Friday, April 24, 2009



P/S:Air Asia开始飞到台湾了!耶!不过今年我应该不行了,明年吧,小马&马迷们,等我!:)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hello? True friend???

About two weeks ago, an old schoolmate, we call her P, called me and I was really shocked she has my number. Apparently she got it from one of our old schoolmates. But anywayz, I was quite glad to hear from her. So without any hesitation, I agreed to meet up few days later at the Starbucks near my place.
It was quite a short catch-up. That night, she SMS-ed me a very sweet text message I really thought she may, you know, turn into lesbian...
Few days later, she invited me to a BBQ party at her friend's house. I really didn't want to go since I don't know her friends, but then I said 'yes' because I think it's just time to know new friends. Later I found out Ducum's Vietnamese friend, Karyn was going to cook some Viet food for us the same night! So I told P I will have to stay home for that, but she said she already paid for the BBQ food (at this point only I realized it was not a party hosted by her friend, but its the kinda party everyone needs to pay) and that it's just for 'relaxing'. Aih... So I went. Her friends stay at this really classy place in Bangsar. The food was really lame and quite common, nothing special. There isn't even any salad or fried bihoon like you normally get. Nevertheless, I enjoyed chatting with her bunch of friends. One of them was really really funny. She made me launged till I have this jaw pain after the party.
P sent me home and as we arrived at home, she suddenly put out his hands and said:"Ok, BBQ, RM22!" I didn't show it to her but I was bloody mad at the moment. She forced me to go one ler! And I thought she was paying for mine!!! For the shitty stuff I got, I need to pay a bloody 22 bucks!!! WTF??? Just for your info, I have a trip in plan and I'm seriously saving up for that. Worst, when I got into the house, Ducum told me how fantastic Karyn's cooking was, and I didn't get to eat them!!! And they are for free!!! S7%43#@$*()%$@... Seriously I really want to kill myself! P also said we shall meet up again this week... Shit, you just tricked me into paying for some stupid BBQ! Are you paying for my next meal with you or what???
That mid night, I was chatting with N when I told her about my bad exprience at the BBQ. She then asked me if P told me about the direct-selling thing she is doing? Did she introduce me to some of her friends with the names of blah blah blah blah... By now, all answers are there! P is not lesbian, neither is she in love with me... SHE IS TRYING TO DRAG ME INTO HER DIRECT SELLING BUSINESS!!!
Now, I AM VERY VERY MAD!!! First thing first, I hate friends like this. For a long time you didn't call, then out of nowhere you got in touch with me, just for this??? Worst, you didn't tell me straight that you want to introduce me into doing direct-selling, and asked me out a few times and yet still haven't tell me the truth! I disrespect direct-seller like this!!! Third, as someone who wanted to drag me into doing business with you, you should pay for my drink at Starbucks and the stupid BBQ you forced me to go!!! WTF? Where got people do business like that one???
But in the end, I figured, the most important thing is, the friendship. I really cannot accept friend like this. I mean, you see Brian is doing direct-selling, but when he wanted to introduce me into it he told me straight, invited me to a dinner meal which he paid part of it (because it was some high-class, expensive stuff lar). You see what I mean? To me, friends are not for you to cheat, not for you to trick, and certainly not for you to call-up after years when you wanna drag her into direct-selling!

To P, don't call me or SMS to ask me out anymore, I'm simply not replying your call or SMS anymore. I know your trick now. Just give up pal, I'm NOT INTERESTED, not especially with the way you are approaching me... I'm sorry. If you want a casual meet-up that is cool. :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Aaaarrrhhh... Bloody Stage Fright!

Karen Lai, as promised, here's the blog post you had been nagging me for about 3 days now... Nah...

I had an emcee job last weekend for the Smart Kids Talent Quest at PWTC. On Sunday I invited Ducum to come along to take some pictures for me since I've never had any real pictures of myself working as an emcee, a job that I love so much but am still new at, thus not yet really good at.
After a sleepless night, Ducum was quite hyper in the morning, so she took loads of pictures on our way to PWTC...Macam-lah it was a big day out for Ducum herself... ==|||
Didn't these pictures make you think of Justin Timberlake??? Sexy back... Okay, that was a joke...
Still waiting for the LRT to come...
And as expected, we were a bit early when we arrived. So I decided to give Ducum a breakfast treat at McD. To my surprise(super duper surprised), Ducum had never knew or tried the Big Breakfast!!! For a McD fan like her, it's just unbelievable! It was just bloody funny to see her taking pictures of the breakfast... Hahahaha...Ducum's first McD's Big Breaky! See how excited she was???
So then, off to work. Started with the rehearsal, and then the real thing. Like the first day, I had absolutely no time to rest in between rehearsal and competition. So make-up also had to be done while rehearsing. That's ok, but like the first day, I didn't do too well on stage. I'm still very disappointed with myself on that. I mean, this is a great chance for me to perform. If I do good, then the employer will continue giving me jobs, but then I just ruined it! I wasn't very nervous, no shaky hands, legs or lips, but somehow whenever I started to talk, I just couldn't even get the sentence right. I think it may have something to do with the fact that I had to basically say everything in Chinese, then in Malay. God only knows how long I've never had a real chance to speak Malay! Every time I said a line in Chinese, part of my brain was already thinking about the next line in Malay...
Anywayz, I would say I did pretty good when I was not on stage. Whenever I was at the side of the stage announcing teams and performers, I was pretty good. In fact, I think I improved on the second day! :)Rehearsal time... Working hard...
Presenting... Shirlexia Tan on stage!!!
Pretty confident while I wasn't on stage... Damn, that's not right!
Yes, and by the end of the day, my employer 刘姐gave me some comments... 你的声音很漂亮、外型也ok,只是你在台上紧张,是经验不足,但在台下就没问题。Well, at least there were some compliments there. I really really hope she doesn't give up on me, I really really hope she would offer me more jobs in the future!!! I promise, I will do better next time!
By the way, check out this cute little boy from Krista Cahaya! He is soooooooooo cute! Look at his spiky hair! He was always the slowest one, so funny! I was going back stage to take a picture with him after the show before finding out he has gone home! Poor little boy, must be real tired after performing twice! My cute boy... The shortest boy there... Aaaawww... He's just too cute!
The deserving top three winners, well, according to Ducum, who watched the entire competition.
Oh by the way, I know this may be a bit unethical, but then I couldn't help. Part of me is launghing so hard reading that but part of me is worried, how can a school teacher has such bad English? How are they going to teach their students? Here's a summary of the performance given by one of the participated schools that I refused to read when I introduced the team...
Alice is a lovely little girl. She always dreams to become an excellent Latin dancers. She is thinking until fell asleep. Suddenly, strange things happen, those puppets in her room are revival. They are happy dancing with Alice. Happy time always quickly to past, when the music stopped she returns to her true indentity - a lovely puppet.
Yup, we can say it together, once again! WTF???
Okay, that's about it.
I am not too happy with my performance on stage. The bloody stage fright has definitely got the better of me!!! Aaaarrrhhhh... But who am I? I'm Shirlexia, the optimistic Bao! I'll take this as a lesson and will prepare myself for the next challenge! Come on, bring them on~!

Films & Food!!!

Both movies are based on books, I prefer the second one more...
Confessions of a Shopaholic
I was amazed reading reviews of some bloggers saying they like this movie, especially when they actually came from guys! So how can I miss this movie??? Well, I watched this two weeks ago but kept the review till today... So you know what I mean, right?
I like the main guy, but I thought the main girl was a bit too old-looking for that kinda character. And unfortunately, I think they shown not enough of the 'shopaholic' part of her... Very disappointed with that, honestly. The entire story is just too expected...
But well, there is just one scene I really love, which is the dancing part! Love that part so much, I laughed like SO SO LOUD in the cinema!

He's Just Not That Into You
Obviously, I wanted to watch this movie just because of Jennifer Aniston. I actually expected it to be another cheesy love movie or something. But I was so wrong!
The story (or stories) isn't too fantastic, but somehow they are not too cheesy, very cool, very funny and touching! And Great script too! I think the best part is them being very 'real'. It really shows lots of the real thing in a girl or a guy's mind! Like the obvious one, whether to call a guy or wait for him to call you thingy... You feel so like yourself watching it! Almost everything in the movie could happen to us! And I actually cried when Ben Affleck proposes in the movie!
And the cast, you can't beat that you see... You have Jen, Ben Affleck (though I'm not a fan of him), Drew Barrymore, Scarlett Johanssen, Jeniffer Connolly, Kevin Connolly, Justin Long, Bradley Cooper, etc... It's like a dream team!
Love this movie, definitely A MUST WATCH!

I just accidently tried having my meals at the following restuarants and found them really good, so it's gotta be good food but wihout any nice pictures since they were all taken with my mobile phone...
Ccozi & Friends
Yea I know that name sucks, and worst thing is, it's actually a Korean restaurant, or to be more accurate, should be a stall located on the F1 Asian Avenue (or La-La Land in my term). I've heard about the rice balls being really nice before going to the restaurant myself.
One day I just decided I wanted some rice and to me Korean food is nothing if it's not for their rice. So I went to Ccozi & Friends and totally fell in love with it. Their rice, or do you call them Bulgogi, was really good and filling! I had the Tuna & Kimchi one the other day, and then I had the Spicy Shirmp one yesterday with Karen.With some vegetables and oyster mushrooms, the Bulgogi are both fantastic and filling! Karen had some lunchbox which looks pretty good too. I also ordered this chicken skewer which was not too bad too! :)Lazy to put caption lar... But I'm sure you feel hungry looking at them! :p
I think the best thing is the fact that the price was so reasonable! To me, Korean food in Malaysia means EXPENSIVE! But here, they sell bulgogi starting RM10, and lunchbox from RM9! Isn't that cheap? Their special Korean tea is RM1 per cup and you can refil as much as you want! So yea, although I'm trying not to eat too much rice, but Ccozi & Friends will definitely be my first choice whenever I have a crave for rice!

Canton-i 香港粥面家
It's a relatively new restaurant in Sunway Pyramid. Ducum and I have wanted to try it for a while, but we were worried it's going to be freaking expensive. Well from the deco and all, it really looks like that mah...The fancy-looking Cnaton-i.
So that day we decided we should just go! Being porridge lovers as we are(ohyeah, especially HK-style porridge), we ordered the Intestines & Fish Porridge(炸大肠鱼片粥) and the Intestines Porridge(状元及弟粥), plus a chili salt Deep Fried Sotong(椒盐鱿鱼须) to share. We love the porridge! It so nice I feel like they had blended the rice before cooking them! Ducum just couldn't stop saying how nice it is! Hahaha... Well she can't always go there for the porridge though, because it's at least RM9.80 for a bowl of porridge, unless if she wants the plain porrdige with dried scallop, which is RM4.00. The Deep Fried Sotong was not too bad actually, only thing was, we ter-makan a few pieces with the whole bunch of salt on it! Yucks~!Food are not too bad, but the drinks are a bit too pricy for that kinda quality. Even Kim Gary does better.
The two very satisfied customers...
They also serve HK-sytled noodles, rice, dim sums, dessert, etc. Can try lar~!

Actually... I still have more to blog about, but sorry lar, have to owe you guys first for now, have some work to do first.... Ciao for now~!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Some flashback and American Idol

Seriously, what is wrong with the internet connection??? I don't know if you guys are having the same problem as I do? Both Streamyx at home and my Maxis Broadband is running really slow over the past few days. YouTube is loading super duper slow!!! Aaaarrrrhhh... Really fed-up with the Malaysian whatever shit services man! Gosh I've never had the same kind of experience in other countries!!!
Anywayz, I've just finished my two days of emcee-ing at PWTC. Gosh it was tiring! More updates on that later when I got all the pictures.
For now, sit back, put on your safety belt, we are going back to last month, the weekend of March 20~March 21...
Sorry lar, since the photos were taken with other people's camera (well, professional ones), I had to wait for them to transfer, edit and then to upload to Facebook. So yea, I bet some of you had already saw them in my Facebook, but I'm just going to put some nice ones here with some caption, just for your information!
March 20
It was Ducum's big day! Her 22th birthday. So I joined her friends for the party which started only at night at Wong Kok Cafe...I Rene was the make-up artist for my eyes that night. Looks really nice hey?
With Chuan Yee, the one that I love and hate! Hahaha... Remember the 'oren name tag'?
The birthday girl with her friends... And sister.
At Wong Kok Cafe, you get this giant milk tea on your birthday, for free! Here's the Tan sisters... And just in case you wanna know, that lovely dress was from Singapore! Cheap stuff, only S$10!
And then it's clubbing time. Believe it or not, that was my first clubbing experience in KL! I mean, you have no choice, I'm certainly, definitely, absolutely, confirmed I'm not lying! I've been to the club a few times when I was in Perth, but definitely not in Malaysia. So we went to Scarlett at The Curve.
Well, not to say all the songs suck. They are ok, at least not techno. But I really didn't enjoy the songs there. It's just not my style, not the kind that will make me wanna dance like crazy. Well but... It's at least an experience, my first clubbing experience in Malaysia!Ok lar, it's blurred, but I like that deco mah...Me, Sok, I Rene and Lily... So proud with our drinks!I LOVE THIS PICTURE! If only Chuan Yee didn't look so silly... ==|||
Ducum's birthday cake this year was JCO dounuts!
And I also bumped into Chow Chee Peng, my ex-schoolmate! Ok, he prefers to be called Jeep Chow, I think.

March 21
Wow~ I remember it was a hectic weekend. Returning home from Scarlett only at about 4am. Slept till afternoon, then had to go out for the 1st International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta at Putrajaya with the Cincai Group. It was bloody hot that day we felt like we were roasted pig, roasted chicken and roasted duck. Ah, I want to be the duck lar, I like duck more! Kakakaka...
It was quite an interesting event lar. I was really amazed by the crowd hey! Of course, I met someone there accidently! Someone really cute, indeed. :)Just a few of the participating ballons... You see the clown's face one? It has two different expressions!
Trust me, I wasn't that excited, not especially after all the sun burn...
Honestly, this picture makes Wei Jian and me look like a very cute couple, isn't it? Eh, we are not a couple okay, people still single and available! I mean, both of us!
I bumped into Cheng Chu Sian!!! The archer I've mentioned in my blog earlier! And I can confirmed he is damn cute in real person, and tall, and mascular... A perfect boy! But in this picture, he looks absolutely stupid and plastic...
*Pictures courtesy of Lijing Khoo.
That's about it lar.

Oh, before I forget, I KNOW I MISSED DAVID ARCHULETA in KL!!! Aaaarrrhhh... I heard he was so friendly and cute! Aw~ Love that boy!
But I've been following the latest season's American Idol. My earlier favourite was Jamar Rogers, who unfortunately was eliminated I think in top 36 or something. And then there is Adam Lambert who caught my eyes very early on. And he just made me like him more and more every week! Gosh, that fellar really can sing! And of course, I like his look too, reminds me of Lee Harding of Australian Idol, although I wouldn't say he's the cutest one on the show right now. Well, yes he is the cutest one, to me! I LOVE YA ADAM LAMBERT!!! I really hope he would win the competition!
Adam~! Adamn~! Adam~!
My second favourite is Anoop Desai. I mean, ANOOP DESAI!!! Aiya, you know I always like Indian guys (maybe less now, since I recently prefer single eye-lit guys)... Anoop is not very cute you see, Ducum said his lips are too thick. I think his brows are too thick. Haha. He is not consistent. He can look very silly on a bad week. But on a good week, you will love him like crazy!!! I know as an Indian, he is not going to win the competition, but I really really hope to see him stay as long as possible! Ah... Not like I can vote or do anything... :( Anywayz, GO ANOOP!The Slumdog Millionaire fever continues with Anoop in American Idol!
Who's your pick this season?