Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cool Easter Lunch @ Canoodling, Bangsar Village 2

As I've said earlier, Papo, Mamo and Vivian were in town over the Easter weekend. The previous post talks about our breakfast while this one is about our freaking cool lunch at Canoodling. It was a place which I've been looking forward to try for a while but I thought it would be good to let my family try something new too, so there we went! :)Very eye-catching entrance hey?
Also under the company called BIG, which also has Ben's under their belt, Canoodling has a very unique deco. I mean, I don't need to say much, I bet you will be very impressed by the pictures themselves. Don't hold yourself back, just say it out, WOW~!
I especially love the way they use some cookwares and the table lamp on the ceiling as their deco. And oh! Love it that they give you a chance to explore your drawing skills too! Every table has some big pieces of paper and crayons for you to play with! That is to me, simply COOL! Artists showing off their skills!
Judging from the name of the restaurant, it is easy to guess that they sell noodles! Their other selling point is all noodles are under RM9.90! Oh come on, that is such reasonable price! Especially in Bangsar!!! Very nice picture of Papo and Mamo!
Us being us...
Now here are what we had that afternoon...Yam Woon Sen or Thai Glass Noodles Salad. RM8.90.
Eggplant Sticks. RM4.90.
Salt & Pepper Squid. RM6.90.
Thai Laksa. RM9.90. Okay, all other noodles are at the same price...
Green Curry Chicken Noodles.
Beef Noodles.
Penang Prawn Noodles.
Dan Dan Mien.
Tom Yam Mee Hoon, unfortunately was the one not-so-awesome.
I tried all noodles and I must say I love all of them except for maybe the Tom Yam Mee Hoon. The beef noodles was surprisingly very good, especially the soup! The Thai Laksa has so much of fish and the soup was awesome too! The Green Curry Chicken Noodles has very flavourful and thick curry gravy and the chicken were all chicken thigh! The Penang Prawns noodles were pretty nice too although you don't get pork and pork lart in it. And though the Dan Dan Mien doesn't look and taste like the real one, the generous amount of peanuts basically made it damn yummy!Say Canoodling~~~!!!
We also enjoyed all side dishes we ordered too! And man they are cheap for that kinda portion! I hope they stay being so generous though! :pDucum shows you who is the real designer/artist.
My favourite things~! :D
Deardo Wong's drawing tells how much he understand me! :p
Canoodling surprised me a lot! I went there expecting only the restaurant being cute and cool but the food are definitely impressive! And paying RM106 for that sumptious lunch was a bit unbelievable! I really can see myself visiting this restaurant again and again! :)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Superb Nasi Lemak @ Village Park Restaurant, Damansara Uptown

Papo, Mamo and Vivian came down to KL for the weekend and we had great time going out for food with them. Trust me, the Nasi Lemak are not F.O.C!!!
That morning we were looking for nice breaky to start the day and it was Ah Ma who suggested Village Park Restaurant. It was only 9 something and that restaurant was already so bloody crowded!!!
So anywayz, we ordered the famous Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng, Nasi Dayang (served with curry fish) and Soto Ayam.Nasi Dagang should be a healthier choice.
Not-very-healthy Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng.
Soto Ayam.
Honestly, from the presentation of the dishes, they do not look anything special. But OMG that Ayam Goreng was bloody good! Though a bit oily (deep fried mah, what do you expect?), but man the skin was so crispy and tasty and the entire chicken thigh was tender and bloody yummy! The sambal is also definitely to-die-for. I tried the Nasi Dagang too and it was not too bad but the Soto Ayam wasn't that special lar.My breakfast partners...
My apology for not writing down the price, but the rice dishes are about RM7 per plate.
Obviously this shop doesn't need any promotion like this as when we left the place the entire traffic in the shop was already pretty terrible! And I heard it's the same on weekdays for lunch! Definitely nice food but not a place for you to hang-out lar. People will be staring at you like one kind if you don't leave your table after finishing your food! :S

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Out of THAT house... (UPDATED)

As mentioned earlier, some disaster happened to me last week. It was a drama which I've gotten really sick of telling people about the story over and over again. So to make it short, it involved us, the tenants of the house, the so called 'landlord' Daniel Tang, some people whom Daniel Tang owed money to and last but not least, some policemen. It was a scary experience. All we could do was hid in the room listening to the fight outside and the policemen questioning them all in the end of the night. Our rooms as we flee that house in one day time...
If you are looking to rent a house or a room in Sunway area, I gotta warn you ONCE AGAIN, when you see the name 'Daniel Tang Cheng Keat' or 'Squarefeet Service Hostel', you better just runaway! Click here to see my entire experience which now unfortunately ended up with some beating-up of people, policemen and we all had to move out right away because of security concern. Of course, if you want to know details of what actually happened, I will happily tell you just so that you don't end up just like us.Some of my stuff as I moved out...
Just in case you are already renting a room with him, you better run and stop paying him too!!!

*Updates: Apparently he has now changed his name to continue conning naive people... He is now JERRY TANG!!! OMG you guys should be aware of that name! Whether it's Daniel Tang or Jerry Tang, his full name is TANG CHENG KET!!! Once you see that your landlord has that name you better just move away from that house IMMEDIATELY!!!

P/S: I am thankful that Deardo's sister and BIL are kindhearted enough to let me stay at their house for the time being. So just in case you are worry about me, I'm fine here. :)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dinner @ Ben's, KLCC

In the very SMART tunnel.
It was a rare Saturday where both Deardo and I didn't need to work. So even though it was raining since morning, we decided to go ahead with our plan of having a day trip in KL. As you've seen in my earlier post, we watched two movies in a day and then proceeded to KLCC for dinner.Posing in front of KLCC after the rain! Phew~! Finally it stopped!
Our original plan was to go to one of our favourite restaurants, California Pizza Kitchen but apparently the one at Fahrenheit is the only California Pizza Kitchen and the one at KLCC has been replaced by a new restaurant called Ben's. Very fancy looking entrance! Nice~!
After much considerations, we decided to give the restaurant a try. Just so you can have a feel of how the restaurant looks like.
Though we both have problem with the Feng Shui of the restaurant. Ok lar, not exactly like we know what's the best Feng Shui lar, it's just that they sort of cover the restaurant up at the front and we thought there were nobody dining in the restaurant but apparently deep inside the shop there were plenty of occupied tables! But I definitely think the deco is cool and the entire atmosphere is very cozy. The simple Aglio Olio.
Yummy Chicken Mushoom Pie.
Fried Calamari.
Deardo ordered the Aglio Olio (RM13.90), I tried the Chicken Mushroom Pie (RM18.90) and we ordered a Fried Calamari (RM14.90) as snack too. I think the Aglio Olio was really just so-so. But the Chicken Mushroom Pie was definitely GOOD! I love the sauce that comes with it and OMG even the salad was fantastic! I especially love the fact that there were so many healthy seeds and nuts in it! They made the salad so crunchy! The Fried Calamari was not too bad, but I love the presentation!
I think for such decent dinner and great dining environment, the price is bloody reasonable! But of course, it's easy to understand they might still in a process of 'testing the water' with the price. But hey if the price stays or doesn't go to high, this place is going to be the right hang-out place for everyone!
As I googled for this restaurant, I found out it's actually under a company named BIG, which also takes care of restaurants like Plan B and Canoodling, which I am actually dying to try very soon!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Rare Movie Marathon

After quite some time, Deardo and I finally had some time to catch-up with some latest movies up at the cinema. It was a very rare movie marathon ever since we both changed jobs and ever since we decided to save a bit on our money. It was fun though, watching three movies in two days! It was actually quite an enjoyable weekend before disaster hit us at the beginning of the week... I shall leave that till my next post as I re-organize myself and am ready to share some of the stories with you guys.
For now it's time for some real movies! Whee~~~!

It was actually quite random as we chose to watch this movie. I had no idea at all what this movie is all about before watching it!
Now the story about Blu, a blue coloured bird getting lost as a pet at home traveled all the way back to Rio de Janeiro is just pretty normal. But I love the whole flow and humour of the movie. Pretty compact and action-packed. My favourite part has to be the part when Tulio sees Lina in her festival costume and Lionel Richie's Say You Say Me came in, with fire works at the back! Hahahahaha... So funny!
Of course, I love the music in it very much too! Both the Brazilian and the Hip Hop music! While I don't think Jesse Eisenberg did anything fantastic as the voice behind Blu, Anne Hathaway was definitely pretty natural playing Jewel! You should check out Will and Jamie Foxx's voices too! :)
Nice and entertaining movie!

Just Go with It

It is pretty easy to expect what kind of movie you're going to get from a combination of Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler. BUT!!! My honest opinion is, this one is not as stupid or cliche as whatever you're expecting!
I know, I know... The story about a boss and his staff falling in love with each other at the end of the movie is so expected, but hey the entire story was pretty cool lor! The fact that Jennifer Aniston is playing a single mum character where the other girl in the movie is getting more limelight than she herself excites me a lot. I mean, no longer the very common attractive character and no cheesy romantic scenes until somewhere in the end of the movie! I absolutely salute some part of bloody funny scripts! Ha, especially the part where Palmer said her saddest moment in her life was when N'Sync broke-up! OMG made me laughed gao gao!!!
I love Jennifer Aniston in the movie! She is still as stunning as always but she is now portraying herself with better roles, even though still in the same genre of movie. Adam Sandler is just good. I love the two kids in the movie. They were just awesome and most part of the fun of the movie were contributed by them! And don't be surprise to see Nicole Kidman in it! Playing a really not-so-Nicole Kidman role! She was awesome too! And tennis player Andy Roddick made a special appearance too! Remember to check out his necklace! :p
Seriously, this is a MUST WATCH!!!

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