Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Simple Paparika Pork Recipe

I've been buying more recipe books than ever recently, either while casual shopping or at book fairs. Most of the time I look for super simple recipes or healthy recipe books.One of them is this One-Pot Meals recipe books where I first tried the Paparika Pork recipe in the book.It's more like a western version of curry pork but it tastes really flavourful and creamy.
What you need? Finely Chopped onions (I used about one medium size onion), pork cut into cubes (I used pork shoulder), Paparika powder, flour (I actually used corn flour in stead), sliced mushrooms, fortified white wine (I used the fortified white wine I bought from Perth), chicken stock (I just dissolve one chicken cube in hot water) and light sour cream.

What to do?
1) In a pan, heat up some oil and pan fry the pork cubes until they are all cooked. Remove and set aside.
2) You can use the same pan and oil, simmer the onions until they turn brown. 
3) Add the Paparika powder and corn flour in and stir evenly.
4) Pour in the chicken stock and continue to stir until the powder are well-dissolved.
5) Add in the pork and stir.
6) Add in the sliced mushrooms and continue to stir.
7) Pour some fortified white wine into the dish.
8) Cover the lid and let it boil under medium or small fire for 20-30 minutes or until the meat become tender.
9) As the dish is boiling, add in the light sour cream... I put in slightly more than half a cup to add the creaminess to the dish. Stir evenly and you are done!

I sprinkle some parsley to garnish the dish and had it to go with spaghetti, although I'm pretty sure it will taste pretty good too with rice or even mashed potatoes! 
The dish turned out to be delicious! Very flavourful and creamy, perfect for those who love creamy food and prefer something less spicy compared to our normal curry. But I would boil the pork for a longer time perhaps because they were not as tender as I wanted them to be. Otherwise that was quite a great try!
Once again, happy trying! :)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Pricey Treat @ Siu Siu Restaurant, KL

Few weeks back when Papo and Mamo were in town to send Vivian officially off to study here, 4e treated us dinner at Siu Siu Restaurant, a place quite hidden half way before you reach Tian Hou Gong in KL. In fact, we were lost for a few times before finally locating the very hidden yet very crowded restaurant.
Apparently the restaurant has been there forever and is very famous for it's Claypot Crab Rice and Char Siew! The age of the restaurant can be shown by looking at the very old boss who ordered our food!
Okay anywayz, 4e made quite a good order of dishes and here they are...
Char Siew and Siu Yok for a start.
Long Sou Choy, some kinda very yummy vege.
Kam Heong Lala.
Kan Heong Crab.
Some Nyonya Assam Steamed Fish.
Pork Knuckle.
My favourite of all... Claypot Vietnamese Curry Prawns.
I am a huge fan of the Claypot Vietnamese Curry Prawns. The humongous prawns were very fresh and I love the fragrant of the gravy, which comes together with some glass noodles in it! Super yummy I tell you! The Lala, Assam fish and Long Sou Choy were equally good too, especially the Long Sou Choy, which I later found out is a very expensive vege! :S However, the Char Siew and Siu Yok were too cold to my liking when they were served and the pork knuckle was definitely not up to my standard. 
Eating like hungry ghosts! Nom nom nom nom...
Overall, it was a wholesome dinner with mostly fresh and delicious seafood. It was however a very pricey dinner which costs 4e around RM400 plus. The hygiene of the restaurant is an issue though, as the tea cups that we got were dirty and has sticky stuff sticking to them. Even after they washed for us another time they actually still look a bit scary. Papo refused to drink any tea that night just because of the cups cos he thinks there were phlegm in the cups! Euuuww~~~~ So yea, something that I hope they can do something to improve.

Siu Siu Restaurant
Robson Heights
15-11 Lorong Syed Putra Kiri
50450 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 016-370 8555, 016-309 8038

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Peeps... And Me!

After reading a few friends and bloggers' talking about their birthday in their blogs, I suddenly realised I totally forgot to do a birthday post for myself! So, Happy Belated Birthday to all of you September and early October babies! And like most of you, I've also turned 28 about two weeks ago!

Having a bunch of fun colleagues can be really fun but they can give you real headache too when it is your big day...
First thing I saw in the morning as I reached office...
Look! Who's birthday it is???
Well that wasn't the first time they did this to anybody in the department but I really thought I was safe since there weren't any of these posters when I checked-in to work but after a morning meeting, those posters were everywhere! And by that I mean in every cubicle in the washrooms!!! ==|||
.... Ok lar, I admit I really love what they did to me... Prank or not, I thank them for the effort and to make me feel like hey they remembered my birthday! LOL!

About two weeks before my birthday, I've received early birthday gifts from Deardo, one upon my request, one was something he knew I've been wanting for quite some time. And and and... They were shipped in all the way from the U.S.A! Thank you Deardo Wong! *muaks~*
Package all the way from the States! :)
Chris Colfer's The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell, favourite birthday prezzie this year!
My favourite movie of all time in the 45th Anniversary Blu-Ray Edition.
I gotta say I'm seriously enjoying Chris Colfer's book which I'm almost done reading! Will share more with you guys once I'm done.

It was a great birthday where we decided to go to Jogoya (again) for my birthday dinner and we were lucky to find out they were having the ladies 50% promotion! Yay!
A series of camwhoring while enjoying my birthday treat!
Everything was great until a day after when both Deardo and I fell sick of food poisoning... Such terrible aftermath for a birthday celebration! Aaaarrrrhhhh....

Anywayz, I'm one year older and one year wiser! I don't feel much difference unless if you want me to think of stepping into a whole new level of life next year! But I do pray for a great year ahead in all things in my life! :D

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Outdated Movie Reviews

Sorry guys, been really busy at work and am demotivated to blog even when I'm at home doing nothing. Always just wanna lie on the sofa and do nothing...
Anywayz, managed to catch some movies, which are not exactly new but I still want to share out of anality. LOL

What to Expect When You Are Expecting
Didn't have high hopes for this movie but I watched it anywayz I think perhaps because of the entertaining cast list!
The title said it all, it's all about what to expect when you are expecting, both to the mother and father. The storyline is very normal although it tried really hard in the end to make me cry, which I teared a bit, but actually it could have been done way better than that. I think the problem is the presentation of the stories and the not-so-fantastic acting from the all-star cast. I won't say it is lousy, but seriously it can be much better, funnier and touching-er. Ah, my favourite part: the part where JLo went to adopt her son... That was the best and most beautiful part of the entire movie. :)
All-star cast but not the best actors, I must say. Most of them just in there for the entertainment lar. But I love Elizabeth Bank's performance in the movie, so willing to make herself ugly and all for the role she plays.I think Anna Kendrink wasted her time doing this movie. That girl should be doing better movies than this one! 
I strongly do not recommend this one.

Honestly, I really watched this out of curiousity and because I'm in love with Michael Fassbender (Magneto, anyone?).
The movie talks about Brandon (played by Michael Fassbender of course), a guy with a VERY SERIOUS sex addiction problem. It went around showing how he struggles, how he wished to control himself but often, failed. In the end, his addiction almost caused him his sister's life... There is no proper ending or an explanation of what happen to him in the end... It's like a bit of an artsy movie.
Sexy body aside, Michael Fassbender gave a really good performance in the movie. I kinda feel his pain and struggles (although I don't have sex addiction issue, woi!). It is no wonder he has been winning awards for his performance in this movie! Another notable one must be Carey Mulligan (eh hem, I love her too) who was flawless too playing Brandon's sister who is herself a bit of a psycho too.
I know, I know, it's a movie full of sex scenes but honestly, the acting in this movie is something that you should learn to appreciate too! Not too bad a movie!

Till then, will try to update more often! *wink~*