Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Korean class is fun (still don't know how to type in Korean ==|||)

I'm not sure if you still have any memory for my craziness I had for the Korean actor Yoon Sang Hyun, click here to see it. Because of him, I went pretty crazy and enrolled myself into Korean language class without thinking too much...
I regretted a bit because WTH I went for it just because of an actor! I'm really not too much a Korean drama fan, I only watch those with my favourite actors in it! And it's a bit difficult when I'm busy working and there are whole loads of Korean homework to be done or have to prepare for test and exam. It's like paying money to suffer... But in at the same time, I enjoyed the class, my Song Seng Nim(teacher in Korean) and most of all, my classmates.
Tuesday was our final exam for Beginner 2. Oh by the way, I got Grade A again! *Clap clap clap~!* I brought my camera just to snap some shots of the people I enjoyed having the Korean class with them so so much~! Soon-to-be people's Tai Tai Gloria Ssi and our very special Indonesian classmate, Ana Ssi.
Left: Andrea Ssi who knows Japanese and Korean languages so well I'm so envy of her. Right: Chee ssi who can be quite blur sometimes... :p
Han Yeong Ssi, who will be going back to Sabah and won't be joining us for the next class.
Pui Yen Ssi, the quiet one in the class...
Miss Kim, our teacher, trying very hard to check our exam papers!

After the exam and getting our certificates(yeah~yeah~ Grade A again! :D), we went to Asia Cafe and had some supper with our Song Seng Nim! Sorry lar Gloria ssi, I think I look better in this one lar, so have to sacrifice your sleeping look a bit. :p
Philip Ssi, who is always so busy until he had to quit the class half way! His trademark line is: A Ju Ba Bba yo~!
Shirlexia and Song Seng Nim!
O Chean Ssi??? Hahaha... Anywayz, I found the O Chean pretty nice. I don't like those crispy ones...
And the Deep Fried Abalone Mushroom are really yummy too~!
But the grilled fish was a HUGE disappointment. Too burned and not very fresh.
Still listening to Philip Ssi craping about his work... Sigh! :p
It was a pretty fun supper, with Philip Ssi joining us. He is always the funniest in the class! We definitely missed his presence in the class! LOL! And we also used our limited Korean to ask a lot about our teacher's personal life, etc. Haha... Of course we are curious lar, a lady who came all the way here just to teach Korean language mah!

Anywayz, see you guys in the Elementary Class after CNY! :)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Shirlexia's Special Chicken & Long Beans Rice

I've been cooking for the past two weekends since my dear and I are both sick of thinking of what or where to go for makan. Plus, it's always healthier to eat at home, since he still has his Cholesterol problem... (keep reminding... :p)
Because he always come home feeling cold after hours in the pool, I always make soup and a simple dish to go with rice. But last Saturday I made something different, a bit like my Ah Ma's cooking, but with my own recipe and way of cooking, present to you... Shirlexia's Special Chicken & Long Beans Rice. Chan si nai? gam yat gam sexy ar???

Ingredients: I just picked what I like to eat apart from the main thing- rice, chicken and long beans. The chicken (cut into pieces)should be marinated with some soya sauce, pepper and sesame oil. Put some corn flour to make the meat tender. The other stuff includes: Lap Cheong (Chinese sausages, and I love them!) and mushroom, and of course some chopped garlic and pieces of ginger.
Of course you need oil and chicken stock to taste. I also put some Chinese cooking wine in it. We both LOVE the wine!

1. With a wok, simmer the garlic and ginger.
2. After that add in chicken, and then followed by the other stuff, fry them for a while.
3. Add in cleaned rice, continue frying.
4. Add in chicken stock and white wine. Just fry them a little bit more.This is how it looks like after the 'frying session'...
5. After that, transfer them over to your rice cooker's pot. Add water slightly more than the content (as in the rice plus all the other stuff).
6. Turn on the 'cook' button and wait till your rice is cooked!

Again, I used the five coloured healthy rice so it looks a bit dark in colour. Anywayz, ta da... My lovely Chicken & Long Beans Rice! :D
Although I think it wasn't a perfectly successful try(the rice wasn't soft enough), still I think it was yummy enough for a first-timer in cooking this particular dish lar! :p
Try this at home too! :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My bloody test report...

Right after putting my previous post up, something just triggered my mind like all of a sudden~! Ah... Yes, I was going to post this one up but I forgot! How could I???
As we stepped into the new year, my dear wanted to do a blood test and see what's happening in his body, so I followed.
Unlike him, who had already found out he has Cholesterol and Uric Acid problem when he was 22 or so, I didn't know what to expect since that was my first ever body check-up in like 25 years! I was quite nervous waiting for my report to come when they had to fax it over to the clinic when we were there.
I mean, I'm quite a big eater. In some ways, I eat quite unhealthily too. Who knows? I might have a lot of bad stuff in my body too!
Kan Cheong Kan Cheong...


So here comes the reality...Only showing you the important parts...

I basically passed the test. Cholesterol and Uric Acid level, as my dear said, almost twice lower than his. But the LDL Cholesterol (the bad Chelesterol) is slightly high. I bet it's the fact that I love to eat intestines, animal skin and fat a lot. Time to cut down lor! :( I also have not enough of Corrected Calcium, whatever the 'corrected' means, that means I don't have enough of Calcium lar! So yea, must drink more milk from now on! I was also worried that I have low sugar in my body because I get dizzy quite easily. But nop, it was perfect.

Eating habit wise, I would say mine is not too bad yet not too good too. Like I said, I love the junk, but I'm trying to be good now because I always say I want to go on diet. The good thing about me is, I'm quite sick of fast food and instant noodles because of the years of staying outside of the house. So I don't always go for those deep fried stuff and all. I'm also not a fan of dessert or sugar, except for ice-cream~! I think exercise plays a big part too. I try to go to gym 3 times a week although I sometimes skip gym for no reason. But I do think that helps cutting down the bad stuff in my body. So people, I wish that everyone out there are cautious about your health and make sure you have a healthy diet and life! :)

P/S: My dear and I recently and accidentally found out about the new 'Super Fruit' called Pomegranate. I'm sure you've seen the fruit before, it looks a bit like an onion from the outside. We earlier found out it has loads of Fiber and it's good in cutting down Cholesterol so we started to buy the juice from the organic shop which is quite pricey actually. But according to Wikipedia, there are whole lot more of benefits, including lowering the risk of getting prostate cancer, so watch that fruit out, guys!

Three rounds of food~Phew~!

I tell you man, if you have a bf like my dear, there is no way you won't put on weight. Of course, it's the same the other way, if you have a gf like me, it's hard to not put on weight too. :p

1st round: Dinner @ T-Bowl, Sungei Wang
Upon my request, we went to this toilet bowl-themed restaurant. Of course, I didn't expect the food to be good, I was purely thinking of going there because it's interesting and that I can snap a few interesting shots there. So here are some of the pics we've got...T-Bowl from the outside...
You can choose the sit or the squad toilet bowl!
Ooooppsss... Someone is peeking when you're doing your business!!!
Me being myself, had to sit on the one with polka dots on it! :D
My dear was doing his 'big business' when I went to take a pic of him! LOL!
Of course, as expected, the food aren't fantastic. My dear didn't even finish his rice. And the steamed egg was actually cold inside...==||| Even the ice-cream doesn't taste really good.I had the Volcano chicken noodles... Nah not good...
My dear's braised pork ribs rice tasted like the pai kuet in the Dim Sum restaurant in Taiping lor...
I was eating with the pink toilet bowl~!
The so-not-good punya steamed egg...==|||
The so-so only punya ice-cream...
So the conclusion is... T-Bowl is just an interesting restaurant. The food are pretty lousy. I think we are going to explore the real one in Taiwan later....

2nd round: 2nd Dinner @ Uncle Duck, Low Yat Plaza
Obviously my dear wasn't happy with the meal at T-Bowl and was still craving for better food. So he brought me to this HK-styled restaurant. If you know the little stall outside Low Yat Plaza selling HK snacks, this restaurant and the stall is like linked and you can order food from the stall to be dined in the restaurant. He loves the spicy fish balls and the Black Pepper Beef Fried 出前一丁. So we had that with a little bowl of Roasted Duck Porridge.The spicy fish balls...
This one is GOOD~~~!!!
The Roasted Duck Porridge...
Look at him.... Ish...
I'm not so much a fan of fish balls or fish cakes, so yea the fish ball was just normal to me. But I must say the beef was really good, they were just nicely cooked and tasted really good. As for the porridge, I like the taste of it but I still prefer the duck to be in smaller pieces.
Anywayz, by now we were both really fulled already~! Phew~

So after that two rounds of dinner, we went to have a walk in Sungei Wang and Pavilion. It seems like we love to go Pavilion a lot, hey?
Just like their X'mas deco, Pavilion's CNY deco is really nice too! I was like saying "hou leng ah~" the whole time I was there! I love the Tao Hua trees so much! it feels like you are in Japan during their Sakura season man! Of course we took some pics there too! This is not KL, this is Tokyo~! Hahahaha...
I love the Sakura trees...
One with my dear dear...
Even the inside looks so nice lar~!

3rd round: Supper @ Snowflakes, Pavilion
And then my dear was already tired of the walking. I was still okay because ya know, walking in shopping centre is fun for girls! Hahaha... So we wanted to sit down to have some rest. And then we saw Snowflakes is actually opened here with special opening offer of buy-one-free-one! FYI, my dear loves this Taiwanese dessert cafe. So off we went to have our supper...Newly opened in Pavilion, right in front of the Padini Concept Store.
I love everything in it except for the pieces of yam and sweet potatoes on top of it.
Phew~ So unhealthy of us...

Bonus pic:
Taken from Esprit's boutique...We both think it's quite catchy yet funny~! I think the designer wanted to say it in a way that the 'Aaaarrrggghhhh' represents the roaring of the tiger? But to us, it sounds more like the he/she is frustrated that CNY is coming soon! LOL!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I love Hakka Lee~!

This is a restaurant that I've been visiting quite regularly lately since it's located just next to the language school where I'm having my Korean classes at SS 15, Subang.Well, I must say I like the food there because they look and taste so much like home-cooked food, you'll feel so homey eating them. If you're longing for some homemade braised-pork you can get it here! In fact, you can see their operation is like a whole family kinda thing with the husband and wife there, sometimes you'll see their daughter and son helping out. And mind you, they speak English!
Anywayz, someone just told me the Hakka Mee (which I haven't even try) there isn't good, so yea, I guess it depends on which dish you choose.
So far, these are the stuff my dear and I tried and are very happy with...The noodles soup which comes with the braised pork! Yummy~! And you can choose from a variety of noodles, including my favourite Dang Hoon(glass noodles)!
Braised chicken with ginger and vege with rice. The chicken is just yummy~!
The Meat Ball Noodles with fried Wonton. This is the dried one and yes I had it with the Dang Hoon again~! :p
The vegetarian rice isn't too bad too if you feel guilty of having too much of meat, like my dear! :p
I really love their Sui Gao~!
I love their braised pork which has a homey taste and the pork is just as tender as I like it to be. The braised chicken with ginger is really really good too! It just make you feel like you're at home! Not to forget is the Sui Gao! Loving it!
The noodles and rice are around RM4 and above while the Sui Gao is RM6.50 for six pieces. I think it's pretty reasonable. Although, I think their drinks are slightly expensive, maybe that's their strategy?

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Jan Yi's B'day Treat @ Seo Gong, SS2

Ducum and I missed Jan Yi's(our cousin sis) birthday party at her house last Saturday, I've promised to make it up for her with a treat. And poor Jan Yi, who is a fan of Korean actors, knows how to sing Korean songs (what's that band's name again? I really cannot remember, so many numbers...), but never tried Korean food before. So here we went, to Seo Gong, recommended by I Rene.It's this restaurant located opposite A&W in SS2.
A family photo with the timer on...
They have quite some pages of choices in the menu and some set meals as well. I somehow missed the beef part and ordered the pork set meal for three person which comes with whole loads of stuff, like the hot stone rice, the BBQ pork, Spicy Octopus, Sam Gye Tang, steamed egg, the side dishes and drinks for three persons. The set meal itself is RM145. I topped that up with a Kimchi Jjigae and two bowls of white rice. The side dishes... Not very interesting though. :(
The very-the-fatty punya pork...
The Spicy Octopus was impressing!!!
The Hot Stone Rice was so-so lar.
Some veges and mushrooms wrapped in pieces of pork.
Not too bad actually... It's just that I think it would be better if they were beef.
The steamed egg, which comes with the set meal.
The Sam Gye Tang... I wonder when can I have the real Sam Gye Tang in Korea? I think it must be bloody good to have this during a cold weather!
The Kimchi Jjigae was one of my favourite dishes of the day!
I must say, I think the pork are good, but I think it would be better if I've chosen the beef one. Ish, don't know why I didn't pay attention on the menu!!! I love the Spicy Octopus and the Kimchi Jjigae a lot, they are both just spicy enough for those who love spicy food like me, Ducum and Jan Yi (unfortunately not my dear, hehe...). The Sam Gye Tang was good, but I reckon not as good as the one I had at Seoul Korean Restaurnt in Taman Desa. So are the side dishes, they are not as many and not as interesting.
By the way, the biggest shock of the day is... The bloody rice is RM5.00 per bowl!!! I was like... What the??? Bloody expensive man... ==|||

Anywayz, I know there are now too many pictures of food, so here are some pictures of human being... Kekekeke...Ducum and Jan Yi having some fun and my dear acted as the photographer...
A nice pic of the birthday girl, Jan Yi!
Pretty cool pic of Shirlexia and... Haha, you know who...
Eh, eh, dear, what's that face for, huh???

Till then, Gam Sa Hap Ni Da~! :D