Saturday, February 26, 2011

Rare food review...

Why is it rare? Because it's a restaurant with most dishes in the menu with bitter gourd as main cooking material. Not only that, the restaurant itself is named simply as Restaurant Fu Kua (as in Bitter Gourd Restaurant). I think the rarest part is... I (or to be accurate, we, Yapp and me) got Deardo Wong, who absolutely hates bitter gourd, to dine at this restaurant! :pIt was Yapp who suggested this restaurant at Taman Megah for dinner. At first I really doubt it that this will be something that people would like. I mean, everything bitter gourd??? But to my surprise, when we arrived, the restaurant was actually pretty packed!
The menu is full of dishes' names all over, without price tags! About 4 pages of the menu contain dishes with bitter gourd while about 2 pages of them contain dishes without bitter gourd. The menu really excites me! Bitter gourd with frog, with fish, with chicken, even with petai! WTH~! The menu and a big banner telling you why is bitter gourd good for you!
There were just too many choices that we had to ask the waitress for recommendations! So, for the three of us, we ordered three dishes...Stir-Fried Bitter Gourd with Salty Egg.
Fried Lala with Bitter Gourd.
Claypot Wine Chicken.
My favourite of the night is the Stir-fried Bitter Gourd with Salty Egg. No, no, let's say this again... I LOVE THAT DISH! IT WAS AWESOME~!!! The bitter gourd were very thinly sliced, and the salty egg not only made the bitterness lesser, but also made the entire dish smells and tastes so good~ Absolutely yummey~! The Bitter Gourd with Lala and Black Bean was not too bad too. I'm not a fan of black beans, but hey it actually goes well with the bitter gourd! I'm not too much a fan of the Claypot Wine Chicken though, it was way too sweet to me!
I forgot to get the receipt, so I can only tell you, with three dishes, three rice and a pot of Chinese tea, it cost us RM61. Well not too bad lar actually, since there were Lala included.
I really like this restaurant! It's pretty clean, and anything with bitter gourd is healthy! I would definitely love to come back for another few visits to try the other dishes which sounds so unique!

Sidekick: Terriyaki Pork Burger @ Kissaten, Heritage Food Village, Lot 10
Although Deardo and I are considered frequent visitors to Heritage Food Village, we've never tried this pretty famous pork burger yet... Until today!Giant Terriyaki Pork Burger, I shall say.
Ordered and saw the whole burger-making process right in front of my eyes. Thus, I know the burger patty was pre-cooked and was only microwaved before it is served to customers. Big :(
I actually think the whole burger tastes not too bad. Love the bread, the vegetables and the Japanese Mayonnaise! I'm not too much a fan of Terriyaki Sauce so yea too bad... The pork patty (which is a main character here) is actually pretty good too, but really, I think it could be better if they don't pre-cook it!
Just found out they have an outlet at Jaya One! Maybe that one serve freshly-cooked patty! :)

And look who I met at Heritage Food Village today! We bumped into 3e and Jan Yi and so we had lunch together-gether! :D
Apparently it was 3e and Jan Yi's first visit to this wonderful food court! So we shared our expertise (cheh wah.. expertise...) with them on the best food to order! :p


Burlesque is one the few, very few musicals in the cinema lately, I mean, except for those animations and fairytale stuff...
The movie talks about how Ali (Christina Aguilera) chases after her dream as a singer at Burlesque, a bar in L.A. The whole storyline, including the little details and the ending were very much expected. Unfortunately, some part of the movie, especially those cheesy lines can be a big of a let down. And I think some part of the story are just like... Don't make sense. But seriously, if you've decided to watch the movie, you should be only paying attention on the music, the singing and the dances!
The first scene with Cher singing Welcome to Burlesque was already to me, breath-taking. Great song, great singer and OMG great dances too from the dancers! The rest of the songs in the movie are not too bad too, only thing is, there are pretty forgettable... Absolutely love the whole choreography and those overly-sexy costumes! I definitely enjoyed almost every bit of the performances! Kudos to Christina too as she is actually the Executive Music Producer of the movie! How talented!
Cast wise, what a great cast! I would say Christina isn't too bad but then once again, the character isn't a character to test her acting skills. But love her powerful voice, or I shall say, I just love her! I always do! I mean, please don't expect Britney Spears to act in such thing, she will surely fail! Besides Cher, I totally love Stanley Tucci and Alan Cumming in the movie! I think they make the movie a lot more funnier!
Great one if you are a fan of musical!

I really can't wait any longer to watch The Black Swan, King's Speech and True Grit (Oh yeah, Matt Damon!)...

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ginger Wine Chicken Soup with Mien Sien

I finally got back to cooking and made some real nice dinner for myself and Deardo Wong! Yay~!
After such a long time I didn't cook, it probably doesn't even surprise you if I tell you I only found out there were no more gas to cook when I actually wanted to start cooking. So Mamo's electric stove came into rescue! Mamo is a Supermum! :)
Since Deardo wanted a healthy dinner, so I suggested noodles soup. And then Ginger Wine Chicken Soup came into my mind, probably because I just had similar one at 3e's place not too long ago. Also Inspired by the one we love a lot at Ah Loy, OUG, in which I used exactly the same ingredients, I decided to try, even though I had to do it without the proper rice wine or white wine. All I have is actually a bottle of Chinese cooking wine! :S

What I used:About a small bowl of Chinese cooking wine, ginger smashed and cut into slices, chicken thigh cut into pieces (I also removed the skin), oyster mushrooms, Chinese cabbage, wolfberries, mien sien and salt to taste.

What I did:
1. In a pot, or a big wok, simmer the ginger in hot oil.2. Then add in the chicken and stir-fry until the colour turn brownish.
3. Add in the wine, stir-fry a little and pour in appropriate amount of water. Also add in the wolfberries.4. Close the lit and let it boil for about 5-10 minutes.
5. Add in the oyster mushrooms and Chinese cabbage and let them boil for a bit more.6. Once the mushrooms and Chinese cabbage are cooked, you are done!
7. You don't need me to tell you to boil and drain the mien sien to be served with the soup right (okay, am already telling you...)?
Quite simple isn't it?Wooopsss... Lousy picture...
Amazingly the smell itself was already tempting enough! Even Deardo who earlier told me he wants only little for dinner, changed his mind and wanted three bunches of Mien Sien to go with the soup!
The taste was wonderful! The smell of the ginger and the wine were heavy and makes the soup tasted like haven! Plus, I read this soup is actually good for health too! And the Chinese cabbage also gives it some sweetness while making it a balance meal!
I'm pretty sure if I use real rice wine and real fire to cook it will be even better!My man was certainly happy with the dinner! :)
Another successful try! Yay~! :D
See I told ya, you can just do it freestyle and experiment things when it comes to cooking! You never know, your dish might turn out to be awesome! :p

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Our 'Unforgettable' V-Day... Kekekeke...

I know many of you probably also had the best or the most memorable Valentine's Day on the 14th Feb 2011. To Deardo Wong and me, it was our first ever REAL V-Day together because last year remember? It was CNY! Even this year, to avoid the fuss, we actually had our V-Day dinner a day after 14th, which was a public holiday!
Deardo did some research (which turned out to be out-dated) and decided not to tell me where is the restaurant until we arrived!

Dinner @ Chandelier, Seputeh
I'm sure you know this place if you are a frequent user of the Federal Highway. It's right opposite Mid Valley and before you reach KL. Seen that big huge 'Chandelier' for so many years but that was the first time I really dined there!
First thing we got there was a car park/jockey fee of RM5... ==|||I dressed-up nicely for the occasion, okay?
And then we walked into the restaurant, in which from now on, I prefer to say it is a pub, I saw this lousy deco, especially those CNY deco! So spoiled the V-Day mood man! I mean we were expecting some romantic atmosphere here, hello???Not-so-appetizing deco...
Next thing we know was this Indian waiter giving us the menu and he was only wearing some football jersey. And the way he took our order was also so no not professional. And then as I looked around I found some sexy girls (not pretty also) sitting around the bar inside, I knew there must be some special services offered at this place. And then our mocktail came and the straws were these pink coloured normal straws you get at any Mamak stall! I know my face looked so fat! I can explain! My Face was swollen before this, don't know allergic to what lar...
At that moment, Deardo Wong already wasn't very happy...
Fine, our final hope was the food! Let's hope the food aren't that bad! Chicken Ceasar Salad... And the first time they sent the salad, they actually forgot the bacon!
Tenderlion Steak served with green salad and fries?
Over-cooked Grilled Salmon served with over-cooked asparagus.
To be honest, Deardo's steak can be considered passed since the taste and the level of cooking was done well. But fries as side for steak just doesn't make sense to me! Our Chicken Ceaser Salad was so-so while I would say my Grilled Salmon was the worst of all dishes, and also worst of all grilled salmon I've ever tried in my life so far! The fish wasn't fresh and was badly overcooked and the meat was too hard to even chew! I mean, have you ever heard of fish being hard to chew????? I didn't even finish the dish. Yes, it was that bad. And you should see in the picture, how sucky is the presentation!
And as we were eating, this two uncles came in and all the girls at the bar just went all out and greeted them with "Happy Valentine's Day" and "Gong Xi Fa Cai"! And then of course the next thing we saw was them sitting down drinking beer with the uncles! As we left, the table has two uncles and about 5 girls sitting with them! Now I'm thinking, would the uncles actually thought I'm one of those girls who would go layan them? Phew~!
In the end we spent RM156 for the bloody rubbish dinner and a RM5 parking fee... Bloody Hell! Deardo said to tell you all to "avoid Chandelier at all cause" but I would give it a chance. I mean if you are some middle-aged uncle who wants to just enjoy beer and girls (and you don't even mind if they are ugly), this is the place to be! I'm serious!

Second Round @Delicious, Bangsar Village 2
Knowing Deardo Wong, when he is not happy with the food, he demands more. So off we went to Bangsar Village 2 for a second round. Deardo made the choice of trying Delicious, the famous restaurant which he has not tried before (I had it once many years ago...).
He originally ordered a chicken burger but all burgers were sold out so we had to go with the Aglio Olio and Zucchini Chips. The Aglio Olio looks a bit dry, isn't it?
Zucchini Chips, nice choice! :)
To me, the Aglio Olio wasn't very good. Not only it was tasteless (since there were bottles of black pepper and salt on the table, I assume they probably expect us to add flavour ourselves?), but the spaghetti itself was also a little overcooked and too soft and sticky. But I like the Zucchini Chips! Although I prefer the zucchini to be a little more cooked but the crispy stuff around the vegetable was yummy! I can only tell you it tastes a little like muruku! See how unique it is?He loves to take natural pics... :p
I still think Delicious serves better Asian food. What say you?

So, what an unforgettable V-Day!
Our conclusion is, next time, I should be the one booking a restaurant table and he just has to drive us there! :p

Thursday, February 17, 2011

If you think I am BIG...

Yes, BIG, as in FAT or TALL, or both.

If you really think I'm BIG, that means you haven't met them...

My sisters, cousin brother and sister who are all bigger than me when I'm actually the eldest of them all!!!

I think you will see the rest of these pictures taken during the recent CNY very soon on my FB.
By the way, work was insane, and it shall continue until at least middle of March! :S

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Papo @ 湖景阁,Flemington Hotel

Before I leave for KL in 2 hours time (aih... I don't wanna go... *pull Mamo's skirt~~~*), I've decided to blog about Papo's early (X)0 year-young birthday celebration.
Okay okay, Papo asked us not to tell how old is he but the truth is, he doesn't look like his age at all! Really, not at all! That's my new dress from Cotton On, new vest from Sub, old belt from Kitschen, old shoe from Rubi. Nice?
Anywayz, since his birthday is coming soon, we wanted to give him a treat before heading back to work. The simple family dinner was done at 湖景阁, a Chinese restaurant at Flemington Hotel with the five of us and two Ah Mas.

Very handsome birthday boy! :)
That was the very first time I dined at the restaurant which is barely two years old, I think. Before that I've heard bad reviews from people around me yet, I decided to give it a go. I mean, sometimes it really depends on which dishes you order lor! Plus, I wanted a high-end (or at least high-end looking restaurant) for my dearest Papo's big day celebration! So I thought 湖景阁sounds ok! Let's say this, Papo is always surrounded by girls!
Da boss and his girls...
Maybe we should frame this up! :)
And of course! A family photo of us five!
We had a VIP room to ourselves and ordered seven dishes of portion for five. The Five Happiness五福(RM150)has very nice fried shark fin with egg, jellyfish, cold shrimps with fruit, canned abalone and some deep fried meat. Absolutely unique!
I know we are not supposed to eat anymore shark fin... But this is really once in a while... :(
Here's the Dried Scallop and Crab Meat Shark Fin Soup 干贝蟹肉翅 (RM120). I really think they serve very nice shark fin soup!
Super duper fresh, everybody's favourite Steamed Garoupa 深海石斑鱼(RM70).
Marmite Pork Ribs 妈蜜排骨(RM25)was yummey~~~!!!
In stead of the birthday noodles, we opted for this Fatt Choy Mien发财面(RM25).
The sweet, sour and spicy prawn 古法干烧虾(RM40)has quite a unique taste!
Claypot vegetables with Omelet蛋皮煲(RM30) was really something new.
I was extremely happy with all the dishes! I will specially recommend the Dried Scallop Crab Meat Shark Fin Soup and Marmite Pork Ribs. The Shark Fin Soup because of its generosity of the dried scallops and crab meat, and even the shark fins! Marmite Pork Ribs because of its taste and its softness of the meat. The Garoupa we had was also damn fresh even Papo couldn't stop praising it!Nice ler our cake???
Haha I know it looks more like wedding anniversary! Lolz!
All of us after the yummy dinner!!!
We were all bloody fulled at the end of the night stuffing ourselves with the yummy food, nice wine and Secret Recipe's Chocolate Indulgence later! Phew~!
The bill came up to RM462, which was okay since it was actually CNY price, couldn't escape from that lar. At least we were all very much satisfied with the food and services we got!

*Check out other pictures here.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bunny Year~!

My bunny new year wasn't really interesting. For some unknown reasons, I didn't really feel the CNY mood in me. Didn't really even wear new clothes on CNY. Hence, not many pictures taken too during the entire CNY... You can check out my pictures here. But for now, I've picked a handful of pictures to share with ya!

A day before CNY, the whole family did a spring cleaning and me, as usual, did my favourite house work, mopping the floor!Someone in FB just called me a sexy and hot maid! :p

At night, we had our grand reunion dinner at Ah Ma's place. This year, to cut down her burden, we ordered four dishes from outside while she cooked the rest of the dishes.My family's tradition is... The more the better!!!

As usual, on first day of CNY, we had our yummy Red Wine Chicken Mee Sua Soup for breakfast for a great start of the year! :)Mamo's Red Wine Chicken Soup, Steamed Chicken and Vegetables!

Pictures, pictures, pictures...Not exactly a new dress, I'm sure you've seen me worn this before! It's something I bought probably one year plus ago from Forever 21.
Family pic version 1!
Family pic version 2!
Family pic version 3!
Family pic version 4!
One with my cute cousin sisters Karina and Tessa.
They can be bloody cute okay?
Karina is seriously a real poser man!
Hahahahaha... Kawaii ne???
Karina learning how to put make-up!
Very old dress I bought in 2008!!! Was going to wear this on 4e's wedding but she actually postponed, postponed, postponed...
Talking about 4e... Here you go... You wanna know when is the wedding, or to be accurate, is there even a date for the wedding? Ask her!
Very blurry family photo of all cousins at Mamo's side! Papo's side definitely too big to even gather them all together at one time! Lolz!

You know, in recent years, I actually found myself loving the normal home cooked food than those we have during festive seasons. That is why I especially took these pictures of Mamo's cooking after everybody has gone home. :p
So... Food! Food! Food!Fu Yong Dan (egg omelet), this one with crab meat, prawns and carrots!
Stir-fried broccoli with many many stuff! Nicey~!
Mamo's new creation, salted prawns! Yummey~~!!!
An extra here is Ah Ma's specialty, Bak Kean (meat rolls). No matter how many Bak Kean I tried outside, Ah Ma's one for some reasons, remains as the best one so far!!!
To be honest, I didn't eat as much as you've expected! Seriously!

Am going back to KL today... Although days in Taiping aren't always exciting, but I think going back to work has ZERO excitement lor... Haih... Feel like throwing up just by thinking of going back to the bloody office! I DON'T WANNA GO BACK TO WORK!!!
And this weekend alone I will have to work both days damn it! Hopefully I'll find some time to update my blog soon lar!
Wish me luck and a safe journey ba!

P/S: Feel like having your meal at a unique place???These people must be nuts! They want to eat at prison corner??? And What is mom doing in prison???