Thursday, October 29, 2009

Food, food and food...

You know, people always say有情饮水饱,but I really think this can't be used on me and the bf. We can't just finish our dates without any food. Well, that is one of the reasons I fell for him I guess, we are just two very happy food lovers! :)
Most of you know, I'm enjoying my one-week break at the moment. So yesterday I went to Mid Valley to meet up with the bf, first for lunch, at Purple Cane Tea Restaurant. Remember I Rene and I just went for the first time last month? I love the food there, they are so nice and healthy! This time around I can't really tell you the exact names of the dishes because... The bf normally just dumped the receipt after paying the bills...We shared the Chicken Ginseng Tea Soup~!
The chicken dish that I cannot remember the name. It was ok.
Fried egg with tea leaves, tomatoes and real fresh prawns! Nice one! :)
The Belacan Kangkong with tea leaves.
I think we had a great lunch that day. The fried egg was really good, especially when they give really fresh prawns. But I do hope that the belacan kangkong is a bit more spicier.
And then at night, we went to Petaling Street for the famous Lou Su Fun (yes, finally I'm here!). Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables was ok-ok lar.
Yum~yum~! Really really nice Claypot Lou Su Fun!!!
The Wat Dan Ho (Fried Ho Fun with Egg Sauce).
Somehow, he just can't help but ordered the Wat Dan Ho again. *hint hint* We both think it tasted better than the one we had at Lien Bee .*another hint hint* But the prawns are smaller and they actually use lettuce in stead of choy sum, which is weird. AND~~~~!!! I LOVE THE CLAYPOT LOU SU FUN!!! So yummy~!!! Allow me to say this to my bf, THANKS DEAR~! MUAKKKSSSSS...*blush a little~*
Since it was still quite early, we went to The Curve and spent some time at the very cozy The Apartment. I know, it's quite a famous place, but that was only our first visit there. Well I must say, the atmosphere is good, and the services we got were really really good. Taken from the second floor of The Apartment, very interesting design indeed.
Shirlexia is now part-time model for the bf. :p
We ordered the Poached Egg and Bacon to share (I told ya, we 'really can eat'). It's like we were having breakfast when it was like 9 something at night! I think it was not too bad lar, except for... I wish there wasn't so much of mayonise, or perhaps use an alternative dressing, just not mayonise. The Peach Cooler was kinda special, but the peach syrup was a bit too sweet. I had the watermelon juice.
Poached Egg with Bacon, served over some spinach and toast with mayo, with some chips as side.
Expect more posts on food review now that I'm seeing a food lover bf. :p

The truth is, I'm so afraid of getting fat because of the dates! :S

Saturday, October 24, 2009

I'm so spoiled

Yeas~~~!!! *punch into the air*
All my work are finally done now~! I'm now unofficially free for the next one week~!!! Yeah~!!!
And now that I've just dumped my clothes into the washing machine, put on my much-needed eye mask, I finally have some time to blog~! :)
So, over the past week, despite having so much of work, I got some of my time out for some really great fun, and by doing that, I was so spoiled... Diet plan wise. :p

Wednesday Oct 21st
Uncle Yip gave me a wonderful musical treat with I Have a Date with Spring as a late birthday present. Before the show, we went for dinner at Grandpa Bak Kut Teh in Taman Paramount. Uncle Yip loves that place, I've been there with him before. There is a branch here at Sunway, but the one at Taman Paramount was the first shop to open. I honestly think their Bak Kut Teh is really not bad. Grandpa Bak Kut Teh, yummy~!
Veges and golden mushrooms are a must for me!
Oooohhhh... I love steam fish!!!
We wanted a steam pomfret but they didn't have it that day. I totally forgot what kinda fish we had in the end, but I love the mashed ginger that they put over the fish, despite the fact that I'm not a fan of ginger. Guess what? I had 1 and a half bowl of rice, oily rice, while Uncle Yip only had half a bowl of plain rice... Shirlexia is such a scary girl~! :S
I'm going to skip the review of the musical for now, until the end of the post.

Thursday Oct 22nd
Just for your info, I accidently met CL last Sunday. It was like such a HUGE reunion after 9 long years! Yea, I mean, bloody hell, he had graduated from secondary school for freaking 9 years now, and me? 8 YEARS!!!!
Okay, anywayz, since then he's been spoiling me with tonnes and tonnes of food! On Thursday we were supposed to go for the Claypot Lou Su Fun at Petaling Street (which I haven't even tried until today), but then... It was closed!!! We were both sooooooooooooooooooooooooo (I wish I can type more 'o's to express that disappointment) disappointed. But then well, CL said we can come back other days.
Then we went to the famous Fried Hokkien Mee stall which I recommended, although I was also there for the first time. It's Lien Bee 联美Hokkien Mee, it's situated same row as Kotaraya in the middle of some shops. Oh, and I just figured out they use charcoal to fried the noodles~!
CL and me love Wat Dan Ho, or you can call it the Egg Sauce Noodles. So we ordered portion for two, and one portion of Hokkien Mee, plus a must for me, veges.Very satisfying Hokkien Mee...
Super satisfying Wat Dan Ho~! CL, watch out for that cholesterol! :p
Okay, I agree this is a nice pic, if my eyes weren't so puffy~! :S
I think it was pretty good actually. CL definitely loves the Wat Dan Ho, although he said he prefer the Ho Fun to be even bigger ones... I don't know, Mr. Wong has his own kinda needs for food. :p I also like the way they boil the veges, it's like just ngam ngam, very crispy still! Together with three cups of Lime Juice, it costs us around RM30. Not too bad lar.
So there we had a lovely dinner at Petaling Street. As for that Claypot Lou Su Fun (and the shop selling Korean dramas), watch out, we are coming back!

Today Oct 24th
XT is in town, for the oddest reason you can ever think of! Haha... Not telling you why, because... Even her father doesn't know she came back!
So anywayz, XT, Poh Hoon (let's make it PH here) and me went to a lunch K at Redbox. It was only a short 2 hours K (Ah yea, Redbox being stingy lar, lunch also doesn't provide buffet anymore, WTF), but it was REALLY REALLY FUN since all three of us basically know most of the songs that we chose! So it was like, all three of us singing and even dancing along~! Ah... I just love that kinda feeling man~!
XT is gonna be Singapore, but PH, make sure we go sing K again yea! :) Letting the timer does the job as we take some crazy pics...
PH was like, aiya wanna hold then hold pieces of 50 bucks lar, why the 10 bucks?
Trying to do that yo~yo~yo~ thingy...
And then, XT went to have her hair-cut and dyed her hair, and then we went off to Zen to have tea and cake. And we were like, hey, we are Zen virgin! See... XT's new hairstyle defnitely makes her look younger, don't you think so?
Yea, we've been to Secret Recipe for like zillion times, but Zen, today was the first time ever. We both love the Dark Chocolate Cherries but not the Green Tea Cheese. Although I'm a fan of green tea, but green tea with cheese just... doesn't work, it seems...The Not-so-nice Green Tea Cheese...
Dark Chocolate Cherries is gooooooooood~!
Of course, I think what we love the most was the chit chat with had over the tea. It's just so rare to find somebody who you can share every single secret you have with, and to get the other person to agree or understand you~! XT and me, although kinda disconnected for years, still clicked now that we talk about our lives! When we parted just now, we had such a huge hug, we knew we are going to miss each other so so much~! XT~! Get on-line more lar~!
But anywayz, XT, you and me know, let's wish we both have 'happy ending' for that 'thing' we talked about just now! *wink*

The reviews...
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
Went for the 3D with CL the other night, after getting 'awesome' review from Ducum who watched it last Friday.
I guess Ducum just made it sounds so great that I felt a bit disappointed with the movie? Okay, I love the food part of the movie, like the huge pan cake with honey and butter (Ooooo... to me that was the most yummiest scene in the entire movie), and the speghetti tornado was so freaking cool! The animation really amazed me a lot lor. But I think the beginning part of the movie was a bit too slow=boring. And the whole movie isn't funny enough. It's so like, slow in the beginning and then suddenly got fast in the end.
So weird.
And Ducum said Flint is cute-looking? Duh? Do you think so? I don't think so...
Maybe I'm just being picky, cos CL likes it.

I Have a Date with Spring (The Musical) 我和春天有个约会 (音乐剧)
其实看这个音乐剧很爽的地方就是,我好多首歌,包括里头的两首经典你你你为了爱情我和春天有个约会以及一些很棒的老歌我都会跟着唱,而且很多台词都跟电视剧/电影里的一样,I was like在他们还没说之前就知道下一句他们会说什么了。
基本上对于一个本地的制作来说是很棒的,至少比我想像的好很多!那些舞台上的props、服装(虽然说不上很华丽,但看得出经过一番心思)和演员们的演出和歌唱都很不错。我唯一觉得有问题的是演员们不够漂亮和不够瘦,哈哈~!我是说真的,小蝶的角色,她是一个靓女耶,但我们的就是一个略胖略矮的演员,无可否认她的歌声很好啦~!我最喜欢的莲西怎么变成是一个那么老又胖的Auntie咧?但是,老实说她的演技还真不错,真的有把莲西那种“三八”演出来,我自己在结束时给她最多鼓掌和尖叫呢!当然,我觉得问题最大的是男主角叶良财。Come one, that fellar can't sing! 还要他唱华语!OMG~!而且家豪这个角色应该是很艺术家脾气、很不会说话的,但这个音乐剧的却弄到他整个很“口花花”,很破坏啰!说穿了,这一切都是因为马来西亚舞台剧的发展还没有很好,所以人才不多,没有得选啦~!很可惜啦!
P/S: KL Pac is such a cool place~!

Okay, any plan next week guys? I'm free oh~! Kekekekeke...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

I love Deepavali~!!!

I bought this really nice and quite expensive (at least to me) punjabi dress I think about two years ago? And I didn't get to wear it until Deepavali last Saturday! Well, thanks to my only close Indian friend, Revathi, I got to put it on and went for a visit at her house!
But seriously, it was so nice that it looks like I was the one celebrating Deepavali! LOL!You know the pants is the 'Aladdin pants' which is now such a trend! But it made me looks short lor...
Remember Rev and me just went to Lina's on Raya day? Yea, we are the three girls who can best represent the 'One Malaysia' thingy that the goverment are now so fucking addicted to. See, we just did the 'One Malaysia' stunt again on Deepavali day by visiting Rev's! Just wanted to make sure I took something that symbolizes Deepavali...
And yes, Tamil movies on TV is a must!
You know lar, like Raya and CNY, it's also all about food, food, food and eating, eating, eating... So yea, we had the cookies and also our lunch there! But I gotta say, I love Indian food! I mean, I am a loyal fan of Chinese food, but man, Indian food are always that lovely! Oooh... I love Muruku! But my favourite gotta be the round douhgnut-looking stuff!
More cakes and cookies, and Revathi actually made them!
Here we have very nice Nasi Beryiani, Sambal, and one of my favourite, deep fried coliflowers!
Sambal with tofu... Rev's recipe.
The homemade Tosai and urm... Forgot the name... Something like what you get with you Putu Mayam.
This is my favourite dish of the day! Indian Yoghurt with shredded cucumber~! Oh I feel like I'm sooooooo Indian again!
Sweet and Sour Vegetarian Fish, something new.
That was my first round... I went for a second plate later! :p
Dessert is always SUPER MUST with Indians! Ha, can never forgot how crazy Rev was over the pudding I made back in Perth!
One thing we missed is that we didn't get any meat at Rev's place because according to her, the Deepavali day fell on a prayer day, so they have to make only vegetarian food. Oh man, otherwise I'll get curry mutton!!! Oh well, maybe vegetarian is better cos they are healthier and not so fattening mah! They were yummy and filling anywayz! So it was all good~! :)
And then of course came the camwhoring session! Haha, I think Rev can never understand the fun of taking photos... She just REFUSED to be on camera when she doesn't look perfect! Touch-up lar, never wanna make funny faces lar... Revathi, come on lar, when you're around me, that's so not going to work! :pVery the colourful~! One Malaysia *1!
One Malaysia *2~!
See, I told ya, she just refused to not to look pretty in photos! One Malaysia *3
I think Rev has a pair of very interesting earrings!
So that was my Deepavali in which I took some time off work to get some fresh air~!
Work are not done yet! And oh, I'm feeling hungry now looking at the pictures~!
Okay, no no no... Time to bed~!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Anyone wanna watch Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs with me? In 3D!

First of all I want to say sorry to some of my readers who are always waiting for good stuff to read in my blog. I've just been really busy with work that I didn't have to do anything that I can crap about in my blog, except for the crap about Yoon Sang Hyun sshi (well, I mean crap to you guys, but not for me okay~!) and some of the film reviews I'm going to crap about here...
I hope, I REALLY REALLY hope I can have my 'normal life' back very soon!

After working for 7 days a week for almost 3 weeks, I finally have a day off today! Yeah, it was like everybody was having their Monday Blues while I had my off day! But then tomorrow it's back to the same thing lor... Sigh...
Anywayz, since I finally had a 'special' day off, I've decided to make full use of it. I actually just came back from the gym not too long ago, and that was the final program of the day, a long long day~!
I first went off to check-out about the Korean language class and yay~I'll be starting my first Korean language class tomorrow night! Soon I'll be able to understand my Yoon Sang Hyun sshi more~! :p But man, it's expensive! But then okay lar, to me learning an extra language is a worthy 'investment'. I'm still hoping to pick up my Japanese though, when I have more money...
(see, I didn't want to highlight the above part, because my parent would be shaking their heads reading them...)

And then, here we have, the two movies I watched today...
The Private Lives of Pippa Lee
This is a pretty odd movie. I mean, Sean Penn's (ex-)wife Robin Wright Penn as the main actress? That's like, WEIRD. Who on earth is a fan of Robin Wright Penn? I'm not saying I hate her you see, it's just that I didn't even know she can act so well to become the main actress! But then, the other cast members, Alan Arkin, Keanu Reeves, Julianne Moore, Monica Bellucci, Blake Lively, and the long time no see Winona Ryder just made up all the reasons for me to watch this movie.
The movie is about the life of Pippa Lee from young till later when she got married to a much older man and had kids. By now I guess I know why Robin got the role lar. Pippa's life is full of drama, weird stuff, like very crazy stuff. So that actually makes the movie quite interesting. I actually like Keanu Reeve in the movie rather than whatever Matrix movies he was in that I didn't even bother watching. He is so cool when he is playing 'normal guy'! Monica Bellucci and Alan Arkin are the two persons I love the most in the movie. And I just found Blake Lively really pretty hey! While Winona Ryder was just the same old weird Winona Ryder lar.
I think the movie is definitely worth a watch. It's something different.


没错,它是一部艺术片,不是每一个人都看得懂的艺术片。但我喜欢,这一点Lay Jing也知道。尤其是结果他都没说到张震最后有没有看到自己的老婆,是如我所料,但我觉得那是很好的ending!

Okay, time to sleep... So freaking exhausted man! I mean, I used to watched 3 movies in a day! Today I only watched 2 and then went for one hour plus gym sessionand that made me so tired!
I figured there is only one explanation...
I'M GETTING OLD fullstop.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

I'm in love... Crazily in love...

I'm sooooo tired and bored... When is the work going to end lar? I'm so fucking sick of them already!!!

While busy finishing the whole load of boring data-entry crap I'm doing, something always cheer me up, or perhaps makes my heart beats faster and my cheeks turns so hot! And that's YOON SANG HYUN!!!After a long long time, I've changed my deskstop and MSN display picture from小马to尹尚贤Yoon Sang Hyun. This one is now my deskstop background picture...
I must admit that I agree with many that My Fair Lady 拜托小姐's final episode was a mess. I mean it wasn't like really bad, but then it was a bit too cincai, you get what I mean? But anywayz, at least it was a happy ending lar~! Loving the Yoon-Yoon couple! Love them!
But over the past few days I found myself so in love with Yoon Sang Hyun I've been searching for his stuff on-line every single day! This is an interview of him and another actor I found on Drama Beans...

Yoon Sang-hyun-sshi, you’ve earned the affection of ajummas, and young students like you too. What’s your ideal woman?

Yoon: “When I see women, I lower my head and my chest races. I can’t look them in the eye, because they make me nervous. But even if I say I like a certain type, I don’t always end up liking those kinds of women.”

Choi: “Bingo! To say it simply, we like all types. There’s no one particular ideal woman. Aren’t men generally all like that? If you feel a connection, you like her.”

Yoon: “That’s right. If you I absolutely had to pick, I’d say I don’t really go for tall women, and older women don’t really approach me. I tend to feel attracted to elegant, slightly chubby, happy-looking women. Like [comedienne] Kim Shin-young? I was talking about it on another occasion, and mentioned Shin Bong-sun. Haha.”

Okay, okay, I'm sure you didn't quite see the point here, so let me tell you...
He said: That's right. If I absolutely had to pick, I'd say I don't really go for tall women (yay~I'm not tall, at least for his height which is 182cm *running in circles~*), and older women don't really approach me (hey, Yoon Sang Hyun sshi, I'm like bloody 11 years younger! Pick me! Pick me!). I tend to feel attracted to elegant, slightly chubby (Alright, who else is more 'slightly chubby' than me? *punch into the air in victory*), happy-looking women (Me! Me! Me! He's so talking about me!) .
Oh... I just went crazy reading that you know? Every single time I feel so sick of work, I think about him, and he just really really makes me feel so excited! Like now, as I type this, I can feel my heart beating fast and my cheeks turning really hot now! I cannot even remember when was the last time I had this kinda feelings for an actor! Hahaha...Oh so sexay when he is sleeping... Feeling so envy of Yoon Eun Hye man...
He looks extremely sexy in flip-flops! Sure his toe-nails are sexy enough to kill me! Kill me~! Kill me Yoon Sang Hyun sshi!!!
Yoon Sang Hyun sshi, I know you also said the most important thing is communication. So you know what? Give me a few months time, just wait for me, I'll equip myself with Korean language well enough to 'communicate' with you! Wait for me yea~!