Saturday, September 19, 2009

I wanna have my Rendang and Lemang~!

Okay guys, I just had a really boring week after returning to KL... So I got nothing much to share with you guys... Until... Oh thanks to the Raya break, I went out to Mid Valley with I Rene today to catch a movie and we had a really nice lunch at Purple Cane Tea Restaurant that I couldn't help but to share the experience with you guys! But please bare with my photos because they were taken with my lousy handphone camera...I just cut my hair about 2 days ago, but hard to notice that huh?
Purple Cane Tea Restaurant of course, is a restaurant with a 'tea' theme. So almost everything in their menu comes with tea, which means, healthy in a way~! :)Our Shui Xian Tea, served without us ordering.
Guess what? That's our soup! I had the Ginseng Tea Soup while I Rene had the Star Fruit Soup. Both awesome!
Seriously, that was the first time I had my soup in a tea cup!
Stir Fried Lotus Root with Water Chesnut, etc.
Ooooohhhh... Very nice Sweet Potato Leaves with some tea...
Long Cheng Tea Steamed Egg.
Good news for guys out there! The green tea rice there has free unlimited re-fill!
I Rene and I enjoyed every bit of the lunch there! The food were really good! I especially love the soup~! And most of all, we felt great having lunch there just because we knew its such a healthy lunch! :)
Mid Valley's Raya deco may be the best in KL although well, I didn't get to see much. But the Lat's inspired black and white kampung houses are just cute~! Don't you guys think so???Aih... I should have bought my Shawn zai to take pictures!!!
Grrrrrhhhh... The face is too chubby lar~!!!

Next up, movies review~!
The Orphan
I Rene wanted to watch this so badly that we went for it today even it's been on for such a long time! I guess good reviews from others help, cos surprisingly still many people were watching with us today!
Well, it's not a ghost scary movie, it's just a horror movie (well actually... I don't think it's very scary lar) about the 'orphan' brought into a new home. And slowly the family discovered she isn't as simple as everyone thought so... Well since the movie is already so old, I can tell you the twist lar. If you don't wanna know, then please skip the next paragraph.
I love the twist... The twist is, she has some kinda sickness, where she couldn't grow bigger but she is actually 33 years old. So she is actually a 33 year-old lady in a 9 year old body. And of course she is crazy and tries to seduce all 'new fathers' she got. I mean, I wouldn't have thought that that was the story! Quite cool, right? And the girl can really act! She is only 12 in real life, imagine that!

吓到笑 Where Got Ghost?

Like everybody said, Up is bloody awesome, everyone should go and watch it! And I can already see it winning an Oscar next year!
You can never really pick on the animation when it's Pixar you know, they just always make really nice-looking animation! This time around, the characters themselves are already cute enough to make you stay on througout the whole movie! But I think the story is still the most important part, the entire movie was great without me feeling any boredom!
I think the story is really really cool! And it actually makes me think a lot. I think about my parent, I think about their dreams, I think about myself, I think my dreams... It's like a movie telling you not to waste your time if you have something you really want to do! Life is just too short!
I personally love the part when Carl finally managed to finish the adventure to Paradise Fall, he found out Ellie's thinks the best adventure of her life was the time she spent with him... Oh that was so sweet lar~! :)

Hahaha... I'm sorry, Malaysia hates all the nice movies! :p
So, Bruno is Sacha Baron Cohen (the guy who was also Ali G and Borat) latest creation. This time around he is a fashion reporter turned hollywood star. Urm... The movie is about his life lar, how he tries to make it big in Hollywood with all kinda weirdest ways you can never think of.
I definitely had my jaw dropped for like almost the whole movie, looking at dicks 'dancing' round and round, looking at very gay scenes, looking at the big stars who made their guest appearance in the movie, etc...
I really don't know how to comment on this movie. But I guess if you are a fan of Ali G and Borat, you're just gonna love this too!

I'm now soooooooo hoping to watch The Informant!
It's Matt Damon's latest movie, and another great movie by Steven Soderbergh! I really can't wait! I hope I get to watch it 'legally' lar! The preview itself is already sooooo bloody COOL! And from what I read, Matt Damon did a great job~! Oh well, to me, he always does great jobs! Maybe an Oscar this time around??? Oh.... I'm already so excited! Hehehe...


bboy ady said...

all type movie tat i love u love also

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Oh yea?
So you like gay movies? :p

bboy ady said...

i love to critics

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but gay and lesbian movie sometimes
will come out some message that very inspiring