7, 2009

Trying out new food in Taiping

I returned to Taiping last weekend for the Merdeka break and for an event with the Cincai Group. Unfortunately, nobody really take photos that day and the professional photographer Mr. Khoo decided most of his photos are ugly and only wants to pass them over to me later. So, no blog post on the event until then.... That's if I still have the mood to crap about it lar!
Due to some personal reason, I'm still happily in Taiping now! Woo~hoo~! And as usual, I enjoy my time eating in my dearest hometown. Of course, I'm controlling myself since this is already the second week...
This time around, I'll be introducing some new places that I went for the first time and found them really interesting. Oh before I forget, here's the pork bone porridge I told Mr Khoo earlier... I don't know if any of you have try this before, but I believe it's my family's recipe. My mum would go to the guy who sells Siu Yok to buy these big bones and cook porridge with them. Trust me, its SUPER DELICIOUS!!! Vivian and I like sapu the whole pot that night! :pThis is the one yummy porridge I cannot cook myself in KL.... :(
Lemon Tree Seafood Restaurant, Matang
Matang is like a must-go for people who love seafood! We always go there whenever we want some nice and fresh seafood. But hor... This Lemon Tree Seafood Restaurant visit was really my first visit after so many years lor. I've been to the restaurant opposite it, next to it, yet, not Lemon Tree itself... Since I didn't want to have any rice, we came here just for the famous seafood porridge and fried oyster noodles. I think the seafood porrdige was great! Everything in it, the crab, the shark, the prawns are so damn fresh. And it actually comes with golden mushrooms! The oyster noodles was okay lar to me...A big pot of seafood porridge for only RM28, for 5 persons okay!!!
The very famous fried oyster noodles...
My favourite snails were a lil' overcooked that night... :(
Lao Liu Har a.k.a He Go, this one with Kung Po Style, was really nice too!
Potato Leaves with Sambal Prawns, one of my favourite dishes too!
My biggest recommendation would be the special fried eggplant! Anybody who is going to Lemon Tree MUST ORDER that dish! They fried the eggplant with some flour and then put some dried prawns kinda gravy over it... Really unique and tasty! 5 STAR for this one!!!Ooooohhhh... The fried eggplant!!! Delicious~!
Okay, with the above dishes, and chinese tea for 5, how much do you think the dinner cost?
I give you 5 seconds...






The answer is... RM77.50!!!
Can you believe that???
I'm sorry but I didn't take a picture of the bill, but I remembered it says: Seafood porridge RM28, the rest RM46, and tea RM3.50. I was so freaking shocked! I mean, there are crab and shark in the porridge! And we had Lai Liu Har! For only less than RM100??? Now you understand why I always complain about food in KL are too expensive compared to the quality or even quantity???
Anywayz, the same night, I couldn't help but got myself some Chee Cheong Fun from Siang Malam! Yes! My recent favourite supper in Taiping!!! Yum~~~!!!Take-away Chee Cheong Fun from Siang Malam for supper~! Yee~Har~!
Shirlexia is looking very satisfied!!!

Hong Kong Dim Sum Corner @ Tai O(太湖)

I've heard about this place from my mum long time ago. It's not easy to find real Hong Kong Dim Sum in a small town like Taiping. Most of the Dim Sum here are pirated versions lar, like there is never prawns in a Har Gao, but just plain pork in it. That is why as I grow up, I don't like having Dim Sum in Taiping. Some people would actually drive to Ipoh to have Dim Sum!New place to have Dim Sum breakfast in Taiping!
Until my mum told me about this Dim Sum stall and I of course went to try it one morning.
Well, you cannot compare this to the ones I had in Perth or even in Hong Kong. But I can assure you this is the BEST Dim Sum you can get in Taiping, simply because there are real prawns in the Har Gao and Siu Mai(my mum insisted it's called 'Har Mai' in stead) lar! Of course you pay more than the ones with pork in it. But then it's worth it lor.Before that, my mum got some Siu Yok for us as starter! This is the pork hand lar, real nice part to eat! :p
The Dim Sum... I must say the best in Taiping's standard! Vivian and I love the round prawn ball with carrot and egg!

La Promise Bakery & Cafe, Jalan Panggung Wayang
If you remember the Piano Cafe, La Promise is the new cafe replacing that particular cafe which wasn't such a success in Taiping. If it's not XT, I wouldn't know about this place. Her father loves buying cakes from the cafe for her! And the boss is actually our senior back in Hua Lian, she was once the President of choir, so we all know her well.
Yesterday XT and I had our own catch-up over there.
Unlike most of you girls, I'm not really a fan of dessert. But I love cheese cake and some cakes that aren't made with too much of flour. So that day I picked the green tea cake while XT got the baked cheese cake. They were both yummy! I especially love the green tea one. It tastes a bit like the one at RT that is still my favourite cake of all! I later bought their special durian cake home and totally fell in love with it, even though I'm not a durian lover! The taste of the durian isn't too heavy, and it's not too sweet. Best of all, there are durian flesh in it! Oooohhh... LOVE IT!!!The Green Tea cake is awesome~!
The baked cheese cake is not too bad too... And you know what, I'm not the boss of the cafe although the abbreviation is... :p
XT ordered the Le Cordon Bleu which was not too bad but the mashed potatoes I ordered was awesome! Trust me, it's not whatever Maggie mashed potato you get at the cinema or 7-11! Once you eat it, you know it's completely homemade! Really nice lar~~~!!!The homemade mashed potatoes! Super nice!
Le Cordon Bleu... I would prefer the sides to be something more interesting though.
La Promise might not have too much varieties of food in their menu, but the cake itself, which are homemade are already enough for you to visit the cafe! And mind you, those cakes are made with less sugar and less whatever bad stuff you can think of lar! XT and I were already thinking of having our next CNY gathering here!We had some Librans' talk that day! Haha... I think we have no secret because we know each other too well lar... Ohya, you see the sleeves of my top? very special ler? I got it from Hong Kong! :)

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Charlie's Angels失败版~!都是那个蔡小姐啦,不知道在干嘛!