Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Night with the Backstreet Boys!

Wooohhh... What a tiring night at the Backstreet Boys' concert! I wanted to get up earlier this morning to go to the gym but damn I was too tired, I have sore back and legs after standing and jumping the whole night! It was really an awesome show man!
I got some of the videos here, they might not be so clear, and every time I zoomed, the sound just disappear! Anywayz, here they are...
First of all... More than that

My favourite BSB's song of all, All I Have to Give

A very short one from Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely

Quit Playing Games with My Heart, the song that I love the MV more than the song! Hehehe...

And a short clip of the guys dancing! Woo~Hoo~!

And please excuse me for the VERY loud singing and screaming at the back! Yea... It was me, don't ask me who's that crazy woman...

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Backstreet's Back, Alright!!!

I almost lost my voice after all the singing and screaming! I mean, maybe by tomorrow I really will have no voice at all to talk!
I thought Backstreet Boys' concert is on a weekend until last night when I chatted with Pat did I found out it was today, which was actually my off day! So I ended up buying the ticket today and went to the concert straight away with Ducum and her friends! And that was only my second concert after David Tao's way back in 2003! Damn, that was long long long time ago! And it was my first time attending an American band concert too!
So... I was a bit worry that the number of people at the concert would be little. I mean, it's Wednesday and Backstreet Boys is like a Pop band ages ago! I even know that there would be people who would laugh at me saying it's so cheesy to love a Pop band. True, nowadays it seems everybody is into rock bands such as Linkin Park or My Chemical Romance. But I don't care. I can proudly tell ya, I LOVE BSB!!! I'm a HUGE fan of the guys since their first album back in somewhere 1995 or 1996 when I was still in primary school!
Anywayz, it turned out the crowd was quite big! And surprisingly I saw many of BSB's male fans!
Shirlexia at BSB's Malaysia Concert 2008. No... I mean, that's me at BSB's concert! Arrrrhhhh!!!This picture is only showing about 1/4 of the crowd.
Here come the guys!!! (scream! scream! scream!)
And almost everybody was so high! It was the first time the BSB is back after the Tsunami concert. That was what they said. I thought it was more than 10 years ago when they came for their first album promotion. I think the reason the concert was so great was the fact that we all know almost all the songs except for some which are quite new to us. The atmosphere was so high when everybody just sang along with the guys! At times I can't even hear the guys singing, it was all our voices!They look so handsome in the suits! But damn it must be HOT!
Now that's the younger colour to make them really Backstreet 'Boys'!
We have some really famous love songs such as As Long As You Love Me, Quit Playing Games With My Heat, All I Have to Give, I'll Never Break Your Heart, etc. And then some dance songs such as Everybody, Larger Than Live, The Call, etc. They of course made changes in the arrangement of the songs and it made it hard for us to guess what was the next song until they started singing. But that was really nice because you can't really stick to the original ones cos they are probably out-of-date now, seriously they were just awesome! Like some of the songs they made it sounds like rock songs that we just jumped up and down like we were at a Rock concert! And though it was a bit weird to see these guys, now some already 30 something dancing, I still take it! I mean, it was really really great to get to see them live in Malaysia! The four also did their solos. Howie sang some kinda Spanish song and although I always think he's the weakest in terms of vocal, it was the first time I see him shaking his body like that! A.J. was next, a Rock song from him, and he was the stand-out of all in terms of performance! Nick also sang a half-Rock but it was just okay... And then it was the funny Brian, singing his famous Welcome Home... Only if Kevin was there it would be perfect! Kevin was my favourite Backstreet 'Boy'!Possibly the best picture I took the entire night! The very funny and cute Brian! I love him!!!
My one time favourte... Oh come on, everybody's one time favourte... Nick Carter, with his really obvious pimples!We almost lost A.J to drugs, thank god he is still with us cos he's awesome!!!
Cute Howie, still as cute as always!
The concert lasted 2 hours and I certainly didn't feel like leaving. It wasn't enough! 15 years of BSB and they have still some other hit songs that they didn't sing! But overall what a great and awesome show! Less talking and more singing. Really enjoyed it, proved it with my sweat, my dirty feet, and my voice! BACKSTREET BOYS, GREAT SHOW! LOVE YOU GUYS!
P/S: Thanks to the sponsorship of Shirlexia, it was also Ducum's first concert of her life. All she could say after the concert was, "Syok!"
I have also some videos that I'm trying real hard to upload them in Youtube and I'll put them all on here later to share with you guys!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Malaysia Ironman 2008 Langkawi

It covers 3.8km of swim, 180km of cycling and finally a 42.2km run under the hot 43 degrees weather. You are given 17 hours (yes and that means almost an entire day)to complete the race. Definitely one of the world's toughest race and I decided to take part...
As a member of the media.
Live from Dataran Lang, Malaysia Ironman! Arrrrhhhhh!!!
I shall say I wasn't that excited about covering the competition. I mean, in Malaysia who cares about the Ironman race? But now that I've been there, I'm glad that I've went and hope to come back for it one day. Why? You ask?
First of all, I was VERY IMPRESSED by the triathletes. Imagine yourself out almost the whole day just swimming, cycling and running for 17 hours! Can you do that? I think I need maybe 10 years of serious training to get myself fit enough to do that, really! The thing is, there are some elderly contestants with the age group up to...! And there were also three disabled triathletes who actually completed the whole race, some even recorded better time compared to the 'normal' contestants! Feel like giving them a huge applaud man! Well done!
Anywayz, you can't help but to say that the champions are just 'scary'! Faris Al-Sultan from Germany(yes he is REALLY from Germany okay, how many times I need to explain? He is of Iraqi-German parentage) won the men's category with a time of 8 hours plus (Lazy to find out and this is not a story I write for the paper anywayz) while Belinda Granger from Australia took the title in the women's category in 9 hour plus time!
First to arrive, Faris Al-Sultan, a former world champion.
First woman to arrive, Belinda Granger, look, she was actually 'flying'!
Cute or not cute isn't a question, but there is no way I'm gonna miss a chance to take picture with a world champion!
Second reason for me to love the event was there were LOTSA NIHON JIN!!! After leaving my Japanese language all back in Perth, it was a great opportunity for me to talk to them with my broken Japanese. Okay, I know part of it was to show-off (Kakakaka...), but I can't really show-off much because my Japanese is really 'limited'. Anywayz, most of them whom I talked to were the seniors, who seriously don't look like their age! We exchanged e-mail address and watch out for my next Project S guest from Japan! YeeHahhh~!!!
Manabu san, the first Japanese I talked to. Guess how old is he? He's 63! PLEASE IGNORE MY DOUBLE CHIN!!!
Ishimasa san, the one who wanted to take picture with me just because I'm a reporter!
Another veteran, Yoshimori san.
Taro san, a sport commentator and triathlete in Japan!
Well it was also NOT TOO BAD getting to meet the other reporters whom were really helpful and brought me to some interesting places in Langkawi! And not to forget the drinking night a night before we left Langkawi, although I didn't stay for long!
Shirlexia at the Langkawi beach... Too bad no bikini... 'Aunty visit' lar!
CAUTION! The media gang from left: Logan (The Star), Shirlexia (you know where), Liza (Karangkraf) and Shahril (Kosmo).
Love the shopping spree too! Had to buy whiskey and cigarettes for my colleagues which limited some other stuffs that I can buy. But still, bought lots of chocolates which I can't really eat right now because of a something... And damn they are cheap!!!Shopping... Shopping... Shopping...
The down side was, the food was crap. The official caterer that catered all the food was bad. Almost the same thing everyday and they were just crap. Their kitchenware were always dirty as well, I wonder why... I had a few meals outside too but none of them were fantastic. Arrrhhh... Maybe I should have take a 15 min flight to Penang just to eat!
I also visited JE's (love calling her that name since the JE virus started) cafe and had a VERY VERY SHORT re-union with her. I really can't understand how she can survive Langkawi...
JE and Me at her cafe, 6 soul. Remember to drop by if you go to Langkawi! The cafe is just few steps away from the airport!
So there went my second outstation assignment with my current job. Thank god I survived! Touch wood, this time I came back without having to stay in the hospital like my first trip!
And the one thing I really want to do after returning from Langkawi is... Go on a BLOODY SERIOUS DIET! Though the food there was crappy, but since they were free, and came every few hours, I ate quite a lot of them actually. So time to hit back to the gym!

长江7号 CJ7

CJ7 or Jumper?
也许是他想他做的喜剧变得有深度点,所以想说有点教育的成份。的确,看到徐娇因为爸爸去世而痛哭,我也跟着哭了。可是之后就感觉马马虎虎的结束了。有好几个部份还保持了星爷搞笑的本领,尤其是你也一定笑翻的那一幕......徐娇被命令不准说话,可是又想说她看到的不明物体的那个!是不是?真的很好笑啦!而且这小朋友演技不错,很可爱!而7仔也令我这个不爱科幻的人改观了,觉得它还真的蛮可爱的!可是...... That's all!

P/S: The movie may not be the big winner at the Oscar held on Sunday night (US time) but Congratulations to The Bourne Ultimatium for winning three awards! It took the Best Film Editing, Sound Mixing and Sound Editing and I definitely think they deserve it! I love the movie, and I remember well the editing was brilliant!

Saturday, February 23, 2008


I'm sorry I have to write this crap here but I'm damn pissed off that I need somewhere to let it out!
Just now, I arrived at the media centre of the Ironman Malaysia at Dataran Lang, took my food for breakfast, and one of the Malay guys who was also from the media (god only knows which press he's from) was getting up from his seat to get more food. I NEVER thought of taking over his seat, but he turned to me while taking his food, and said:"Eh, I belum habis lagi tau!" So I just told him I know, but in my heart I was like, WTF? I mean I know you're not done yet, and even if you want to tell me that you still want your seat, tell me in a proper way lar! By saying "Eh, I belum habis lagi tau!" sounds like you're so stingy and not gentleman at all! Some other people might even let me take the chair and then take another chair for himself, okay? Fuck,Malaysian men are terrible!
The worst thing is, after that, he just kept on eating and took food for the third time! And then he was telling his friends there that he better go to sleep after eating.......
Oh man, rude, not gentleman, eat too much(when he's already quite fat) and lazy... He'll definitely be getting a long face from me the whole day or anytime I see him again!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Shirlexia Tan, reporting live from Langkawi

Hey guys, just a little updates and some crap...
I'm now at Langkawi, covering the 2008 Malaysia Ironman. It was a last minutes call, but I'm feeling great about it since I was already thinking of coming here during the CNY break to visit JE, who now has a cafe here. I met her at the airport yesterday, but I really hope to spend some time at her cafe later.
It's just the second day now, the race is scheduled tomorrow while I'm flying back to KL on Monday.
So far nothing much yet, just that I'm excited meeting some Japanese here and talked to them in my broken Japanese. Hopefully I get to interview one of them for Project S.
Anywayz, here are some pictures to share with...Damn, I can't believe I took this picture, so pro lar!
My god, what a beautiful sunset at Langkawi! What a great photographer! :p
Well, before I came to Langkawi, on the way to KL Central from Sunway, I found this very interesting billboard ad...
Poor guy, look how smart he was dressed-up to take the picture, and look how poetic he was and how much they spent just to put this ad on...
And you know the election fever is here! But you know I'm always not interested with the politics stuffs...
What I concern more is Edison Chen...
Honestly, I know Edison is a smart guy, that's definitely NOT the end of everything for him. Everybody knows he's breaking into the Hollywood's world of entertainment!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Girls, please protect yourself!

I know it is a bit out-dated to publish this picture(I've been waiting for people to forward those pictures to me but damn in the end I had to look for it myself), and I know it's not so nice to publish it, but I'm doing this to send out warning to all girls out there!
The Edison Chen scandal shocked almost everybody and I personally think it's all done for him and those actresses who are involved in it. But I really don't get it. Don't those girls have brains? How come they can just let some guy take such pictures of them? Even a normal person would have the brain to think and protect themselves, what more is these girls are 'public people'? Stupid, definitely stupid!
To all girls out there, even if that's you boyfriend, please DO NOT EVET LET ANYONE TAKE PICTURES OF YOU LIKE THAT!!!

Sunday, February 17, 2008


21岁的时候在干嘛?大多数的你都会在学业上打拼着,或者就是打着散工赚钱…….可是我的Project S的第一个主角还未满21,已经是世界第一的男双羽球好手(曾经是,现为世界第3),虽然没有很漂亮的学历,可是他是世界第一、许多人的偶像,而且赚的比我们多好几倍。 报纸上读的新闻,发言的通常都是他的伙伴古健杰,你或许会误会他是个不爱说话的人。其实,他真的很多话,也很爱耍宝,跟他说话,你完全不会觉得自己在跟一个大人物在说话。这个大人物,就是陈文宏。 约文宏出来真的出奇的容易,他很爽快地就答应了!怎知到了约见的时间call他,他竟然说他忘记了,而且还已经约了他的“好朋友”去看电影!你可以想像我当时真的额头冒了三行汗……幸好他还是以很快的速度赶到了,而且连“好朋友”都来了。

也因为之前的一次爆笑经验,我问他的第二个问题就是,他是不是很怕教练Rexy Mainaky离开的那一天。











后记:这次的访问,文宏给我的感觉始终没变,就是那个很好玩、很搞笑的小子。还有他那直接的个性,心脏再弱一点可能承受不来!所以我说这次很庆幸他带了他的“好朋友”一起来,他太直接时她都会喊停、他开始睏了、在打哈欠、或不懂怎么回答时我都会往她那边看,她总能给我一个很好的答案。直接也不错啊,至少不会像一些人常常很官腔的,blah blah blah,听了都闷死!老实说,他真的没什么架子,比起古健杰,他真的简单多,也友善得多了。小子,加油啰!奥运会别让我们失望!

号外: 你一定很好奇,我上面所说的“之前的经验”是什么吧?其实我跟文宏之前见过一次面,也曾经在电话上聊过一下子。第一次是去年过年前吧,我还在RTM工作,被派到茨厂街捉人说新年祝福,就意外的遇到他和明鸿。我当时当然要他说个新年祝福啦,他其实很犹豫,然后一直说自己马来文不好,还要我一句一句的教他怎么说!当时的情况还蛮搞笑的耶,他真的NG了好几次我才甘愿!之后我还一直向我的制作人炫耀我找到“明星”来说祝贺语呢!

然后就是有次我已经离开RTM了,他们刚勇夺全英赛冠军回来,我以前的制作人通过我的帮助找到健杰上节目接受访问,而文宏却在吉打过着他的“honeymoon”,所以他们决定在节目中途打电话给他,来个连线访问。当时因为我在,而且我的旧同事(马来人)打给他时他似乎不懂到底发生了什么事,所以我直接把电话接过来,用华语跟他解释。而访问期间主持人突然问他,如果有一天Rexy不再是他的教练时他会怎样?他反应很大的说:“Har? Dia sudah tak mau jadi coach ke? Bila dia cakap ini?”当时我们整个录影棚的人都笑翻了,包括我也在里面笑到直在原地跳!访问完毕,我没有直接盖上电话,他立刻问我:“怎样?怎样?刚才可以吧?我的马来文是不是进步很多哩?”我…….一时真的给不了他什么反应,只觉得他这个小子还蛮好玩的嘛!

Project S单纯是出自自己的兴趣而"成立"的,希望可以以非常不专业的写稿方式来写我的文章。主要是想搞点新意啦,而我访问的人也不一定是名人,只要是有趣的我都会写。而如果访问时是以中文交谈的我就写中文,以英文交谈就写英文,除非有special request啦!其实我去年就已经想要在我的blog搞这个"东西"了,连这个跟文宏 做的访问也是在去年12月做的,只是基于自己懒惰,才那么慢才把它"煲"出来!所以应该跟文宏和其他接受过我的访问的人说声不好意思啦!如果反应好的话,我会陆陆续续的把其他的访问都Po上来的!那我也希望大家 enjoy啦,如果有什么得罪的地方先说声对不起,读过了的你们也欢迎多多留言哦!

Saturday, February 16, 2008








Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day @ Ayer Tawar

My two-week-long CNY break is coming to an end soon. So for the sake of not wasting my holiday, I got my dad to bring the whole family to Ayer Tawar. Now, for your information, I have relatives there at Ayer Tawar. My late grandfather’s late sister’s family are there. So I thought it’s so near Taiping, why not we just have a day trip to Ayer Tawar to visit them?
It took us about 1 and a half hour to reach there and we first visited our uncle or we call 'go tiao gong' in Hokkien(my late grandfather’s late sister’s husband). That was the first time I met him after probably 8-10 years time. So it was really nice to see him again although he doesn’t recognize me anymore. He is 90 this year, so give him a break. He can still ride on a motorbike to the market everyday! Anywayz, it was just a short visit at the old house, which you may find it really interesting.
The special decoration at my go tiao gong's house!
Also, the very special toilet...Many of you who spent the whole life in KL may not have a chance to see these photos in some kampung hosues.Ahhh... I love these olden days radio and fan!They are soooo cute!Chit-chatting session going on...My 90 year-old go tiao gong, striking a pose with a can of 100 Plus... A pic with go tiao gong before leaving... Eh, Mi, how come you include your figer in the photo ar?
And then… Ta da… The lunch that I was soooo looking forward to! The Hock Chew lunch that is a must! Though I can’t really remember much of the taste of the food the last time I had them, the dishes are still very special. Let me introduce them to you… The Hock Chew-Style Loh Mee.The Hock Chew-style Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet.The Hock Chew-Style Sweet & Sour Bak Kut! I really like this!The Hock Chew-style HOT Tofu Soup! Yummy!The one that I've missed for so many years! The very yummy Sweet & Sour Fish Maw & Sea Cucumber Soup! Whoa!

Look yummy? Haha, I can’t help ya, they are all in my stomach now! Hehehe…
Of course, another must in Ayer Tawar is surely the ‘Kong Piang’. It’s a kinda biscuit a.k.a bread that is made in a hot pot like how people make naan at the mamak restaurant. They have both empty ones and also with pork. I always love them! It’s yummy yummy…

Whenever you see this by the road side of Ayer Tawar, you know you gotta stop!
And… The day trip was done on a Valentine’s Day! There went my 2008 Valentine’s Day!
To all of you, Happy Valentine’s Day!!!