Sunday, November 28, 2010


I think you and me know if it is not because I'm dating Deardo Wong, there is no way I would watch or even think about watching this alien-themed movie. So, to be fair, I'll be posting this movie review with comments from me and Deardo Wong.
Shirlexia says...
I'm totally not a fan and not used to watching anything to do with aliens. I can never accept the fact that there isn't any reason for the aliens to suddenly appear on earth just to suck human away. I mean, to me it must be something like human harmed them and so they come for revenge. I don't know if it make sense to you or not, but yea... Something like that.
Plus, very unknown actors with shitty acting skills. But hey that's not the worst one, the script is! "A gun? Really?", "Jarrod, look at me!"... The script was really killing me in the cinema man! And I totally hate it that the main characters survive despite all the running and screaming... And what about hitting and killing some plastic-made creatures? Wait a minute, am I watching Ultraman or Power Rangers?

Deardo says...
Deardo said aliens don't need a reason to come and take human away wor... While he agrees that the actors and script suck, he thinks the special effects was pretty cool.
Yea, he thinks the movie isn't all that bad... ==

So, I shall leave it to you to make your own judgment.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Yummilicious Pork Burger @ Loong Kee

About two weeks ago, I tried Ninja Joe, a new fast food chain opened in Malaysia selling pork burgers. I was actually pretty excited to try the pork burger, which is obviously, very rare in Malaysia.
Sadly, the burger failed to impress me.Presenting... Loong Kee new concept store!
And then I found the newly opened Loong Kee at Sunway Pyramid selling pork burger too and so Deardo and I gave it a try. Well I guess the title of this blog post tells you enough how I found the pork burger here!I also find the clean and tidy cooking area very impressive.
Now, the burger here looks a bit like non-halal burgers at Ramley Burger. But the patty here is slightly thicker and I found the texture of the meat very crunchy and juicy. The burger comes with few slices of cucumber with some ketchup or chili sauce and mayo. Although I would prefer it with some lettuce and tomato, but then the simple stuff are already enough to make me fell in love with it! Even now I'm still hoping to have another one of the yummilicious pork burger!
Oh and by the way, the burger is only RM4.90!!!Okay, it might not look very appetizing in pictures but trust me, it's BLOODY GOOD!!!
After the noming in the car, the smell of the pork burger stays in the car for quite a while~! :p
We also had this BBQ Pork Slice and Meat Floss (RM2.80) Bun which Deardo loves a lot! I didn't have a lot of that because I finished almost the whole pork burger! :pBBQ Pork Slice and Meat Floss bun, another good recommendation from Deardo!
See how he was enjoying his late lunch???
I bet a lot of you haven't even realize that Loong Kee has such new concept with the store selling hot food too hey? They have even pork balls and sausages! I'm loving the food and I think you should give them a go too! :)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Simple, healthy, yummy~

Got back into cooking mode recently since I gotta hijacked someone's kitchen for a week. Man I'm gonna miss the kitchen! How I wish I can have my own proper kitchen!!!
Anywayz, this is a recent experiment of mine. It was all very random, especially the seasoning and the temperature of the oven. So let's call this Shirlexia's Random Roast Chicken.

What to prepare:Four Chicken thighs marinated with soya sauce, sesame oil, cooking wine, pepper and black pepper. Zucchini, Carrot, potato, onion cut into slices or small pieces, tossed with some olive oil, cooking wine and mixed herbs. Corn.

What to do:
Arrange all ingredients nicely over your oven's tray. Pre-heat your oven for about 10 minutes. Look, I have zero idea how much should I put as the temperature, so I just put around 175C. Thenleave the tray in it 40 minutes. Mine was in the oven for almost one hour and some part of the chicken and vege were burnt. So I supposed 40 minutes is enough.

Tada~~~Deardo and I absolutely love the meal!
The chicken tasted really good with this method of cooking! And the vege! I've always love baked/grilled vegetables like this! Without having any rice, this dish already have everything you need from protein (chicken), carbo (potato) and vegetables! Plus, it's not fried or stir-fried, which makes it so much more sexy! Another plus, no cooking is required you see, all you need is just sit and wait for the food to be cooked in the oven!
This is simply random yet simple, healthy and yummy!I actually think it looks more like a Christmas dinner kinda stuff.
We two looking absolutely happy with our meal!
Definitely one of my most successful tries. :D

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Jogoya virgin no more~!

If you have me as your friend in your Facebook account, you most probably know I only recently went to the very famous Jogoya for the first time in my life! Phew~!I just think Starhill is a beautiful place to take pictures...
And I absolutely love my green dress from Warehouse!
Deardo and I went there for our 1st year anni last month and accidentally found out they are having (and still having) their anniversary promotion where ladies got 50% discount on Monday-Thursday! We love the food there so much that the next week when his mum was in town we went again! Yea, by now you probably know the visit was already one month ago. That is how outdated I am in my own blog...To be honest, before this I thought Tao is the best, but Jogoya really beats it, although I would say Tao is still considered good with its very affordable pricing. What I especially think Tao or many others buffet restaurants are lacking of is the very cozy and pretty design. And of course, The Haagen Dazs ice-cream!!! Honestly I've never eaten so much of Haagen Dazs ice-cream in my life before Jogoya! That's why I love Jogoya so much!!! *wink~*Food, dessert, drinks... You name it!
Most stuff we tried were pretty fresh. I know it's weird by the one booth that I love the most is the Chinese Cuisine's. The chefs in there are just too good! All stir-fried vegetables were awesome! Steamed fish can be not too bad too. I especially think the sambal they use to fry the petai was super yummy!!!Hot food, cold food... I just made my stomach turned up side down~!
Their Tepanyaki is also a must try! At the steam booth, the boiled soup are pretty nice too! But seriously a BIG NO NO for their Dim Sum. Love their tempura too, especially the very famous Ebi Tempura!!! You will actually need to literally stand there and wait for them or let people grab them all before you even get a chance to have one!
I was also surprised by the variety of drinks and desserts! Like I said, unlimited Haagen Dazs and New Zealand Natural with either pancake or waffles to go with. Beverages wise it's like you can find almost everything there! I had so much fun trying out their green tea, jasmine tea and Oolong tea. And even wine! And for the first time in my life, I fell in love with coconut juice! Those are I don't know, different kind of coconuts. They are smaller and have a sharp tip and the juice was oh mama mia~!You must try the coconut juice!!!
My ice-cream with waffles oooohhh I love that combination!
Now, the reality is, although Jogoya is so far the best Japanese buffet I've ever tried, I wouldn't really go again without the 50% discount for ladies. Not that I'm stingy, but RM88 for dinner is still a bit too much for me. I think I can't eat that much food till it is worth RM88 (sounds like a calculative housewife).
Cheers to ya all~!
We were like... Burp~~~ Excuse me~!
Okay, let me remind you ladies out there. The 50% discount is only until December 15!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

When 'sorry' goes wrong

Situation 1:
Something went wrong, in which someone big made a fuss out of it and yes I was part of the event. While I know it's not all my fault, I went around and said sorry to a few people. I even got screwed by some big shot.
But when I shared the entire story to people around me, nobody thinks it's my fault. I've just made myself look so stupid and let people take advantage of me and point fingers at me by simply SAYING SORRY TO PEOPLE.

Situation 2:
Something went missing and I made a report to someone. And then someone confronted me telling me it wasn't him and I straight away said sorry.
And when I told people about this story, people think that person surely lied and it was stupid for me to say sorry without proper investigations. Yes, I just let people bullied me by simply SAYING SORRY TO PEOPLE.

Lesson learned:



The only person I should be feeling sorry for is MYSELF.

From now on...
I'm not going to be such a nice person.

I'm going to be tougher and stronger.

I'm not going to let people simply bully me.

I'm going to be a bitch if needed to.

I'm not saying sorry so easily ANYMORE~!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

This is obviously a blog filler...

It is very abnormal for me to not blog so frequently. I wish I have the time because I absolutely undeniably definitely love my blog more than my job! *wink~*
Work is still quite insane, though I wouldn't say this is the maximum work load I'd ever had.
Life is a bit boring right now I would love to have a short break and go back to Taiping to see Papo and Mamo very soon.
You know next year the government is starting their (another) stupid policy where you can only loan 80% of your house's price when purchasing a house? Or, shall I say rumour has it lar. If it really happen it will make my life harder cos it will be harder for us to buy a house now. Sometimes I just can't avoid questioning myself, why am I a Malaysian staying in such inconsiderate country???
Cool, Shirlexia is talking about some current affairs instead of Selina got burned and Ah Sa dating a younger guy!
Phew~! :p

Friday, November 5, 2010

The Social Network

I was actually very excited about the release of this movie!
As you all may already know, it's a movie about Facebook, or to be exact, the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg. So it's like a biography kinda movie, on how he created the whole thing, the problems, the law suits, etc. So when you watch the movie, bare in mind that this is not a comedy, and though the storyline is pretty simple but the terms used can be very confusing, unless you are an IT person lor. And I suggest you should watch it with the subtitle cos that Mark Zuckerberg talks real fast!
The movie showcases how talented and how a genius Mark Zuckerberg is and it didn't cover up anything on him actually being a liar and how he actually got the idea of starting Facebook from other people. That's what I like about the movie. Sad thing is, it's hard to boycott Facebook now, we are all addicted to it in some ways, isn't it?
To me, the movie is really just average, really. Storyline and script were just very normal and no outstanding acting too. Too much of a hoo-haa for the movie really!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Comedies to distress :D

Just so happened, for two Wednesdays in a row, Deardo and I watched two comedies and I'm glad to say, they are pretty good! :)

The Other Guys
Since Ducum came back with some good reviews, I had high hopes on this action comedy.
Don't be surprise, The Rock and Samuel L. Jackson only appeared for like 15 minutes and they are done with the movie! The movie then follows Terry (Mark Wahlberg) and Allen (Will Ferrell) in their hilarious attempts to become some famous top cops. The storyline itself is pretty much just so a movie, very unrealistic but funny. I think the movie owes a lot to its bloody funny script! Things like "my breasts are waiting for you at home" just would stuck in your head and makes you laugh like crazy!
Will Ferrell and Eva Mendes are freaking good in the movie! They are like the two main characters that I really missed after watching the movie! All those dirty scripts and the acting! Man Will Ferrell has just got to hero from zero for me because I hated him in Bewitched so much! And Eva Mendes! Who would have thought the sexy star can be so funny too? Ha!
I didn't like the way the movie ended though. For a comedy I was hoping for an even happier ending than that!
Not too bad for a laugh!

You Again
Deardo really surprised me by taking me to this movie! I mean, it's really a girls movie man! But apparently his colleague (who is a guy) watched the movie thrice!
So yea it's a movie about girl enemies reunited when they are all grown up or older. Although the story sounds a bit lame and all but I was amazed at how I enjoyed the entire movie! No boring scenes at all! Never checked the time on my watch too! I think it's pretty much because of the nice flow and the realistic of the story. Girls will definitely understand it! *wink~* The only part I didn't like was the apologizing part of Marni and Joanna. That was a bit cheesy and by the way it doesn't make sense at all where Joanna was still treating Marni with the We are the Champion song and all just to end up saying sorry she was trying to change...
I also think Kristen Bell is not good enough to carry a movie as a lead actress. She is not as famous and the acting was just so-so. I think I enjoyed more acting from the senior actors such as Jamie Lee Curtis (love her so much~), Sigourney Weaver and Betty White!
Well, even Deardo said it is not too bad! So need me to say more?