Friday, September 11, 2009

I need more movies!!!

First of all...

Okay, back to the business...
I kept most of these movie reviews from KL lar. I wanted to go for Up in Taiping's cinema but my mum doesn't want to let me go, she said someone caught fever after watching movie there... ==|||
I Love you, Beth Cooper
I know, this definitely isn't the kinda movie I would watch. But then for some reason, I just soooooo wanted to watch it. Luckily, I didn't regret watching it, though it isn't like super good.
The story itself, a nerd liking the 'IT' girl at school isn't that new. But honestly, the twist and the ending surprised me a little. I thought it will probably end with the two as a couple, but it didn't! And the main guy Dennis actually found out how his dream girl isn't like what he thought so. That is so cool and REAL! In real life, your dream girl, your prince charming, even your idol, those Korean, Taiwanese actors may not be as perfect as you think!
But anywayz, this movie is only worth watching by the 'illegal' way lar! :p

The Hangover
Haha... Another 'not my type of movie', but I read from the paper that the movie has been chosen as the most worthy movie to watch this summer by some Americans, so I got curious! And I had high hopes!
The Hangover is about the four guys celebrating Bachelor day(s) before one of the guy getting married. They eventually forgot what happened after a night of drugs in Vegas. The whole thing is quite funny, but not funny enough lor.
The only thing I like is the surprise appearance of Heather Graham and Mike Tyson! Especially Mike Tyson! That whole part of him and his tiger is my favourite part of the entire movie! Hahahaha...
Other than that, nah, The Hangover actually disappoints me... :(



Lay JinG said...

Must go UP!!! its nice movie and touching!

ShiRLeXia said...

Haih... I got a DVD from Taiping, kena tipu liao, bad quality.
So I'll be watching it in cinema next week lar! :)