Friday, August 31, 2012

The Amazing Chris Colfer

Well, the last time I got really crazy about an actor was Yoon Sang Hyun. I even went all out to learn Korean language and it went into the drain now... LOL! I still love him nonetheless, just that I think he just disappeared and I don't get to support him as much as I do now for my current favourite actor, Chris Colfer!
It all started when I got a free ticket to the premiere of Glee: The 3D Concert Movie last year. I already like Chris Colfer (who plays Kurt Hummel in Glee) just by watching the movie. I guess it is no surprise at all that I've fallen deeply in love with this young and inspiring actor after completing the three seasons of Glee. The only difference is, the love for Chris is slightly different because I can never fantasise anything to happen between us two. I will never have a chance, neither do any other girls who are crazy about him, for one reason... He's gay.

Chris singing Not the Boy Next Door, one of my favourite songs in Glee!

Well that is where the inspiring story comes in. Chris is openly gay and was bullied at school all the time just because of his sexual preference. That basically only made him a stronger person.

Chris's really cute Glee audition. :)

When he was 17, he auditioned for Glee and with his great voice he was cast as Kurt Hummel, a new character created by the producers just for him because they just love him too much. I always thought I would hate Glee because I thought it would be another damn cheesy High School Musical. But Glee surprised me as it has this really strong story line that often involve very sensitive issues that teenagers face and daringly put them all on TV. The extraordinary story line saw them talking about high school kids having sex, getting pregnant, being gays or lesbians and most importantly being called 'losers' and being bullied just because they are in the Glee Club (show choir they call it). I love it because I can sort of relate to them because I think I was quite a loser with a very low self-esteem too when I was in secondary school and don't tell me you never make some silly ghost-alike noises when you walk past a choir practice room where I was in there too! And the fact that the series shows how these underdogs manage to climb their way up is simply inspiring and too great for me to not love it. Besides, I always love movies or series that has something that is real or realistic! :)

Here's a cute duet of Kurt and Blaine in Let it Snow

As for Chris, he brought some of his experiences into Kurt Hummel in Glee and made such a huge difference in people's life. People who are bullied in school, people who are gay and are still shameful of being different found new hopes in Kurt and Chris. Both Kurt and Chris changed things quite a lot in the very world that we live in where bullies simply rule the school and you can't do anything about it. The same cruel world that in some European country you have news that a gay guy just got burnt till death for being gay. It's stupid, disgusting and awful!
Right there, under the 'M', Chris Colfer, Time's 100 Most Influential People in the World! 

Chris winning the Golden Globe and his inspiring speech! 

Chris Colfer, with his portrayal of Kurt, is being called the 'overnight star' of Glee by many in the industry. He is very different... A gay with a high pitch voice, which makes it really easy to understand why people just love to make fun of him. Having to said that, his singing and acting talent is undeniably brilliant. He has won a Golden Globe for his role in Glee and has been nominated twice for the Emmy Award, the Oscar of TV shows. Last year, at the age of 21, he was named one of Time magazine's 100 Most Influential People in the World! This year, his writing talent is on showcase with his young adult book The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell topping New York Times List for two weeks in a row and his debut screenwriting, Stuck by Lightning will be coming out in December. These achievements probably means nothing to some of you, but to him and the gay community, he is a true role model and great inspiration. His story is like a real life underdog turned superstar kinda thing, telling you not to underestimate one's capabilities!
Me loving a gay icon? So you have a problem with it? I call myself a Klainer too (note: Kurt and Blaine are called Klaine by their fans, who call themselves Klainers)!
Personally, I love Chris Colfer because in Glee, Kurt's story is always the one that made me cry. Those scenes with him telling his dad that he is gay, when his dad got ill and crushed him, when he got bullied at school up till when he found his love in Blaine (played by another talented and cute guy, Darren Criss) and etc. I'm so not gay but man those stories and Chris's detailed and heart-breaking acting touched me so much! He also has such a great voice that I love a lot! And besides, Kurt is a fashionista and aren't afraid to show that off, which is another true inspiration! Of course, his acting and singing aside, his real life story is something that makes me really love him. Also, if you dig out his interviews in Youtube, he is quite a funny person too! I just simply love the fact that he is so optimistic and enthusiastic!

If you remember, I have him at my workstation too, his quote inspires me whenever I'm down at work. 
So yes, because he is too young and that he's gay, I cannot be loving him the way I go crazy for other actors or singers. But I just love him very very much that I can only hope for the very best for him because seriously, 22 years old is very young! I hope that he would continue his good work in the entertainment industry and to succeed in whatever he does, as well as continuing his good work in helping people with differences making a difference in their lives.


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Steamed Egg with Pork and Cuttlefish

Deardo and I sure have been enjoying our new kitchen a lot so far! We are loving the fact that we are most of the time eating more healthily at home and saving some RMs by doing so. I haven't been too adventurous though, making only the usual dishes I've done before most of the time. But it is a promise to myself that I will work on that more now that I've actually bought more recipe books recently! :)
The Steamed Egg with Pork and Cuttlefish is my all-time favourite home-cooked dish. I think Ducum would agree with me that this dish was like heaven to us when we were kids. We can simply just eat this with rice with nothing else! There are a few different version such as steamed pork with egg alone, then you can add the cuttlefish or you can add salted eggs and century eggs in it.
My favourite one is with cuttlefish. I love how the cuttlefish gives the dish an extra flavour  and fragrance and it is always fun to chew them when eating this dish. It's super easy to make actually! 

What you need: minced pork (preferably with a bit of fat) marinated with soya sauce and pepper, two to three eggs, Cuttlefish cut into bits, water and more soya sauce or salt to taste.
If you ever wonder what on earth is cuttlefish, this is it! You can easily find them  at the dried food isle!  I got mine from Taiping though. :p
Very simple ingredients isn't it? Simple to make too! Here you go...1. In a deep bowl, those that you can use to steam under high temperature, lay the minced pork which has been marinated earlier into it.
2. Add the cuttlefish and mix them up. 
3. Break the eggs onto it and whisk them together with the minced pork.
4. When you are done, add plenty of water. I measure it as about two times the content of the egg and pork mix.Stir them up a little. Add a little more salt or soya sauce to taste. 
5. Put the bowl into a steamer or a wok with some pre-boiled water. Steam for at least 20 minutes or until the dish is cooked and the texture of the eggs are harden... And you are done! :)
Well of course, I've seen or eaten harder steamed egg that are without so much of water but as a family tradition, I love my steamed egg to have the smooth texture and that I can have those flavourful gravy to go with my rice or porridge. So it's really up to your own liking, really.
I love it smooth and tender! *wink~*
While Deardo isn't quite a fan of the dish mainly because I think this dish is more to a Hokkien dish and not a Cantonese dish or perhaps it's too healthy and plain for his taste buds? I myself thought as a first timer, it was quite a successful try! Love the texture, love the taste and love how I can now make my favourite food when I was a kid in my own kitchen! 
We completed our wholesome dinner with some Ginseng Chicken Soup and Stir-fry Broccoli. 
Hopefully I will have more time for more of the kitchen adventure and more time to share with you guys here, very soon! Meanwhile, happy trying! :) 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Movies... Hoping for more posts to come!

Happy Belated Raya guys!
I have been unbelievably busy just because of one bloody project! Guess what? Still a lot more to come! But it has also been a good long weekend as I finally managed to catch-up with some movies, old and new ones as I think it has been months I haven't even step into a cinema until last week.
So here are the three movies I watched and wish to share some of my thought even though some of them are already considered old...

The Hunger Games

Reviews for this movie has been pretty good so I was curious.
Well, story wise, it is quite an interesting storyline involving some reality show, PR and marketing elements. So my type! Ha! While I do love the story a lot, there are details that they did not explain in the movie, such as why is there such hunger games? I only got to know by reading the plot from Wikipedia! I also think the movie can be cut shorter, especially near ending. Seriously, the winning interview and the guy getting into the room to see the poison cherries were redundant. Also, please don't expect it to be a kick-ass action movie, it is not! I think the best thing about the movie is the meaning behind it, it's the humanity that matters most!
I always like Jennifer Lawrence. I think Katniss isn't a very challenging role for her to play but still, she is as hot as always! :) I wish I could see more of Liam Hemsworth but the minor role disappoint me. It is no wonder he needs to marry Miley Cyrus to get himself a 'promotion' in the industry! I'm also amazed at how Elizabeth Banks carries the role of Effie so well! Good one, Elizabeth!
As Deardo said, the movie is too overrated. It is not a superb movie, but to me, worth a watch! I rate this 3.5 out of 5.

Real Steel
Real Steel is certainly my type of movie... The inspiring story of an underdog rising up and the father and son relationship. I was expecting myself to finish up a box of tissue paper watching the movie but it didn't happen... LOL! Anyway, I still think it's a cool and inspiring movie, just not the best one I've seen. Action wise, not as good too. I love seeing how the cool Atom can follow human's shadow to fight but at the same time as realistic I am, I do not buy the idea of machine fighting machine at all.
Acting wise, nothing to shout about.
I rate this 2.5 out of 5.

The Dark Knight Rises
Thanks to Karen, we managed to catch the movie, possibly right before they take it off the cinema.
Well, just an intro, I've only seen the first batman and did not watch the magical second one which everyone went crazy about how fantastic Heath Ledger was in the movie. So I went into the cinema just to see how cool the story and the action can be without knowing what happened earlier.
For a superhero movie, The Dark Knight Rises uses the same old story... The superhero gave up on saving the world, then suddenly realised he needs to make a comeback blah blah blah. And as usual, it's a very dark story, which I don't really prefer. There are cool parts of the movie especially when those batman vehicles come out but that's it. I basically think Batman sucks as a superhero compared to Ironman or even Captain America, who has much more super power. I mean, I'm not used to all these comic stuff but why does he has a cloth hanging on him but he can't fly? Figure that out for me please! And gosh I hate it that superhero lost or died because of a woman. So old-fashioned and lame!
That aside, I love the really strong cast! Christian Bale is as fantastic as always, Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman are as lovable as always, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is so cute, Anne Hathaway added coolness to her beauty and great acting, Marion Courtillard is really a class above all... I think the cast is the best thing the movie can offer, really!
Not so good as a movie, but to get such a great cast in a movie isn't easy as well. :) I'll give it a 2.5 out of 5.