Friday, December 31, 2010

My 2010

Hey good morning people! Thanks to the Malaysian football team for winning the lousy Suzuki Cup, I now have some time to myself at home to crap about my wonderful 2010, while waiting for my Bat Chan soup boiling in the kitchen.
'Wonderful'? Depending on how you define that word, really.

Looking back at 2010...Looking back... Literally???
One of our close family members got into trouble. Shocking and saddening. But I do believe the incident not only brought the family closer to each other, but also Deardo Wong closer to the family because of his help throughout the whole thing.
As Papo and Mamo grow older (and cuter), our relationship actually got better. Ah well, maybe also because Papo is older and not so fierce anymore! :p
My two Ah Mas fell sick this year and we were so worried! And they both lost so much of weight! I must thank god for helping them in surviving the sicknesses and I really want to spend more time with them in the future!

Relationship, or to be accurate, a real relationship is actually something new to me. Dating Deardo Wong for a year plus now is actually sort of like an achievement to me. Being in a relationship that long takes a lot of patience, that is what I learned. Being in a relationship also means when you do things you gotta think about your other half.
But I guess no matter how bad his temper is, no matter how not romantic as I've expected of him, I'm still extremely glad to have him by my side. I couldn't even imagine how is it going to be like without him by my side in the tough and challenging year 2010!!!
To Deardo Wong, who is now working in Maldives, HAPPY NEW YEAR AND I LUP YA~~~!!!

I was left without a job for a few months, which actually terrified me a bit. Thankfully after a few interviews I'm now attached to a company. Not too bad a company but honestly I'm still very much overwhelm with the work load given to me. I'm still trying my best to cope with it while telling myself it's okay to wake up earlier in the morning to work...
I'm also still trying my best to cope with the working style in a big office where I'm surrounded by office politics and evil people. I've never had such experience before in my entire life and I think it has actually turned me into someone tougher.
So while I have to be worried with my own work, I also have to be extremely careful with words I say, or even a facial expression will let slip a chance for people to pick on me. Scary isn't it? It's tiring actually, to have to be cautious about so many things!
Like Ah Fa, I just wish I can have a lot of money and retire earlier. Becoming a boss or a tai tai is now my ultimate goal!!! :p

Looking forward in 2011...
Honestly, my new year wish is simple... I just want a better year because my 2010 kinda sucked!

And by the way...

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Blessed with gifts...

If you still remember, I actually promised to show you my birthday presents that I've got in September in here. Sadly, I have to actually accumulate my prezzies from my birthday then till now, together with some Christmas prezzies to finally show them off to you guys! Ah well, maybe it's not too much a bad news also lar, since you get to see more! :)
To be honest, I'm never a prezzie person. Unless if it is a very close friend's birthday, or when it comes to special occasions like CNY where I would buy some stuff for the family, or when I'm forced to buy for some X'mas prezzie exchange, I wouldn't really always buy presents for people. Nowadays I actually prefer giving people a meal treat. But over the past few months I've been receiving so many gifts that I couldn't help but to agree that I have good bf, good sister and good friend who love to pamper me with gifts! :)

You might have already seen the most expensive gift I've got for my birthday N times without realizing it...See that necklace there? It was a real white gold necklace from Deardo Wong. In fact, I was never a fan of things like that because I never thought I'm girlish enough for that kinda stuff. But that was Deardo's point of buying that for me! He always love seeing the girlish me. So yea...

Also for my birthday, Ducum bought me this cute Simply Shrooms cookbook. Well I never really look at recipes to cook, so I still haven't really started cooking anything out of the cookbook. But that is a book that I think is very cute lor, since I love mushrooms so much! :p
And then there is this expensive-looking hairband Deardo's sis got for me from Han Kuk! Though not my favourite hairband of all, I still love it a lot!
And then came the CKIN2U perfume and Prada body wash Deardo got for me from his work trip in Maldives. I'm using the perfume everyday now, just in case you're curious why do I suddenly smell better these days. :p
The mini dustbin was an X'mas gift from Karen, very useful for my room! :)

Another gift from Deardo Wong recently was this Forever 21 handbag. It is to replace my now very chan handbag which I bring to work everyday. I've been looking for a new and unique bag for quite some time and I was very glad to finally found one that is nice and affordable!

Someone who wished to be remained anonymous, a close friend lar was really nice to me that she always make me feel so bad, gave me this very pricey and hard-to-get Banane Taipei Recycle bag as my belated birthday present. She actually specially booked this bag all the way from Taipei and waited for about four months to finally got it on her hands. The branded bag from Taiwan created a havoc in Taipei where people actually queue-up all night just to get one of these. According to her, she already saw singer Fish Leong carrying the bag around!
Phew~ What a BIG gift! Thanks a lot my good friend! :)

Sometimes I really don't know what I did to deserve all these lovely gifts you know... But to you all, thanks a lot for the gifts! I'm so blessed to have you guys around me! :)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Our Han Kuk X'mas Eve Dinner

I am secretly a fan of two things. The first one is Lady Gaga. Yes! I love almost everything about her! Her music, her talent, her voice, HER FASHION, and her many many things! The second one is Korean food. Okay, maybe not too secretly but I'm better known as a Japanese food lover mah...

To avoid all the crazy jams in KL city and to avoid all the jams in Western food restaurants, I think I made quite a good choice for having Korean food at Da Sa Rang at Subang SS15 as our X'mas Eve Dinner. Located right at the corner at the front row of the shop lots at SS15, above McD, Da Sa Rang only started their business probably a year ago? Those days when I was attending my Korean classes few shops away, the class actually suggested to have gathering there but we never made it. Thus, I suggested to give the restaurant a try.Atmosphere at the restaurant aren't too bad, something like all Korean restaurants in KL have.
We ordered a BBQ set worth RM140 which we later found out it was meant for three persons! Anywayz, we were fine... Deardo helped finished up everything since I was, and am still recovering from some sickness I got days earlier. I love this picture! I look so lost!
The BBQ set comes with three types of BBQ meat: pork, beef (or lamb, we really don't know) and the vegetables and Enoki mushrooms pork wraps. It also comes with my favourite Sam Gye Tang and a Bimbimbap. Of course, they automatically comes with those fancy side dishes! And I was looking curiously at this salad with slices of apple on top of it...
Deardo and the so-called Sirloin...
It says ribs meat! But never said pork or beef or lamb! So we really have no idea until today!
Our side dishes...
My top recommendation at Da Sa Rang is this Bimbimbap!
Sam Gye Tang~! Yay~!
And our favourite BBQ item!
I'm a Sam Gye Tang person, so whichever Korean restaurant I go to, Sam Gye Tang is a must! I can imagine myself going into a restaurant in Korea one day just to have a nice Sam Gye Tang! The Sam Gye Tang here is actually a bit tasteless. You will have to add in a few bits of the Asamboi powder provided to make it taste better. I wouldn't say it's very bad, but definitely not the best in town. Many faces of mine... :p
BBQ meat weren't too bad too. We especially like the pork wraps. Side dishes to me were quite disappointing. Too little compared to what I had earlier and only two of them really impressed us. Cute Deardo also enjoyed the X'mas Eve Dinner a lot! :)
BUT my favourite of the night was actually the Bimbimbap! I don't normally fancy that but their Bimbimbap really surprised me! The taste was great and everything in it were so crunchy! It might be a good idea to come to Da Sa Rang just for a Bimbimbap for lunch! Hmmm... Sounds so Yumzzz~~~Hey hey who say you can only have turkey and western food for X'mas? We are happy with our Korean dinner!
Well, not too bad a unique X'mas Eve Dinner. We were both quite satisfied with the food. Deardo was even very happy with this Middle Eastern Manager or Captain(weird but true)'s service. RM140 for three is actually not too bad a price. Yea, I'm saying 'three' because it was supposed to be set for three persons!
As we walked out, this Korean lady handed us a X'mas present! Hey I didn't even expect something like that from a restaurant! And it's a Korean face wash! Though I'm not too sure about the brand, but hey nice strategy to win your customers' hearts! :p
But too bad, I still think Seoul Korea Restaurant is the best so far!!! :)
Posing happily with my surprise X'mas prezzie!
Creamy Latte Green Tea... Sounds more like a drink from Starbucks, isn't it???

And again, to beat the traffic on Christmas Day, we actually escaped to Genting. Well, it wasn't quite an escape actually, since Genting was crazily crowded too. Seriously, why can't people just stay at home during festive seasons??? :(At Genting, we witnessed the most low-budget yet, creative and environmental-friendly X'mas deco!

Friday, December 24, 2010


After some nice reviews from people around me, I know this is the movie I shouldn't be missing. Well, I've actually missed quite a lot of movies already because of work. I even missed Lelio Popo!!! Somebody better tell me there are pirated DVDs of the movie selling out there!!! :p
Ok, back to the main story... Rapunzel was a classic fairytale that I've almost forgotten how did the original story go about, except for the fact that Rapunzel has freaking long hair. So let's start fresh! The story here says Rapunzel is a lost princess and was rescued and fell in love with a thief.
The story and the script all seems so-not fairytale-alike thingy, which was, at least to me, VERY COOL! True to all the reviews, the script deserves the most compliment! I also adore the whole design of the animation, or cartoon, or whatever you call it. The faces of the characters look real and pretty!
The only miss-out of this Disney tale is the songs. Gone were the days where OST from Disney fairytales were so classic and famous. Even until today you remember songs from Beauty and the Beast, Little Mermaid, up till Pocahontas and Mulan. Songs from Rapunzel were simply forgettable...

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Caffe Vivo @ Pavilion & X'mas Deco!

I think it was two weekends ago, Deardo Wong and I paid Pavilion a visit just to snap some pictures of their X'mas deco and have our lunch with his sis and BIL at Caffe Vivo, in which his friend is one of the chefs at the restaurant.Caffe Vivo, located at the top floor, serves Western food, I think more to Italian cuisine since they have quite a variety of Pasta and Pizza in their very simple menu.
Here are the dishes we had...Deardo's BIL had the Arrabiata Speghetti.
His sis had this Pan Roasted Cod on Spicy Sicilian Vegetable Stew.
Here's my Pan Roasted Salmon with Asparagus.
Deardo's Chargrilled Sirloin Steak Picante with Salsa Verde.
I think the best dish of the day was Deardo's Chargrilled Sirloin Steak Picante with Salsa Verde. The steak was nicely cooked and the Salsa Verde blended really well with the steak. My salmon was not too bad although I'm not really a fan of the black sauce. From the outlook lar, I mean I didn't try Deardo's sis and BIL's dishes, but they don't seems very interesting either...I love the environment, I love the price, but most of the dishes just failed to impress me.

Like previous years, Pavilion's X'Mas deco is still one of the most unforgettable ones. This year it seems like they are doing something traditional yet classy.

So here you go...Jingle bells, jingle bells, super huge jingle bells~! Cute!
Gold and red are the main colours!
I was looking for something I think???
Still, as usual, the very grand and classy looking X'mas deco!
Our very cool picture together!A Santa Claus is missing in the picture!
A look from the top (without the helicopter).The best picture of us taken that day, and probably one of the best pictures we've taken together too! Ah... Loving my new hairstyle too! :)

Till then, hasta la vista baby.
Next post... Hopefully soon lar yea.

The Sound of Music on Oprah Winfrey Show~!

I don't know if it sounds weird or not very right, but watching those visuals from The Sound of Music and seeing them talking about the movie give me goose bumps! I even had tears in my eyes looking at the singing scenes in the movie!
THE SOUND OF MUSIC is just truly a CLASSIC!!!
... If you haven't really know or realize, The Sound of Music is easily MY FAVOURITE MOVIE OF ALL!!!
And OMG I SOOOOOO want that Blu-ray Limited Edition Collector's Set as my X'mas prezzie! ... Only problem is, I don't even have a Blu-ray player!!! :p

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Me Heart Cooking~!

Last month Deardo's sis and BOL went to Korea for a trip. So Deardo and I hijacked their kitchen for a few days. Even the Roast Chicken earlier was done at their kitchen! :p
Deardo's mum also had quite some meat left in the freezer for us to use during that one week time. Hence, I happily used them to try out some dishes...

Mince pork, Mushrooms in Egg Sauce with BroccoliWhat I used: Minced pork and prawns marinated in soya sauce, pepper, cooking wine with some cornflour, mushrooms cut into cubes, broccoli
What I did:
1. Boil the broccoli.
2. In a wok, simmer some garlic, then add in the minced pork, prawns and mushrooms.
3. Fry all ingredients until they are cooked.

4. Add in water, then beat cornflour in water and pour into the work to thicken the gravy.
5. Beat an egg into the gravy.

6. Add in some salt to taste.

7. Wait till all cooked, pour them over the broccoli.

And here you go~~~
Looks like some very grand Chinese restaurant dish right? Somemore so easy to make hey! Wakakakakaka...

My Family's Special Stewed Pork
This is a very special dish we all love since we were kids. It's like my Ah Ma and Mamo's specialties! Yummmmzzzz...
Anywayz, that was my very first attempt in cooking this dish!What I used: Minced pork marinated in soya sauce and pepper with cornflour, potatoes cut into slices, canned green peas and onion cut into big pieces.
What I did:
1. Roll the minced pork into balls and dump them into hot boiling oil. Deep fry them until they are cooked. Remove from wok.
2. Next, deep fry the potatoes until they are cooked. Remove from wok.
3. Heat up a clean wok with some oil, simmer the onions.
4. Add in water, then some light soya sauce and dark soya sauce.

5. Pour the pork balls and potatoes, plus the green peas into the wok. Let all ingredients boil.

6. Pour in some cornflour in water to thicken the gravy.

Oooh... And that's all~! Looks yummy isn't it??? *wink~*
We had a complete dinner with some fried egg with long beans and yummy water cress soup!
My First Curry
And... It's Curry Pork, not chicken or fish!
Since Deardo's mum had quite a lot of pork left in the freezer, so I just made something different lor!
I've never cooked any curry before in my entire life, and so I really just did this dish very randomly with whatever available. I simply simmer some chopped onion, then add in some cut pork strips which were marinated in curry powder beforehand. Add in some potatoes cubes.
Cooked everything in some water and evaporated milk.
And Ta da~~~ I know the curry looks like sh*t in the picture, but ask Deardo Wong! He thinks the curry was not bad! :p
On the same night, I stir-fried whole load of French beans (Deardo's favourite) and Pak Choy with pork strips and mushrooms which was bloody awesome too! Especially with the cooking wine, the vegetables dish just tastes SO GOOD~~~!!!