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My Shopping Cart from Perth

As I've promised earlier, this is a post to show-off the C&C(cute & cheap) stuffs I bought from my Perth trip earlier this month... I think only girls will be interested with this post, but don't be jealous! Wakakaka...
I can't remember all the prices anymore, but the most expensive piece I bought was AUD21 (RM63), which was a Nike top. And the rest are all cheaper than that. So I really think they are so cheap that I have to say I really enjoyed shopping in Perth! Yeah!!!The big pile of clothes where most part of my AUDssss went...
First to come, a blue top with white polka dots from Target, the first piece I bought from the trip. It costs me only AUD 12++! I love the big hole at the back! Next to it is checker box shirt, from Kmart which is sooo cute!I used to love Supree a lot! I know Lina loves it too! But their clothes aren't that cheap, and most of the time I only go for their funky t-shirts. I was so tempted to buy more of their t-shirts!!! But I controlled, and in the end, I got one, with "I recycle Boys" on it. AUD 15. I love it!!! Next to it is a long top from Jeans West. It has all the most trendy print on it: stars, heart shapes and polka dots. And guess what? It's only AUD 7.50!
Next up, a casual dress from Kmart. It's AUD20. I just love the design! Simple, yet trendy.Another dress I got from Valleygirl. I'm sure most people in Oz know Valleygirl. It was the shop we all love to check-into in the city. And this dress, at AUD19.95 is SO WORTH IT cos everyone who had seen it said it's cute!On the left is a really nice top that I will be wearing for my final assignment shooting this Saturday. And on the left is a dress, which is also really cute. Both AUD 10, Cotton On.The cropped cardigan is of bling bling material in gold colour. I thought it would be good if I start working one day in the PR or event field. It's AUD 9.90. Then this SUPER TRENDY AND SUPER CUTE high cut skirt is one of my favourites of all! It's AUD19.95. Both from Valleygirl.
The quarter pants I bought from Jeans West, which I've regretted since. Not because it's not nice, but because I bought the wrong size! After a while it just became looser and looser... Anywayz, it's another cheap piece at AUD 10.Then the whole lots of Nike I bought from the Nike Factory Outlet Shop at Harbour Town, when they have sales! I love the green and purple top (purple one's for Ducum) very very much. Mine is AUD21 while Ducum's AUD18(they were having a bigger sales the next day I went). And the pink colour sleeveless top is only AUD 12, and the pants AUD 18.
Of course, there are also three more clothes which I've worn to gathering over there and you've also seen in my earlier post.
Top & bottom: Same top actually, just different colour. AUD 14 something from Kmart. Middle: really nice casual dress from Jeans West. AUD 7.50. Also, my new and real cute strippy scarf from Target, AUD 12 something.
Not to forget, the whole lots of cute undies and bra!!! I love the undies there! Always cuter than the lousy ones we have here in Malaysia! And I love my new yellow bra!!!
And, and... Presenting... My lovely pairs of Keds! It's just so cute! I love the details... Look at the pattern, they are actually pandas when you look nearer! And the Cheongsam buttons at the back are so cute! And it's GREEN! Best part is, for this pair of cute and branded shoes, it's only AUD 20!!!Because winter is near, everywhere is selling winter clothes already. Stars, polka dots, heart shapes and stripes are so so so in the trend. Some of their jackets and jumpers are so cute! Especially some of the stripes ones! I was so tempted to buy them! But I know it's useless since we don't need them in the freaking HOT country like Malaysia, I have to give them all a miss! But I tried on one at Target...Missy Elliot in the making... Damn nice gold colour leather jacket, only at AUD20!
So, what do you think? You like them???

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对于本组呢,我是超级支持的啦!我的小马呢,有惊无险的就入选了,其他的成员我都蛮喜欢的,尤其是唱歌超好听又很可爱的野兽,还有最近爱上的奖哥!所以本组加油啰!挺你们的!:)至于Te组呢,我个人就不是很喜欢啦,毕竟很Uncle、有些甚至很“la-la”!不过,我还是很爱牙膏的,很偏心的要说一句:牙膏加油!!!:p哪有这么帅的公主帮啊?NO WAY!!!
小马是棒棒堂刚开播我就“爱上”的底迪。可是老实说当时的他除了帅,真的就没什么好说了。一直到中间的一段时间,应该是他的滑板表演开始吧,到他开始和阿本一起搞笑、然后再变成很会跳舞的底迪、再到参与偶像剧的演出获得赞赏,小马都是一步一脚印的慢慢的upgrade自己,让自己更出色的!从zero到现在,虽然舞技不是一流、唱歌更是还有很大的进步空间,可是小马的努力和进步是没有人可以否认的。其实有时候我觉得我和他蛮像的,有时候要表演什么的时候很容易自己缩起来,不敢表现,就像他那样fade out!不过这真的不行!小马,你真的很棒,你知道吗?在棒棒堂里算帅气,你一定是最帅的其中一个,滑板、魔术都还没有一个像你那么厉害,还有你在进步中的跳舞、唱歌、演戏,你真的很厉害!为什么就不要对自己更有信心呢?我们真的希望看到有自信、发光发热的你!小马Go Go Go~~~!!!
、 ,欢迎各位喜欢小马的朋友一起来到马窝和我们一起帮小马衝人气!

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When I was still a sport journalist...

I just got these photos from Emily's friendster. Emily was the PR for the Cobra 10s tournament last October.
Back then, I was still with my long hair, my fatty face, my fatty waistline... Most importantly, I was still a sport journalist, very happily covering the event. I really enjoyed the Cobra thingy because it was quite an interesting tournament where we all get to drink beer while working. And the after party was also really nice!
Most unforgettable was the fact that I got praise for the first time from one of my very senior ex-colleagues for the review I wrote of the tournament! I was damn excited about it!
Think I'm starting to miss the job that I once dying to get.
Nah... Unless if it's just for fun, like freelancing...
You gotta give me credit for having the courage to post these photos I guess... Look at the double chin, the fatty arm and tummy... Euwwww...

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David vs David & David A. is My Pick!

David "Baby Face" Archuleta VS David "Rocker" Cook.
So it's an American Idol finale with the top 2 who were erm... Much expected to be in the finale, it's a David vs David! And honestly, I love both of them. Although yea, I might put Jason Castro before David Cook, but I have to admit Jason wasn't as good, and he just looks like he doesn't care anymore...
I was hoping 8TV will play a live broadcast of the finale but was left disappointed. Maybe I just have to blame myself for not having Astro. But I caught all the actions on Youtube this morning and man I just have re-inject my love for the lovely David Archuleta!!! I know David Cook isn't an easy opponent, he's also very good. I was actually half getting bored of David A., who always sings like a teenage boy singer. Okay, well he is a teenage boy! But the finale... Wow... I couldn't agree less with the judges, David Archuleta wins the night!!!
First Round: He first sang Elton John's Don't Let the Sun Goes Down on Me.

I never liked Elton John, but I was like blushing listening to David singing this song! I felt so touched, for some unknown reason!!! It was such a brilliant performance!
Second Round: In this Moment, a song David picked from their song-writing competition.

Too cheesy for me... Can't take it!
Third Round: David sang Imagine again! I love him singing that song!

If I'm not mistaken, this time he sang it with a different arrangement and style compared to the first time he sang it. And needless to say, it was better than the first time!!!
I love you David Archuleta!!!
If I'm now in the States, I would be voting hundreds votes for you!
Let's pray that 'David Archuleta' will be read out as the name of the winner tonight!!!
Finger cross!

A Very Late Update...

Just finished uploading (oh, finally...) videos of my Ah Ku (uncle)'s 50th birthday bash.
First to come is the guys of the family, including ang mo Uncle Mike, who was so funnily forced to get on stage to sing the Hokkien song, Ai Pia Jia Eh Eia (爱拼才会赢).
Seriously funny...

And then the kids! I didn't really want to do this, but you know lar, we 'kids' just had to give Ah Ku a birthday gift since we have no money to buy one! So we decided to sing a funny-version of Ben. Yup, Ben's my Ah Ku's name!

Nah, I don't think we succeed in making it looks or sounds funny.
And presenting our Ah Ku, who was obviously VERY DRUNK by the end of the party!

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Here in My Home

The song is quite nice, and it's so hard to get so many people from different fields to be in the MV!
So do check it out!

P/S: I'm most excited when I saw Jason! No, not Jason Lo (okay, he also ok lar), but Jason of Sepet! Ng Choo Seong!!!

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Another movie reviewzzzz...

I'm gonna be very busy the following weeks. Have to prepare for my very own final assignments, do my translation work, and help up with my school on some stuffs. So I guess it's time to write my movie reviews now, otherwise I'll have more and more of them all pile-up.
一个好爸爸(Run Papa Run)
Shadow in the Palace(Korean)
I'm not quite a fan of horror movie, but people told me this one is a thriller, so I got interested. But I was honestly pretty disappointed. I don't really understand what were they trying to do, it looks like a thriller at the beginning, but then it went on... You'll see some hands coming out from the bottom and grab people, long hair woman killing people.... Wait, I thought it was supposed to be a thriller, not like a ghost horror movie? And the characters are too complicated, most of them wear the same 'uniform', so it is kinda confusing to me on who's who. I don't understand at all how come they can make such a long movie our of it. I don't even understand the whole thing in the end. No, I'm serious, you can go watch for yourself, maybe you can tell me what did I missed.
The Kite Runner
It's kinda weird. I'm so lack of knowledge on the Middle Eastern stuffs and all the happenings in the Islamic countries, but I'm always so interested with them. You should know by seeing all the movies I watched and books I read. And I often have to go ask my dad about the background after watching or reading them and got screwed-up for not knowing them.
The Kite Runner isn't so much about the war or anything like that. War is just part of the people's life in Afghanistan, and of course is part of the movie. But the story is about the friendship and the love of two best friends... It's very very touching, and very beautifully shot and delivered. I love it!
What Happens in Vegas
Haha... Not really the kinda movie I watch, right? I think I just wanted to watch a movie after a one-week break in Perth.
The story is well... Very the cheesy and expected. It's just more or less a very normal Hollywood romantic comedy. I had a good laugh, and I think you will too. But what happened to Cameron Diaz? Why does the make-up looks so awful on her? Or is she really growing old??? By the way, I think Ashton Kutcher is hot in the movie, check him out!
Drillbit Taylor
Another comedy I went for in three days time.
Nah, not funny enough... Not a good one... Failed....

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This time around, I'm just a tourist!

Yeh~ I kneow, one week is really too short! I seriously didn't want to go hoe~me!!! (Haha... Sorry, I just love making fun of the Aussie accent!)
ONE BIG ISSUE that I have to first say is, I just weighted myself, I put on 1.5kg in a week I spent in Perth! Bloody hell!!! Aaarrrggghhh...
Okay, let's start this long long post on me crapping about my trip back to Perth after a bloody two years. It was sooner than I thought actually, I always think I will never get to go back to Perth until maybe 5 years later. Thanks to the economic flight, I got to fly back and pay my second home a visit. So... This is a post on my much-waited trip...The first picture I took in Perth, pretty hey?
What happend to Perth city?
Well to be honest, I didn't get to spend much time in the city this time around. Most of the time when I got there they were already closed. Bloody lazy Aussies, I can't help but blame it on them because I always have to do my shoppings in a rush since they close around 5 or 6pm!
Anywayz, not much changes I guess. Perth is still Perth. I still see the same cute guy performing in front of Myer(Gosh, I'm so lucky to see him again) and most stuffs remains the same. There is a Supre in the city now, which is good because now you don't have to go to Belmont for that. There are two new and big Subway and Dome along the way at Adelaide Terrace. Public transportation fare had shot up, just like most of the food in the city. For 1 zone concession is now AUD1.30(was 60 or 80 cents) and for adult it's AUD2.20(was only AUD 1.30)!!! Thank god I didn't need to spend so much on that on my entire trip! Phew~Ohyea, of course, the Bell Tower is still there!
New addition to the city... It's fake, I'm serious!
Now this one is real. Remember him? the cute guy who does all the weird performance!Not only Perth, I also haven't change. I still love Gloria Jeans!!!
One of my favourites, Tim Tam Chiller! Yummmmmmmyyyyy... Shirlexia 'banana' in Perth city... Karen, this one is for you!
Back to uni@Curtin

Well, one day I followed Alvin to uni and had to spend about 5 hours before Jodi came after work. A walk down at Curtin felt so nice. I know, I know, studying is annoying, but when you see the picture of people sitting on the greens chatting, eating or reading, you just feel like joining them! There weren't much changes there I guess, except for the new building at the front. And the food at the cafes had definitely gone up. Too bad I didn't get to eat my favourite chicken, avocado & mayo facoccia at the Bookmark Cafe. But the cheapest food there, the dim sums, which were 3 for AUD2 are now AUD2.70. Interesting fact is that... The staffs at the cafe remain! I met up with Revathi for a short chat. The last time I met her was probably a year ago! And I also bump into Krit, my cute Thai ex-housemate!The sky in Oz is different, they are definitely prettier!!!I also love hanging-out on the greens just like them!
Trying to be arty... Hehehehe...
The stalls selling lots of stuffs at the Guild. Look who I met at the library! It's Krit!
Re-united with Jodi and Dana
Missed Jodi and her craziness soooo much!!! Erm... But I'm not sure if she actually misses me or my porridge... Hahahaha, I'm just kidding... And I always enjoy joking around with Dana, with our Aussie accent! Well, the first day we met, we had a late lunch at To~To, a Vietnamese restaurant at Victoria Park. It wasn't actually as good as the one at Northbridge, but well, no choice, I was craving for Vietnamese and Thai food at that very moment. You know the Thai and Vietnamese restaurants there are cheaper and not so commercialized like in Malaysia? I love them! Then yea, I had to cook chicken porridge for her and Dana for dinner for once. Oh well, people missed my porridge so much wor, no choice lor... I bet you want to try some of my porridge now, right? Hehehe... Actually, after two years, I found I'm finding it hard to re-understand their American accent!To~To~Restaurant in Vic Park. I think we can open a Magnum or Da Ma Cai Restaurant in KL.
Jodi's dry beef and noodle dish.
My Pai Kuet noodles soup.
Jodi not feeling guilty eating the non-trans fat chips? Hehehehe...
Dana, why do you have to randomly make cookies all of a sudden???
Me and my favourite Avocado!!! Arrrhhhhh...
Jodi made the salad for me, with Avocado!!!
Chicken porridge specially made for Jodi.
Beach outing @ Cottesloe(Yee~~Haah~~)
I just knew it was a perfect time for me to go back to Oz at this time of the year. And I was already so excited about the weather the first night I arrived! I was like, standing outside the airport just feeling the cooling wind! During my stay there, the weather wasn't that cold, yet wasn't that hot. It was freaking HOT sometimes during day time. Although the first day we planned the beach outing, the rain ruined it all, we still managed to make it the next day at a REAL HOT DAY! It was a short beach outing, but I love it!!! La~La~La~I'm going to the beach!!!
Yes! Welcome to Cottesloe!!!
Yeah! I love the beach! I love the bikini! I love peace! (What a lame caption...)
Noew... I can explain! I mean, the weather was fucking good!!!Enjoying the sand...
I don't kneow... We just love taking funny pictures...
Ex-Penang Food staffs gathering @Korean BBQ & Utopia
I couldn't explain how excited I was to meet them all! Maybe because they were mostly Malaysians and Indonesian Chinese, we got along so well! Lin Hu, Vani, Vera and me met up on a night for dinner and this time around it was Seoul Korean BBQ dinner in Northbridge. I honestly don't think it's a good place to go. The food were really expensive and came in really small portion that we had to go to Utopia for a 'second round'. I was dying to go to Utopia anywayz. Why? Simply because I would love to have my favourite drink in Perth, the ice-blended green tea with red bean!!!
The Korean side orders...Korean pan-cake. This is not bad.Very 'big' hor the portion? Well, maybe we are all 'big-eaters' kua, it wasn't enough at all!
Vani, Shirlexia and Vera got crazy after the BBQ dinner.
One with Vani and Lin Hu.
Oooh yea, the fried salted chicken and fried mushroom at Utopia are still as good as always!
And and... A must for me to have in Perth, the ice-blended green tea with red bean!
I'm sorry, I love taking picture with my favourite drink... And the crossword lottery!
Fremantle Trip
Fremantle a.k.a Freo was one of my favourite hang-out places though I don't go there that often due to the long journey from the city (its about 30 min train ride from the city). I always love the Western-looking streets with the fancy shops and cafes. And the market and and...the seafood! So there is now way I'm going to miss making a trip to Freo this time!
I went there with Jodi and Dana and we spent about 4 hours browsing around Freo, checking out the shops, having our seafood lunch in the rain, shopping around the market... Two word, 'REAL FUN'! I will always miss Freo! Muakssss...Let me introduce, Fremantle...
Some really old-school stuffs at a fancy shop at Freo.
These plastic made mini cup set is worth AUD55! My goodness...
Pretty women... Walking on the street...
New addition to Freo... I seriously don't know what is that... Seriously...
BBQ seafood at Kailis, looks really really nice,right?Aaaahhh... And they really do tastes good! Especially the scallops!
The kite shop at Freo market, made me think of the movie I watched, The Kite Runner before leaving for Perth.
The little stall in the market selling some fancy snacks...
Where I got the American M&M with almond and peanut butter! Yummy!!!
Gathering @ Tony Roma's
Apparently, the Tony Roma's in Perth city is a new thing and I think people are so excited about it. Including the waitings for a table untill the food came, it took us a bloody 2 hours! And when we were all real excited about the food, it was quite disappointing. Not as good as we thought and the different sauces used actually taste quite the same.
But anywayz, still not bad having the ribs with the white wine, and I think I've fell in love with the Brown Brothers wine! Tony Roma's in Perth City, definitely a very busy place.
Crystal, Keenie and me, still 'patiently' waiting for a table for our dinner...
The very famous and oily onion rings at Tony Roma's.
That's Crystal and Adrian's St. Louis Rib with 4 flavours.
Alvin's combo meal... Haih... Never changed one that fellar...
That's my St. Louis Hot Ribs.
That's me with my ribs! No no, I mean not my ribs... The ribs I ordered.
Lovely couple... Crystal and Adrian with their food. After this, you guys can start diet loooo...
Ex-Penang Food staffs gathering @ Penang Food Restaurant
Second gathering for us, as we celebrated Vani and Irene's birthday. It was another nice catch-up with them... And the bfs! It was great to see them having good jobs and guys with them in Perth! I wonder how is it going to be if I decided to stay in Perth with them. Must be great! Of course, we also met our lovely ex-employers, and I must say I'm really glad that uncle and auntie still look very healthy! Food at Penang Food are still sooo sooo yummy! I still can't control myself for eating the curry laksa plus a bowl of chicken rice, with Vani's bf Leo looking at me like you know... Shocked! Funny thing was, one of the topics on the dinner table was how to get me back to Perth. Vera actually suggested I marry her hosuemate! Noew wai man! Noew wai!Standing from left: Vera, Shirlexia, Lin Hu. Sitting from left, Vani, Irene and her cousin.
Entree~The Lo Bak!Wow, I still love the curry laksa at Penang Food, no kidding, better than any one I had in KL!
And the very yummy Nasi Lemak too!
Happy Birthday to you girls! Happy Birthday!!!
The insane shopping experience! Oh Yeah!

Wait... Why does that sounds so much like a tourism slogan?
I guess Perth is not the best place to shop actually. But for someone who had stayed in Perth for two years, I know where to go for the stuffs I like, so I still love shopping in Perth so much! Somehow I love the fashion in Oz more than Malaysia. But if you're expecting me to tell you about the LV or the D&G I buy then you'll be disappointed. I only go for cheap stuffs. I love getting clothes and shoes at Target and Kmart, and the incredible Harbour Town! With the currency at AUD1=RM3, I controlled what I bought. I‘ve bought lots of stuffs but the most expensive ones are only AUD20=RM60! And they are soooo nice! That's why I did not feel any guiltiness in me! I just feel so good for buying so many cute stuffs at such a cheap price!
In all, I went with 8kg check-in luggage, and came back with 14kg, including all the chocolates I bought as gift! How's that, huh?
I've decided to show-off the stuffs I bought later on in another post. Yes, 'show-off'' is the word... Hehehe...
Harbour Town, my favourite shopping place!!!
Arrrhhh... I'm so tired now, after writing such a long post! That's not the end you know, I think there will be two more coming up about my trip back to Perth.
Anywayz, I feel really good after the trip. It's worth every cent of it making it back to Perth although I'm jobless with not much money. And it was so nice to have a break and to catch-up with all my lovely friends there. I have no regret. Although I was feeling quite bad about leaving Perth and to come back(man, I sooo didn't want to leave Perth), but I did not cry or anything. I just feel so satisfy. And I know, I will be back. Yes, guys, wait for me, okay? I will come back!
To the left-outs like Ah Koon who has gone back to Mauritius, I miss you so much! Vin Chin, who had moved to Kalgoorlie, hope to see you and the wife soon! And to No (yes, his name is 'No'), who has gone to Adelaide, I will be waiting for the next treat! Hehehe...
Thanks to everyone there, especially Alvin who had let me stay in his house, and the others who had paid for some of my meals knowing I'm a jobless person now. Thanks and I will miss you guys so much! Muakkkksss...