Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Yummy breaky @ Plan B

Finally! Finally I've made it to Plan B! Well, Plan B is actually under the same company as Ben's and Canoodling and the famous Delicious. Oh yeah, we are guessing that company is earning super big bucks! Anywayz, Plan B's interior is about the same as Ben's in many ways. I suggest some of the food, like spaghetti are actually the same as what you can find at Ben's. But our mission that morning was to have their breakfast! Ya know I always love good breaky to start my day, right?I find the bottle for water very cool! It's like some container for medicine!
At RM24, we got our plate of breaky with ham, sausage, hash brown, bread, egg, baked beans and some yummy sauteed mushrooms. Plus, a glass of juice and tea or coffee. You can even have more of any of the ingredients at an extra RM2 and above, not too bad a deal too! Salivating yet? Who says breakfast are boring?
It's hard to not compare their breakfast with the one at La Bodega, they basically look almost the same! Of course, the one at La Bodega cost you more and to me, a little more filling. But I reckon Plan B's breakfast isn't bad at all! I definitely love their sauteed mushrooms! Super duper yummy I felt like I want to order more of them! They have some really fresh mushrooms and and cherry tomatoes tossed in some garlic and parsley... Ooohhh... Definitely tempting! I also like their sausage and hash brown a lot! The only one I don't really fancy was their baked beans. I was so excited looking at my breakfast!!!
I certainly like the breakfast here and I don't mind coming back at all! Oh and did I forget to tell you, the breakfast is available until 6pm! So you can sleep till late and still enjoy their breaky! I heard their sandwiches and burgers are good too! Gotta try them next time! :)

Plan B
Ground Floor (It's right in front of the back entrance),
Bangsar Village 1,
59000 Bangsar,
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2287 2630

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Good food comes in two

Yeah well, I guess it's also because I'm really too busy to blog and I have too many backdated stuff to blog about that I finally decided to do two food reviews at once since I finally have a little time to blog.
Now, these two restaurants and its food are totally different, but they both impressed me in some different ways.

Surprisingly good dinner @ Spring Garden Restaurant, KLCC
Last month when I was at KLCC for work, Deardo and I decided to give this fancy and expensive-looking restaurant a try after a long long day at work. I forgot to snap picture of the entrance, but yes it is a very cozy restaurant.
Spring Garden Restaurant is a restaurant under Tai Thong, but this one is pork-free (but not alcohol-free). From what I see, not many Malay customers that night, in fact majority were Chinese and Mat Salleh diners.
As we were being very price-cautious, we chose to go with just two dishes with rice. Claypot Seafood Beancurd at RM38.
Half a Crispy Spicy Roast Chicken at RM35.
Just to show you the very yummy chili paste...
The Claypot Seafood Beancurd was not too bad, with the seafood such as prawns, cuttlefish and abalone slices being very fresh. But what surprised us the most is the roast chicken! The skin was super crispy and the meat was really juicy. And! The chili paste that came with the chicken was super delicious! I don't know exactly what's in it, but I think there are some mini dried prawns in it or something, making the dish simply unforgettable!
Their rice also tastes a little different. It's like very obvious that they are not some random cheap rice. Well duh, they charged us RM3 per bowl okay? We both looked really tired, didn't we?
Together with a pot of tea at RM13. We paid RM98.25 (and that's with some special discount) for the dinner. Definitely expensive but I have no complain at all about their food and services!
The also have 50% off promotion on their Dim Sum from 3pm-6pm but pork-free dim sums? I'm in doubt...

Spring Garden Restaurant, Suria KLCC
Lot 413 & 414,
4th Floor,
Suria KLCC City Centre,
50088 Kuala Lumpur

Surprisingly yummy Chicken Rice @ Wai Sek Gai, SS2
Did I ever tell you that I'm secretly a chicken rice fan? Yes, by that I mean the rice itself! I can really go to a chicken rice shop and just order the rice with some gravy or soup to make it a meal for myself! :pWatch out for this stall! Well it is normally quite crowded lar.
Anywayz, because of diet issue, I try my best to avoid eating it but Deardo brought me to this stall one day to try this chicken rice which totally satisfied my cravings for some bloody good chicken rice!Looks quite normal but man it was so dangerously yummy!
The Leng Chee Kang next door was also not bad, although still cannot beat the one we have in Taiping. :p
Deardo's interpretation of 'this is bloody good man!'
I can totally give the rice a hats-off. The rice are well-cooked with the taste and fragrant simply tantalising. I thought the chicken was not fantastic but hey the Roast Pork was bloody nice! And for the plate of Roast Chicken+Roast Pork Rice, we only paid RM5.50, how reasonable! And mind you, the normal portion is already quite big and will fill a guy's stomach well!
Not a perfect place to dine at(super hot there man), but for nice food, who cares about the location, right?

Okay, time to go back to work!

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Hello Saturday!
Finally it's a lazy Saturday where I got to sleep till 10am and slowly had a satisfying breaky before landing on my own blog to talk about movies! Haven't really been to the cinema for quite some time but watched these movies at home!

Didn't even thought of watching this movie until my colleague Madeleine passed it to me. Surprisingly I kinda enjoyed it!
I was expecting it to be another romance comedy with some really cheesy love stories but it turned out to be more to a movie about friendship than any other thing. It is funnily gross but not cheesy at all and I really love it! If you've watched this movie, I'm telling you, my favourite part is when the girls are trying out their dresses and suddenly food poisoning strikes them! That was a REAL classic man!!!
I thought Kristen Wiig did a good job portraying an unmarried woman. I mean, if you are 30 plus and unmarried, I am sure you can relate to her character! It's just so real! The rest of the cast, including Maya Rudolph, Rose Byrne, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Ellie Kemper, Melissa McCarthy made up a line of funny bridesmaids with strong characters respectively. Just like Kristen Wiig, Chris O' Dowd also made an unexpected main guy very lovable.
Overall, Bridesmaids is cooler than a usual romance comedy, but better than a girls' fighting movie. I was truly entertained!

窃听风云2 Overheard 2

全球热恋 Love in Space


P/S: Hoping to catch夺命金 and Warriors! What about you???

Friday, October 14, 2011

Updates in 10 sentences:

1. Shopping in Bangkok was bloody fun but I didn't have enough of time and money~!!!! Aaaaarrrggghhh...

2. Work is freaking crazy at the moment I wish I could blog more than writing articles for work purposes!

3. I want to watch Warriors.

4. I want to watch Glee Season 3!

5. I saw this pair of really unique-looking shoe at Charles & Keith but was thinking it's a bit too pricey but later decided to buy... Unfortunately I can't get my size anymore! :(


Okay, I think 5 is enough.
Hopefully I can get some time off for my blog over the weekend!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bang the Kok

*Replacing lyrics of Empire State of Mind~~~*
Bangkok~~~ You like massage, makan or shopping~ Or McD Pork Burger~ You can find them in Bangkok~ Bangkok~ Bangkok~

Actually supposed to have more stuff in Bangkok to talk about. Like Thai Girls Show, Tuk Tuk, Nasi Pattaya, Ladna and all that. Bangkok also reminds me of:
Its scariness and craziness as shown in Hangover 2.'Lost in Bangkok' was a line that was constantly said in the movie. Damn scary lor!!!:S

Belle NuntithaIf I happen to bump into her/him, I will probably give her/him a hug. :)

Traffic jam.I heard it can be quite bad, can match KL's traffic. :S

I'm proud to announce, I'm going to Bangkok tomorrow! To the crazy city of Bangkok! Shopping, food, massage, Thai Girls Show, McD Pork Burger, Pork Keropok or whatever... BRING THEM ON~!!!

Ha... Like I have a lot of time...
Shirlexia Tan will be in Bangkok, in fact, Thailand for the first time in her life for only THREE days lar!


Monday, October 3, 2011

Pricey Afternoon Tea @ New Shanghai, Pavilion

I fell in love with this cafe/restaurant at first sight! I love the entire design and deco, and even their paper bags! Man they are so cool I wish that one day I can go back and just simply takeaway something just for that bloody cool bag!!! Seriously, all restaurants and cafes owners should invest in the design of their shops! Bloggers and photographers love chic restaurants and cafes!!!Check out their wall papers man!!!
So we went for afternoon tea one day. We were shocked looking at the menu! A pot of Chinese Tea for RM18!!! ==||| So anywayz, we decided to go ahead since we were already there. So here we go...From left clockwise: Shrimp Beancurd Roll (RM3.80), Chess & Potato Roll (RM3.80), egg tart (RM1.50) and BBQ Chicken & Pineapple Puff (RM3.50).
Shrimp Dumpling or Har Gao (RM8.80).
Red Bean Cake (RM6).
Notice I basically listed out all the prices of the food? That's because I think they are really pricey!!! Having say that, I must admit I definitely enjoyed the Har Gao and Cheese & Potato Puff, but then again I can't decide whether or not they are worth that price. I like their tea too, I can feel that it is off good quality lar... Duh... RM18 for a pot, you better serve me well man! *Slap on table~*That's me and Deardo's mum with our very expensive tea.
Well I think on average, the food was pretty nice. So if you don't mind paying extra for some quality food, New Shanghai is good for you to go. And if you love the concept and the deco, I'm pretty sure you should go at least once just to get the feel of it! Or at least, snaps some pictures there.

New Shanghai
Lot 1.02.00 Pavilion KL
(Opposite Mercato)
168, Jalan Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2142 2833

Oh by the way, remember El Fresco? Well we managed to go there again to try new stuff before Empire Subang sort of exploded...Fresh prawns with spaghetti.
Mushrooms and ham pizza... Yumzz...
The prawns can be good if they are fresh. Ours were not all fresh, so yea it's based on luck I guess. I love the pizza simply because of its thin crust and generous amount of mushrooms! :)
Man this make me miss Empire a lot! I'm not even sure if people dare to go there when they re-open... :S

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Asparagus Bacon Rolls

Hello October!!!
Suddenly I'm in such a good mood today, even though I'm actually at work on a Saturday morning! Like really EXCITED!!! Nah... Don't worry, I'm not high on drugs or anything like that. I think it's just because I had a very good night sleep... Oh and! Congratulations to Xiao Ting!!! Proposal is done there and I can't wait to be your bridesmaid!!! :D
So back to my blog. I realised I actually have quite a lot of stuff to blog about but work is kinda keeping me away from blogging but that's good actually, I prefer this to having nothing to blog about when I'm actually freaking free!

So... I'm gonna rewind back to Raya time when I was back at home and I made my family nice food to eat... I'm loving the library at work!!!
I've always wanted to make these Asparagus Bacon Rolls, especially ever since I recently have this interest to learn to make fancy finger food. I actually saw this recipe in a recipe book I got from the library at work. So here's how to make these cute, presentable and super delicious Asparagus Bacon Rolls...
1) Wrap the bacon onto each of the asparagus (many thanks to Mamo who has more patience than me slicing off the lower (and older) part of the asparagus). 2) Brush olive oil all over them.3) Sprinkle enough coarse black pepper and salt over them to taste.4) On a grill pan or a frying pan, heat up some olive oil and put all the asparagus bacon rolls and grill them till they are all cooked and that's it! Well obviously there were a little glitch when the bacon didn't seems to stick onto the asparagus. I mean, according to the recipe book, it doesn't require any extra stuff to make them stick onto the asparagus! But well, I still managed to sort of re-wrap them properly before serving them with some Aglio Olio! The Aglio Olio that I made this time around was the most successful one so far actually, just that my family don't seems to be very used to this kinda spaghetti... :( Good thing was, they definitely love the Asparagus Bacon Rolls! They were almost perfect! The bacon were nicely cooked and crispy and the asparagus wasn't overcooked and dry at all! Yummey~~~!!! I simply love this picture of my dish! Doesn't it looks dangerously yummy???
Well you might want to figure out how to make the bacon and asparagus stick together before trying this at home! But remember, remember to tell me how you do that okay? :p