Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Proposal

I was never a girl who is concern about marriage. In fact, I don't mind staying together without getting married. And then Deardo changed me a bit because he said it's a promise and a security to a relationship blah blah blah... And of course I know getting married is also better than just staying together, in my parent and family's view lar I mean (blah blah blah also...).
Since Deardo and I already bought a house together and since age is allowing us to step into that level of life, it is easy to guess what we are going to do next. But I demanded a proposal, a grand one! Looking at those romantic proposal videos, I told Deardo that I want him to do it in the public just so that I can feel that you can let go your pride for me (naughty me :p).


Fast forward to the second day of our Perth trip. Deardo had just drove the car for almost seven hours just for us to reach Wave Rock from Perth City, then down to Albany. I know he was already freaking exhausted and was a little shocked at how this one lady stopped him on the road because he was a bit blur on the road. But since we arrived at Albany earlier than expected, we drove to the beautiful Wind Farm before checking-in to the backpackers place.
Although the sound of the wind and the ocean at the Wind Farm always sounds a little scary to me, I've always find the place really amazing and undeniably beautiful. I felt totally the same even though that was already my third visit to the Albany Wind Farm. And so I kept on telling Deardo that he is going to love that place. True enough, he not only love the entire scenery, but was also amazed by the technology of the generators.
Extremely beautiful~!!!
We walked up to different lookout points and snap snap snap snap~~~
Still enjoying the view without knowing what was installed for me...
The view was truly breathtaking, especially when it was already near sunset!!! It was also freaking cold because the sun was setting and the wind was super strong! And once the sun set, it will be just dead dark at the area it would be crazily scary too! But Deardo, who absolutely enjoys the cold weather asked to sit down to feel the wind a little.
So did we. And then came the following conversation, roughly...
Deardo: Ah du! Tomorrow is my birthday (which is true)!
Me: Yeah... I know.
Deardo: What are you going to give me?
Me: Perfume lor, I thought it was decided that we are checking out the perfumes at the airport???
Deardo: But I want more than that! I want you...
Me: (Is he getting horny or what?) Well unofficially I am yours, no?
This is when he took out that tiny box from his pocket and knelled down...
Not too small lar, isn't it? Kekekeke...
... And then whatever happened here or whatever he said, I can't remember a thing at all... Seriously I was too shocked and sort of forgot to remember what he said or even what I said!!! Okay, I think I remember asking him when did he buy the ring? And me telling him the rock looks small... LOL!!!
But I do remember I didn't say 'yes' to him, I just put out my fingers for him to put the ring on. :)
So yes, it was at a public place, but zero witnesses except for the sea, sky, some 20 wind generators and the sun. No fancy script and absolutely no video recording of the whole process... Damn why did I say yes? That was way too easy for him!!! Worst part was, Deardo said he wasn't even nervous about the proposal. The only concern was that the custom would want to check his bag and there would be no surprise at all! Ha! Should have at least let him kneel for some time!!! :p
But well, he managed to surprised me after all. And proposing at the gorgeous Albany Wind Farm during sun set was super duper romantic too! I think these matters a lot, really. At least I could remember where he proposed and how hard was it to sneak the ring in from KL without me realising it!
Thanks a lot Deardo Wong for such unexpected proposal! Although not what I've dreamt of, it was really sweet and romantic of you!!! :)
So yes, we are engaged now. But with our house's matters the priority now, the wedding will not come too soon, not especially when there are still loads of stuff to do before we can really get married (Arrrhhh... Headache...). So you just have to wait and stay tuned. :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I'm loving my constant random posts!
You know, I always have some big and small happenings in my life that I'm either too busy to write a whole long post about or too small a thing to dedicate it to one single post. So I guess the best way is to sum things up in this random post. Aye, people?

Deardo and I went to Cameron Highland for the second time last month and here are some snipets of the trip.
It is very obvious when I have a lot of pictures of myself taken during a trip that I was enjoying it!!! :)
Compared to our first trip, we went to some different places. We had real fun checking-out cool old school stuff at the Time Tunnel Galleria, had 4 cob of fresh, juicy Cameron sweet corns *oh yumzzz~*, bought flowers from the Pasar Malam and tried really yummy strawberry waffles and drinks at a strawberry farm! Check out my other pictures of the trip here.
I've recently fell in love with the Salmon skins at Sushi Tei, thanks to my colleague, Mad's recommendation. It is a dangerous addiction I know but I think I've had that for at least four times in the past two months! Please tell me they are NOT THAT fattening! PLEASE!!!
I can feel the yumminess only by looking at the picture!!!
I love it soooooooooooo much that I also brought the family to Sushi Tei when they were in town for a short weekend last month!
And thank god they love the food there!!! :)
And then, this one...
I really love this picture, I don't know why!!!
Either Ducum or Vivian took this for us and I bet you didn't realise that Deardo was trying to strangle me from the back! Ha! He do that to me all the time, don't worry. It's a freaking good neck massage. *wink~*
End of last month and early this month I actually said goodbye to two very nice colleagues and partners at work, Malcolm and Chong Lun. While they can be irritating at times, they have made our office life some much more fun!!!
Missing these guys already, really!
We did a crazy photoshoot before Malcolm left.
I think it was ages ago I last took this type of pictures with bunch of friends!
We had a farewell party for them a Neway Subang the other day and we had this freaking HUGE VIP room too ourselves! Phew~~~!!!
We were all really shocked and impressed!!!
I've been having loads of fun with my colleagues. Malcolm and Chong Lun were just two of them! We now go out for dinners and movies too sometimes! :)
Me, Mad, Lea and Jason at dinner before catching a movie!!!
I hope they won't leave any soon!!! Cos I'm already missing Malcolm and Chong Lun.:(
I call Salmon skin at Sushi Tei my addiction no.1. and I'm introducing to you, my addiction no.2!!!
This Curry Wild Boar at Tian Tian Lai Restaurant at Sunway has this really tasty and flavourful curry and the wild boar meat are so tender and yummy!!! I just had it for the third time in two weeks time yesterday! LOL!
And check out Little Yue Yue at her sixth month!
Some said she looks a bit like Deardo! What say you??? :p
And before I say goodbye, here are not only one but two goodbye kisses!
Dior came to our place and let us try their new range of lipstick and look at us! Red lips and black dresses! Sexy or not???

See ya maybe Friday okay??? :)

Dark Shadows

It's another Tim Burton and Johnny Depp's movie and although except for the Pirates series, I've never find any of Tim Burton's movies nice, I still gave it a go to give my love and support to Mr. Johnny Cool Depp! :p
Well the movie actually started really well, with the usual Tim Burton's spookiness and super hilarious script. And I always love cross-era story, they just never failed to make me laugh! Especially when Barbanas Collins (Johnny Cool Depp's character) came to life from 1760s and called McDonalds some weird black magic names... I laughed like crazy man! But then half way through the movie became a little slow and draggy and I even managed to sneak out for a quick loo break. That was still manageable until... The ending which totally SUCKS! I just feel like it should have explained a lot more stuff in the end in stead of that ending which doesn't give a good ending to a lot of the plots.
Despite the not-so-impressive storyline and sucky ending, the cast did a great job I must say! Johnny Cool Depp is still as casual but brilliant as he always is. So is Helena Bonham Carter! Michelle Pfeiffer and Eva Green are a fresh air to the movie and special mention should also be given to 14 year-old Chloe Grace Moretz who contributed really natural and unforgettable acting to the movie.
Not entirely bad but not good enough to call it fantastic. Still, a must watch if you always enjoy Tim Burton and Johnny Cool Depp! :)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Shirlexia's Cajun Chicken Recipe

I love making roast chicken because it saves me the fuss of stir-frying, cleaning up the oil stains around the stove (sometimes even the floor!) and you can do some other work while the chicken is cooking in the oven . Basically it's the best methods of cooking for lazy people. Plus, Deardo loves roast chicken heaps! :)
I have a usual way of roasting my chicken, but I can't be doing the same all the time right? So I got some new ideas while strolling past the herbs isle at the supermarket the other day. And the result? Shirlexia's Cajun Chicken it is! 
1) I used drumsticks this time around, and cut three lines on each of them just so my seasoning can be absorbed faster. 
2) Rub some salt over each piece of the chicken to taste, just some.
3) Pour some olive oil over the chicken.
4) Squeeze some lemon over the chicken (I used half a lemon for five drumsticks).
5) Now sprinkle sufficient amount of Cajun Seasoning onto the chicken pieces. Remember to rub them over the chicken pieces evenly too. You can go according to your preferences. If you like it spicy you can go all out with the Cajun.
6) Next, sprinkle some parsley over the chicken (I got the dried one in stead of the fresh one nowadays because I figured it not only saves me the cutting and washing, it also won't spoil so soon because I never get to finish using the fresh ones and they will just go bad in the fridge).
7) Leave the chicken in the fridge for at least two hours.
8) Pre-heat your oven for about 10 minutes, before sending your chicken into the oven and let it roast for 20 minutes (as you can see in the picture, I added some broccoli and sweet corn as side dish). 
9) And yes, you are done! 
It was another success I must say! Unlike my usual roast chicken, the Cajun Chicken actually gives a refreshing wake to our taste buds. The Cajun obviously made the chicken a little spicy but the lemon added such a good kick into the dish, especially when you try dipping the chicken with the gravy on the baking tray! Oooooh... The spicy and sour combination simply made us go crazy! We love it! And since there is whole bottle of Cajun Seasoning in the cupboard now, I foresee more of this Cajun Chicken whenever we feel like we want a carb-free dinner! 
You might want to try this at home too! :)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Some latest movies...

The Avengers
So here's a movie that everyone is waiting for and with six Marvel's superhero getting together in one single movie, you would have expected probably the best superhero movie ever produced in history.
So here's my verdict, purely from a girl's point of view though. A girl who doesn't fancy superhero movies, not especially when the villain is some aliens from Asgard. Please do let me know if Asgard ACTUALLY exists. Bleh. Anywayz, I find the movie a little draggy from the beginning till middle of the movie like I was yawning and was checking my watch non-stop already. BUT!!! In Deardo's point of view, it is all necessary and important to explain a few things such as introduction to each characters and telling you non of them is superior. Okay, I simply do not understand that. But all in all, I like the movie. It is still entertaining whenever they fight and Tony Stark's technology just became even cooler! And plus, I love the humour in the movie and I enjoyed that part the most I must say.
I still find Chris Evans, who plays Captain America the cutest of them all but damn I think the movie just made Hulk's character so much more lovable too! They make him so funny yet so fragile! For some odd reasons, I still find Jeremy Renner always look a little not-so-confident, be it in this movie or in Ghost Protocol. Can he actually do well in The Bourne Legacy because Matt Damon was freaking good in it? And by the way, I still find Matt Damon cuter lar, if you ask me. :p
The Avengers is quite a good commercialised movie worth a watch!

The Lady
The first scene of the movie already put tear in my eyes. Can you imagine that??? And yes, then the rest of the movies also made me so freaking emotional!
The movie isn't aesthetically super beautiful but the story itself, the message it carries and most importantly the acting made so much of impacts there are a few scenes that I can still fondly remember till now. I mean, looking at the movie makes you feel the pain of the Burmese and makes you realised how lucky we are where military aren't dictating the country. And yes, I truly hope whatever happened in the coming election, there will not be any internal wars in the country. *peace~*The movie gives you a whole new perspective about life and to those who aren't familiar with the great Aung San Suu Kyi, this is a real biopic of her that you shouldn't miss!
Although not the best interpretation of a famous figure, Michelle Yeoh's acting is the best of hers so far. Although I've not seen how Aung San Suu Kyi talks in real life, I think Michelle Yeoh made the character quietly lovable. Urm, if you understand what I mean. There was this one scene where she was shocked at how a soldier shot a doctor right in front of her, that facial expression really made me just cried on the spot... So, well done Michelle Yeoh! :)
For delivering such a beautiful movie, thank you and hats' off to Michelle Yeoh, Luc Besson and other crew and cast of the movie. For sacrificing so much for democracy, I have my full respect for you, Ms. Aung San Suu Kyi!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My Workstation

Working hours' gone and I feel like blogging about some random stuffs while the vacuum cleaner is playing some background music behind me. Vooo~~Vooo~~Vooo~~
You know how people say, you can read one's personality by looking at their room or their house's design and deco. Well then, what about office desk? I love to deco my office desk because I think it is crucial to set a happy working environment. Imagine when I'm stress or just had some arguments at work, all I need to do is to look at my desk with whole loads of my favourite stuffs... Awwww... The good mood might just come straight back! :D
I've recently changed a little of the deco so it looks a little bit more organised now. Well, at least to me. Deardo still says I have too much stuffs on my desk and it's really messy... :p
On the top right of my desk, I've pasted two pieces of papers of contacts numbers I always call. Next to them is a thank you card I received few months back from a student whom I've helped with an event she was organising. You think boss's praises make your day? I think students who appreciate my help and supports make me smile! I always say this, I'm always proud of my students! :) Right at the bottom is a postcard of Malaysian food! Ha, just to represent the foodie part of me! LOL!
Next to these stuffs, I have Chris Colfer and his quote pasted there. It says:"When people hurt you over and over, think of them like sandpaper. They may scratch and hurt you a bit but in the end, you end up polished and they end up useless." The quote is super encouraging, so is Chris Colfer, whom I truly admire and respect. And then there is this picture of my students and lecturers with their medals and trophies won at last year's Culinaire Malaysia 2011. Told ya I'm always very proud of them! At the bottom is an artsy-looking picture given by our designer.
And the right side of my desk, I have a horse-racing calendar. I have this weird hobby of knowing when is school holiday even though I'm no longer a student. Then at the far end I have pictures (one more picture is blocked in this picture) of me and my colleagues. I think there will be an additional one soon. Then you see whole piles of papers, notebooks, documents, folders, a cute calendar also from our designer and the cloth-made rose given by a colleague on Valentine's Day this year. My latest and proudest product added just today is the glass jar of dry flowers. Flowers were from Deardo... And some from me to him over the past two years plus.
And then as you move down, you'll see my notebook that I'm currently using. There are two other books at the bottom that are long overdue and I need to return to the library VERY SOON. Then of course, the useless CD albums for photos and videos from work. It's very tiny but I guess you can see, my namecards!!!
People always say my desk looks like a grocery shop. Well, I always have snacks, tea, coffee, milk, cereal, even lozenges loaded at my place. And I have different tumblers for different purposes as well. I brought my own bowl and cutlery as well so that I can skip using those plastic ones that the hawkers always give. If you realise, I also have a perfume just so I can spray some onto myself whenever I smell like food court coming back from a meal. I also have a bottle of sanitizer just so that I can clean my hands whenever I'm lazy to walk to the loo. How considerate am I, huh?

So now tell me, what do you so through looking at my desk?