Sunday, May 31, 2009

'The Crap' & 'The Food'

I joined the Cincai Group with their Back to Taiping event on Saturday. It was as usual, an event for us to 'Gia Gia Kua Kua Ciak Ciak & Hip Hip'. Bloody tired and it was like so rare for me to feel so tired in Taiping. You know me lar, I always stay at home whenever I'm in Taiping, but this time around, I actually had very bad sun burn! But I must say, that was a really fun way to enjoy our very own hometown, Taiping.
Well, I left the 'Hip Hip' job to the professionals and I just got over thousands pictures from them all... Phew~! Still having headache looking at them and choosing which to put in my blog...
I did took some pictures and videos with my crappy and cheap camera, so here I'm going to share them with you guys 'The Crap' and 'The Food'...
The Crap
Yup, we will start with the crap first.
1) Cincai Group planting tree
This is a video we made while we were planting the Umbrella Tree to kick start the event of the day! Trust me, this is not an ordinary tree-plating video, okay!

2) How they smile for picture?
We appreciate our members very much, so much so that we remember how they smile for picture! Ah Fa, this is also A MUST for you to watch, because 33.33333% is dedicated to you! Hehe... See, we think about you even when you're not around!

Ei, you should give me credit for posting this up ler, look how bad I looked in that video? No make-up, bad hair, bad body and all... Haih...

3)Cincai Group members introduction
Hahahaha.... I love this one the most! We all have nicknames of the seafood family~!

*Pardon me for the weird and 'zou yin' voice because I'm still recovering from my cough!

The Food
Okay, so I took pictures of the food that day, just because I need to tell ya how good and cheap they are. OMG, you wouldn't believe the price! We were all simply shocked!
We started the day with breakfast at Lian Thong, the very old-school-looking kopitiam opposite the Kwang Dong Association. Not many of the Cincaians know about it, but it is quite a famous shop with people coming in since early in the morning! Lian Thong at a glance...
We ordered whole lot of food from the menu... See the special 咸柑吉? Just perfect for my throat!
So I hantam two glasses of it!
Fried Hainanese noodles... Normal lar.
Super duper hyper best bestest egg on toast~!
The very famous Bao Zha Mian!
The not-too-bad black pepper fried mihoon.
Surely a very heavy breakfast for the Cincai Group!
I can tell you the egg on toast is like a MUST there! The freshly baked bread with butter and half-boiled egg... Oh... I can tell you, when you bite it, the hot bread, butter and egg... just perfect match of all man! The Bao Zha Mian (Exploded Noodles) is also bloody yummy! We also tried the black pepper fried mihoon and it was awesome too!
Wait, that's not the best part yet! We ordered like 3 egg on toasts, 2 Bao Zha Mian, 1 fried Hainanese noodles, 1 black pepper mihoon, 1 Hokkien Mee, with about 9 drinks... It all came up to???? RM25.90!!! Bloody RM25.90 for a heavy breakfast for six persons! Which means, we only paid about RM4+ per person! I almost asked the auntie to count all over again man... SO BLOODY CHEAP!!!
As for lunch, we went to Larut Matang. I've just posted a review on food at Larut Matang few weeks back. So I'm only posting food that I didn't talk about the last time here. With the Cincaians, it wasn't too surprising that we chose to sit at Xue Shan, the stall outside selling ice-blended dessert, such as the very very famous Xue Shan. Seven of us, eight item of drinks and dessert, only RM13.50! Can you believe that??? In KL, you can probably only have a dessert with that price! Oh, come on, a cup of Starbucks would be RM13.50!The very famous Xue Shan... Probably one of the MUST HAVE in Taiping.
Ais Kacang with watermelon? First time ever man!
Front: Black, I tried it for the first time, not too bad. Back: Ice-blended red bean.
The best Mee Rebus I've ever had in my life is still the one at Larut Matang... Although my mum reckons the morning stall is better.
The Sotong & Kangkong tasted a bit weird actually...==|||
Amazing food and amazing price!
So, you wanna visit Taiping now???

By the way, I shall stop eating so much after my Taiping trip. My Ah Ma just told me I look like I've put on weight!!!!! Ah~ I don't want!!!
Okay, more on the event coming up next~! Stay tune guys! :)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Visiting Super Ah Ma & the damages...

This is a delayed post on what happened last Sunday. Well Ducum and I decided to pay Ah Ma a visit. As you see in my previous post, Ah Ma was in the hospital for an operation on her knee, but has now returned home in Taman Tun.
Visiting Ah Ma in Taman Tun that Sunday caused some pretty serious damages on me, I mean, on my belly and wallet... :'( From the stupid taxi fare (gosh I hate KL taxis), till non-stop eating the entire day.... Phew~
Anywayz, we started the day at KFC. It was of course Ducum's first breakfast experience at KFC! If you haven't know, she is famous for sleeping during day time, so it's not surprising that she doesn't know there is such thing as 'Big Breakfast' at McD, and hasn't try any of the KFC breakfast! So we ordered two sets of breakies, and one chicken porridge ala carte.
Chicken porridge at KFC, not too bad actually...
The burger (both of us cannot remember the name) might be small, but still very filling!
Ooooohhhh... Here comes my favourite A.M. Twister! Random pic of me having my morning tea...
I always love my A.M Twister at KFC, it has chicken, hash brown, egg, tomato and mayo. I love it like it's better than any other breakfast you get in McD! Trust me, you should try it whenever you have a chance! As for the porridge, it's not too bad, but I can make better one. :p The burger? Ask Ducum...
So off we went to see Ah Ma!
Ah Ma looks really good hey! Ducum was so amazed at how long the doctor had cut over her knee! Looks so bloody painful man! Especially when Ah Ma has already started walking with the specially made walking... Stick? Nah, those big one ler, with four legs that you can push ahead of you one. Really cannot stand her man, keep walking here and there, everything also must go and take herself, it's scary looking at her like that! Well but anywayz, doctor's advise is for her to walk more lar! Ouchhhhhh~Looks so painful I didn't even dare to touch!Super Ah Ma looking really good after just about a week after the whole major operation!
And when she saw the ice-cream potong, she didn't want to miss it although she probably shouldn't be eating that! See how happy she was with the ice-cream!
So we were there for lunch with her, then helped her make the Ginkgo Barley dessert then eat them all, had some short chat with 2e, 4e and Mike, then had Bak Chang... Eating non-stop lar~!!! But it was good to see Ah Ma looking so healthy, despite some cough. But she is alright! :)
We left the house at around 6pm and headed to The Curve for dinner. It was a Vietnamese restaurant called Pho Hoa, which I've been dying to go since reading the review of KY. Since leaving Perth, I've been looking for some real tasty Vietnamese food, but so far nothing really satisfies me yet. So what about Pho Hoa?
The restaurant is quite small and compact. I think it's near this Teh Tarik Cafe. Ducum went for the Pho Tai, Chin Nac (whatever it is, read it from the picture of the menu, as below), while I went for the most adventurous one (according to the menu)--Pho Tai, Chin Nac, Nam, Gan, Sach. My target was to have the Pho with loads of beef tendon and all that kinda stuff that you don't normally get in Vietnamese restaurants here, that's why whatever lar, even if it sounds like there is a 'gun' in it, I'll take it!To make it easy, Ducum's one was P3!
Mine was T3, the most adventurous pick! Yay~!
Oooohhh... See my noodles with 'gun' is here!
Ducum's T3... I reckon those are the Brisket...
Noodles comes with the really nice chili paste and basil leaves, mint and absolutely fresh taugeh.
Summer Roll... Ahhh... I missed those in Northbridge!!!
I love the soup a lot, it has just the right taste I'm looking for. And the Tai, Chin Nac, Nam, Gan, etc, all very nice too! The only thing I don't like is the Pho actually. I still prefer it with the thin hor fun I normally get. Anywayz, the regular size Pho was really filling! I love the chili paste they served too, I think it has lemon and lemongrass in it that gives it a really nice frangrance. It tastes really different! Another very important thing in Veitnamese food (well at least to me) is the summer roll. But the ones at Pho Hoa, I must say,was a letdown. It's a bit too dry it tasted like everything is straight from the fridge or something... I can even say they are the worst summer roll I'd ever had. :(Shirlexia with her very satisfied face...
Ah... Ok, Ducum wins this round... Can't beat that.
We asked Jan Yi, our funny cousin sister to join us, but she didn't want to let me take picture of her. The uncle at the back, in stead was so excited he posed like a 'cool guy'! Eh, uncle, go back to your Tesco and work lar~!
The mural at Pho Hoa gave me lots of creative idea... Don't you think the girl in pink colour singlet looks like 林熙蕾?And this is what I can think of here...
‘林熙蕾’: (with a devil looking face) Nah, eat faster lar, poison you first, so that you won't cry all the time!
How come the mum & daughter at the side can still be so happy? Report balai lar oi!

And then off we went for a little walk to sort of digest a bit. Wah~Damn fulled by the time I finish the noodles and almost all the summer rolls (because Ducum doesn't like it after having her first and only peice, and I don't waste food)! And came another damage! Shoes!!! For your info, I bought 4 pairs of shoes last week, including the two I got from The Curve! Ok lar, they are all cheap ones, but still... I simply have too many shoes I should stop buying more! Control me~! Two pairs of shoes from Vincci, RM72! And they are green! How can I ressist them?
And then I lost my voice for about two days. Yesterday it got better but then I sounded like Ah Du, the Singaporean singer... Ta yi ding hen ai ni~~~~ I'm better lar today, so thanks a lot to everyone who came by and show your concern! I very appreciate them very much! :)

Monday, May 25, 2009


昨晚的4强赛他们选唱了夜的第七章,我看到目瞪口呆!连Ducum和I Rene这两个Jay迷都觉得超棒,甚至比原唱还好!四个人rap中还有和音、然后四个一起rap都丝毫没有乱的感觉、没有出错,负责唱歌里的女高音的主唱Ash(还是记得一个的名字啦,因为他真的唱得很好)整个就是让我起鸡皮疙瘩!



Saturday, May 23, 2009

What I had for dinner...

Wholegrain bread with cheese, fried egg and lovely salad with avocado!!! I LOVE AVOCADO!!!
Steamed ladies fingers and tofu with baby chili(from Taiping), soya sauce and sesame oil. Mum said ladies fingers can prevent ostreoporosis, or whatever 'sis' lar, like what happened to Ah Ma's knee.
Hmmm~A wholesome yet healthy meal! :)
A pricy and high-class dinner was planned for tonight. But well, my very famous 'sleeping sister' Ducum is still in her sweet dream at freaking 8.20pm now! So yea, gave up and made the healthy dinner for myself. Ah well... I can bet, I will have a second dinner meal soon, maybe... At the mamak!
Some updates of myself... Urm... I'm a little sick right now, was having flu (thankfully not H1N1)earlier this week but recovered but now slight cough started pulak! Haih...
I was pretty busy over the last two weeks with work, and it's expected to only end next week, where I'm expected to have two extra off days then. Heading home for the break, and joining the Cincai Group for their next event. And... Can't wait to have my Chee Cheong Fun again!!!
Pretty boring life you say? Well, I already have two exciting events coming up in the next three months!
Nah, not telling you yet, secret! :p

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

注意! It's超克7、Choc 7!!!

广东话说:“等到颈都长埋”,模范7棒终于才正式改名为超克7、Choc 7,EP也将在这个月29日正式发行了!耶~!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Superwoman=Super Ah Ma!

那天和四姨和Ducum一起去探望她,她已经很精神了,胃口超好的!只是那只脚真的肿到很让人心疼....... :(

Friday, May 15, 2009

Let's go back to Taiping again!

Dear Bunny a.k.a Pat Wong... This is a blog post about super duper delicious food. So if you are reading this now, please make sure it's not midnight, or make sure you have food at your side to eat, just in case you feel hungry after reading this... Kakakaka...
Well, same goes to you all too, my dear readers! Hehehehe... :p
Okay! First of all, the entree! A picture of me having my Leng Chee Kang a.k.a 四果汤at Larut Matang!It's me lar! Not any other kids, okay?
Hahaha... I don't know, Ducum said this picture looks so cute and she likes this picture very much! And my mum actually thought the person in the picture was a 'gee na'(in Hokkien, meaning a kid lar)! So I just post it up lar, since somehow I look like a kid, kakakaka...
Okay lar, back to the serious business. My trip back to Taiping last weekend was as usual, a trip for me to 'stuff food into my mouth', in Uncle Yip's term. We go out to have our favourite food everyday, from breakfast, lunch, sometimes dinner and supper! The food are not only yummy, but also bloody CHEAP!!!
Chee Cheong Fun @ Siang Malam
The night we arrived, we went to Siang Malam for supper. Believe it or not, that was the first time I had any meal at Siang Malam, the place which is always crowded, especially at night. Among all the food we had, Ducum and I just fell in love 'crazily' with the Chee Cheong Fun! I was never a fan of Chee Cheong Fun with the red sauce, I in stead fancy KL's Chee Cheong Fun with Yong Tou Fu and curry gravy. But this one is totally different! The taste is just nice, the Chee Cheong Fun was smooth, and!!!! The homemade fried onion! You won't believe it, Ducum never liked fried onion, except for this one!Aiyor~I feel so hungry liao lar~~~~!!!
That was a picture taken by Ducum after I came back to KL. We actually spent a few night going over there for a second time before returning to KL, but found it closed all the time! And Ducum finally found the stall only open late at night, like about 9 something to 10pm! There were already people queing up waiting for it to open! Ducum said the yam cake is also very nice!
Ah~ I just can't wait any longer to go back to Taiping to have it the second time!!!
The only down side was, it is RM2 per plate, considered quite expensive for Taiping food, I mean snack. With RM2, you should already be able to have a bowl of yummy noodles!

Noodles @ Kamunting
Yes, I'm talking about the RM2 noodles in Kamunting!
It's been one of my favourite since I was really really young. Back then it was just a stall by the side of some shops. I bet it was selling only at about a few cents then. I was so surprised when I found it was only RM1.50 when I first came back from Perth! Although it has now gone up to RM2, it's still unbelievably CHEAP!
They sell noodles with clear soup, curry and our favourite, dry curry! The special sambal and sambal prawns they make is just... Ah... SUPER DUPER GOOD!!! I'm not finish yet, they have homemade cysantimum tea and red bean soup at RM0.30 per glass or bowl! Drinks are self-service, so well, you can refil too!Ooooohhhh~~~! Believe me, it's not only good to look at, but bloody nice to eat!
There you can recognize this shop lar, becuase they have no signboard or whatsover.
The shop doesn't have a name, or even a sign board. So I can only tell you it's somewhere near the Kamunting Mosque. The other option is, call me and I'll bring you there! Haha! And they only open from morning till noon, sometimes even earlier, if all noodles are gone.

Ipoh Hor Fun @ Kakak Restaurant
This one... Also something I eat growing up! To be accurate, I'm the third generation of the family to be still their loyal costumers. I was actually a very good friend of the daughter of the boss there and actually used to hang-out at the shop in the afternoon when they are closed and play selling noodles there! Ha~ Such sweet memory...Kakak Ipoh Hor Fun with my favourite chili oil! Nice!
Tau Geh as side order, too bad lar, we went late that day, so no chicken feet for us.
To be honest, the Hor Fun isn't so the 'Ipoh', but we are just used to it liao. The price is also not as cheap as other food in Taiping, it's like RM2.70 or RM2.80 (ha, still very cheap if compared to KL), but that is just because they are kinda 'branded' restaurant in Taiping. Mine you, every weekend, the restaurant would be full and you have to wait for tables! My personal favourite are the chili oil, their special chicken feet and chicken blood, which is only available if you go early!

Food Fest @ Larut Matang
At Kakak, I don't normally fancy their Tau Geh Chicken (芽菜鸡). For really nice and smooth chicken, you should always go to Larut Matang, stall number 47. The chicken is bloody yummy I love it like crazy! Best sliced chicken on earth!!!
The other thing you probably can only find in Taiping is the fish ball fried noodles! I know it's oily lar, but can't help, still love it! I don't eat fried noodles like this in KL that much anywayz. My mum prefers the one at stall 78. Also, at stall 77, is the Larut Matang O Chean, yea, the one XT loves a lot. I reckon it's quite nice, they use more eggs in stead of whole load of flour. But then the oysters are just too little and definitely too small! The Fish Ball Fried Noodles and O Chean~!
I also have here the normal Fried Kuay Teow I don't know which stall it came from. But that isn't my favourite Fried Kuay Teow in Taiping lor.Fried Kuay Teow with 'See Ham'!
Finally, not to forget, the Peanut Soup! My dad asked me to introduce this because he said only Taiping has it! Yup, and I actually think only Larut Matang has it! The Peanut Soup is at stall number 40. This is something I always like, and my aunties from KL would always come and Ta Bao everytime they are in Taiping. Selling at only RM1.20, this is a must try dessert in Taiping! Yummy, yummy Peanut Soup from Larut Matang!
Ah, I missed the Mee Rebus (the morning stall) that day, because they were closed. But I can tell you, that is the best ever Mee Rebus I've ever had!!! EVER!!!
Okay okay... Now you can go off and get some food for yourself! Hehehehe...