Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Shirlexia's Special Healthy Tuna Macaroni

This is something I've actually made before. This time around there were just some changes in the ingredients, and also it was for different person. Who else if not Deardo Wong? Hehehe...
I can tell you, this is something very easy to make, yet it's superbly healthy with everything you need for a balance diet in the dish.

What you need:Onion, capsicum, tomato chopped into small cubes, ham cut into small pieces, button mushroom sliced, chili flakes, tuna in olive oil and of course, Macaroni.

What to do?
1. Boil the Macaroni in salt water for about 7 minutes or until they are soft.
2. Right before they are done, add in the ham and mushrooms and boil for about 1 minute (You can choose to not cook the ham too, I think they actually taste better without the cooking).
3. Drain the Macaroni, ham and mushrooms.4. Then in a big bowl add in all the ingredients, with some pepper to taste. 5. Stir them up well and you are done~! Simple, isn't it?

The dish looks very colourful, isn't it? I've sprinkled some roasted sesame on top just to garnish it a bit.
Best of all, it has all you need in a single dish. Vegetables, Carbo, fish and meat! That's why I call it a balance and healthy dish!
And you know what's best best of all? This Macaroni dish can be eaten both hot and cold! So if you have some leftover and like me, you don't have a microwave at home, you can just store it in the fridge and then eat it straight from the fridge the next day, just like a cold salad!
We had our Macaroni with some watercress soup. Another weird combination, but it's perfectly fine with us! :p

** If you dislike capsicum, you can replace them with some green beans or any green vege! But mind you, capsicum is said to be good in helping you in cutting down weight! That's why I've learned to love them! :)

Monday, June 28, 2010

World Cup fever finally strikes me!

If you have a chance to see Ducum or me today, you'll probably think we look like some zombies...
Well, for our favourite football team's sake, we stayed up till 4 something in the morning just to see them losing the match, thus exiting the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Sigh...

Last night was the first night that I finally started to catch some of the World Cup 2010 matches as the tournament now goes into Last 16. I was so thrilled to be able to be part of the crowd at the Mamak stall to watch the England vs Germany match! The atmosphere with the people cheering, shouting whenever there are goals, or even almost goals was just really cool! I badly miss that man! And I'm so glad I made it there to feel the atmosphere! :pEngland vs Germany, the kick-off moment...
Actually there was quite a big crowd over there, just that I was lazy to stand up and snap a nicer pic.
The match started off with Germany scoring twice, both very beautiful goals, if I'm not mistaken, through Klose and Podolski. They were obviously a better team while England's defense was very painful to watch.Few tables away were Sean, Ducum and I Rene!
Judging from the colour, it looks like Deardo is with England while I'm with Germany!
After a while, Upson scored with a beautiful header, but I really thought England was lucky. They were playing without knowing what they were doing. And then Lampard got lucky again and scored, but was denied by the referee... After a few replay it was obvious it was a goal and I was so freaking mad that it was denied!!!Obviously, THAT WAS A BLOODY GOAL!!!!
Let me make things clear. I'm actually a fan of both teams, although my favourite players Ballack and Beckham are both out due to injuries. So I was basically cheering for both teams while the others stayed loyal to their favourite team. What I was looking forward for was just a good match to watch, especially with loads of suspends, shots on target and goals! And the first half really was quite interesting I thought I made the right choice to watch it. And Lampard's goal would have make it 2-2 and the match would be much more interesting! And I supposed the result would be totally different too.
The disappointed Lampard...
Like in a badminton match, when someone is denied of a point by the linesman, it really will dampened the player's spirit. That is what I think happened to England last night as they just couldn't match Germany anymore in the second half and as it went into 4-1, we left the Mamak stall without finishing the match since it's not fun to watch anymore...

And then Ducum and I waited till 2.30am to watch the Argentina vs Mexico match at home since it was shown on RTM. Forget about England or Germany man, I AM A HUGE MEXICO'S FAN!!! Blur blur punya TV... Lousy...
Ducum says she is still supporting England despite their embarrassing loss.
Because I didn't wear a green shirt, the green container lit will do!
So never mind, Mexico lost. They lost to a way better team, I must say.

But since I'm already talking about Mexico, let me crap about when and why I'm such a fan of Mexico, a bit odd for most of you I guess since they are not really a famous team.
It was back in 1998 when I was still in F2 that my classmate started to ask me to bet on the World Cup back then, which was held in France. And so I watched some of the matches and totally fell in love with the Mexican team, and... The famous Mexican hat too! Back then there were this trio that I really like. They are truly some football legends. They are goalkeeper Jorge Compos, strikers Luis Hernandez and Cuauhtemoc Blanco.Jorge Compos was quite a top goalkeeper back then. Standing at 168cm, he is definitely very short for a goalkeeper. But he was pretty good in saving goals by leaping! And his striking attire always make headlines too! Plus, because he was actually a striker long before he became a goalkeeper, he always love to run far out from the penalty box to kick the ball. Sometimes when Mexico got a penalty, he will be given the chance to take on the penalty. How not to like such a talented goalkeeper with such a cute height?

Luis Hernandez was one of the top scorers in the 1998 World Cup and is by far still one the Mexico's best players of all time. He was really fast and dangerous back then in 1998. I think most soccer fans love him. He has this trademark long blond hair and always have his own style in celebrating a goal! Love him! He is actually my favourite player of all time! Too bad he has already retired...
Here's a goal he scored during the 98 World Cup...

Cuauhtemoc Blanco might be a bit more familiar to you as he was still playing in the ongoing World Cup and was actually a scorer when Mexico beat France 2-0 in their Group A match. Well, FYI, he is actually the oldest player of the tournament! Blanco is especially famous for his trick simply called a 'jump ball'. Watch this video and you will know what I mean...

Well I think I can say I always love underdogs. That is why I love Mexico so much.
Deardo and I are actually betting on whether or not Brazil will make it to the final. I've taken 'NO' just because I love to see underdogs win.
Anyone with me on this one? :p

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The job hunting so far...

FYI, I've been waiting for someone to call me up for interviews since like forever. All of a sudden I had strings of interviews over the past few days and there were supposed to be two yesterday but the other one has been postponed. I'm so exhausted that I slept like a pig last night.
I'm so tired of traveling to different places, so tired of introducing myself over and over again, so sick of filling in forms with the bloody same information of myself... The whole process is just tiring I wish I could stop!
Yes, I want a job offer ASAP!!!

So far, I think I did well in most of the interviews, I screwed up one... I always think people do appreciate and see my talent, it's just that the reality now is that the market is not at its better times. I'm already feeling it when the interviewers asked me details on my expected salary or told me on my face that they can't give me that much. Sigh...
Anywayz, will update if there are updates!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

志明与春娇 Love in a Puff


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Heart-warming breaky @ Panadero Bakery, Centre Point

Thanks to Yve Vonn's recommendation, deardo and I went all the way to Damansara Centre Point just for a satisfying breakfast last Saturday. You know me, I'm always a breakfast person! :p

This cafe is called Panadero Bakery (Alright, it's a bakery then, not exactly a cafe). It's a very simple-looking place, with a very cozy environment, serving home-cooked-alike breakfast, at very reasonable price too! Yeap, we had our breakfast here, and because this is actually indoor with some sunshine from the roof top, it was not too hot but warm. Nice!
The four sets of breakfast for you to choose from.
We only tried their Western-styled breakfast sets while they actually also serve local breakfast like Nasi Lemak. The Western-styled breakfast is only served on every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, so I must say we were very lucky we picked the right day! :DJust some camwhoring session before the breakfast... Look, it was just coincident we wore the same colour that day!
For the two of us, we had 3 of the sets: Set B, Set C and Set D. All comes with hot tea while we added RM1 for a cup of coffee to come with one of the sets. As you can see in the menu, the prices ranges from RM6~RM6.50 only! This is the Set C: Wholemeal bread, bacon and scramble egg.
Set D: Pancake, chicken sausage, baked beans.
My favourite Set B: Spanish Omelette, chicken sausage and croissant.
My favourite of all would be Set B. It has this Spanish Omelette which is egg with chopped capsicum and onion. The egg tastes better compared to the scramble egg we had in Set C. I wouldn't say the croissant is the best I've ever tasted, but not too bad too. As for Set C, like I said, I think they didn't put any salt in the scramble egg, so it wasn't very nice. And it's a bit odd that their toast doesn't come with butter... As for the Set D, which has pancake and sausage with baked beans... Ha, I know it's a weird combination, but I love it! The pancake is not too oily and too sweet, just nice for my taste bud!I'm always happy whenever I get to eat big breakfast like this! :D
Great breakfast that cost us less than 20 bucks! And we were so fulled we actually skipped lunch! Yum~! I'm pretty sure I will come back again!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The A-Team

After some good reviews I got from people around me, I made this movie a must watch.
I know it's a remake of a TV series but I've never seen the original series before. I was expecting a comedy-action movie. The storyline is not too bad but a lot of the scenes really don't make any sense, which I believe it's just because it's following the original series. Action part also so-so only, because a lot of them are really not logic and some are just plain effects. I think it is quite funny but not too much. But overall, I would say it is an entertaining movie, but not really a good movie lor.
I do agree that Liam Neeson (Hannibal) is really cool at his age. And I definitely have my favourite two characters in B.A. and Murdock! While Bradley Cooper... Nah still not my cup of tea.
Not as good as expected, really.

The thing about young kids nowadays...

I'm trying to be very calm and cool now...

I just came home at around 12am and found Ken's girl I don't even know is she the gf or just a girl he flirts around with cos what I heard is that he has a gf back in his hometown, in the bathroom. My roommate told me she is already in there for a while. So I waited until it's 12.30am and knocked on the door and asked her to get the hell out of the bathroom cos I really needed to pee! No answer from the bathroom, I got really furious and went and knocked on the room's door. The girl came with a towel around telling me she is done, now it's Ken's turn in the shower... And then Ken made a quick one and slammed the door super loud.

This is not the first time it happened. They have always love to take shower in no less than one hour time. My roommate kena once where she was so pissed off hearing them two 'he he ha ha' in the bathroom but she waited patiently for them two to come out also after about an hour time. Worst part was, as my roommate went into the bathroom, she found the handle that is used to hang the shower hose is broken...

Since he has this girl, she has just become a permanent tenant of the house, without paying, I think. Okay, I have totally no problem with the rental thingy since it's Daniel Tang's problem. I'm even totally fine that she is staying here, I mean she still look like a decent girl despite the piercing on her face, providing she doesn't create any problem to me! Unfortunately, that isn't the case.

Not too long ago, they started to cook. First thing first, they used my corn flour without asking me, like almost finished them. And they used my frying pan and didn't clean it properly. And FYI, the stove area and some bowls were still will corn flour stain all over. I got really furious and confronted Ken. Thankfully he actually bought corn flour to replace those he used. And sometimes they leave shit in the toilet bowl it's so gross I always feel like throwing out.

Honestly speaking, I DO NOT like to scold people and argue with people on their face. I'm totally not good at it, not at all. Every time I do that I need so much of courage and after doing it, my hands shakes, like all the nervousness just come out of my body. I'm just better in writing than talking I guess.

And honestly speaking, sometimes I actually found Ken is innocent in such cases, sometimes it was just that he is too young to know that some stuff he does will bring problems to other. That is why I'm trying not to get too mad at all times, it's just that sometimes when it's over my limit I just couldn't help. I'm not going to say any F word this time around because I want myself to be calm. Before this I would pray so hard that Ken would just move away but now I keep telling myself I MUST work harder to earn more money so that I can own a house myself so that I don't need to deal with shitty people like Ken anymore!

To Ken's mum, if you are reading... 안영하세요! I'm very sorry to have posted something bad about your son again. I do realized that sometimes it's not his fault that I've scolded the wrong guy. I even realized he is actually a very good boy, especially when he is with you, it's just that he is too young to understand a lot of stuff. But if he is here to learn to be independent then he must learn to grow up! He must learn to understand which are right and which are wrong. He must learn that being young doesn't mean it is legal to do a lot of things. If he doesn't grow up or learn to grow up here in KL, then might as well just send him back to Penang to study at home? Sometimes the way my roommate and I look at his behaviour (especially with girls, I'm saying) we will just shake our heads and go... Aih, these days youngster are just so messed up! If I've said anything wrong in my statement then 죄송합니다!

Oh dear God, I pray that you will bless me with a good job with a good pay very soon so that I can have my own house and have a better life! :)

Monday, June 14, 2010

한국어 수업이 제미있어요!

That's exactly the same blog post title I posted in January, only difference is, this time around I know how to type it out in Korean! :D
That post was when we finished our Beginner 2 classes. Now that we've finished our Elementary 2 classes and exam, and that our dear teacher is leaving to go back to Pusan, and that we are not continuing the class so soon... I'm just gonna say... I WILL MISS EVERYONE OF YOU!!!All the happy faces! Yes, we had an all-girls class!
Very funny scene... That was our reaction when we were asked to hug our teacher! LOL!
After our exam the other day(and yes, another Grade A, although the score isn't as high as the previous one!), we headed off for a little farewell gathering. Philip ssi, probably the most interesting person in the class, but had left us after Beginner 1, joined us again! Hahaha... We just cannot do a gathering without him man... :p Everybody except for me...
Gloria ssi... Looking slimmer and slimmer for her wedding.
Philip ssi also looking slimmer for... Definitely not for a wedding! :p
I love it that Korean ladies just don't hide the fact that they love to drink! Look at my teacher! She enjoys her beer so much!
After four levels of Korean language studies, I still think wording wise, Korean is much easier than Japanese. But speaking and listening wise, I found it easier with Japanese. But overall, it was very interesting studying Korean. It feels so nice to actually understand some words when watching the Korean drama now(although I don't watch a lot, I'm the only one in the class who isn't really a fan of Korean dramas).
한국어 를 종아해요!
And I love our teacher, she is not very Korean in a way and you know, language classes like this is always full of laughter! And the few classmates I had... They are awesome!
Surely, I will miss everyone of you! ;(

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Karate Kid

Unexpectedly, this turned out to be a great movie. Every other people who had watched the movie said so!
I've never watched the older version, or maybe I did but I totally forgot anything about the story, so I was watching this movie 'freshly'.
I guess the storyline is just very normal. But the chemistry between Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan is just amazing, and that makes the difference. I love the action, very detail believable. I love the fact that they put in Chinese culture and teaching in it, I think we Chinese have to be proud of that kind of teaching. I love the fact that not only the student (as in the kid) has problem, but the sifu himself has his own problem too and they just help each other. I cannot remember what else can I talk about the movie. But other than it's a bit too long and boring at the beginning, and the too-young-to-be-true love story, the movie overall is good and I felt so good after watching it! And I love to feel good after watching a good movie!
Will Smith's son Jaden definitely did a great job. Somehow, I think this boy has something in acting. I hope his acting career will go on well, unlike some other kid stars before this. Jackie Chan's not too bad too in this movie, I think it's probably one of his better performances in a movie. And Taraji P. Henson! Love her! Just as natural as she is!
Nice one! I'll give it a 4 out of 5!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Up North with TRC

Yeah~ Korean exam is done~! Phew~!
Finally! Finally I have time to crap about this weekend trip we did last weekend!
Deardo and a few of his car lovers friends have this club called 'TRC' formed and they sometimes do convoy to places. A convoy here would means everybody goes on their own car without sharing cars, and they would go on the road in one line... Confusing? Ah never mind, I don't understand it too... It's just too 'ungreen' I actually think it is a lousy idea! Imagine, we had 7 cars the other day, how much petrol needed and how much of bad air the cars had pumped out? Ish...That's deardo and me on the way up North! (photo credit to Mary)
My Korean teacher recently told me that my bf is cute (as in comel)! What say you huh? :p
Shirlexia must find some entertainment herself during the long journey.
And making funny poses...
Anywayz, I just followed as a gf lor... Luckily there wasn't any traffic jam although it was a public holiday! Our first destination was the very famous Pun Chan Restaurant at Bidor.

Late breakfast @ Pun Chan RestaurantAs I stepped into the restaurant, I knew I've actually came here before. The biscuits stall and the petai sellers at the side of the restaurant just reminded me that I've been here before like long long time ago when I wasn't old enough to even notice this is a famous restaurant.
Anywayz, waited for a while for a table, and then another while for the famous duck drumstick noodles to arrive. This is taken when we were still waiting for a table...
Had some Wu Kok before the noodles came.
Nom nom nom...
The table of us, without the photographer, Deardo Wong.
Look which little girl's legs are these?
Oh, it was little girl Ket Hon! LOL!
That's my dry noodles with the duck drumstick soup.
And deardo had the soup one.
Well I think the meal is worth the wait. The soup especially is very yummy with quite a heavy herbal taste in it. Only complaint would be the portion of the noodles being a bit too small.

After the very late breakfast (it was already around 11am when we left Bidor), we went straight all the way to Auto City, Seberang Perai. For???? Ha, solely for photo taking... Of the cars...Ta da, the very ungreen gang of cars... Ironically it was a Saturday, supposedly a 'no plastic' day in Malaysia!
So we also took a pic with the cars...
Aren't my pair of shoes cute??? I got them from Cotton On, or Rubi to be exact.
Shirlexia gave face to deardo and pose in front of his ca dong cha!
By then, all I wanted was to try Tao!!! Too bad it was a group thingy so Tao wasn't in the plan... Aih... Maybe next time... :(

And then off we went to Penang for makan!!! Honestly, makan was the only thing of the trip I was more interested with. And it was a great one since we got to eat the very famous Char Kuey Teow!

Late lunch @ Jalan SelamatWatch out for this stall... Actually it isn't hard, the place is so crowded it's hard for you to not notice it...
Yeap, the red-hat aunty's famous Char Kuey Teow! But hor, there were so many people half of the gang decided not to wait and went opposite for lunch.
But it was no turning back for the other half of us. We waited for about an hour for the famous Char Kuey Teow and while waiting, we had other stuff ordered from around the area. Very weird-looking Curry Mee. Deardo said not too bad.
Penang Popiah... Can't beat the ones from Taiping.
Ice-Kacang is essential for the HOT weather!
I think none of the food really impress me. I think Taiping's very own popiah is still the best while the Fried Oyster omelet (Ochean) is still better in Larut Matang. :p
And then finally...
The Char Kuey Teow that cost us RM7! Ooooh... Look at the HUGE prawns!
Everybody MUST take pic of the precious Char Kuey Teow. RM 7 and one hour of wait!
It's amazing isn't it? I mean the price. It's not really a big portion but yes I guess maybe the humongous 2-3 prawns are enough to charge you that price. What impressed me more is the prawns are so fresh when you bite on them it's like so freaking crispy! And of course, I always love the fact that Penang Char Kuey Teow has Chinese Sausages in it! Yum~!
I'm not quite sure is it worth the price, but it is definitely worth the wait! :D

After lunch, it was another quite a long ride to Batu Ferringgi. I think that's very cute and creative, don't you think so?
Wah, I tell you man, I think my last trip to a beach was way back in 2008! So although Batu Ferringgi beach isn't like a very beautiful beach (at least, not to me), but it was fun enough to see the beach, feel the sand, feel the sea, snap some pics and have a look at the blue blue sky...
Nicey~! :D
That's us #1.
That's us #2.
That's us #3.
And that's us #4!
Trying to take some artsy pics. Turned out I look like I was going to commit suicide...
That's me #1 (Ha, totally lazy to think of caption liao).
Ok, say, say it, say I'm a good photographer!
Can you spot me? Can you???
Another nice one! (Photo credit to Mary).

Dinner @ Makanan Laut Jeti, Bukit Tambun
Because we were heading back to Taiping for the night, we had our dinner at Bukit Tambun, which was with the gang's speed, about 20 minutes away from Penang. The place looks a bit like Sebatang or Matang. It's a tiny fish village with a number of seafood restaurants for you to choose from. traffic on the tiny road can be very terrible though...Anywayz, it was PC's recommendation at Makanan Laut Jeti. I wasn't the one who made the order so overall I wasn't very happy with the order. There were some dishes that I wouldn't even consider ordering.
But anywayz, here you go...Stir fried Yao Mak. I noticed people around me just love this vege!
Gam Heong Crab.
Steamed Bak Sou Gong.
Claypot Tofu. This is a no-no.
Some fried chicken. Hey, who ordered this?
Yummy Mantis Prawns. RM3 each.
The birthday boy Kevin with the birthday noodles which was FOC!
I think the Mantis Prawns were really fresh and yummy. We actually thought we should have ordered more of them in stead of only one for each person. And surprisingly the stir fried Yao Mak was somehow very delicious. I know, it's just vegetables, but I don't know what they added into the dish, it just tastes really nice! The rest of the dishes were just so-so.
But must thank the restaurant for the FREE birthday noodles for Kevin! :)
The bill came up to RM189 something. Still very reasonable for KL-ians like us.

And that was our day trip. After the trip it's just like what Mary said... One word: T.I.R.E.D!

Bonus pic: **Taken at SSL Traders Hotel, Taiping.
I guess you know what's wrong with the last line right?