Thursday, January 29, 2015

Mummy Shirlexia Wanna be Stylish too!

When I found out I'm pregnant, I was pretty determined that being preggers won't stop me from dressing myself up, stylishly as the usual me did (ahem, damn thick skin). After all, a lot of readings I did tell mummies-to-be to treat themselves better and to look good so you won't feel so bad about yourself as you put on the weight.

I truly believe in that theory. If I'm already going to be fat and swollen, the last thing I want to do is to add a horrible dress to make myself look even worst and feel damn bad about myself, aye?

Unfortunately though, I was struggling to do so the first few months, finding out that maternity clothes in the malls are insanely expensive yet ridiculously ugly! They are seriously so aunty I just cannot take it! So I got my ways into buying better-looking and cheaper maternity wears online and eventually also resort to buying plus size clothes which are really pretty! :)

Of course, there aren't many #ootd lar since I didn't have too many of the nice clothes anyway, but here are some of my maternity fashion to share...

First up, the first maternity dress I put on! 
Approx. @ 20 weeks
Dress: Say Fashion Maternity
Earrings: Diva
Bag: Gucci
Sandals: FitFlop

Old tube dress comes handy during pregnancy that's for sure! *wink~*
Approx. @ 20 weeks
Dress: Forever 21 (old but stretchy tube dress)
Vest: Sub Zero (old too but still fit)
Sandals: FitFlop

Old peplum top that still fits!
Approx. @ 20 weeks
Top: Forever 21
Leggings: H&M (non-maternity)
Bag: Charles & Keith
Shoe: Zara

Love foreign brands like Warehouse cos they carry big sizes that I can still fit into! :)
Approx. @ 22 weeks
Dress: Warehouse
Necklace: Promod
Bag: Gucci
Sandals: Fit Flop

Elastic dress that I can still fit into! Yay!
Approx. @ 22 weeks
Dress: H&M (non-maternity)
Necklace: Top Shop
Bag: Gucci
Sandals: Christy Ng

I'm starting to think preggers look very good in straight maxi or midi! What do you think?
Approx. @ 23 weeks
Dress: P&Co
Crop top: Cotton On (old one still fit a little)
Necklace: Promod
Bag: Gucci
Sandals: FitFlop

Hahahaha... Because we think taking #ootd pictures in Tesco, next to a bunch of bananas is totally appropriate? 
Approx. @ 23 weeks
Dress: Say Fashion Maternity
Necklace: Forever 21
Bag: Charles & Keith
Sandals: FitFlop

Elastic skirt to the rescue this time around.
Approx. @ 23 weeks
Top: H&M (non-maternity)
Skirt: Dorothy Perkins
Bag: Charles & Keith
Sandals: FitFlop

Again, elastic and higher waistline dress like this does wonders! 
Approx. @ 24 weeks
Dress: Glam Stage
Bag: Gucci
Sandals: FitFlop

Loving straight cut midi dresses!
Approx. @ 25 weeks
Dress: P&Co
Bag: Samantha Vega
Necklace: Promod
Sandals: FitFlop

Okay, Sekian Terima Kasih!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

We Need More Nice Movies!

Should be catching up with some movies that are currently in the running for numerous upcoming award shows. Meanwhile, here are some movie reviews of other movies I've watched recently.

The Lunchbox
Director: Ritesh Batra
Cast: Irrfan Khan, Nimrat Kaur
Synopsis: Ila is a young wife seeking for her husband's attention by trying to cook delicious lunchboxes delivered to her husband on a daily basis by the very famous Dabawalas of Mumbai. She later found out her lunchboxes have been sent to a wrong man - Saajan, a lonely man about to retire from his job. They started exchanging notes through the lunchboxes and started a strange relationship.
The Thumb-Up(s): Making two very normal-looking people the main characters of a movie isn't easy but the movie turns out to be so lovely just because they are average as we all are that you feel like everything that happens to them might happen to us too. Saajan especially, is such a character that you will have a love and hate relationship with - so introvert yet shows some interesting characters and sarcasm that just make you laugh.
Also love how they presented the story in the most realistic ways - people going to and off work in Mumbai everyday, trapped in the packed train everyday, met with weird people, etc.
And who doesn't love Irrfan Khan? He is always the main reason a movie is good, and that goes with this movie too.
The Thumb-Down(s): Hmmm... Maybe if you don't prefer Indian movie?
The Verdict: It's a lovely movie and that's all I can say.

Director: Nicholas Stroller
Cast: Seth Rogan, Rose Byrne, Zac Afron
Synopsis: Mac and Kelly are a married couple with a newborn baby daughter who are getting away from their old party lifestyle because of the baby. Things change when they have new neighbours moving in next door...
The Thumb-Up(s): While I cannot say the lame jokes and pranks in the movie are all acceptable, the fact that the story is about a young couple who are still trying to be hip after having a baby is quite genuine and it's something many can relate to. And figuring out how to love each other more after all the chaos is another thing you can learn from this comedy.
The Thumb-Down(s): Some of the lame jokes, pranks, scenes are you know, very cheesy comedy ideas.
The Verdict: Honestly, I've watched more than one Seth Rogan (and sometimes James Franco) movies lately just to get some laughter but this is the only one worth reviewing. So I guess you should get my point.

Life of Crime
Director:Daniel Schechter
Cast: Jennifer Aniston, Yasiin Bey, Isla Fisher, Will Forte
Synopsis: Mickey became a target of an ill-planned kidnapping with a bunch of kidnappers who are doing it for the first time.
The Thumb-Up(s): The outstanding cast is what made the movie really watchable. They are really entertaining to watch!
The Thumb-Down(s): It was a little slow pace, and very disappointing at the end of the movie.
The Verdict: Sorry Jen, I didn't enjoy the movie... I hope to see a better you in Cake!

Camp X Ray
Director: Peter Sattler
Cast: Kristen Stewart, Peyman Moaadi
Synopsis: Army Private Amy Cole arrived at Guantanamo Bay detention camp to serve as a guard and started a friendship with one of the detainees, Ali.
The Thumb-Up(s): I'm always a fan of movie like this - not all people from a certain religion are assholes or terrorists and I'm glad some Americans see that too when they decided to make this movie. The relationship between the two characters developed as the movie goes further and you could feel the pain and sadness in the end when they parted.
Kudos to Peyman Moaadi and Kristen Stewart, for quite a performance in the movie!
The Thumb-Down(s): Perhaps a little boring and slow here and there.
The Verdict: It was not as good as what I've expected, but still not bad a movie.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Affordable Meal @ Chatterbox, Bangsar Village

One fine weekend after a very lousy brunch that we didn't even bother finishing, we went on to hunt for a second round brunch to compensate the tummy (and baby boy) and that's when we went to Chatterbox in Bangsar Village. The Hong Kong-style restaurant has been around for quite some time but that was our very first time there. 
The crowd in the restaurant isn't that great, while the single portion ala carte menu weren't that great too. They have more ala carte dishes where you can go with rice but we opted for some fried noodles instead since it was already our second round.
Fried Tong Fun (glass noodles), RM12.80.
Chatterbox Fried Ho Fun with Beef, RM12.80.
The Fried Tong Fun was a real bomb; very tasty with enough 'wok hei' and ingredients like Chinese sausages and bean sprouts that are cooked just nice and still crispy. The Chatterbox Fried Ho Fun with Beef was pretty decent too, but we still think the one at HK Food Culture still wins.
Ying Yong, RM4.80.
We ordered a Ying Yong to share too (obviously I can only have a few sips) and it was pretty good, not too sweet, just nice! :)
Noming our hearts out...
With the extra 16% charges, the bill came up to RM35.25, which is pretty reasonable, especially at a restaurant in Bangsar! Good alternative when you want to get something to eat that is slightly more affordable at Bangsar Village! Oh yea, they also have an outlet at 1 Utama.

Lot F-22, 1st Floor,
Bangsar Village Shopping Centre,
No.1, Jalan Telawi,
Bangsar Baru,
59100 KL
Tel: 03-2287 8833

Saturday, January 17, 2015

My 1st Letter to My Future Son

I sort of think it feels a bit odd to always do mummy's talk on my own, so I'm making this mummy's talk entry into a letter to my future son...

Yo son!

By now, you are around 24-week-old already, time really flies hey! In a blink you will be out in this world sharing the good and bad with papa and me, plus a lot more people who will surely love you a lot.

In fact, by now, many have showed their love for you already! Ah Ma (my mum) and Mama (Papa's mum) are already buying some nutritious food and soup base for me so that you and me can be healthy and both have bought you cute clothes too! Your 2e and 3e (my sisters) have already bought me a classical music CD set to let you listen to (even though I still prefer pop music). Even at work, colleagues have been feeding me and you well, some kindly passed on some secondhand stuff for you and me and I'm very thankful for that. Papa and mummy aren't that rich so it is quite normal that I very much welcome secondhand baby stuff since those stuff are just temporary cos you will grow damn fast!

Papa and mummy haven't been buying a lot of necessities for you yet but I promise, we will, soon! I have been pretty obsess with buying clothes for you though, especially cute onesies! The other day we were at Debenhams where they were having sales and I couldn't resist buying you another set of onesies that are too cute to resist, even though they aren't even cheap! But since papa approved, I got them for you! :) I need to stop shopping for onesies and start buying other stuff that you need though! :p
Cute to the max I can't wait to see you wearing these!!! 
Oh yes, definitely going to me my major hunk! Hehe...
Never thought of buying this until recently cos we want to protect you from those bloody mozzies! Like the packaging say, let's kill mosquito together! LOL!
About three weeks back, we started to feel you either kicking or punching inside my tummy and it was MAGICAL! There was once I don't know was it because of the ice-cream I ate, the song Happy that was playing, or that you just wanted to join your cousin Jolie dancing that made you so excited that you let go two really huge kicks (ouch~) and I totally love that experience! Every single time you knock on my tummy, it puts a smile on my face. So baby, it's ok, continue to kick more cos mummy and papa both love that and I'm so glad you are such an active boy! :)

Mummy has been doing okay, sleeping well most of the time (only one night when I fell sick and was unable to breathe properly because of the nose block), only occasionally feeling down because of how big I look now. In fact now when I look down, you are so big I can't see my own private part anymore. Soon, I won't be able to see my feet when I look down too! And my feet have started to swell too and all these changes are really so new to me that they worry me like crazy! They say the third trimester will be the toughest and I'm bracing myself for that, hoping that you will continue to be a good boy and help mummy go through that difficult period with ease. 
Had to changed my engagement ring and wedding ring to a smaller finger and soon, have to take them out all together when all fingers got swollen. :S
Sometimes mummy can be damn emotional... I cry and get angry easily when people say something mean to me, my eating habits and etc. Swear words come out of my mouth and I hope you will not pick those up from me cos those are really bad words. Also, please don't be as emotional as me okay? Please, be a good boy!
Papa took these photos of me when I was busy cooking with the apron that couldn't fit my tummy with you inside anymore... :p
Talking about eating habits, while I don't think I eat extremely unhealthy food, only sometimes some cravings for junk that I just had to take, I hate people judging me for what I eat. However, I make sure I don't take things that would hinder your growth and any development of your body and organs. Doctor told us you are growing a little too well the other time we met you through ultrasound so I'm listening to the doctor - eat healthier snacks like banana and nuts which I definitely love and so far I think you love them too! :)
I drank some ice-coffee, so what?  You 'blow' ah???
I ate my favourite Cintan Asam Laksa too! But I felt so good after eating it!!!
Here's how big I am now!!! 
As for papa, while he isn't a perfect husband (in fact sometimes very annoying), having you makes me realised one thing - I've never felt so sure about the fact that I've married the right person. He has been telling me if he has some kinda superpower, he would swap bodies with me and go through labour on my behalf. Isn't that sweet, baby? And the other day after the check-up, the nurse was giving us a pre-natal briefing when she said if possible, all husbands should be by the wives' side throughout the whole labour process cos the they will be in a lot of pain and needs encouragement blah blah blah... I turned to your papa and he literally wept! In front of me, the nurse and another parent-to-be couple listening to the briefing! So cute of him I just wanted to hug him but I thought it would make us cry more in front of other people so I held myself back to avoid awkwardness. Hehe...
For you and my safety and comfy, papa spent over 300 bucks buying this pair of Fitflop sandals for me. :)
I think he will be a good father, teaching you a lot of useful stuff, just like how he has taught me. He might not be the over-protective dad (unless if you are a girl, that's a different story all together), but he will still love you a lot, that's for sure. In fact, I think he can't wait for you to grow old enough to play toys with him! Be it toy cars, toy airplane, toy helicopter or whatever you boys love to play with, he is already so excited he has been checking out the toy sections at malls  more often than ever! I myself, too, can't wait to see my two boys enjoying some play time!
That's your papa checking out toys to play with you in the future! *wink~*
Anyway, now that I have you in my tummy, I can already understand why parents always hope their kids will grow up being nice and filial to them. Mummy has to go through 9 months of pregnancy having you in my tummy with backache, nausea, growing fat and all, then God-only-knows how many hours of pain to give birth to you; then when you are out, sacrificing a lot of stuff to take care of you while papa may have to work damn hard to feed us and make sure you have enough for schooling and all... It really isn't easy being parent so we hope you would appreciate us when you are a big boy! :) One day when you become a father yourself, you will learn that yourself too.

Alright, talk to you again next time yo!

With Much Love,
Your mum, who is obviously trying to be as hip as possible

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Banana Leaf Rice You Must Try @ Appu Uncle Curry House, Seksyen 19, PJ

I very rarely have banana leaf rice but with people like Lea (whom I suspect she is half Indian) around, we always get to try out nice Indian food. She has previously brought us to Kanna Curry House but this particular weekend when we had an ex-colleagues gathering, she introduced us to Appu Uncle Curry House and it kinda makes me don't ever wanna go back to Kanna. Seriously!
Had to steal this from their FB since I forgot to snap pic of the exterior of the restaurant. 
Located at Seksyen 19, near where you enter SS2, Appu Uncle Curry House looks extremely clean and tidy with some very good service from their staff. You can see from their restaurant. the owner has done some parts in marketing and branding too with some funky stuff so you feel like this is not the typical curry house that you think you know.
Really cool and funky postcards they have. 
I had a look at the spread of dishes and I was already impressed. They all look so yummey!!!
Seafood bakar/goreng made-to-order.
Mutton, chicken and fish! Make your choice!
So anyway, we all had a banana leaf rice each with three refillable vegetables dishes which one of them being my favourite Aloo Gobi so I went yay and I'm refilling for sure! :p Also free-flow were some really fresh and crispy Papadum! Thumb-up!
My banana leaf rice, happily served on REAL BANANA LEAF!!!
Yummy Papadum! 
We ordered some other dishes to share. My favourite is their Sotong Goreng which was super fresh, flavourful and simply too delicious to resist. Love every bit of the dish!  
Oh you better don't miss this Sotong Goreng! 
I also love the fried bitter gourd a lot because of it's freshness and crispiness, unlike those you find in Mamak stalls that are forever so soggy. The fried chicken (which wasn't very oily too) is a must-try too - pipping hot, crunchy and such an enjoyment to bite on. I also tried the dried curry chicken but that's really nothing to shout about. Perhaps next time I should try the curry mutton instead.
Just look at them and you already know they are good!
Fried Chicken!
Dried Curry Chicken.
Tables around us mostly ordered their famous Curry Fish Head which looks pretty awesome but I guess non of us are fan of fish head so we had to skip that.
Here are Maddy and Lea...
I think June will kill me if she sees this picture of her noming... :p
And the very happy Mummy Shirlexia. :D
And honestly, it was quite affordable too! I didn't take down prices of each item, but banana leaf rice and drinks for 6 persons, 2 fried chicken, 2 fried bitter gourd, 1 curry chicken and a Sotong Goreng, we paid RM81, which is RM13.50 per person, which was a very good price I must say! :)
It was definitely a lovely meal with some awesomely delicious dishes (plus real banana leaf by the way, BIG PLUS POINT) at a very clean environment and great hospitality! I really must go back soon to try their other dishes too! Wanna join?

Appu Uncle Curry House
14, Jalan 19/3,
Seksyen 19,
46300 Petaling Jaya,
Tel: 03-7955 2525

Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Famous Sarawak Laksa @ Aunt Christina's Sarawak Laksa, Lucky Garden

I love Sarawak Laksa, although I haven't gotten myself all the way to Sarawak to try a real authentic one yet (I would very much love to since Sarawak sounds like another great place for great food). I have a personal favourite in Wangsa Maju which I've tried many years ago when I was still in college I don't even know if the stall still exist. The next one is this one in Subang, which isn't too bad.
Recently though, Deardo brought me to Bangsar to try the very famous Aunt Christina's Sarawak Laksa and needless to say, I was excited.
Aunt Christina's stall is super famous that she has been featured in numerous TV shows, newspapers and magazines. Some claimed she has the best Sarawak Laksa in KL! When we were at the old school kopitiam, almost every table has at least one person eating her noodles. 
Sarawak Laksa we forgot how much, probably around RM6. 
The Laksa comes in an extra big bowl, but with noodles and soup probably covered only half a bowl, topped with two big prawns, probably the biggest size I've ever seen in a Sarawak Laksa. I love the thick soup a lot, very flavourful and you could literally taste those spices used too cook it. I would prefer the bihun and bean sprout to be a little not so overcooked while the prawns aren't too fresh, but overall, it was a satisfying bowl of goodness. 
Siew Yok and Roast Chicken Rice.
We also tried the chicken rice at the shop since we saw so many people ordering it but while the rice tastes pretty good, the chicken and Siew Yok aren't up to standard.
Us, we traveled all the way to Bangsar for a bowl of Sarawak Laksa. 
Well, if you ask me, I won't say it out loud that Aunt Christina has the best Sarawak Laksa in KL, partially because I don't think I've tried all of them yet. Taste wise, I don't think it is fantastic although undeniably the soup is pretty awesome. Still worth a try if you are a Sarawak Laksa fan just like me! :)

Aunt Christina's Sarawak Laksa
Kedai Makanan Nam Chuan
2-4, Lorong Ara Kiri 2,
Lucky Garden,
59100 Bangsar, KL