Wednesday, December 31, 2008

HAPPY 2009!!!

I got really panic whenever I need to write like a review of the year nowadays (I don't know why I always have to do the review, do you even care?). It's so hard!!! I think I did really well with things like that when I was still studying and when I had lots of dreams that I wanted to achieve. I guess sometimes it is normal when you grow older... Sigh...
Anywayz, I've decided to do a simple one for myself, listing stuff I've done that I think was interesting and could remember. So whether you are interested or not with my entire life in 2008, keep reading lar, don't be so bad... Pleasssssseeeee...

2008 was GREAT b'cos...

1. I finally started freelancing as an emcee/mobile DJ and am DEFINITELY enjoying it! Yay!Hopefully more jobs coming in lar, so that I can earn more mah! :p
2. I quit my dream job which once made me so depressed, and I'm SO MUCH MORE HAPPIER NOW!!! :)
3. I went back to Perth (for holiday)!!! And I still want to go back so badly!!! :(Bikinis, sunnies, beaches, bitch!
4. I got a normal working hours job which is quite boring and not my style, but that=I spent more time hanging out with friends!Just some of my friends...
5. I (think) I became more fashionable!
6. I (think) I became slimmer... I mean that's what people say lar...So how? Slimmer or not? Fashionable or not?
7. I went to the Sepang F1 circuit for the first time in my life!
8. I watched loads of movies (whether they are bad or good is another question lar)!
9. I went to Malacca, Penang, Johor all for free!
10. I went to gym more often! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
11. I fell in love with Zumba! I love Zumba!!!
Sorry, it's not possible for me to take a picture of me doing Zumba...

Of course, like the saying "every high has their low"... Is that how you say it? Urrmmm... Never mind, I say it like that.

2008 was BAD b'cos...
1. Although I really don't want to give a shit about it, but the truth is I could never win people's heart, especially in the family because I'm always the straight forward one, the complaining non-stop one, and I don't have a sweet mouth. Uuuurrgggghhh... BLOODY HELL I HATE THIS!
2. I'm sure I've eaten too much... Bad for you, Shirlexia!
3. I spent too much... Honestly, with the Singapore trip and CNY coming, I'm going so so broke I can cry! ;(
4. I still have the bloody landlord who treats me better now but never keep his promises. His name is Daniel Tang.
5. I still have housemate who doesn't know rubbish should be thrown outside the house, takeaways packets after eating should be thrown in the rubbish bin in stead of anywhere else in the house, housemates who doesn't flush the toilet after use and left shit there and accused me and I Rene doing that (FUCK YOU), housemates who is double-dating, housemate who smoke inside the house, a guy housemate who would suddenly became the tenor when he saw cockroaches, and the list goes on and on and on...
6. I'm actually doing a job that I don't enjoy but I'm staying with it because of the MONEY and the NORMAL LIFE I'm enjoying... What? I do think this is bad lar!
7. I cannot figure out a good way to get out of KL! I'm still thinking of working in other countries!!!
8. I'm losing patience with my company which had promised me to send me out for overseas working trips but nothing ever happened yet!
9. I did not manage to go watch the Olympic live in Beijing! :(
10. I haven't got back on the wheels! :(

Overall, 2008 was actually a good year for me. It was actually my happiest year since returning from Perth! Although it might be impossible for me to get back to Australia or move to any other places so soon, it makes me have more hopes of having another good year in 2009!
So here's a list of stuff I want to do (I think 'do' is more appropriate because 'achieve' sounds bloody serious like if I didn't 'achieve' them it would be so sad)...
1. Go to Taiwan, and this was in my 2008 to-do-list! Bonus would be meeting Xiao Ma and his fans that I've known for so long (this would be tough looking at my tight budget... Haih.... CNY I don't give out ang pow can ah?).Taiwan, here I come~Here I come~!!!
2. Go to the Madame Tussauds wax museum in Hong Kong.I will go and push Victoria bitcham away and take a photo with David!
3. Get down to 50kg. I am currently 55kg.
5. Save LOTS OF MONEY.Oooooooo... Before everything, get me the damn cool $-sign glasses!
6. Sponsor a child.
7. Re-study my Japanese language, if I have the money.
8. Get back on the wheels? Maybe?





I know... Some of you will go, hey in 2009 you should get a boyfriend lar!
Honestly, the reasons for me being (still) single are: 1)I don't really trust guys, look at my housemate! 2)I don't know, I think I don't know how to deal with a boyfriend... 3)Haven't been crazy about anyone in 2008, or even 2007, except for Xiao Ma. 4)Of course, I haven't also seen anyone crazy about me too! :p
Ok lar, not like I want a boyfriend, then I'll get one, right? Give me some time, give those cute and rich guys out there some time... Sometimes they are shy, sometimes they are too thin-face you see...

Okay, now I sound really desperate...
Nah... Really, I can't wait to announce to you guys in my blog when I have a him one day. But yeah, the one day will have to wait lar, yea, sabar je lar!
Okay, that's about it! I'm thinking of a special review on my landlord and housemates later. Ducum, I Rene and I will be working on it and it will come as soon as we're done with all the stuff.
So for now...
HAPPY 2009!!!


Monday, December 29, 2008

蔡可立粉丝聚会@Leisure Mall旺角茶餐厅

Anywayz,连Leslie哥看到我都吓到了,你可以想像我其实跟他们有一点点地格格不入啦!毕竟我也不是常常上论坛,所以跟他们也不是那么熟,当天也没有跟所有人说话。有些太安静了啦,太“三八”的又坐离我很远!而且年纪上好像有一点距离,要不就比我大很多,要不就比我小很多。不过这一点值得高兴的,证明了Leslie哥受欢迎得老少咸宜、而且还男女不拘呢!:)然后有些好像是第一次见到Leslie本人吧?都超high的不停的拍照,搞到我好像很冷酱....... ==|||


Sunday, December 28, 2008

An 'Exclusive' first look of my new hairstyle!!!

Taken just about 5-6 hours after the hair-cut and dye, and at the Leslie Chai's fans gathering I've attended yesterday. Of course, that's our favourite Malaysian actor, Leslie Chai, again!
I didn't do the real fringe thingy, and I'm not really used to the red colour... But oh well, it is a new image that I want for a new year!!! So no complain here! And I think I look OK in this photo!
What do you guys think???

Friday, December 26, 2008

Oh yes, I want a perfect snogging too!

Here are the two movies I've watched last Wednesday, and I really think they are pretty good! :)
Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging
It's from the director of Bend it Like Beckham and Pride and Prejudice, Gurinder Chadha. I don't remember liking Pride and Prejudice, but I love Bend it Like Beckham, that was why I so wanted to watch this movie!!!
Well, you gotta face it that Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging (ATPS from now on) is based on a teenage novel. It's about a teenage girl who thinks she is not pretty and doesn't like her parents, and thinks she would never have a boyfriend blah blah blah... So not my type of story, right?
But then I LOVE IT!!! It might be chessy here and there, but the rest are all good! It's well presented, cute and SO FREAKING HILARIOUS!!!
Although I think the way the main girl Georgia Groome speaks and acts was a bit too much, but I don't know, maybe that is how the Brits speak (no offense really)? But I do think she suits the character! And girls, check out the guys in the movie! Robbie (Aaron Johnson IV) and Tom (Sean Bourke) , they look so... YUMMY!!! I actually think Ducum will go crazy watching them, and the lead singer of the band Robbie is in! I'm 100% sure about that!!! She will start searching for their names on the internet... You just wait and see...
Oh yea, Georgia's sister Libby is SOOOOOOO CUTTTEEEEE!!!

ATPS is really COOL!

Yes Man
If you haven't know, I'm a fan of Jim Carrey. Erm... He is probably third in my list of favourite Hollywood actor (I will give you a treat if you know who are my top two favourite actors, I'm serious!). Although missing most of his kids-like-story movies, I told myself I will have to watch Yes Man.
Even though Ducum watched it and said it isn't good, I thought it was quite a not bad one! We sisters definitely have different tastes lar...
Yes Man is actually not the typical Jim Carrey kinda comedy. In fact, I wouldn't call it comedy. It's like quite a lesson of life to its audience. Something about how to say 'yes' or 'no' in your life accurately. There are tits and bits of the oh-so-fake Jim Carrey funny stunts, but overall, it's quite a serious movie. I really enjoyed it!
Jim Carrey is definitely still the man! Although... He looks so much older now! Maybe he should put on some weight. I also like the main actress, Zooey Deschanel (the same main girl in The Happening), she is pretty and cool!

Still can't wait to watch Australia!!!

Last few events of 2008!

Ho~Ho~Ho~Merry 'BELATED' Christmas!!!Christmas deco at The Gardens...
Sorry, I know I'm very out-dated, so many stuff (see Uncle Yip, I remember! There is never 's' after 'stuff) to blog about and I had to keep them until now to post it up. I've been freaking busy and the internet connection at home has not been stable mah...Ducum Tan was slow designing my name card, print my card and pick up my card, but she has whole lot of time to do this... WTF???
Okay, if CNY is always the celebration to have a reunion of friends and family, Christmas this year must be extra special because I had great friends reunion!!!
Some of you might know, Power is in town until the 28th. For your info, Power is a Chinese (as in China's Chinese) who is now a PR in Australia and was one of my colleagues at Penang Food Restaurant, where I worked part-time in Perth. And yes, his name is 'Power', that's not the weirdest name I've heard of. I've got a friend from Hong Kong who calls himself 'No', yes, its N-O, No!
Anywayz, as Power came, we decided to have a reunion of all the ex-staff at Penang Food. But what supposed to be a reunion of about 8-9 persons became only a five-person reunion. Sigh... Those people who FFK, you guys really... Aih...
We had our reunion dinner at Madam Kwan at Pavilion. Although it is not a new restaurant, that was the first time I've stepped into the restaurant. Some of their food are quite nice, but some are just so-so. And I honestly think some of the prices are a bit too expensive. My favourite dish of the night was actually the dessert I had, the Fried Banana with Syrup and Ice-cream. The bananas was still hot and you eat it with the syrup and the cold ice-cream... Oh my god, it's so freaking GOOD! ...Although it is freaking fattening!!! Grrrrrhhhhh... All yummy food has to be unhealthy!!! Sheryn and Pat ordered the Bubur Cha-cha, I didn't try it cos I never liked Bubur Cha-Cha.
Yit Chuan's Sago dessert looks quite nice.
That's the yummy yet fattening dessert I'm talking about!!!
The mix vegetables, which is a very common dish everywhere.
The fried Kuey Teow wasn't that impressive.
Ooohhh! The curry chicken was actually quite nice, although I would like the chicken to be smaller pieces.
Nasi Bonjori, not Bon Jovi... I like the rendang beef a lot!!!Okay, the otak-otak was not very bad, but RM17.60 for one piece is...
Sambal Sotong was also not too bad, minus the fact that there were simply way too much of onions in it.
Yummy~ Shirlexia with the dessert she likes!
Power hasn't change much, so do the rest. Although it was a short reunion, it was meaningful enough because hey, we haven't seen Power for so so long! Come to think of it, I came back in mid 2006, its been more than 2 years now! Phew~ Now you see why people keep saying time flies~! Oh by the way, we also realized we are so not used to Power's Chinese accent... We couldn't really understand him even though he was speaking in Mandarin! ==||| Here's Yit Chuan (who was the photographer of the day, minus the food photo) and Pat.
From left: Sheryn, me and Power, who was forced to smile and he looks so weird with that smile...Nice picture of the five of us!!! :)Strangers on the street sometimes disappoint you with their photography skills...
Anywayz, I hope Power enjoy his trip here in Malaysia! :)
As I've said earlier, Christmas this year was also the first ever Christmas that I had to prepare so many Christmas gifts. Of course, as return, I got more than what I've expected too. Karen actually gave me a polka dots dress! Oh well, she said I'm gonna scream seeing the present, I didn't! :p Although it doesn't look very much my style, but she actually chose to buy for me when she actually wanted to buy for herself too but that was the last piece! So I'm going to keep it and wear it. In fact, I just bought a belt two days ago to wear with the dress!
Cute polka dots dress I got from Karen! Thanks to my 'hao jie mei'! :)
My boss gave me an X'mas gift that I really like! It's a wrist rester that you can use it when you're clicking with your mouse! God that thing is cute! See... I told you it's so bloody cute!
And I'm feeling really bad that I only gave them chocolate...

And on the 23rd, I went to the BBQ party at my teacher's (yes, the 8TV news reader) house. Like I said, there would be some random people that I don't know, so I wasn't really keen. But I went anywayz, since that's like the only real Christmas party I got invited to this year. BBQ wasn't really good because of the lack of preparation. But the gifts exchange part was pretty fun. Honestly, seriously, my gift was the 'climax' of the night, okay??? See, I still have a bit of creativity! Hehehe... Everybody was fighting each other to take a picture of the gift! I told ya, it's creative yet useful! :pThe present that made everybody went high that night! Kakakakaka...
When we were on the way to the party, Wei Wei and us were talking about the gifts we bought for the party. We both agreed we bought really useful things because we know we wouldn't like those little small dolls or photo frames that does nothing but take up all your room on your table or in your room!
Unfortunately, a photo frame was what I've got...Everybody with the present they got!
Alright, next up would be another gathering this Saturday, Leslie's fans gathering...

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Opinion badly needed, guys!!!

I've been thinking to change to a new hairstyle for the new year but haven't been able to decide on what to do with the bush on my head...
One of the hairstyle I'm considering is having fringe.
This is a photoshop-ed picture done by Ducum of me with fringe...

So... I'm hoping to hear from you guys! Leave comments for me to tell me if you think I look ok with fringe or not! Thanks a lot!!! :)



Friday, December 19, 2008

See what I've got!!!

If you remember, I got some of these from a stall selling confectionary from the states at Fremantale market back in May. And I can't believe it is here in Malaysia!!!
In fear of not seeing anymore of them soon, I got 5 packets and I actually think I'm going to buy more after this because I will have to give out some to people as X'mas present!
Are you one of the lucky ones???
This must be the first time in my life I had to prepare so many X'mas presents.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I’m busy, but I’m happy! :)

...Erm… Except for the RM part lar… I never felt like I have enough money!!!
Aaaarrrhhhh… And came the year end sales, damn it!!! Even if I don’t go into any boutiques, I still buy on-line! Someone really need to save me (ha, you think so easy meh?)!
Anywayz, here’s some updates before I have more and more to come because I’m pretty fully-booked for quite a lot of events coming up from this weekend till next weekend.

To be accurate, I was also busy working t
wo Saturdays ago (in which I rushed back to Taiping right after work) and last Sunday. Thanks to Mr. JC, I got my second paid mobile DJ job (well, I would call it emcee this time around, though) at 1 Utama. It was quite a challenging one but also a fun experience as compared to my first mobile DJ experience.
I basically had no idea what was going on. I did not get an
y schedule for the event happening, even the people at Jusco did not know until they went and ask their boss. On the two days I worked, it was the same, I went there and I got my task of the day. No preparation beforehand, no time for you to prepare a proper script or whatsoever.
I think the biggest challenge was it was ALL IN ENGLISH. Well, of course I have certain confidence with my English, but because of my studies and training at The Voice Academy, I’m more used to hosting anything in Mandarin! And, and it was a children event! I seriously DO NOT want to lose face speaking broken English or English with lots of grammar mistakes in front of those smart kids! And their parents were there, I DO NOT want to hear them telling their kids:"Eh, this cheh cheh’s English is bad, don’t listen to her ah…"! So you see, I was pretty nervous and uncomfortable at the beginning. Worst part was, unlike my first job, this time I had to be on stage! Imagine, I was only told about that only on that day itself, about 1 hour before the event started!
Phew~ Can kena heart-attack man…

Anywayz, I was lucky there was another emcee who did an
earlier event there. So I kinda have an example there lar. In fact, in the end of the day, I felt I did slightly better than her because she was a bit too serious (Heath Ledger said:"why so serious?") and formal with the kids. I’m quite sure I made more friends with the kids than her. Ok lah, she is considered senior, she was calmer lar, I’m not saying she is very bad, ok?
Anywayz, two weeks ago, my job was to be in charged of the
colouring contest which was really informal, and I had no problem doing it, absolutely (OMG, what a word) no shaky legs, shaky hands, or shaky lips! Yes~! But I did a little mistake when asking the guy to go up on stage to give away the prizes lar. Obviously nervousness was there!

The 'professional' colouring contest's contestants..The only picture I took of myself at work...
But last Sunday, although it was a longer and tougher day, I felt so damn good after completing my task!
I was hosting a drawing contest, which was organized by Disney magazine. They were a bit more organized, basically gave me details of almost everything, so it was easier for me… Although that would means I had to be on stage even longer, telling the kids this and that, tried to make them laugh, etc. But it was GREAT! I wasn’t nervous, no mistakes and I can see some of the kids enjoyed it! At night I announced the performance by the cute Kristus Aman Children Carolers, which was something similar to
the one I did last time. So no problem there! :) This time it's drawing contest!They are so cute! You see the tiny girl in the middle? So bloody CUTE! One of the guitarists, the one which I've pointed with the arrow, looks so much like 林敏聪!
You see, all you need is to be confident with yourself!:)
And now, I’m ready to take on any other emcee-ing jobs in the future! Come on, bring them on!

And look what I got from Jusco as a complimentary gift! A Disney stories 2009 calendar! So the cute lar!!!And my favourite fairy-tales story, Cinderella is on February!They have whole bunch of stickers at the back for you to ma ke note on the calendar!So... I made an earlier reminder for you all! :p
Okay, that’s the bit about me and my part-time job that I’m enjoying so so much~~!

This weekend I’m booked on Saturday afternoon, going out for nice and free food with Yve Vonn! Thank you in advanced Yve Vonn! Muaks!!! Sunday night if without any last-minute change, there will be a Penang Food (the restaurant I worked at when studying in Perth) staff’s reunion gathering because??? Because Mr. Power Zhang Yan Jun is coming from Perth! Ya~~hoo~~~~ I sooooooo can’t wait for Sunday to come! I missed everybody! Oh my god I hope the Indonesian gang are here too! Vera, Linvani, etc… Love the lovely girls!!!

Ok, ok, calm down first… I’m supposed to tell you more of the gatherings coming up. On next Tuesday night I will be going to Voice Media’s X’mas BBQ dinner. I’m actually not too keen on that you see, but since I haven’t meet Karen and Meng Han for a while, I think it’s time to catch-up lor. And then on the Saturday I will be attending Leslie’s fans gathering. So not me lar, I know. I just gotta give face to Leslie lar… Anywayz, I don’t know if there is more to come. Only these events are already making me crazy, especially the later ones which I have to bring X’mas presents! Aaaarrhhhh… So damn lazy to pick presents lar!

Will have more updates after the weekends I think.
Before that, here’s a movie review of the movie I watched last week…

Body of Lies
To my surprise, it was full house in the cinema! I guess Leonardo DiCaprio and
Russell Crowe have their fans. Plus, some Middle Eastern people would be watching it because it talks about them a lot in the movie…
Yup, it’s yet another terrorist kinda movie. It’s about how Leonardo stays in different Middle Eastern countries (and yes, he speaks fluent Arabic) as a spy for the US and all… People like my boss would never even want to know about this movie because it’s so American in a way, it made the Americans look so smart! But in the end of course, they aren’t (eh, I mean in the movie). I can’t remember much about the action part, it’s probably not very fantastic, but I think I like the movie, although terrorism kinda movie is so common these days, it’s not too bad a movie to watch. Quite a sophisticated and kan cheong one. But to be honest, I think
Leonardo can’t act. And the worst thing is, look how fat he is now!
Ohya, the guy who acted as Karami, I thought I’ve seen him before… And I went and checked, he was the main guy in Paradise Now! So apparently, nowadays it’s easier to get your break into Hollywood if you are or if you look like a Middle Easterner than Chinese or Japanese or Korean!

By the way, I will get to watch one of my favourite actors, Jim Carrey’s latest movie, Yes Man soon! Hurray! And I really can’t wait for Australia to come! I heard our Kung Fu master Yuen Wah acted in it too! Can't wait! :)