Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Eat All You Can Spaghetti @ Louisiana

This one was recommended by Ducum Tan, my sister after going there with her colleagues.
Located at Kelana Square, Louisiana is just a very normal restaurant serving all kind of Western food. But during lunch time they have this Eat All You Can Pasta Spaghetti which is quite good and cheap. First time I went there with my dear, I was a bit skeptical. I mean, I didn't believe it would be good with that kinda price. But I was totally wrong! We were both very impressed! So I took some pics and share them with you guys the second time we went for lunch there.Look for this restaurant when you're in Kelana Square.
There you go~ They are not the only one though, next door restaurant is already copying their idea!
The restaurant itself looks more like a Western kinda house, now with X'mas deco it feels even more homey! I love that, really. And if you sit outside, you'll be sitting by the riverside, pretty cool too! See, got shoe rack by the door side!
Love the homey feel in the restaurant!
Appetizer... Shirlexia acting cute~! *cough~*
Okay, the deal is RM14.80 for unlimited spaghetti which you can order by plate from 7 yummilicious flavours. Plus! Unlimited self-serviced green salad, soup of the day and hot English tea! Plus! A glass of ice lemon tea and ice-cream as dessert! Yeap, all that for only RM14.80!!! See, told ya it's a good deal! :pWell, of course the salad bar only has lettuce, tomatoes, onions and cucumber and Thousand Island as dressing!
We had watercress soup the first time, and Milestrone soup the second time we went.
Ice lemon tea is included in the package!
So far, the only flavour we didn't try is the Beef Bolognaise, beacuse we thought that is just too common. The rest are pretty good you see. Our favourite is the Mexican Aglio Olive. It's a bit spicy and sour, really really nice although it comes without any meat. Yummy~! The Pasta Chicken Olive.
The Pesto White Fish. Love the gravy!
Highly recommeded by Shirlexia and the bf... Mexican Aglio Olive.
The Pasta Smoked Sausage. Not too bad too.
The Chicken Carbonara is Ducum's favourite. Well, I guess not a good choice for non-chessy person. But the grilled chicken is good!
The Vegetables Stir Fried is not too bad too!
My dear and I normally have 7 plates, which means 3 each, and then another one, which is always the last plate, to share. And that will make us pretty full! A scoop of ice-cream as dessert!
I strongly recommend this one if you are a really big spaghetti fan. Hey, the spaghetti are really reasonably good and the price you pay is just unbelievable. I see people eating their main dishes from their menu and they look not bad too!
You should make your way there one day!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

One 'LITTLE' water for 10 cents, anyone?

Surely, Malaysians are not the worst English speakers on earth, but...

Oh~That's what 'Muallaf' means...

First of all, let's be ashamed of the fact that we Malaysians only get to watch this local movie in the cinema a year after it was shown in Singapore. A big boo-boo to the Malaysian authorities that I don't even care to remember their name.
Yes, Muallaf is one of the final pieces of work of the late Yasmin Ahmad. Still a fan of her, I was eager to watch this movie, no matter what.
It's quite a beautiful, quiet and artsy movie. I was concentrating so much during the movie to make sure I didn't miss anything. I must say it's not perfect, and it really could be a bit boring or even offending to many since it's really a movie more on religion. And the meaning of the title of the movie itself were explained in the movie. I didn't like the fact that Yasmin made the two girls sound and look too nice and too intellegent. It's a bit too much.
Cast wise, Sharifah Amani and sister Aleysha did a great job. I especially love Aleysha's acting, she is so natural that you forgot that she is acting. The new boy Brian Yap wasn't too bad too. And I was a bit surprise to see Yeo Yann Yann too! And she did a great job too! Haha, especially the swearing part! :p
My honest thought is, it's a great movie to all Yasmin Ahmad's fan. To me, it's much better than Talentime but I still very much prefer Sepet. It's much simple. :)

P/S: Anyone knows what did Aleysha say at the mamak stall that was muted??? Someone gotta tell me!!! Stupid censorship board!!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

The 'i's on X'mas Eve & Boxing Day (& it was our 2nd month!)

X'mas eve @ Dragon-i
Remember I said my dear gave me a treat at T.G.I Friday for something I've promised to do just for him?
Well, I went caroling with him and went for a Christmas Service at the church on X'mas eve. Yes, if you haven't know, my dear is a Christian and I'm not, so not. But for the relationship to work I'll just have to try...
Anywayz, before we went to the church, we've decided to have a big Christmas meal. And we went to Dragon-i, because that was also my first visit to the already very famous restaurant.
Again, WHAT???
Haha... Nevermind, I'm not a Dragon-i virgin anymore~! :pEven the appetizer, steamed peanuts was good!
Since my dear insisted I try the Siu Long Bao(yeah, it's my nick name), I tried it! Yes, it is indeed very nice! I guess a lot of you already know lar, the soup in it was like bloody yummy lor, especially when you have your first bite!!!The very famous Dragon-i Siu Long Bao!
Siu Long Bao x2...
For main course, I had the Fried Pork Chop Ramen. Well, I don't really fancy the fried pork chop, but the handmade ramen itself is really really good! You can taste the difference between the ramen here and the ones in other restaurants! And the soup is quite special too, I think there are some peanuts in it, like some satay gravy. Dear had the steam chicken rice, which is really not bad too hey! The fragrance from the rice is so nice! Well, I guess, what you pay is what you get lor. With the price we are paying, it is only worth it if the food are that good!Very the nice punya Pork Chop Ramen! Slurp~!
And I love the fact that they put vege in the steamed rice!

Boxing Day @ Canton-i
And this day was also our second month anniversary!
Yap, only two months! Long way to go~!
So my dear appeared in front of my house with 2 dozens of roses (don't worry dear, I'm not telling people why you had to give me so many roses :p)! Very sweet of my dear!That was also the first time I've receive so many roses at one time! Thanks my dear! Muaks...
I'm so totally a 'flower girl'! I mean, those girls who constantly tell their bf not to buy flowers for them because its a waste of money or blah blah blah, they are either trying to act fake or they are those not so feminine kinda girls lor. I LOVE RECIEVING FLOWERS!!!
After that we went for our 2 month anni brunch at 1U. I was in a mood for Dim Sum. But the restaurant that he wanted to bring me to already closed down. So, no choice, all of a sudden we are being so supportive of the 'i's company, we went to Canton-i. Of course, that wasn't my first visit (you all should know I love their porridge), but for him it was. Dear trying to act cool... Kekekeke...
We think the Dim Sum are a bit too pricy, so we only ordered our favourite Har Gao and his favourite Zha Leong, both are equally good. Dim Sum are not too bad at Canton-i.
Then I had my fish and deep fried intestines porridge, still yummy as always! And he had the Ng Bou Fun (5 tressures rice?). Besides the fact that the portion is a bit too small, the taste is totally great! Hahaha... I'm a bit lazy to type caption anymore...
Another example of pricy but good food. :)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Movies on Christmas Day~!

Alvin and the Chipmunks the Squeakquel
Ever since I saw the trailer at the cinema, I just couldn't wait any longer to watch it! It's Alvin and the Chipmunks!!! They are SOOOOO CUTEEEEEE!!!
And then I watched it. Like my dear said, they've included all the best parts in the trailer already, seriously! It's like the rest of the movies are just so-so.
Yet, it's still very funny and cute to see those guys (and girls, this time around) singing some of the latest songs that you are still very much into them.
Great movie to watch if you just want to have a good laugh.

十月围城 Bodyguards and Assassins

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Look what I've got from Jodi!

And supposedly, this is not a Christmas present, but a (very) belated birthday present!
A HUGE STACK of cute and funky postcards! Jodi and I used to share postcards that we've picked up on the way from the uni or in Perth city. So she is just keeping the 'tradition' I guess. And The Sound of Music OST! How cool is that!
See, sometimes your best buddy just knows you so well! I mean, Jodi being my best mate in Australia, she knows I collect postcards, she knows my favourite movie is The Sound of Music. And so she sent me those stuff, although not very expensive stuff, but hey, SO SWEET OF HER~!Of course, knowing her lazy ass, she only sent all these to me after keeping them for like ages! What made her finally sent me these was because I sent her a pair of socks with elephants on it! FYI, she loves elephants! Read what she wrote on the card! She calls the socks 'fantastical ones'~! Hahaha~!
Anywayz, thanks a lot Jodi!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Two-dishes-and-a-soup dinner

Remember my previous post?
We actually had more than that in 2 days.
Haih, I didn't want to tell you this one, but okay lar, have to tell ya and let you laugh at us... Initially we thought Maytower was giving us a serviced apartment, so happily we bought whole loads of food and stuff to cook. Even a bloody big wok. When we stepped into the room... We were like.... Ah... Where's the kitchen???
So that was how we ended up having our dinner at Bayernhaus, Cap Square.
Of course, we didn't let the food go wasted. The night we checked-out of the hotel, we cooked them up for dinner. It was a very simple and healthy 2 dishes and a soup meal.

The Soup: Omelette with Minced Meat in Soup with Dang Hoon (Glass Noodles)
I got this idea from my Ah Ma (dad's side) and I just love making this back in Perth. You get a really yummy soup without having to boil it for hours! Simple yet delicious~!
Ingredients: Minced meat (usually use pork or beef, but I was using chicken this time because couldn't find minced pork and beef one a bit unhealthy for my dear), eggs, preserved vege(Dong Cai), Dang Hoon (Glass Noodles) and soya sauce, pepper and salt to taste.
Boil the Preserved vege...
Chef Shirlexia is on a mission again~!
Fry the minced meat... Arrrrhhhhh... It was a bit difficult with the chicken that day.
Minced meat omelette in the making...
Haha... had to switch off the fire before taking the pic.
1. Marinate the minced meat with soya sauce and pepper, at least two hours ahead.
2. In a pot of water, boil with some preserved vege.
3. Just like how you fry an omelette, heat up the pan or wok with oil, then stir fried the meat a bit, spread them out equally, and then put in the egg.
4. When the omelette is cooked, dump them into the pot of water. Let it boil. The soup will get the saltiness from the preserved vege and the soya sauce and pepper of the meat. But if you think it's not enough, you can add in some salt.
5. Finally, before serving, add in the Dang Hoon, and you're done! Yummilicious punya soup~~~~~

Dish 1: The Mushroom Lover
Haha, I simply give a name to my dish lar!
Since my dear and I both love mushroom and brocoli, I've decided to just stir-fried some mushroom and put them over some really yummy brocoli. It sounds more like a vegetarian dish, isn't it?
Ingredients: Chopped garlic, straw mushrooms, button mushrooms, golden needle mushrooms, brocoli, corn flour and of course some chicken stock (or oyster sauce) to taste. (Well, you can basically choose which type of mushroom you like to add in)Boiling my dear's favourite vege.
First step is to simmer the garlic lor...
Swishhhhhh... Stir-frying the mushrooms...
With some water now, then the corn flour.
1. Boil the brocoli for around 5 minutes, then arrange them in a circle on a plate.
2. Heat up the wok with oil, then simmer some garlic.
3. Add in the mushrooms and some water and let them cook.
4. As the water is boiling, add in some chicken stock, then corn flour which is mixed in water to thicken the gravy a bit. And that's it! Pour them in the middle of the brocoli to serve! Done in about 6 minutes I think! Ah... Looks so pretty, isn't it? In fact, it was super delicious, okay!

Dish 2: Random Grilled Yellow Zucchini
Well, we were supposed to have grill salmon. But with all the travelling, the salmon went bad before we can cook it. So the yellow zucchini that I bought out of curiosity came to the rescue. My dear knows I love grill vege a lot, so he did this specially for me, randomly. :) I know the first round one was a failure, but then the second round one was pretty good! Oh, it's my very 'yao yeng' dear again, cooking!
Ingredients: Chopped garlic, yellow zucchini, black pepper, salt, red wine.
1. Simply heat up the pan with oil, then simmer some garlic.
2. Add in the zucchini, my dear simply flip them over and over with the pan without using any spetula.
3. Add in some salt and black pepper to taste. Finally a wee bit of red wine. And thats it!Ahhhhhhh... I love grilled veges!!!

I just love cooking! What more is that when you can cook for the one you love, and get praised for what you made? Plus, you can cook whatever you like, create dishes according to your preferences! And eating at home is so much more healthier hey! :DAnd taking picture with your camera's timer is fun too... According to my dear lar.

Now... Is my blog turning into a complete food blog already??? ==|||

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Too much of food in 2 days!

Last Thursday, my dear and I checked-into Maytower Hotel for a night as a short break. This is a special treat from I Rene, who had won the complimentary stay at the hotel through a lucky draw. So, a trillion thanks to I Rene! :)
Here are some of the stuff we ate during that 2 days.

Uncle Seng Restaurant @ SS15, Subang Jaya
This restaurant is no stranger to people staying in Subang area. It's a very famous restaurant selling homemade Wantan Noodles. Mind you, this place can be very busy during lunch time!
So that was lunch for us before checking into the hotel.Uncle Seng Restaurant, one of my favourite restaurant to go recently.
As usual, my dear ordered his Noodles with Wantan and Char Siew while I had mine with the braised chicken feet with mushroom.
I don't know about my dear's, I mean that is just such a common flavour. But mine is awesome! I love the chicken feet! It's just tasted so good! It's cooked till ngam-ngam where the skin is crispy and the smell is so good! Loving it man!Loving my noodles with the chicken feet and mushroom!
My dear's noodles with Wantan and Char Siew.
Some people actually pour a lot of this Sambal onto their noodles!
Upon request, my little bowl of curry gravy!
There are more variety of flavours for you to choose from, like curry chicken, minced pork, etc.
A regular plate of the noodles will only costs you RM 4.60! I think the large one is only RM5.30.

Bayernhaus @ Cap Square, KL
I think Cap Square is such a hidden mall in KL. I mean, do you even know there is such mall called Cap Square??? Well, it was right across the street of Maytower, so we went over to search for a nice place for dinner. Although the mall is quite empty, but surprisingly we found a really good restaurant and had a really satisfying dinner there!Bayernhaus has a not-too-bad interior design and deco.
Shirlexia posing with the loads of German beer.
At first, I didn't think he is cute-looking. But now, I really really think my dear is cute-looking, hey~! :p
Bayernhaus is a German restaurant so expect lots of sausages, pork and German beer there! At first, we were a bit skeptical about the food because the waitress who served us looks like she is so confused with everything! And the menu was like printed in different sheets of A4 papers! And then they told us beforehand that the credit card machine is down and we had to make sure we have enough cash for our meal. We were like... Duh??? But a good thing is, this restaurant doesn't charge you any service or government tax! :)Too lazy to type the long long name. So this is what I had.
And my dear had the meal A.
Well anywayz, luckily we were really impressed by their food. The Bavarian Potato Soup with German Sausages and Pork Belly was the first thing to impress us. It's just simply very unique yet yummy~! Well I must say, I prefer my dear's pork meal than my salmon meal. It's either he always order the nicer food or healthy food are always not-so-yummy. The gravy was really really good! We especially love the side, the Butter Tossed Parsley Potatoes a lot~! Bavarian Potato Soup with Sausages and Pork Belly~! Mama Mia~! Super nice~!
My Salmon Steak was okay lar.
Dear's pork meal was fantastic!
Great food I must say! We really enjoyed them! I guess we must also try the German Roasted Pork Hand one day too because we saw almost every table has that! And the German beer too! I guess we were really lucky to have chosen the restaurant for dinner! :)

Breakfast Buffet @ Maytower, KL
FYI, I'm totally a breakfast person.
And FYI, I'm such a big fan of breakfast buffet.
And that is why I always love to stay in a hotel that offers free breakfast buffet. I mean, you will get Western, Chinese, Malay, Indian and all kinda different breakfast all at once! Plus, the omelette counter is always my favourite part!
That's why I was very excited about the breakfast buffet at Maytower this time around! La Maison Cafe at a glance. Actually quite a small cafe for a hotel.
I was really excited about the bacon!!!
But some people just not really used to waking up too early for breakfast. :p
Well, I must say, the variety of food wasn't too much. As in, there aren't like too much of food compared to those that I've tried before. I mean, normally there will be hash brown, nasi lemak, roti canai and stuff. But I must say their food aren't too bad lar. The fried rice was really good. And it seems like my dear loves their potato wedges a lot. Oh yea, the crossants!!! The corssants was really really good! Very crispy and fresh! Love them! My first round... But the bacon aren't really good.:(
My dear's first round... This is when we found out the crossant is really yummy~!
It's been a while I didn't have Coco Crunch!
Green salad and some fruits are a must!
Too bad they don't have mushroom at their omelette counter!
Took more crossants because they were simply too good!
True to my Teochew root, I had some porridge. But not very good lar... The ikan bilis was too salty and the peanuts were not crispy already.
Not the best breakfast buffet, but it was good enough to make me really happy the whole day! I always think a great breakfast cheers up my day! :D
But hooo~hoooo~ I'm so bloody sure I've put on weight after dating Mr. Wong!