Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fucking Malaysians' Attitude

I was walking on the pedestrian bridge this evening after work. I had just reached the top when this Malay guy accidentally kicked a beggar (who is a real old auntie)'s little bowl with the little money she had earned that day. The bowl, together with the coins flew all over, some dropping down the stairs.
I quickly took my head up and look at the Malay guy, who was obviously typing sms or something with his mobile phone when the incident happened. My first reaction was that the guy would quickly say sorry and helped picked up the coins for that Auntie.
I was stunned! Stunned!
Malaysians... Shame on you! Shame on you!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


You know me,一向以来都不喜欢看台湾偶像剧的。而且我会非常老实的说棒棒堂之前的《黑糖玛奇多》真的有够烂的,我也只不过因为小马的关系,看了他客串的那几集!这次我一直在祈祷,希望《群侠传》不会很烂,果然没有令我失望哦!



Mushroom Lover, I am!

Look at these mushrooms.... Aren't they cute?????
As I've promised earlier, I'm showing you the mushroom I bought last Sunday...It's a CUTE little mushroom... Guess what's its function?
Well, it can be the 'winning award' at a beauty pageant, like what you see at the Miss Hong Kong pageant.So... Say hi to Miss Mushroom 2008, Shirlexia Tan!
My housemate, Cynco also has one, but hers not mushroom, but SHIT.So... Say hi to Miss Mushroom and Miss Shit...
Not funny.
It is of course a body massager. :)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Another Sunday

Basically, I'm only REAL FREE on Sundays now. So sometimes I don't really mind skipping gym for that one day to hang out with friends or even family. Yup, Ah Ma is in town, planning to go see her once maybe this weekend or next.
Anywayz, this last Sunday, I didn't go to gym because my 'auntie' came visit lar. So I agreed with Karen to go hang out at Sunway Pyramid. We had lunch at Ajisen Ramen, which is to me, one of the best Ramen restaurants I've ever been to. They have a variety of flavours and the price is reasonable, at least cheaper than Ichiban Ramen! And most importantly, the Ramen is so erm... Crispy? It feels more like Speghetti, really nice lor! Okay, two things I don't like about Ajisen are, the real bad foodcourt smell and the music they play. Anywayz, the foodcourt smell does not happen all the time, only when they are really busy! And the music... Bloody Chinese songs in a Japanese restaurant? I don't like that!!!
My Fish Ramen, really nice ler!
Karen's Tom Yam Ramen! And obviously, she took the picture...
Karen trying to make sure she is not losing her trademark pose! Wakakaka...
And I'm not losing my trademark, taking picture with my foood! :p
After lunch, we browse around for sourvenier shops as Karen was(still) looking for nice stuffs for his brother's wedding. I got so excited when I saw these mushroomssssss!!!!!!I bought one of them, which I will show you in future post. Stay tune!
And then of course, we can't resist to go to Yokomon for another yummy ice-cream too! Karen had the black sesame while I had the dark chocolate!!! Pat, the dark chocolate is really NICE! You better go try it!
We love YOKOMON! To te mo o yi shi i yo!
Of course, there were the NTV 7 10th Anniverisary thingy going on at the new wing. Karen had told me earlier that she was bringing her cousins who are fans of Leslie to the event, but it didn't work lar in the end. Still we went to say hi to Leslie哥哥!
可立“哥哥”变黑了,真的晒太阳灯晒到黑了!我还以为他没化妆呢!是说,本人看过Final Destination后就一直觉得晒太阳灯真的很可怕!== Anywayz,这次能够和Leslie聊天很开心啦,怎么说,我还是觉得你很瘦,没必要减肥!连Karen也说觉得你比上次瘦了很多!你看看照片里我的包包脸和你的尖尖脸,你是不是比我瘦很多?重点!Leslie说我瘦了!还是脸瘦了!我很开心!!!真的!虽然照片看起来还是很胖,不过有人“安慰”一下也是好事!哈哈!:p
P/S:那个颁奖礼之后都没有什么访问的?我突然想叫你当一下我的Project S的嘉宾!
By the way, do you like the pink top I was wearing? Nice, right? I really like it! It's another stuffs I bought from Yue Bao through her wesbite. Yup, I think I'm having an 'Image Revolution'! Hahahaha...
P/S: Messages for Daniel and message from Daniel (???)
These are the notices informing us about the increment of our rental recently.
It has got violated!
I admit! I wrote the FUCK YOU, but the rest really aren't my work!
I am not sure who wrote this one though... I just saw it yesterday after Daniel came in the morning and when I got home the newspapers were all outside. So I'm guessing it's a message from him... But if I'm not mistaken, he doesn't have bad English... Hmmm... So I'm not really sure... Oh wait, even the Chinese has problem!
Hmmm... Weird.
Anyone who can understand what does the message means, please leave me a message! Anyone?

Saturday, July 26, 2008

No Thanks to DANIEL TANG CHENG KET, I'm now typing this at the cyber cafe!!!
I've told him about the internet connection at home about 2 weeks ago, but he kept quiet until I asked my housemate to sms him. He came and of course could not fix it without TM Net's help.
Now he told me he is back in his hometown (again, in probably two week time). I have not idea when will I be getting the internet connection again, seriously don't know!
For a service like this, he is asking for RM 500 for the rental seriously TOO MUCH!
If you are looking for a house around Sunway area, be aware of the name of DANIEL TANG CHENG KET!!!! DO NOT RENT ROOM WITH HIM! HIS MANAGEMENT SUCKS BIG TIME!!!
So anywayz, can't do any update here at the cyber cafe, it's already RM 5.00 now, better ciao before I have to pay even more!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008






Sunday, July 20, 2008

A weekend at the Japanese Film Festival, etc...

Hai, kai e ri masu!
Yup, just came home from another Japanese movie, the second and last one I watched on the Japanese Film Festival this year. No, definitely not very happy about that, because I wanted to watch Tony Takitani, Fourteen and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time too but well... Timing not ngam lor... :(
Anywayz, here are the movies I've watched...
Tokyo Tower-Mom & Me, and Sometimes Dad
I almost cried only when watching the trailer, imagine! I was crying like a baby in the cinema!!! It is a... Not to say a sad story you know, it's just really touching. As you can see in the movie title, it's not a love movie, but more to a family movie. It's about an ordinary Japanese guy's relationship with his mother, who is a cheerful and funny mother, who in the end died of cancer. Seriously touching movie that I would recommend you all to watch, especially to the youngster.
Wow, it just made me think of the days I left my parents behind and came to KL for my studies, and the days I had to leave them again for Perth. And the movie definitely made me feel really sad thinking about the day they will be leaving me forever...
Before that, Pa, Mi, I LOVE YOU! MUAKSSSS...

Ten Dark Women
Well, I really don't know how to say this... The story is about 10 women plotting to kill the guy they are dating, and it's a 1961 black and white movie that made me so interested in watching it. I must say it's quite a weird movie, I especially think the ending is like.... What the??? But I somehow feel quite alright to get to watch such an old Japanese film! The main actor and some of the actresses are damn good looking ler!
Yve Vonn, what movies have you watched? Don't forget to update your blog about that!
So that was how I basically spent my weekends, and erm... Unfortunately spent quite a lot on the meals outside, plus the shoppings... Phew~How come I just can't save money properly? Haih... Someone please stop me from spending, someone please control me!!!
Anywayz, here's the ice-cream I want to tell you about. The shop/stall is called Yokomon, of course Japanese ice-cream lor. I don't really know where else you can find it, but I've tried it at the 'La La Land'(sixth floor) at Sunway Pyramid. They have six flavours-green tea, dark chocolate, red bean, rum raisin, black sesame and strawberry. I of course tried the black sesame first and it was sooooo yummy! It tastes 'soooo black sesame', feels like a little bitter, but just a little bit! The thing is, the process of them doing the ice-cream for you is so interesting and that actually means the ice-cream is freshly made in front of you! I'm gonna try the other flavours too! Okay, that's about it. See you next time!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008




Monday, July 14, 2008

Our very own FASHION SHOW! Yay~~~

It was freaking 1 something mid night and Ducum and I decided to take some pictures of the dresses we bought from an online shopping website, which is owned by my friend Yue Bao. I'm basically quite addicted to it because it has a variety of clothings from Korea, Taiwan and China and they are CHEAP!
The dresses that Ducum and I bought are seriously CHEAP & NICE! Kenapa? Tak percaya ka? Check them out then!Very nice dress which can be worn as formal wear or casual wear. I just fell in love once I saw this on the website! It costs RM35.That's the very cute pink colour so-called 'lantern dress'. That's RM38.I know, this really lady-like dress doesn't look like my kinda dress. But it's GREEN! I love it, although I know I will only get to wear it to special occasions... It's only RM52!Here's the black dress that Ducum really like! And this one is under a special department... The bigger size department! It's RM58. Yup, the bigger size ones are bit more expensive.Now, I really like this one... Damn nice one man, and it's only RM39!!!
Then... It's modeling time!Haha... Ducum and I can be models lar, seriously! :p
And then I decided to do an Amy Winehouse stunt...
To send an angry message to Daniel Tang Cheng Ket...Try to make me pay you 500, I say NO~NO~NO~
If you are interested you can visit...


Saturday, July 12, 2008

9th Malaysia International Food & Beverage Trade Fair

If not for the shooting, I wouldn't be there at the Malaysia International Food & Beverage Trade Fair. But... But... To get into the fair F.O.C wasn't that bad, so I'm not complaining! I LOVE FOOD! :p
I finished my shooting faster than expected. I actually think my cameraman was already too tired and lazy because I was the last one to shoot! But well, I really hope the whole thing will turn out well lar... I was doing some Taiwan's fruits. Okay, that really shows how much I LOVE Taiwan, right? Ohyea, I really do hope I'm actually in Taichung, Taiwan!
Shooting... Shooting...
Diva Shirlexia trying the lychee at the Taichung's government booth.
And... Bloodily yummy mushrooms from Taichung!!! Arrrrhhh...
There is no way I'm going to miss taking a picture with the mushrooms!
I'm not lying, that's a REAL SQUARE-ED SHAPE WATERMELON!
I have no idea why Karen loves taking photo with the same pose...Same pose when taking picture with the watermelon....
With the watermelon again, and the same pose again...Even with the pears, different fruit all together, she remained the same...And even when pretending she is in Taiwan...And not only with fruits oh, she had the same pose even when taking picture with human... Maggie!
And that made me think of Ah Fa with her trademark pose-the one sided head pose! Hehehehe...
Anywayz, most of the food are only for looking or testing, but not selling... Well they are trying to get agents to buy their stuffs... And that is FREAKING ANNOYING!!! I ate so much of yummy mushroom there, but I can't own them! Arrrrhhhh... I'm sure Yve Vonn know how I felt!!!!! Anywayz yea, we were basically enjoying our time testing the food and drinks there and they were enough as our lunch! Yay yay... Save RM again! See those mushrooms? I was sooooo excited when I saw them! And they were basically my lunch today!
The Korean booth with the yummy spicy rice...
... With the whole lot of people waiting to test... Malaysians mah... Free food wor... Who said Singaporeans are kia su?
Personalized chocolate, which looks really nice, but cannot eat one wor...

One of the most crowded booth was this one, the vegetarian food booth! They also have very yummy mushrooms!!!
Er... Sorry, maybe I have to take back the 'Save RM again!' part... After we wrapped up our shooting, we went on for our shopping spree! Well, not much to buy in the end because I don't buy chocolate, snacks, stuffs that need to be deep fried, stuffs that are too weird, stuffs that are too normal, etc... I spent 50 bucks ONLY ler! Come on, that's so little compared to the RM150 I brought, okay? And here are the stuffs I bought...
Whole lot of vegetarian food! They are damn cheap, okay? 10 packets for 20 bucks ler! Well half of them that I bought were mushrooms!!! Wahahaha... Mushroom lovers mah... Okay Yve Vonn, if you happen to pass by Sunway, come lar, I can give you some of the mushroom!
(2 packets are missing because I already opened them!)

And this one... RM30 for a big jar of honey, apple, pear, peach tea from Korea. It's good for your throat, just perfect for me! :)
**Special thanks to Karen and Maggie for taking me some pictures when I was busy with the shooting! :)