Thursday, January 31, 2008

Shopping for CNY

My colleague just called and told me my boss had approved my leaves and all, and I'll be off from 4th-17th! Heeee~Hah~~! Oh come on, after a whole one year without leaves, it's time for a break right?
Alright, so I guess you know I'm talking about the CNY break. I still can't believe CNY is coming in one week time, everything just seems so sudden! I'm already sick of the CNY songs everywhere! And all of a sudden I'm going back next Tuesday. I mean, gosh, I haven't even gone for a CNY shopping spree yet!
So yesterday I went for a little shopping spree, and the location is Sungai Wang. Hehe... Damn I know people always say people who go to Sungai Wang are 'la-las', but I really like to do shopping there. Not all their clothes are that 'la-la' there, and they are cheaper than other places! But of course I have to admit that most of them are 'la-la' clothes, which made me spending a longer time to hunt for something I want for CNY--something red or pink. In the end I bought this really cute purple colour short dress, and it's less than 60 bucks! Now lets compare this to Ducum's CNY clothes, she bought a skirt for 80 bucks, then a pair of shorts for almost 100 bucks, all branded ones, definitely not from Sungai Wang.
And the main thing is, I've bought my mobile phone! Since my last one got stolen few months ago, I've told myself I must buy back before CNY, and I can't believe it came so soon! Anywayz, now that I've got my phone back, I warn you all the perverts who are trying to steal it away from me again... DON'T YOU DARE!!! Now you can compare that with Ducum again. She insists that her phone must be purchased at the Nokia shop, not at the booths at Sungai Wang like I did. I mean, I still buy the ori phone, and the price is cheaper, as I sat there chatting with the guys for a while, they gave me more discounts. So why do we have to go to those shops where you can never even think of cutting down the price?
Anywayz, I was also going to buy books at Borders Times Square but they don't have the book I want, but told me they have it at Gardens. I didn't even know they have a branch there! So since I was going to the gym at Mid Valley, I got into Gardens for the second time. As you all know, I can never afford any of the stuffs there, but as I reached there, I had to look for the rest room to pee. As I saw the 'man and woman' sign board, I quickly walked over but to my surprise there was a sign board saying you need RM 5 to use the toilet! I was of course too embarrassed to just walk away from the toilet counter. So I had to pretend to look at the sign boards above the lifts over there like I'm looking for some places then walked away slowly... Now I know why is Gardens so 'high class'! Luckily the toilets in other floors are free! Phew~!
And then it was the first time I went to the 3rd floor where there are so many fancy restaurants! One day when I have the money, I wanna go try the Taiwanese restaurant that looks really expensive! I also found the Starbucks in the Borders there really nice, you can see the view outside from there, it's really cool! At least it's better than the one at Times Square where all you can see is the Harvey Norman and people lining up for snacks at the cinema! Too bad I had to rush to the gym later, otherwise I would have just stayed there comfortably for a long long time!
Again, I'm warning you, don't you dare to come near my phone!
Yes? What are you looking for? Not my phone, right? Grrrrhhhh...
Don't you dare!!! Cos I'll be going out everyday with my pepper spray, knife and umbrella... Ella.. Ella... Eh... Eh...

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Jarum Halus

It was quite a sudden decision to watch Jarum Halus before coming to work today. But it was long time ago that I wanted to watch it.
So, so... It says Jarum Halus is based on Shakespeare's Othello. I had never read any of Shakespeare's stuffs in my entire life, so whatever shit it is based on, I went for the movie just because of the movie.
First of all, I've heard of it being a very slow movie, and yes indeed it is VERY slow. The entire movie just sounds and looks very sad and dark. Everything seems so... So negative. The whole thing is such a drama and everybody in it are drama kings and queens! Okay, it's just a movie, I told myself, this is already much more better than those dramatic & emotional Bollywood movies! It is also a very 'deep' movie. Maybe because I'm not such a 'poetic' person and not a fan of Shakespeare and all, the script sounds very very weird to me. Something "bertukar kepada sutera, seperti ombak bergelung-gelung..." I can't take it. But the dialogue's scripts is even worst! It sounds EXTREMELY corny like there is nothing else the script writer could think of! Seriously, I was like laughing alone in the cinema (No, there were about 4 more couples in the cinema, poor thing). Next time Mark Tan wants to do a new movie, please do hire me as your scriptwriter, I'm damn sure I can do a better job! But no doubt, I love the way the director play with the camera and the lighting, it's different.
Acting wise, Razif Hashim surprised me the most. I thought he was just a pretty face(okay, I didn't say he's cute, but everybody said so), but it turned out he did quite well you know. I only get to know Christien New when he opened up his business with his wife, but I never knew he is an actor, is this his debut (oh no, just found out this wasn't his debut)? Anywayz, I thought he is perfect for the role, but acting wise urmmm... Can be improved lar. And it's funny everytime he started yelling his voice becomes weird, turns into like erm... You know, something like David Beckham's (note: I'm not praising him). And he speaks really good English and Malay too! Juliana Ibrahim... I never liked her. She sucks as a TV host. I think she might be ok in acting, but not in this movie lor, always "Daniel... Daniel..." and then "Nothing, I just like to call your name..." My god! Give me a break! Ooops... I forgot, that was also the scriptwriter's fault! So it comes to the senior, Dato' Rahim Razali who stood out (as expected) to be the best performer. And by the way, Justin Chan is cute! Hehehehe...
Ohyea, I almost forgot, why did Iskandar actually wanted to do all these on Daniel? Was it because of just work wise, or was he gay? I mean, I've missed something, right? I really have no idea until the movie ends!
While doing some research before writing this, I found out that the director Mark Tan is only 22 years old. So alright, for a debutant, for a 22 year-old, not bad lar! Congratulations Mark! At least it's something different. Just that... Next time, pick your scriptwriter carefully. I'M ALWAYS HERE!!!

Friday, January 25, 2008

A mixture of things...

OMG!!! My 'dear' housemate had just left the stove on, and the oil burning and totally forgot about it! And I didn't know until my other housemate came home! Gosh, I almost died! Phew~! And he is also the same person who had made the whole kitchen bloody oily, took my mug a.k.a bowl for some weeks before I asked to return it, plus the same person who also took my pot for about a week until this morning I saw him finally leaving it in the sink! I tell ya, I really have interesting new housemate! Damn, now my room also smells like a food court! Aaaarrhhh...
Anywayz, I just want to post something up with many things all together at once, thank god we have the 'label' thingy to sort things out.
I've started going to this restaurant for quite a while since it opened in Mid Valley. But it was only after a few visits that I found out it's actually吉野家,the Japanese restaurant that many many people talk about in those Taiwanese shows. It's basically a Japanese fast food restaurant and they have branches all over the world. I love it since the first time I tried it. First thing first, it's not THAT expensive. And their rice are real Japanese rice, unlike some shops who love to con us with non-Jap rice. I've tried all their famous beef, fish and chicken rice bowls. I think the beef is really nice, chicken not bad, but the fried salmon fish isn't that good lor. Their vegetable, for some unknown reasons is also very tasty, despite the fact that I don't even know what vegetables are they, some even looks like lemon! They are so yummy!!! Sadly, I always see Japanese more than any other people there, that is why I decided to promote it a bit... You may also find it at KLCC food court and One Utama.
Sweeney Todd-What a bloody movie!
Obviously, I wanted to watch this movie because of Johnny Depp. But damn I was a little bit annoyed by the girls who came in late and sat next to me.
"Oh, I love Johnny Depp, I always love him," Girl No.1 said.
"Yea, yea... Me too! He...He...He..."Girl No.2 said.
Then it continued with all the girlish "He...He...He..."
My god, shut up you girls, the movie had already started and you guys were making noises! I bet Johnny Depp wouldn't be very happy if you're not watching him when he's acting!
Anywayz, I really thought Sweeney Todd was a kids movie, until I saw an '18PL' tag on my ticket. And obviously even I cannot accept the bloody scenes that went on and on in the entire movie! Why does it have to be so violent? Euw!!! Basically I don't think it's a good movie lor, the story is a bit weird, and it's too bloody, BUT... I BLOODY LOVE THE SONGS!!! I can't remember all of them though, but there was one where Anthony sang about Johanna, he sang:"I'll steal you away..." which unfortunately made the people in the cinema laughed. I seriously thought that was such a romantic line! Anywayz, if you're a fan of Johnny Depp, nothing is going to stop you, no matter how far he loves to go to make himself ugly, he's still as cute and as cool as ever!
曹格--Super Sunshine
One more thing, I think the people at the saloon that straighten my hair when I was in Taiping suck big time! They've done such a lousy job. From the outside you see my hair straight, but inside, they are all folded! If you're thinking of going to somewhere to ‘fix’ your hair in Taiping, give me a call, I'll have to tell you where NOT to go!
And by the way, here's some picture taken at Sunway Pyramid, of their CNY decorations. Not bad lar, at least to me.That's it for today, I'm waiting for the BBT again, they are announcing their second band tonight, I'm actually nervous like hell now!!! Go 小马!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Heath Ledger, 1979-2008

Though I'm not a fan of him, but I was really shocked to hear that he's dead.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hindraff Boleh!!!

Tomorrow is Thaipusam and it's a Public Holiday in KL and Putrajaya! Hurray!!!
I guess the Hindraff fellars actually did change something! Thanks a trillion! Hindraff 万岁!Haha, I never thought they can be so helpful!
BUT... For some unknown reasons, my boss put my off days for this week wrongly and I have to work tomorrow, which sucks cos I was planning to go to TVA to get my final piece CD and to the gym tomorrow night. BUT AGAIN... I'll get OT for working on a public holiday! SO AGAIN, Hindraff 万岁!

Yeah! It's public holiday tomorrow! Let's get some liquor to celebrate! No, I mean buy some beers to the Hindraff people!



Sunday, January 20, 2008


最开心的不是毕业了,而是认识了一班非常可爱的同学。有的还是学生、有的是人家的妈妈了、有的是餐馆captain...... 真的很特别的一群同学吧?不懂为何,我们就是可以闹在一起,还为了结业典礼尽心尽力的排了个舞台剧!我的妈呀,那可是本人的“处女作”ok?从来都没演过什么剧的我,突然就要在台上跳热舞,是在拿督翁诗杰面前.......不过我还是觉得很好玩,大家的努力还是没白费的,还是有很多人上前来告诉我们表演得很不错!谢谢大家赏面啦!希望我们今后还是可以保持联络啦!天后小笼包与她的国际化妆师Fravya!
The down side of the story... 我的结业分数是62分,老实说收到那张成绩单时我失望透了!
让我先说说老师的评语:1. 内容可再丰富,略嫌马虎。(这个我其实在看到其他同学的作品后才惊觉自己的真的太短了。因为他们都说上一届的有几个很长,所以要我们短短的做个opening就行了。可是原来.......)2. 表现自然,风格与节目一致。3. 用词年轻,神态也年轻,带动节目的可看性。
最重要的是我对自己的看法!主持人这个梦想,我也不懂是什么时候开始有的。不懂什么时候开始,我变得很爱看人家主持节目如何如何的,有时甚至看到一些很烂的还会说自己主持一定比他/她好!去念新闻系并不是想当记者那么简单,如果当初声学阁已经创办了我或许就不去念新闻了。面试我也去了两、三次,没一次中选,上完了课,看到了自己的分数,难免信心又再一次被挫了。前天参加了NJ大赛,因为没做好准备,所以没进入八强。可是跟你说我一点都不失望那就肯定是骗你的了。I mean,我一直觉得自己的问题是不够漂亮,或者是上镜真的太胖了。不过很明显的,还有很多缺点是我不知道能不能完全改变到的。上课前我一直以为自己很棒,可能会是top student也不一定,可是原来我并不是那么的利害。很多人的表现比我还稳、比我好个百多倍!这里才是几十个学生而已,我就输了,那我要如何去跟外面那一大群跟我一样拥有着当主持人的梦想的人比呢?我开始在怀疑了,我,是不是不适合当主持人?我是不是这一生人都不用想当主持人了,还是想想看还有什么是我可以做的吧!所以我也在怀疑,再继续上课是否对我还是有帮助的?

Saturday, January 19, 2008


Honestly, since I got to know he is coming to the Youth Showcase, I've been praying that I can get to meet him and snap a picture with him. And I've been pretty 'kan cheong' since yesterday asking around when is Kenny Sia going to show up.
So I know it's today. After the graduation ceremony in the morning, I was up at the booth at 4th floor and had been impatiently looking around, looking here and there to make sure I wouldn't miss this fellar! I mean, I never knew I can be so crazy about a blogger! I was really crazy about Alex Lim the swimmer, David Tao the singer and now Kenny Sia the Blogger! KENNY SIA ROCKKKKSSS!!!!
Then he was at the Traffic Jam thingy and then after a while I finally got hold of him. Seriously, all I wanted to say was:"Aaaaahhhh.... Kenny!!! I'm a HUGE fan of you!!!" But of course, I didn't (siao meh? Control a bit lar cha bo!). I just did the formal thing, and actually, accidently found out he can speak Mandarin and got him to go to The Voice Academy's booth to do an interview in Mandarin! "... 我是Kenny Sia~!" Really cute lar!
Alright, alright, he might get this all the time, but damn, I love this fellar, his blog is just classic! All bloggers and Kenny's fans, I know you'll be jealous, na na na na na... You cannot catch me......:p
If you haven't even heard of who is Kenny Sia...... You are so bloody out-dated! Check his blog out, the link is just on the right of my blog!They said he is one of the seven Most Coolest Malaysians! Presenting... Kenny Sia!!! I think the next one might be... Bechelor of the Year!
Check this out, it's a tongue stunt by Kenny Sia.

Monday, January 14, 2008


新的一年,老老板跟老板开了会,老板也就跟我们开会,告诉我们一切啰!当然,他要说的东西绝对都是我可以预料得到的。你知道的......“那个XX协会,很有钱的,可是为什么他们就是不能生产出很好的球员?你可以去find out啊!”还有就是最不该让他知道的就是我有个部落格,“Shirlexia,少点在网上逛,留那些时间去找好(意思是说劲爆的、某人的坏消息)的新闻给我!”妈呀,快给个洞我转进去!这个会开完了之后,我很想哭,只是到后来还是哭不出来。
老实说吧,做了都快一年了,从开始不停的投诉我老板、我的这份工作,到现在,我已经清楚知道错的是我自己。真的,是我自己失败,一点都不适合当记者!不是说我不能写一些坏、批评某东西的新闻(I mean我其实真的不太懂怎么写),而是我始终过不了自己那一关。要我去跟那些人做了朋友、背后再刺他们一刀,我怕的不止是惹官司,而是惹人厌!我还是不行、不行!

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Basketball: Appalling turnout for selection
By : Shirlexia Tan

IT was to be a selection trial with 29 players from all over the country invited to attend and fight for their places in the national men's basketball team, but proceedings had to be cancelled as only a disappointing eight showed up.
The eight, without breaking sweat, were selected.
This is definitely a sad scenario for the sport.
National team coach Sim Sin Heng, trying very hard to hide his disappointment, said that although there are a few players coming in later, he hopes players who are interested will show up.
"Three players who could not attend yesterday's selection trial will be joining us, and I am also getting two players from the junior team," said Sin Heng.
"And I would like to add, places are still available for those who want to play for the country."
He also said that there are also three other players who are studying and playing overseas and would only join the team for competitions when available.
The coach said he would like to have at least 16 to 18 players in regular training and have them fight for the final 12 places.
Three Korat Sea Games players, Koo Chen Jye, Loh Hoo Won and senior player K. Satyaseelan have since retired.
The coach, though disappointed, said he understands why this is happening.
"It just reflects the men's basketball programme in the country.
"We could not get the best players and the available ones are often unable to contribute."
Another factor, he said, is the money that these players are getting.
"The National Sports Council (NSC) is not funding us anymore so we only have our sponsors to rely on.
"Every month we give the players a RM1,000 allowance plus other benefits but only those who really have the heart to play would accept that."
The team started training yesterday with the available players.

Taken from




Saturday, January 12, 2008

Great, my great diet plan...

Spent almost two hours at the gym this morning.
Ate 3 big pieces of KFC for dinner at night.
Great... That's my so-called diet plan.

Friday, January 11, 2008

The Game Plan

Okay, okay I know you you're gonna laugh at me for watching this movie. I know, I know The Rock can't act. But hell I don't care! I'm proud to tell you I'm actually a fan of The Rock! The Rock ROCKSSSSS!
The Game Plan is like The Pacifier N years ago where Vin Diesel played the daddy role. I can't remember much of the whole movie, but I seriously think The Rock did a better job. He just has the body, the really tough look, but also can be very nice and charming. And by the way, how many times would you get to see The Rock dancing ballet? The little girl is really cute too. Although the storyline is like, ahhhh... The same old one, but at least it was entertaining! It made me laugh and cry! Seriously, it was an enjoyable movie.

Ma New Dress!

I bought a new dress yesterday, the design and colour is what I have been looking for for a long long time. So when I first saw it I got really excited and though the price is probably the second most expensive piece of clothes I've bought after my first and only Levi's jeans N years ago (calculated in Ringgit lar), I bought it!
Brand: Padini
Price: RM139
The thing is, I don't know when will I have the chance to wear it!

Bom Brazil

I really have to do this before I got really busy.
Finally, I've made my visit to Bom Brazil, the place where Yve Vonn suddenly got into the business. I thought I've never tried Brazilian food before, so let's give it a try, without worrying about the price!
Salad, every woman's good friend~! Seriously, they were real good!
As we arrived, we were welcomed by staffs wearing Brazilian soccer jersey! And their decorations are simple, yet special, the table cloth are of yellow and green, the true Brazilian colours! I told Ah Fa, who went with me, that this place just made me feel like I'm back in Oz. It's like one of the restaurants and cafes at Subi or like the Italian restaurant that I've been to in Melbourne. And they play Brazilian songs as well (okay, maybe that's not but I guess logically it is lar).
Lamb, beef, turkey, chicken, fish... You name it! And I love the potato soup!
So we started with a drink, then the buffet, which was awesome. Although I didn't try the black bean that Yve Vonn later told me was a must in Brazilian food, the various choices of salad were really good! The one with the tuna, the one with the tasty grill vege, the one with the fresh sausages, etc... Both Ah Fa and me agreed they were really good. And then the grill meat(s) came, the beef, lamb, fish, chicken....... Seriously, the chicken was the best one, the sauce they use taste pretty special and it was very tender! But then I really had too much of meat on a single night, I think. Hehehe... A whole lot of tasty meat with calories and fat! Arrrgghhh... Until Yve Vonn came, we realized we missed the free flow soup. So of course we tried the potato soup and I had two bowls, which, you know what I mean.
Thanks to Yve Vonn, we got free cocktail called Caipirinha and the Brazilian dessert, which we also love!Try the cocktail and the Brazilian dessert too!
Not that Yve Vonn is the Marketing Exec there that I'm saying the food are good. I brought Ah Fa there, and the buffet costs RM65, so I was pretty scared that the food was bad. But what a relief that we've had a pretty satisfying buffet dinner! If you don't mind the pricy price, then you really should go and have a try. Although the website is a bit 'back-dated', but at least you have a simple view of the whole thing there. Oh... Remember to ask the boss for the special 'fu-chok yi mai' for dessert! Now you know 'fu-chok yi mai' is from Brazil!
Okay, I hope I don't need to tell which one is Ah Fa, which one is Yve Vonn.

**Gossip of the day... The REAL gossip that made my jaw drop till erm... Somewhere really low... After all the hu-hah... Jess and CK are actually getting married next month! Gosh, when Yve Vonn told me about it, I was like WTF? Anywayz, since they've made it finally, congratulations and all the best!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


今天刚到那儿时还没下雨,我还以为我今天走运了呢!走在茨场街前面就会有人突然吐痰,旁边就有个向着你喷烟,eh...erhm...可是如果你是女的,走在那儿肯定超开心的,因为左一句靓女、右一句靓女的,哈哈,乐的呢! 下雨之前.......
已经N年没到Kotaraya那间mall了,哇塞,真的变很多!不错啦,算有进步啦!可是很衰啰,突然下起雨来,我就得留在那儿久些,而且还没到5点就dinner了。看到那间挂着“西门町”的餐厅就自己在兴奋了,就决定进去试试。老实说设计得还ok啦,我的炸鸡腿面一上桌就香喷喷的,那个鸡腿虽然会很肥,可是真的很好吃哩,肉碎很恨不错,不过我一直以来不太喜欢台湾食物用的那种面啦,没办法,我又想减少吃饭。不管了,一定要到台湾吃他们正宗的美食啦! Kotaraya也有西门町呢!
本来这半天的茨场街游是蛮开心的,就一切都毁于回家的那一part啰!等巴士等了多过半小时,Rapid KL真的很气人的啰!结果又花两块钱搭了Metro Bus,而且是全程站着跟人“挤”。还有一些越劳、泰劳、印劳、孟加劳等“劳”全程可以很“开放”的望着你的啰,我今天穿T-shirt耶,竟然还盯着我的胸部看!偏偏又赛车,花了整一个小时吧才到,哇塞,多想快点走啊?

Monday, January 7, 2008

2007 & 2008

Shhhhh... I'm doing this secretly in the office, so be quiet!
It took me quite some time to finally post this-- a review of 2007 and what to look for in 2008. I mean, gosh it's bloody 7th of Jan today! But because of the fact that last year has nothing exciting and this year erm... I guess there are a few, but I don't really know what to expect this year, so I really don't know whether is it okay to post this... Anywayz, since I've decided, lets see what can we talk about, I hope this won't be too boring!
In 2007......
I've got my second job... Yup and OMG it's already been 11 months!!! I can't believe it! I was so depressed and was always saying I wanted to quit, but damn it I've made it! It's almost one year now that I'm sticking at the same bloody job! Oh well, I'm sick of complaining about my job already... I mean, after all, the job is really not bad you know. The working hours, the pay, the allowance and all, you can't really get this kinda stuffs in other places. Okay, and now I'm feeling guilty. Because I don't think I'm good enough to get all these benefits! I'm not passionate with my job, I don't really write that well yet, and I'm definitely not making anything BIG! I don't know, that's why I say I don't know what to expect this year. I mean, I love sport, but I still can't put myself into a situation where I can critisize people just like that!
I've had 0 boyfriend... Basically, it's 0 social life. With my weird working days and working hours, it's almost impossible for me to even catch up with friends. People are off on weekends while I have to work. So it is even harder to get a bf in this kinda situation, right? I don't meet many new guys you see, the ones I see the most are my boss, my colleagues, the sports officials (whom are all either married, middle-aged uncles or I'll be either crazy or blind going out with)and sportsmen... Ah ha! Sportsmen! Why didn't I get one of the sportsmen? Well, I'm dying for one, but there is just nobody lar!And to me, it has become a personal rule that I shouldn't get to0 close to these people because somehow, someday I might have to put the friendship aside and write them off on the paper! Anywayz, I'm sad that my friends are becoming lesser and lesser now but I'm not THAT sad with the fact that I'm not attached to anybody. I still enjoy doing stuffs alone, without anyone influencing whatever decision I make. And now that sounds like I better be single FOREVER!
I've been hospitalized for the first time in my life... What an experience that was! I don't I ever want that to happen again. And it did not make me slimmer! Arrrgggghhhh...
Kakakaka... Do I still look pretty in the hospital?
I've finally cut my hair!... I took the risk really, I was always worry that short hair will make my face looks even rounder but since I've been getting good 'reviews' from the people... I'm loving it! I've not only cut my hair, but learnt how to make my picture red!Whao!
I've gone to 2 friends' weddings... There supposed to be more, but I didn't go lar. You can't be expecting me to go to Perth, Hong Kong or Seremban just for a wedding right? Let's recount how many of my friends got married this year. Earlier on it was Bob, then Leha, Nora a.k.a Melati, Danielle (my HK friend back in Perth), 'koko' Vin Chin (my big bro in Perth, the Chinese from India, no, I'm not joking, he is REALLY A CHINESE FROM INDIA) and Caroline. Woo~hoo~ And does these all make me want to get married? The answer is NO!!!
Caroline's wedding dinner in Klang, with all the Hokkien songs...
I've watched hell lots of movies.... I'm sure it's not as many as Ducum. But the fact that I'm off on weekdays is just making it easier for me to get tickets and get into the cinema. Sometimes I even watched 3 movies in a day! I can't really remember much which are the movies that I've watched, but I can tell you Bourne Ultimatum is the best of all the sequels I've watched last year!Don't ask me to choose between Jason Bourne and Matt Damon, please!!!
I've got Chinese-dized... I'm always proud with the fact that I can speak, write and read English well despite the fact that I was in Chinese school for a freaking 11 years. And English has become much more important than any other languagues I can speak. But last year, after attending my TV Hosting course, I found out how bad my Mandarin was, and had worked hard on improving it. Probably because I was (and still) mixing around with my teachers and classmates whom I've got really close to, I speak more Mandarin, I listen to more Chinese songs, I blog more in Chinese, buying more Chinese magazines. And what about visiting Petaling Street more and visiting the Popular there more than ever? The class with Pei Ying...
I've got so crazily in love with someone... Ta... Da... And that person is Xiao Ma, my favourite guy in the Taiwanese show, BBT. Well, I'm sure I'm not as crazy as how I used to be during school time. I don't really buy all the expensive Taiwanese magazines just because of him. But I'm spending a lot of my time on the internet doing stuffs that are really useless, to probably many of you. First of all, I got the position of Promotion Minister at his forum in a China-based forum site. And then before the end of 2007, I was one of the most important person who had made his official forum's posts' number reached 10,000! Xiao Ma also remembers me by my name (read my earlier posts), he had mentioned my name in his messages twice! And yes, I'm still working hard on his forums, and I'm still voting for him in the BBT official website every 5 mins whenever I'm on-line. I don't know how long will I stay crazy about him, but for now... Xiao Ma is the best! I love you Xiao Ma!!!
And I'm crazy, crazy about you....
And and... I think I've grown older (shit, what stupid comment?), perhaps grown prettier (hahahaha...), slimmer (I wish), perhaps my boobs got bigger? Nah, just kidding... Okay, that wasn't that funny isn't it?
So, In 2008...
The Beijing Olympic Games is coming!!!... I can tell you, I'M DYING TO GO! I'm actually secretly hoping that the company would send me there to cover the games and if they don't I will quit straight away (if you think I dare to). But the fact that I'm so new made it really tough for me to be chosen. Nevermind, it's ok, one day when I get rich I will go watch the Olympics, World Cup, etc ON MY OWN!!!Beijing, here I come!!!
My graduation is coming soon too...
It's going to be on the 19th of this month, running con-currently with the Youth Exhibition at the PWTC. I'm going to be acting on stage for the first time in my life! I'm not feeling nervous yet at the moment, but I'm bloody sure when the time comes... Aow! Actually, I'm not that excited about the graduation, since it was just a short course, but I'm more excited about the fact that I'm actually going to meet Kenny Sia. He is one of the speakers of the exhibition, and finger cross that I'll be free when he has his talk!
I want my new mobile phone... You should know that I just lost my dear s500i last year. And he was only 2 months old when somebody stole it away from me! Bloody hell, I'm still cursing that person like hell! How dare he/she??? He/she should go fuck him/herself up! Okay, gone is gone, now I need to get a new one soon!

Missing you... My s500i!
I want to be slimmer... Although I'm very tom-boyish, but duh... I'm still a girl!
I want more 'vitamin M'... Everybody wants that, right?
I want to go to Taiwan...It's my dream! Everybody who went there came back and told me excitedly that Taiwan is just TOO COOL! Not only to travel, I'm actually thinking of working over there, so what say you? Okay, Taiwan, I'll go there and see if you can really touch my heart, ok?
I want to go back to Perth... The second place I want to go after Taiwan. Not that I like Taiwan more, it's just that it's more expensive to travel to Australia. I missed everybody in Perth, the almost everything there! I WANT TO GO BACK TO PERTH!!!
Hey mates, how is it doing? I'm missing you guys so much that you can't measure with any ruler in the world!
Like I said, I have no idea what to expect in 2008, specifically in my life. And I don't even see any movies that I want to watch! Perhaps there will be a new job? Perhaps there will be a Beijing Olympic trip? Perhaps I'm finally leaving Malaysia for good? Perhaps I'll get a bf? Hmmm... Don't even want to think about it!
That's it guys... I think it's bloody boring cos I can see you yawning!