Saturday, January 28, 2012

CNY Fashion Shoot

Honestly, I never thought of myself being a fashion blogger or whatsoever. I love fashion a lot that's true, but you won't always see me in super fancy outfits with super thick make-up camwhoring non-stop in my blog. Well, I wish I have that much of time and camwhoring skills but I really don't, or haven't got to that level yet. In fact, Deardo Wong isn't a bf who always enjoy me with thick make-up and sometimes very reluctant to help snap pictures of myself.
Hence, every CNY I always try to make it a point to snap some nice pictures with my CNY clothes, regardless of whether they are new or old ones. Ah well, I have Ducum who loves snapping pictures and now, even helps in my make-up! So why miss this opportunity? *wink~*

Day 1
This red colour dress is said to be a Victoria Beckham-inspired one. I got it at RM75 from the flea market at The Curve. I love the red colour on the dress and the little pleats at the waistline basically helped cover my little tummy a lot! Best of all, I can also wear this to work! Bag was an old one from Teetoo, shoe also old one from Vincci.
Just to give you a closer look at the accessories I was wearing. Gold studs on black leather bracelet from a shop at Lala Land, Sunway Pyramid (price: forgotten), Long earrings from Vincci (price: forgotten), gift ribbon-alike ring from Vincci (price: forgotten) and multi-coloured rocks ring from Mango (RM49).

Day 2
I love this so-called 'fish tail' maxi dress I got from Cocktails a lot!!! And I believe a lot of my friends also love it! Well it actually looks a bit too grand for casual events but oh well who cares? Most importantly I love it to the maxxxxx!!! My tiny belt was one of my best buys in Bangkok at  around RM15 and necklace was from Promod and shoe from Payless (all old ones, hence cannot remember how much).

Day 3
Don't you think this Cheongsam dress is uber cute??? Look at the polka dots parts! Bloody cool, right? I got it from Jusco at only RM79 (if I'm not mistaken). I know my bracelet looks very tiny here but still want to tell you cos I love it a lot! Got it during Mango's sales at RM39.
Oh yes, I'm sure now you can tell that I REALLY love RED!!! :D
To me, red is the new green!!!

I'm not the only fashionista at home okay!!!
Thank god for such fun sisters! We can be serious fashion models, also do funny poses. Eh wait, the heartache, stomachache and headache poses were serious fashion poses okay! :p

And... and... fun family too!!! Remember this?
As you know, the last time we took real family photos was CNY 2009. So we made a sudden decision to take some family pictures on the first day of CNY before leaving home to go bai nian. See, I have such sporting parent, isn't it? Normal picture, rocker picture, hip hop picture... Name it and we can do it! Blek~! :p

Basically forced I Rene and Abby into posing with us for this picture! Check the shoes out, only one side! Hahahahaha... What? Not funney meh? ==|||

I hope you enjoy this CNY fashion post! 

I think I was very lazy this CNY, lazy to go out, lazy to do work, lazy to blog and lazy to do any socialising. So to those cousins, relatives and friends, sorry for not spending more time with you guys this CNY! I hope I can make it up next CNY, okay? Honestly, I DO NOT believe it is the end of the world this year! I truly believe it can only be a better year for me and many of you this year! Agree, no???
Once again, Happy CNY and all the best people!!! :)

Friday, January 27, 2012

My Cool CNY (not talking about the weather though)

Hello people~!
As I only have one more day to spend in Taiping before going back to KL reality, I'm finding myself in deep shit! Ah, maybe not as serious as deep shit, but man I have got so many things undone yet! Ish!
Anywayz, how was your CNY?
Mine was... Quite happening actually, although I do think that the atmosphere isn't as heavy anymore compared to the last few years.
To sum up my CNY, here are some pictures...
Just a random decorative item I did at home! Talking about branding... Ah hem..

Our CNY reunion dinner... I know I looked ugly in this pic but come on lar, pay attention to the food, not me!

We went to Papo's friend's house for a CNY Open House where we had food of all races in Malaysia! Char Kuey Tiaw, Tosai, Cendol, etc!

And we love camwhoring with my iPhone 4s!!!

See! Didn't I just told you we love camwhoring with my iPhone 4s???

Ducum and I with our cute ang pows which we gave to our Ah Ma on first day of CNY.

I met my cousin's son (and what should I call him huh?) for the second time (Yea, we only meet once a year you see...) and the moment I put on the kitty glasses onto his face, he smiled! Shoooooo freaking cute lor!!! :p

Talking about kids, how can I miss Tessa? See how cute is she???

Ducum and I definitely love playing with the girls, Carina and Tessa and I bet they love posing with us for pictures too! In fact I think they are such good posers as compared to us!!!

Oh gosh, look at Little Yue Yue with the baby suit I bought for her from Cotton On! Seriously over-cute lor!!! Kekekekeke...

The old friends gathering happened as usual, this year on the second day. We took quite a lot of pictures that day and I need to wait for them from XT now...

Deardo met Ah Ma (dad's side) for the first time, finally!!! And yes he got the head-to-toe check from her, as expected... Kekekekekeke...

Went hiking with Papo and Vivian one fine morning just to burn a bit of fat eaten over the CNY and snapped pics of the plants that I love a lot but I don't know what to call them. :S

But that hike was nothing compared to my Maxwell Hill hike, which reached another record for myself as I reached 3.2km of the climb (damn I was half dead after the climb)!

Drinking session is a must for all CNYs! Agree, no?

Drinking session number two! Can you believe we actually finished dad's box of Hoogarden and Budweiser in few days time?

I hope you had a fantastic CNY too! Make sure you take a good rest before heading back to work yea! :)
Stay tuned for another post on our CNY fashion shoot! *wink~~*

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Happy CNY people~! :D

So... Yes, I noticed I've become super duper unreasonably lazy since arriving home. I didn't even turn on my lappy for the first two days home! Hence, today I'm just going to make a short photo blog before going to bed as we prepare for the New Year's Eve (oh gosh, haven't even start cleaning the room and help mop the floor and make the milo dessert and... So many things!).
I'm definitely missing Little Yue Yue... Many said she looks like Deardo Wong! What do you think? Nah... Don't worry, she is not mine, she is Deardo's sister's newborn baby!

Was trying this very uniquely design Cheongsam at Jusco the other day. I noticed Jusco always sell really nice and cheap traditional wears like Kebaya, Kurung and Cheongsam... I got most of mine there. Can you I guess did I buy this home? *wink~~*

I've made this year's CNY look more like a Christmas! Gifts for the family all wrapped in CNY-themed wrapping papers! Cool or not jek???

I'm pretty sure nothing can be cooler than this hi-tea set! I bought the 2-tier hi-tea plates from Aino, Got the Macaroons from Chef Karam (as usual, they are simply the best ones and I couldn't help but bought them back just so that Mamo and Papo can try them), got Vivian to peeled the mini Mandarins and a out-of-the-blue idea of adding 'Bak Gua' (the BBQ pork slices) on top of the tuna on rice crackers to make this very fusion and interesting (or at least I think so) hi-tea at home! Mind you, Some actually find the combination of tuna and 'Bak Gua' damn nice okay??? *proud face~~~*

Roast Pork Bones Porridge!!! I've asked to reserve the bones before coming home so here it is, just to answer my long crave for Mamo's Roast Pork Bones Porridge! ZOMG it was so so so yummy and satisfying!!!

I certainly love playing with my cousin sisters Karina (top) and Tessa (bottom)! Don't you think they look super cute in my kitty glasses???

Before signing off...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Heart-warming soups @ Tang Shifu Restaurant

Ok I lied. Ok I know I just said I'm not updating until I reach Taiping but I figured this is a short food review so I better do it before going home!
Tang Shifu, as the name says it, is a restaurant that sells all kinda soups, especially Chinese herbal soups. So one day when we decided to be healthy and skip all the fried or deep fried stuff, as well as rice, we decided to give this restaurant a try.
They do serve all kinda soups, most of them comes in a set with rice and a side dish. But as we were (and are still) trying to skip rice, we opted for the ones with mee suah.
Oh but before I go any further, there was an incident that almost made Deardo Wong walk out of that restaurant before having the meal there.
Here's what happened... This guy, quite old and I assumed he is the manager or someone senior. He was really friendly and all and took our order and went off. Then we waited for about 15 minutes and our food weren't served yet. We looked around and hey there were only a couple of tables occupied and a table who came after us got their food before us! So we started to wonder... So did the senior guy, who finally made his suspicious move towards our table. He opened his mouth and said :"Hi, have you guys ordered?" Deardo and I went totally = = ||| "We just ordered with you!" We told him. Deardo became mad and wanted to leave. That freaked that guy out, like totally! He quickly said sorry and he miraculously remembered what we ordered! So I held Deardo down and said let's try and give him a chance, okay?
Mee Suah with Herbs & Rice Wine, RM13.90.
Mee Suah with Dried Scallop & Abalone Slices, RM15.90.
Poached Vegetable with Wolfberry, RM15.90.
Luckily we stayed actually., cos the food turned out to be quite nice. The soups tasted really 'herbal', as in they were a bit bitter, which also means they uses the right ingredients! The Poached vegetables, although not as good as what Ah Ma and Mamo can do, it was definitely satisfying, probably just third behind Ah Ma and Mamo's. Definitely a must try! :)
Together with service charge, the dinner cost us RM53. Quite a normal pricing if you ask me. Not too bad a choice for those who miss home-cooked soup a lot!

Tang Shifu Restaurant
Lot LG2, 32,
Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall
Tel: 03-5636 6772

Dragon or Bears?

Just to make sure I share this before going home for CNY... 
Do you know that Pavilion is not only good at their Christmas deco (yea I didn't take any picture of their Christmas deco last year because it was bloody hell super 'people mountain people sea' on my every visits there), but also their CNY deco? Well at least to me, their dragon year CNY deco is super grand lor!!! No believe? 
Check out the dragon from different angles man!!
Simply gorgeous and grand!!! It makes dragon such a cool animal (er... Is it an animal or what?)!
Oh wait a minute, the dragon can't be as cool as the buddy bears outside Pavilion!!! 
Gosh... Didn't the bears just stole the limelight from the dragon??? Kids love them and we adult will be impressed by the arts! Each country is represented by a bear which were painted with different colours and designs by their local artists. Of course not all countries on earth are there lar (I didn't find Japan), but some were quite interesting, for instance...
Maldova? Where? It actually tells you where the hell is Maldova! Seriously cute! :)
I can't remember if this is Myanmar or Cambodia... But it's definitely one of my favourites cos it looks so grand and exclusive! Don't you think?
But my favourite bear has to be this South African bear. Simple but reflects everything you know about the country!
The original buddy bears???
And guess which was the one that I went around looking so hard and die die also want a picture with???
Oh yeah! The Mexican bear!!! Yay~!
You should know if you know me well, right? :p

Anywayz, I don't think I will have time to blog anymore before going home. But I'm sure I will update once I reach home! So to those who are also going home, safe journey home and drive carefully yea!!! :)