Saturday, November 29, 2008

Pavilion Day???

Someone had just complained that Ah Fa and me went out without asking her out, so I was like okay, let's go have a little catch-up this weekend. But then the 'someone' so 'tai pai', suddenly she is in Taiping... So tak jadi lar my plan to have our dim sum buffet gathering.I think I have to get use to calling myself camwhore. Me camwhoring in the toilet.
Just wanted to show-off the very nice peice of dress/top and my simplified Roman sandals.
But Ah Fa and me decided to go on with our little Saturday... Pavilion Day, I shall say, since we actually spent almost half a day there today. Good for me because I haven't really have a chance to explore the 'branded' shopping mall since it opened.
First thing first, our fantastic lunch at Dain Ti Hill (代官山),the commercialized Taiwanese cuisine restaurant.
Before this, I've heard lots of good comments either from Ah Fa herself who had been there several times, or many other friends and bloggers. So I was really excited to be there finally! Oh yay! One shall not resist good food, right?The Interior design at Dain Ti Hill is quite nice and the whole restaurant is quite cosy.
Shirlexia posing for a pic~!
We ordered four items to share. As a starter(erm, they didn't come in a right order though), we had this Dragon Fruit and Prawn Salad. Ah Fa and me definitely love it! The prawns were fresh, the orange colour gravy was fantastic, although we have no idea what is it. The only complain would be its such a small portion to be priced at RM15. There were only two prawns(both cut into half) in it! And then we had this sushi-look-alike Baked Rice Roll Topped with Mango, Prawn, Mayo and don't know what lar. Again, the prawns were really fresh, and I don't know... It's just DELICOUS~! Yummy~yummy~! The Spicy Fish Ramen also was not bad, although I would say it was the least interesting item we ordered today. The dessert, Red Bean Ice was truly a bom! You gotta try it when you go! The Dragon Fruit and Prawn Salad looks yummy hey?Baked Rolls... Very unique and very tasty! Yum~!
Spicy Fish Ramen, about the only main dish we ordered.
The Red Bean Ice is sedap like crazy!!!
Two very satisfied EATERS... Hahahaha...
Okay, now come the complain. We told the waiter we want the dessert after meal. And then to our amazement, the dessert came first. Of course we refused to have it, but later the same guy who ordered the food for us came back with it and forced us to take it because they had made a mistake! WTF??? Even when I was working at a not-so-high-class restaurant in Perth also I never done that before. Harrrrloooo? It was not our fault wor, how can you do that? I mean, luckily it still taste very nice after sitting there on the table for a while, otherwise I think we might have make a complain on that fellar.
Next, we went to the warehouse sales at Park Royal Hotel. It was so damn crowded I wonder what had the economic break-down done to Malaysians. My dad asked me once about the situation in KL. Hey pa, come here and see for youself, people still enjoy donating their money to the fashion companies, food companies, entertainment companies. I see no difference!
Anywayz, there are whole range of branded stuff like Guess?, Banana Republic, Gap, La Senza and more. I couldn't find any good clothes to buy either because of the size or the price. Finally got some really cute bras from La Senza at 3 for RM99. Not too bad, hey? You can still go for the warehouse sales, it ends on Sunday(30th)! So be fast!
And then Ah Fa and me walked all the way back to Pavilion (thank god, we had a great day without rain the whole afternoon). Grab another piece of item from Dorothy Perkins. Yup, it was one of the items in my birthday wish list this year!!! So excited to have bought it finally because they were having weekend special 20% sales on all items! Ya~Hoo~ And it looks so nice on me~(Shirlexia has became over-confident! :p)!!! But Pa and Mi at home would be saying I'm spending too much...
We were actually planning to find some unique looking restaurants or cafes to have an afternoon tea, when we realized it was freaking 5 something already! Gosh! It was only quite the right time for dinner!
So yea... We went to La Lot Vietnamese Restaurant for dinner. Oh yea, mind me mentioning, it was Ah Fa's first Vietnamese food experience! Hahaha... Amazing people...
La Lot is a more expensive version of Du Viet, I think. Food are freaking expensive there! La Lot, with their Christmas deco on.
We had this summer rolls(or I prefer calling it Vietnamese rolls) for RM16.50. But Ah Fa and I lurrrrrrveeeee it! It was about the best Viet rolls I've ever had. I think the best part is the sauce, the peanut sauce that came along. It was so nice that we had to ask for more! My traditional beef noodles was not too bad, but not to so fantastic as well. As for Ah Fa's chicken and prawn noodles, which look more like Ipoh Hor Fun, you will have to ask her for the comments! :p Our Lemon Tea, which was freaking RM7.90 per cup/glass!
Summer Rolls with really yummy dipping sauce!
Traditional Beef Noodles...
Ipoh Hor Fun look-alike Chicken and prawns noodles.
Anywayz... Today's Dain Ti Hill VS La Lot battle has come to a conclusion!
Congratulations Dain Ti Hill, you are the winner!!! *fireworks~*
Look, Dain Ti Hill not only served tastier food, they are also cheaper! For 4 items, we paid RM 77.00, while at La Lot where the food were only so-so, we paid RM84.15.
Wow~ Look how much I've spent today? Why do I keep saying I'm broke and all that crap?
Aaaarrrrhhhh... Control Shirlexia, control!!!
Ah well, control my feet lar! Sing K session with Carmen tomorrow is on. Next week we shall meet up with 'someone' for our dim sum buffet. And more to come... Aaaarrrhhhh...
Talking about Christmas(sorry, just had to change topic all of a sudden), Ah Fa and I saw this thing happening at the main entrance at Pavilion. They had these gold coloured paper bursting out form the huge Christmas tree for like some 5 minutes or so. It was quite interesting to see, except for, my concern that I feel bad for the workers who would have to sweep the floor over and over again until Christmas ends... So pity lar~!
Now I can feel the Christmas atmosphere...
Pity worker who had to clean up the mess...
Interesting hairstyle with a bit of 'golden touch'.
And so it was a GREAT GREAT GREAT day! Yup, it's so GREAT you have to say it three times! Hehehe... Ah Fa and me both agreed it's been a while we didn't do that, just shopping around, and enjoying food the entire day! Although it was over-budget, but well, I just enjoyed the Saturday so much! :)
Oh, by the way, look what I've got from Jusco the other day?
Yes~! It's one of favourite vege, Paku Pakis!
Now, some KL city people wouldn't know what it is lar. Like what you've learned in school, they are unwanted grasses you see in jungle or perhaps by the road side. But they are eatable. Some Malay eat them raw like ulam, but we love it fried with sambal and prawns. Of course I didn't have sambal or prawns. So I made it my way... with onions, tomatoes and prawn flavoured sausages.
My failed Paku Pakis dish...
Well, it actually tasted not bad, just that... Haha... Apparently, I didn't know how to pick out the old veges so some of them were too hard you cannot even eat them! failed cooking experience. I actually thought it was so funny I had to keep spitting out the paku pakis while eating them! :p

Good Morning Everyone!

It's about 3.30am now.
I slept at about 12am just now... And I had to get up at 9am to do my laundry and then go out with Ah Fa. But apparently my housemates next door think I should get up earlier to celebrate their shit.
Okay, honestly, I think it's only one of them, so it's 'his' shit.
At 2.54am just now someone hit the toilet door like crazy like someone was getting rape at the other side of the door. Yea, I think I Rene forgot to unlock the toilet door. Fine, you have my phone number, give me a call or SMS, or you can even knock nicely on my door and ask me politely to unlock the door for you. Why do you have to hit the door like that and woke me up? I was already very pissed off. And then the fellar actually went in and then closed the door so loud and he had to make it twice (yes, just like it's so nice you have to say it twice, motto~motto~)! And then later, came the very loud La-La music again. Okay, I admit it wasn't as loud as the ones during day time, but I can hear the beat lor. Hey, what did I do to you that you have to do that?
I honestly think the reasons for him being so emo were only two:1) The gf just told him some shit on the phone. 2) He just lost another set of PC Game. And Harrrrrlooooo???? I'm not your gf, and neither am I the fucker who beat you at the PC Game!!! I can't believe guys can be so emo... It's just another example of guys these days getting so girlish. WTF?
Nice, so I cannot get back to sleep now... It's frustrating because I either woke up too early or got waken up in the middle of the night the past two days because of my roommate, dearest I Rene. I'm not blaming her, not 100%, because it's just me who easily got waken up and it will be hard for me to go back to sleep.
And honestly, I wish I can also put the blame on Daniel Tang. If he hasn't treat us so badly, if he hasn't increase the rental, Cynco wouldn't have to leave the room. She was such a nice housemate to stay with! She would come over and call me "Jie Jie, open the door please!" SO THE POLITE!!!
I MISS YOU, CYNCO~~~!!! :'(
And Daniel Tang will also take the blame for putting a guy, now two guys, next door. Worst, a guy who is a La-La who swear every single second in his daily life. Oh worst one, all the swear words are the classic La-La swear words! I still cannot believe he said 'MAHAI' (damn rough lor, although I don't know exactly what's the meaning) to me the other day on MSN!!! BLOODY HELL! I lagi 'BAHAI' you ler! Fucking asshole!!! I haven't even mention the reason I was talking to him on MSN the other day. Save him some face for now lar!
Sorry... I'm just trying to sleep so I need to do something to make myself feeling tired again...

Friday, November 28, 2008




Thursday, November 27, 2008

海角七号&Selamat Pagi Cinta

好啦,海角七号的那几封情信背后的故事蛮感人的,但制作也太“孤寒”了吧?要弄假船什么的,本来的感动也跑光了啦!里头组Band的还不错,有点喜感。可是男女主角的那段情也太奇怪了吧?莫名其妙上了床一次,就爱上了对方?好奇怪!而且到底范逸臣是哪里吸引人啦?人气急升到这个样子?我完全看不出来耶!感觉整个电影没有一个主题、没有一个比较重点的重点。我和I Rene看到还没一半就一直想说,到底还有多久才结束啊?好难过哦!哦,对了,里面的歌还不错啰!

Selamat Pagi Cinta
Or I shall call it Selamat Pagi Cheesy.
Wait, before I start, let's make it clear, I went for this Malay movie ONLY because it has two of my favourite Malay actors in it, namely Sharifah Armani and Que Haidar. Otherwise I can't remember when was the last time I went for a Malay movie. Needless to say, I was the only Chinese in the cinema!
The story started very cheesily. Then it became better half way through. And then it became really bad again... I mean, it's totally a typical Malay love movie lor... Nothing much. Plus, the very obvious ridiculously bad sound dubbing and editing made me shake my head so many times in the cinema! And seriously, that guy who acted as Sharifah's arranged husband looks awful and acting also bad. No, I mean acting was... Funny... And seriously, the ending, or well it was supposed to be a beginning for the people in the movie, SUCKS!
Also, I caught a grammar mistake in the ending credits. In stead of 'Starring', they put 'Starring by'! Erm, to the production team or the director or whoever involved... Boleh Check betul-betul kah next time? Malu tu~!
Okay lar... Sharifah and Que are still very cute! Although... Make-up on Que was too much!!!
Anywayz, looking forward to catch Yasmin Ahmad's Muallaf!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008






A Sunday with Excitement & Food!

It was supposed to be a Sunday with a reunion of me, Yve Vonn and Ally who just came back from England... Until Yve Vonn told me she has A1 GP free tickets. Then Ally refused to go and we had to ffk Ally(I'm sorry, again!:p) and go to the race with her sister Yve Wei and also Xiao Luo, the driver of the day.
Yve Vonn really knows me lor... She knew that I would jump at the opportunity to watch the race! You see, I became a sport fan at the age of 12, then came the 98 Commonwealth Games and the 2001 SEA Games in KL which I had to miss just because I was still in school back in Taiping. I was so bloody excited when I got to go to Bukit Jalil National Stadium when I was in college. It was like a dream come true!!!
Then came Sepang I think somewhere in 1999. I remember 4e once asked me to join her and Uncle Mike to the race when my favourite F1 driver, Michael Schumacher was still in the race. But I couldn't ALSO BECUASE I WAS IN TAIPING!!! So bloody frustrating man!!!
So yea, although it wasn't F1 (yet), I was still very excited to visit the Sepang circuit for the very first time in my life!
Yaaaa~~~~ Hooooo~~~
Ohyeah... Here I am, at the Sepang International Circuit!
With the three persons I went with...
Very amazing design, I must say... So proud of Sepang!
Eh, don't be like that lar... I know you guys are sick of going over there for whatever reasons except for watching car racing... I don't drive mah... And I actually spend so little time in KL, what do you expect? Just let me syok a bit, tak boleh kah???:pYou also see cool sport cars like this all over the place!This one is cute! Martini Porsche? Car's name or drink's name?
Another two which were showcased at Sepang.
My favourite one! Its yellow colour!!! SO CUTE~~~!!!
Anywayz, I think I didn't get to see the entire circuit very well. Although, it always looks so nice on TV! But being there itself was exciting enough! We were quite on time as when we finally found the right spot to watch the race, they were just starting! And so... I got to see the grand flag off of the race!!! OMG! I can't tell you how excited I was!!! I wanted to jump up-and-down man!!!Ready, get set, go!!! Vrrrrrrrroooommmmm... The flag-off and the exciting sound of the engine!!!
You must be guessing what was happening? Those people just ran away from one side to the other to catch the cars!
Of course, Yve Vonn, Yve Wei and Xiao Luo didn't know much about A1. Look, no one can tell what does 'A1' stands for! Erm... Actually neither do I! I'm sorry, it's such a shame for someone who was a sport reporter, right? And then I told them, look, I know who's the Malaysian driver, his name is Fairuz something, I think he is pretty good? Anywayz, because his car is so yellow with a "Visit Malaysia" logo on it, nobody wouldn't not recognize it, ok? He started well, from 4th place he went up to 3rd place, and everyone was cheering for him, including us. And Yve Voon and Yve Wei was of course starting to get interested with this fellar. Yve Vonn said parents brought their kids to the race to train them sleep even with a noisy atmosphere! Wow, what a good idea! Okay, look, I had a swollen left eye, so thats why I look weird.
Yve Vonn and me having fun at the race!
Malaysia's very own Fairuz at the pit stop...
And then... A miscommunication led Fairuz into pit stop and he got chased away by the crew right away!!! We were like... WTF??? Because of that, he dropped to the last. But as good as we didn't expect, he slowly catch up with the others and made himself up to 10th place when the race finished! It was so exciting seeing him cutting the other cars one-by-one! We were amazed, honestly! Fairuz Fauzy is really NOT BAD!!! By the end of the race, Yve Wei kept asking me how does he look like? How old is he? And of course, needless to say, he is rich! Okay, here you go, go to his website to see for yourself. Oh yea, very sad to tell Yve Wei, he is married... About the best looking picture of Fairuz Fauzy.
So... Although it was only A1, I'm very very excited and thankful that I actually decided to go! Looking forward for my chances to watch F1 and Moto GP in the future! Anyone? Free tickets??? Cheap tickets???
Then since we were at Sepang, we decided we should go straight to Seremban for dinner! For what??? Fish Head Meehoon(鱼头米粉)!!! It was Liong Kee Restaurant, which is pretty famous and was on Yve Vonn's show before. Liong Kee Restaurant at Seremban!
Hmmmm... I think the Fish Head Meehoon is a bit different from the ordinary ones that we have. They don't put tomatoes or salted vege, etc. It's just noodles, fish, Choy Sam! But the unique part is the soup! They put lots of pepper and it makes it so damn spicy! Still we all drank it all because it's always tastier when it is spicy, right? My personal favourite is their homemade fish balls! I'm not really a fan of fish balls actually, but when you make it yourself, it's different! We also had the Yong Gai Yik (chicken wings). It's like Yong Tou Fu, but they put the paste onto the chicken wings and deep fried it. I thought it was not bad, just that I really prefer it maybe BBQ or other healthier way of cooking.The Fish Head Meehoon at Liong Kee... Strictly for those who can take spicy food!
The super duper yummy homemade fish balls!
The very famous and special Yong Chicken Wing!
And then... Wow! It was already 10 something when I reached home! But what a day full of excitement and good food! Hmmm~~~ Yummy!!! So thanks again to the people (ya know who I'm talking about, huh?) for giving me my first Sepang experience! LOVE IT!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

EURO Movies Day

Just a short one before I hit the bed...
I've been walking round and round GSC running in and out at the same theater 14 today. Haha, what to do? Film lover like me cannot resist the EUFF lar! And anywayz, watching 5 of the lots of movies on for the EUFF this year is not a lot, okay? I wish I can watch more!!!
Alright, I'm quite tired now, let's start!
Colorado Avenue (Finnish)
Erm... Honestly, it was a HUGE disappointment. The story is actually not very bad. Based in 1905 on, it's a story that basically brings out the love between a mother and son... It's just that it looks more like a drama series than a movie. It's too long and too dramatic, plus too slow. The way I look at it, it looks like a movie made ages ago. But I just found out it was a 2007 movie! But it looks so weird, seriously!
Of course, I also learned a lot form this movie, I mean, politically. My dad would be happy again! :D
One Day in Europe
I think this one is the best one amongst the three I watched today.
One Day in Europe is made up of 4 different stories in 4 different European cities on the same day, which is also the final of the Euro Cup. And luckily, it is not 4 stories with some people who met each other or know each other in some way! It's all totally different people in different cities. The only similar part is that all the people are tourists and they either got robed or pretend to be robed and have to deal with the local police. It's quite a fresh idea, or so I thought lar. It's pretty interesting lar I think. It's pretty funny, pretty sarcastic in a way, and very unique.
Bombay Calling (GSC decided it's Bombay Dreams in stead)(Swedish, English)
I actually had really high hopes on this one. I always love movies with a bit of Indian taste, just like Bend it Like Beckham!
But I don't know what is it trying to do? It looks like a very sophisticated movie where an adopted Indian girl tries to look for her biological mother in India. But then it's also like a teenager movie, sometime with some bloody cheesy English songs! Aaaarrrhhhhh... Spoiled the whole thing! I do like the fact that they have all the Bollywood singing and dancing imaginary scenes. They are really funny hey! But I think it's their budget that made the costume so... How to say? Erm... Ordinary?

And yea, movies today aren't that exciting... :(
Anywayz, plus the other two movies I watched the other day, I here by announce, the BEST EURO MOVIE I'VE WATCHED AT THE 9TH EUFF is...
Kicks from the Netherlands!
Okay, that's all for tonight guys, goodnight!