Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My very own Malaysian Dreamgirl review

I've been secretly following the Malaysian Dreamgirl, the so-called Malaysia's first on-line reality show since I saw Kenny Sia promoting it on his blog. But I didn't want to write anything here yet because I saw loads of bloggers writing about it. But now that it's over, it's time to start bitching, yo yo~~!!!
Honestly, if not for the shooting I was forced to do last night, I could have gone to the finale at 1 Utama. And after knowing Cindy won the title, I regretted more for not going. If I were there I would be the loudest boo-er when they announce the result, BOO CINDY, BOOOOOO!!! I wish I know all the swear words in every single language that I can just swear on her face!
Alright, I supposed not many of you know or even notice there is such show. So let's start all over here.The top 12... Standing from left: Nadia, Jean, Eyna, Adeline, Alison, Natasha. On the 'blocks' from left: Cindy, Fiqa, Valerie, Ringo. On the floor from left, Jay and Hanis
Don't ask me why, I have no idea why it is called Malaysian Dreamgirl when it is not about searching for a dreamgirl, but a model. They started off with 12 finalists. Some of them are like really forgettable lor, especially the very weird-looking Natasha. I think I first like Nadia, the very garang Malay girl. But I knew from the beginning that she is not going to win, solely because she is DEFINITELY NOT TALL ENOUGH to be a model. The same goes to the so-called wild card Ringo, the celebrity blogger. She is pretty and cute (or pretend to be cute) but she is just too short to be a model. Jean went out herself before the real competition starts. I love her hair after the make-over! Valarie has the personality but not fan base I guess. Alison and Jay look too alike that I had to think twice when writing the caption for the above picture. Then the MCA group of Adeline and Cindy, plus the three other Malays Eyna, Fiqa (love her) and Hanis the manis(love her too).
Well having a group of girls (=bitches) staying under one roof, fighting out for the title, you can expect nothing but drama, drama and drama. I'm gonna skip all those and leave it to you to watch it yourself. But the drama really does play an important role in deciding who's your favourite and who you hate. Nadia is not that 'friendly' but I think I would blame it on her look lar. The BITCHIEST one is gonna be Cindy, who eventually became the winner. I'm sorry lor for not being creative. Most girls in the show or watched the show hate her, and I admit I have to follow the trend. Out of all the hateness I have in her, there is only one line I would like to describe her.
A SHAME TO ALL CHINESE!Cindy on the phone again with her daddy... Ma lai po he in du po jiang wo de lor...
I don't know if she was from a Chinese school, so I can't say a shame to all Chinese school students. How dare she call people 'ma lai po' and 'in du po' on a show? My god, that just shows how un-educated she is! Like the aunties in the kampung like that ar! I'm serious, not even my mom says that! Shame on you, Cindy, shame on you Cindy! And like they say everytime off the screen she is quite normal, but when on screen she speaks English with an Aussie accent, you kneow, my eye bro~~wwws... What ever shit lar Cindy, you seriously sounds terrible! And May was right, she sounds just like the annoying Phua Chu Beng's wife Margaret when she was doing her acting task.
To me, she is not even pretty. She just has this typical Chinese girl look lor, especially when she came to the audition with her bloody out-dated long hair and deep-v red dress that was so la-la! Ho Swee Kim said she looks like a karaoke waitress. I have to agree, I mean, those 'special waitress' 'zhong guo mei' ler, you kneow (oh man, I'm so good in imitating Cindy)... I can't believe Kenny was so amazed looking at her!!! Maybe Kenny is also quite a la-la person, I don't kneow...
And Cindy saved the best for the last when she started bitching about her best friend in the show, Adeline. I totally think Adeline did nothing but won most of the challenges, which made you kneow, someone very jealous lor...Thank god they cut the hair for her. And Cindy, burn that red dress, please!!!
But however you hate her, she still won the title, thanks to her very rich dad whom I don't kneow how much he spent just on the sms votes, who also sounds like Eric Tsang. I would love to have a dad like him, he is just so super duper supportive of his daughter! Oh... So Eric Tsang and Margaret are father and daughter...
She didn't even deserve to be in the top 3!!!
The top 3 in their final shoot.
Adeline and Hanis finished second and third...
Read this to know more about the top 3.
I didn't like Adeline at the audition. She was the opposite of Cindy. She can't speak English well and she answer questions stupidly. She said her favourite model is Amber Chia! Oh my god! I'm not saying Amber is not good, but that's like such a lame answer! But in a way, I think she is just like Amber, an Chinese-ed without good English. Luckily Adeline's Mandarin is better than Amber lor. Amber is not good in all languages...
After the make-over, I started to like her because of the new hair-style she has. Damn cool lor! But she never really have good pictures because no matter how sweet she is and how cute she looks when she is smiling, she never really smiled for the picture. And the face is sooooo long that I just have to shake my head... Wasted only!See, Adeline can be so pretty and sweet...
But she chose to hide her smile every time she went for a shoot.
I do, however think she is a model material. She is tall, she is pretty and you know what, she won most of the challenges in the show! And her English, though still need some serious improvement, had improved so much during the show. I feel really happy for her on that. I was going to vote for her in the final but forgot. Well, I don't think that helps lar, Cindy's dad is so much more richer than me... Grrrhhhhh...
Hanis... Hanis... She is just soooooo sweet I think all guys just want her to be their girlfriend.
I really do love her, but that's just because she is sweet and cute. I'm still in doubt whether she can be a good model or not. She looks like just too much a typical Malay girl. Her first photo shoot photo was TERRIBLE. She looks like she just woke up and got dragged to take a passport photo.Terrorist-alike passport photo for Hanis!
Ironically, her final photo-shoot was BRILLIANT! The best of the top three, damn classy ler!Wee~Wee~~Hanis a class above all!!!
To Adeline and Hanis, good luck!

To Cindy, fuck off!

And I can't believe I just put so many Cindy's photos in this post!!! Fucking pollution to my blog!!!
Of course, this is the first Malaysian Dreamgirl. And it wasn't that good. Here are some of my suggestions...
1) If there is going to be a second Malaysian Dreamgirl, I think more promotions has to be done. I mean, this one, if I'm not a fan of Kenny Sia, I wouldn't even know there is such thing going on. Lack of promotion=not many people know=not many quality models in the show
Seriously, no offend, the quality was really bad.
2) Get more microphones!!!
That was what I was really annoyed throughout the whole show. When all the girls stand together, I can't hear them talking, is there actually a boom mic or anything? And I remember once Jimmy brought the girls to a photo-shoot where he introduced all the models that he 'loves', he would say this is who who who, and then asked the model to answer where he/she comes from and all. But All I could hear was what Jimmy said, I can't hear a word from the models! Can't they just give him/her a mic?
3) Be Punctual
On uploading the episodes!!!
4) Kenny Sia, buck-up or don't judge the next Malaysian Dreamgirl, Okay?
Like I said, I'm a fan of Kenny Sia, I still remember how excited I was meeting him earlier this year. I understand Uncle Kenny, that you're there to represent the internet-ers' opinions. But seriously what I can see is, you put all the girls who came in with really sexy clothes on, like Cindy's deep-v or some super short skirt in. What is that? You are not here to pick the most sexiest girl or to pick a porn movie star. Like Elaine said, it's Malaysian Dreamgirl, not Kenny's Dreamgirl lor. And like Ho Swee Kim said, 'judge with your head, not your dick!' The judges from left: celebrity blogger Kenny Sia, Elaine Daly and stylist Jimmy(who looks and sounds so much like my spinning instructor, Alex!).
Till then, hasta la vista, Malaysian Dreamgirlzzzz...

Sunday, April 27, 2008


I'm back in KL. :(
Yea, :( is what best describe my mood now.
Being in Taiping is just soooooo nice! Everything is just sooooo nice!!!
I could have stay in Taiping for another few more days, but have to be back for my class today.
But the class today had just made things worst.
I don't mind them changing the teacher the last minute, because you can't blame them. The teacher himself is busy with his own work.
But they changed the whole topic of the class all together. No offend, I admire her as a young woman producer, and also not to say I'm superb in production stuffs, but talking about what are the kinda shows that you like to watch, how do you think the production of those shows go, or listening to the teacher telling you her experience of doing a morning talk show is like damn boring to me. You know I've been through that, there is nothing to be 'hoooh-haaah' about. My god, I was like so close to falling asleep in the class!
And the sufferings will continue for another week because she will be back next week. And WORST of all is she had asked us to shoot a short thingy ourselves to be played in class next week, just to give us a feel of how the whole process goes. I was like SHIT!!! Never mind I have to experience what I've already experienced, I have to go to KL for meetings and shooting and do extra work!!! Grrrrhhhhh... Not to say I'm lazy or whatever, especially when I'm jobless now, but it is really unnecessary lor... Meeting has to be done at night and I hate going out at night, except if someone can send me home.

Don't fucking want to talk about it anymore.

I went to my Ah Ku(uncle)'s 50th birthday bash last night. Quite fun in a way since there was Karaoke! Hehehe... Still trying to gather all the pictures and videos before I post them all here, but here's a peek on my bling bling dress that I wore to the dinner. Bought the dress for CNY but didn't get to wear. I love it... Except for the fact that I have to hand wash it...

Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Mighty Heart

As I stay at home to stuff myself up with loads of food, or to say, being stuffed with loads of food, I also watched a movie that has yet to go on Malaysia's cinema, A Mighty Heart. Some of you may notice, I’ve read the book long time ago (click to see my review) and was amazed with the whole story, so I was already very excited when I got to know they are making a movie out of it and can’t wait to watch it!
So I guess you could guess why I get to watch it before it appear in Malaysia’s cinema. Well, although I saw the poster at the cinema, I really am still doubting the possibility of it being play in Malaysia’s cinema.
A Mighty Heart is based on the same titled book Marianne Pearl wrote on her experience of losing her husband in Pakistan to some terrorists who had beheaded him and uploaded the video on the internet. It’s a true story and it was quite a big news back then. I love the book because it was really cool following the whole journey and you could feel Marianne was so strong facing all the things that happened.
The movie of course wasn’t as detail as the book, but they had made the effort, they have the right place, right atmosphere, and the right actors. You know I never liked Angelina Jolie, but really, she did such a great job in this movie! And I think I can really feel it for Marianne more through this movie, especially when they told her her husband was beheaded and cut into pieces… I was actually saying the F word hearing all that, I feel really bad.
This is a really good movie that you shouldn’t miss!


老师一直说我是很冷酷型的,你觉得呢? 好多甜品哦!胖了胖了.......
老实说,我真的好久没有为了“血拼”而“血拼”了!真的好久没有这样花个老半天去“血拼”了!当然,我本来就不是要去“血拼”的,是去当陪兵的。可是你知道的,还是忍不住买了几样东西啦!而且我一定要跟你们分享,一定要!!!就是一件超亮的黄色洋装,很亮、很好看(连我外婆也赞耶)!不过我最兴奋的还是最后看到的黄色渔网鞋,超可爱的,真的!一看到就说我一定要买下它了!!! 噔噔噔噔.......本人的“黄色”战利品!
然后就是到Starhill最底层走了一转,你们应该不太懂楼下有很漂亮的东西看吧?其实都是好多间你连进去都不敢进去,看起来就知道很贵的餐厅。不过整个地方设计得很漂亮耶,有图为证哦! 我觉得啊,这地方简直就比楼上那些什么E楼V还好看!
晚上的那一餐呢,就去了很出名的Jalan Alor解决。很歹势的也要自己承认,到Jalan Alor吃东西我还是第一次!其实也没有特别的很好吃,不过其中的黑啤鸡和烧鱼还真的很不错!最巧的是让我们遇到了新加坡的艺人,就是一对夫妇的艺人啦! 吃!吃!吃!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Shirlexia is a bloody quitter!

...And that's before I even get a new job.
Most of you must be shock. Some of you may have know that wasn't my sudden decision. It was just that I finally decided to do that after getting approval from my dear dad. I LOVE YOU, PA!!!
Donald Trump: You're fired!
Shirlexia: You're fired too!

Anywayz, after really doing it, I feel really weird, I really don't know what kinda feelings that is. I actually had tears in my eyes on my way home from the office this morning after handling in my resignation letter and was told I have enough of leaves and can leave straight away.

Sport journalist was like a dream job of mine, although it was actually a different story all together when I really got into it, my heart is still there, I am still very much a sport fan. I guess I will still miss it a little bit, and also my lovely colleagues who were pretty much taking good care of me when I was there. And my boss... Well, what can I say, although I was damn scared of him, I know deep in my heart, he is a nice boss. I feel really bad that I didn't get to see them and say goodbye to them because I had to rush back for an interview. Really really hope that I can make a date and go have dinner with them one day, really. I WILL MISS THEM!!!

So... Enough of all the sad things. Now that I'm jobless, I want to keep myself positive. I want to be confident that I will get a job very soon. I want to make sure I do some meaningful things during this break... I should clean my room, start re-doing my Project S, go home for a break(damn, have to go have the ginseng or whatever seng, pat tin or whatever pat, life in KL was just damn unhealthy), yea and have to start having a healthier life and take this opportunity to work-out more, and of course I will have to spend less during this period of time.

The next thing I'm going to announce is...
... Just for a short one-week break.
And yes, I was like Yoo~~Hoo~~ So excited when I confirmed my flight ticket! Can't wait man, I can't wait!!!
I'm going to take as many photos as possible, so that I can flip through them again and again when I miss Perth. Yee~~Haaa~~

So, it was a co-incident that Irene returned today and we all went out for some kinda celebration! Look at the food!! Gosh!!!

Last but not least, do tell me of any job vacancies. I'm even looking forward to some part-time or freelance job, be it translations, any writings, extra in a movie or drama, modeling(if you dare, hehe) and you can even try me on emcee-ing!

Thursday, April 17, 2008



Yeah! Kristy Lee Cook is OUT!!!

Gone Baby Gone
It's Ben Affleck's directing debut, but the reason for me to go for the movie has nothing to do with this guy, ok? As much as I love his best pal Matt Damon, I never liked Ben, never!
I just thought this is the kinda movie I would like, and turned out yes I quite like it! The entire arrangement of the story was a bit draggy, but I love the twists and turns of the story, which was really brilliant! And you have Morgan Freeman who was as calm as he is, as good as he always is... You know what, although I hate Ben Affleck, I'm quite a fan of his little bro, Casey. I however think he doesn't suits the role so well. I don't know what's wrong, maybe it was the way he talks, but I'm not sure...
Escape From Huang Shi (Children of Huang Shi)
There are two simple reasons Escape From Huang Shi is a must watch movie for me... 1)Chow Yun Fatt, Michelle Yeoh and Jonathan Rhys Meyers. 2)It's a story based during the Nanking killing period, although I hate war movies, I'm always interested with the story of the Nanking killings.
BUT... I have to say it was a total disappointment. The beginning of the story was not too bad, it got me really excited. But then it became a bit corny as it progresses. It's like all very expected lor... Except for the fact that the main guy died in the end (Oopss... Am I not supposed to reveal that?). You see four people on the posters, but it is actually a movie about the main guy--George(Jonathan Rhys Meyers). It's all about him and how fabulous he is. I should be happy right? Since Bend it Like Beckham, he's been unforgettable to me. I think he is one of the cutiest actors. But he didn't impress me much in the movie. As the main guy, his acting wasn't really good. And probably because he is too much a cute actor, playing such role doesn't really, you know suits him. Maybe he just has to work a bit harder. Of course, it was so disappointing to see so little of the super handsome Chow Yun Fatt and our very own Michelle Yeoh. I think the production company simply just put their faces to attract audiences. I'm serious, we've all been conned! The other actress was actually the main girl in the movie, but she is very forgettable. No acting, not pretty, I don't even want to know what's her name! And I'm sorry, I've caught some audio failure and bad editing in the movie... What the???
Nah, not a good one... I really hope Chow Yun Fatt should pick his movies more carefully. Most of his Hollywood movies suck.
Meanwhile, here's last night's American Idol's performances... Of only the guys! Because like Simon said, the guys took the night!
First up, everyone and my favourite, David Archuleta with one of my favourite songs, When You Believe... It was sooooo damn GOOD!!!

And David Cook!

Then, we have Jason Castro, I didn't think it was very good lar, honestly...

AND.... YES! YES! YES!!! Congratulations and a job well done to all Americans for voting out Kristy Lee Cook!!!
I'm so happy! So happy!
Kristy Lee Cook is OUT!!!
Kristy Lee Cook is OUT!!!
Kristy Lee Cook is OUT!!!
Now, let's make sure the final two or three are all guys!!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I Love David!!!

For some reasons, I've been sticking to the American Idol lately and like many others, I think this year's quality was pretty good! Many say it's the best so far, I can't say that cos I didn't really follow the previous ones.
Alright, that wasn't the reason I wanted to write this blog post! I'm here to tell you, especially those in the States, to vote for David Archuleta!!! He is cute, charming, and has a GREAT voice! Best thing is, he is only freaking 16!!! I love him! Love him! Love him! Just yesterday, he did another great job singing Robbie William's Angels. Check this out!

Of course, I also love Jason Castro, the guy with the locks! He is sooooo sweet and sometimes, he really can sing! Like yesterday, he sang Over the Rainbow and it was awesome!

I gotta say the guys are much more better than the girls this time! I love the other David too, David Cook, and then Michael Johns. The girls... I only like Brooke, but she's not that consistent. I HATE THAT CHRISTY LEE COOK! SHE IS NOTHING OTHER THAN A PRETTY FACE! SHE BETTA GET VOTED OUT THIS WEEK!!!
AND... I'm praying hard that a guy would win this one, because they bloody deserve it!

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There you go...

I'm actually quite tired now, having spent the whole day out... But I'm afraid I'll be keeping too much of films reviews with me. So I better let it out today, with the four movies I've watched for the past two weeks.
27 Dresses
This is the kinda corny movies that is not my cup of tea. It's something like Legally Blonde that I didn't watch at all. Somehow I just got interested. Maybe because of the story? Maybe because I was hoping to see what are the 27 dresses because I love fashion? Or perhaps it was just because there weren't much choices the other day at the cinema? Well, anywayz, surprisingly, I like it!
The story itself seems interesting, though not realistic. And it's fun to watch you know, the funny parts, etc. And I shall say the main guy, James Marsden is cute! Yea, and I think it is quite romantic... Oh, when was the last time I fell in love?????
I supposed this movie wasn't made to impress too many people. It's not really the kinda movie that you would expect good reviews or make it to the Oscar. But because of the way they write the synopsis, I got really interested. I wonder if this is a different kind of horror movie... It turned out, well it was horror in a way, because there were sooooo many bloody surgery scenes that I had to shut my eyes through. But the part that I was expecting to be scary--the part where the main guy is awake throughout the whole operation, wasn't that bad.
But I love the storyline, the twist of the movie. You wanna know what's that? It's a twist, so of course I'm not telling ya! Hehehehe... But apart from that Hayden Christensen, for the the first time I saw him acting (I DO NOT WATCH STAR WARS), I thought it was REAL bad. He just looks like he has the same facial expression in the entire movie! Well the one I love the most in the entire movie is surely Terrence Howard. I've fell in love with this black actor since I first saw him the Crash. Watch out for him!
Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who
What a long title, how are the kids going to remember that? Anywayz, I was excited about it just because it has Jim Carrey's voice in it! For your info, I'm a fan of that funny Jim Carrey! I love him! Well, I like the story of this movie, but it isn't funny enough lor... When it comes to animation or cartoons like this, I expect it to be like super duper funny, but this one didn't impress me much...
L Change the World
La la la la... L is soooo cool! And in this one, he became funny too! Before going for it, someone told me his friend went for it and thought it was boring. But I went anwayz, and it is SOOOOOO NOT BORING! I think it doesn't show too much of how brilliant is L as compared to the previous one. But the storyline was still okay. And you get to see L changed in terms of character, and then the young actress as well as the small boy who actually stole some limelight from L, they are really good and cute!
The only thing I don't like is the fact that they made it looks more like a ghost horror movie...
There are still quite a lot of movies that I can't wait to see! To name some, Ben Affleck's directing debut Gone Baby Gone, Get Smart, Children of Huang Shi, etc...
No, 'etc' isn't a movie.