Thursday, April 29, 2010

Date Night

Since I'm still jobless :(, I'm cutting down on watching movies... Well I guess not all because of the money lar, sometimes just don't have the time, or when I'm alone I'm so reluctant to travel far for a movie.
Anywayz, we were choosing between Date Night and Kick-Ass, both comedies. And finally we chose Date Night. I don't know how good is Kick-Ass but Date Night is definitely quite entertaining.
I think the storyline is quite nice, and it actually has some messages behind the story too. I also like the fact that it is a movie that is action-packed, you get pretty kan cheong following the movie. I like that! And of course, the whole set of talented and good actors and guest actors just surprised me and made the movie so interesting! Besides Steve Carell and Tina Fey as the main, watch out for Mark Wahlberg, James Franco, Taraji P. Henson, and more! You can even find Black Eyed Peas' Will. I. Am!
But but but!!! My favourite guy in the whole movie would be the cab driver, played by J.B. Smoove! His facial expression and that funny voice just made me laughed so loud!!!
Comedy with a good message... Nice one! :)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Food @ Taipei

*Long post ahead...

In Taipei, we were eating almost every few minutes. I'm serious! It was so bad that after only about 2 days there in Taipei, we already felt very 'muak' of the food, especially those overly famous street snacks.Our number 1 mission in Taipei was... FOOD!!! Wahahahahaha...
Like the previous Taiwan trip post, I'm not going to crap about all the food we had, I've chosen some that are worth mentioning, which I found quite a lot actually... Hehehehe... :p

Here's a list of Shirlexia's pick of the best food in Taipei...
1) Stewed Pork Rice (Lu Rou Fan) 鲁肉饭
Deng deng deng deng... Yes, Lu Rou Fan would be my number 1! Not that you can't get it here in Malaysia, it's just that theirs are definitely different!The Shilin Market's hawker centre is quite a crazy place~!
We first tried Lu Rou Fan at the Shilin Market (note: not Shilin Night Market) and totally fell in love with it! The pork tastes really yummy and flavourful, while throughout our trip we've found out that Taiwanese rice are really special and extra delicious! Of course, this dish is a bit oily, but hey, yummy food are always unhealthy right? Best thing is, it cost you only NT$20 (around RM2 plus)for a bowl of that! Salivating yet???? Hmmmm???
Oooohhh... The Lu Rou Fan is so tempting~~~!!!
We tried another one at Hu Xu Zhang 胡须张, but I reckon the one at the Shilin Market is better.
There is no way you're going to miss Lu Rou Fan whenever you step into the land of Taiwan!!!

2) Boneless Chicken Leg Rice @ Wu Fen Pu 无骨鸡腿饭 @ 五分铺
This probably would be my deardo's favourite food in Taiwan, because that's the only restaurant we went twice in two days in a row! Watch out for this little restaurant located at Wu Fen Pu opposite the back of a temple there!
We just wanted some lunch and decided to pick this tiny restaurant to try and surprisingly the food amazed the both of us, especially the Boneless Chicken Leg Rice! The grilled chicken is nicely done with some herbs or something on top of it. They will even ask you if you prefer to have onions with it or not. What I especially love about the rice is that it comes with spoonful of different vegetables. So although it's not very cheap, selling at NT$90 (around RM10), it's worth every cents of it! :DWah... I'm seriously missing that already!
A closer look at the chicken... Slurp~~~!!!
I also tried the Sha Cha Beef Rice, which was pretty nice too! :)
And the service we had from the young couple owners was awesome too! :)

3) Wild Boar's Meat Taiwanese Sausages 山猪肉香肠
You can easily get Taiwanese sausages here in Malaysia. Even supermarkets are selling frozen ones. But for sure you can't get those with wild boar's meat ones here! We had quite a few of them there and the best one would be the one we had at Jiufen...Be alert walking in Jiufen's Old Street. This young lady sells one of the best Taiwanese sausages!
Nyum nyum nyum nyum...
The meat is more juicier and chrunchier than the normal Taiwanese sausages, and if they grill them well, it could be the best Taiwanese snacks we've had in Taipei!

4) Beef Noodles 牛肉面
I think beef noodles is also one of the Taiwanese delicacies. The one we tried is at this little stall located near the Taipei main station. It's like in a small lorong in between some shops. But ya know, all these small stalls always turn out to serve some of the best food! Simple stall, but it attracts quite a lot of costumers! Ohyea, they have an Indonesian maid who can speak fluent Mandarin!
We had both the Hong Siu 红烧 beef noodles and the clear soup beef noodles. Both are good but I personally prefer the Hong Siu one. Although I don't prefer the thick noodles they use so much, the soup and the beef are enough to make me feel so hungry now I want a bowl of that beef noodles NOW! SEKARANG JUGAK!!! Also tried the cow innards...Yu~~~~~mmy~! Yummy 红烧牛肉面!!!
My dear was so happy with the noodles that he ordered a second bowl with the clear soup, but requested the beef to be still the Hong Siu one.

5) Deep Fried Octopus Legs 花枝烧
If you haven't yet know, Taiwanese call octopus as 'Hua Zhi' 花枝, not 'yau yu' or 'sotong'!
This Deep Fried Octopus Legs can be found in almost all night markets. Of course the we tried was not at night, it was one of the stalls at Tanshui (淡水)Old Street. Deep Fried stuff are very common in Taiwan.
Look at that BIG FAT LEG!!! I can assure you those are not flour!!!
It's actually a whole BIG FAT OCTOPUS LEG deep fried and cut into pieces for your enjoyment. To be frank, I've never seen such BIG FAT OCTOPUS LEG served as food in Malaysia! It's amazingly fresh and is so yummy you will go "Wah~~~! This is awesome man!!!" :p
High in cholesterol though... Kekekekeke...
(Aiya, come home and diet lar!!!)

6) Octopus in Thick Soup 生炒花枝羹
We had this at the same stall as the one we had our Lu Rou Fan at the Shilin Market.
It's a bowl of stuff with some huge pieces of sotong and dried sotong with some cabbage in it. It's quite a simple dish yet both the bf and I could not leave that out from our list of unforgettable food in Taiwan.At NT$60 (around RM7), we consider this as very cheap too!

7) Famous Tanshui Fish Balls 淡水可口鱼丸It's so famous that even Lian Zhan 连战came before!
Now this one we were very lucky cos it was a shop we randomly picked out of the whole loads of fish balls shop at Tanshui and it turned out, my friend in Taiwan, A-So told me it's the most famous one! Yay~! :DThat's what the people ordered, so we followed... Wantan and fish balls plus a meat bun.
I definitely love the meat inside the fish balls!
A bit like those Hokchew fish balls, the fish balls is very tender on the outside, and there are some mince pork inside which I believe was marinated with some Chinese wine beforehand. Oooohhh... That was amazingly yummy!
We didn't like the wanton and pork bun though...

Alternatively... You can try out some decent meals at some decent restaurants just like we did!

1) Hinomai Yakiniku 火之舞
On the first night we arrived in Taipei, it was raining and it was pretty cold we can see the so called 'smoke' from our mouths when we were talking. My friends in Taiwan, A-So, Feng Li and Xiao Xiao C made a right choice in bringing us to this warm Yakiniku restaurant near the biggest Cheng Pin in Taipei where it's eat all you can at NT$399 (around RM40 plus).Ohyea, eat all you can but in 2 hours time!
Since the Yakiniku are all done with charcoal, they are safer to eat and yummier in term of taste. I can see the girls really can eat man, we ordered so much of food, and most of them are meat!!! From chicken, beef till lamb and seafood, all comes in different kinda shapes, can be in thin slices and can be in pieces of thick steak. Makan, makan, makan, marilah makan bersama-sama~!
The big plate of beef...
Swishhhhhh... Can't wait to eat hey?
More meat...
We also had this steamboat thingy like those Japanese Shabu Shabu...
Taiwanese love these Mochi, they grilled and then eat with milk, honey or peanuts. We didn't like it though... :p
Service was very good too as the waiters wouldn't mind helping you in grilling the food upon your request. Drinks and ice-cream are included in the package!
It was definitely the best decent meal we had in Taipei!

2) Mos Burger
Ever since I went to Singapore last year and tried Mos Burger, I keep hoping Mos Burger would arrive in Malaysia. Unfortunately, it doesn't happen. So I can only find them in places like Taiwan!!!
Mos Burger is basically some Japanese styled burger with the burger buns being replaced by rice, making it rice burger. We had our set of burgers with drinks and salad and chicken chop.
I had the Seafood Jumbo Rice Burger. Yum~!
Deardo had the one with the beef! Yummy too~!
Anywayz, I reckon Singapore's Mos Burger has a wider range of choices in their menu. Yet the rice burger still impressed us a lot! Look how happy I was getting the chance to re-eat my Mos Burger???
Deardo was very impressed too! I still couldn't believe he hasn't try that before after so many visits to Singapore!
Aaaaaahhhh... Why Malaysia doesn't have Mos Burger lar~~~~~~?!?!?!?!

1) The Red Fleshed Jambu Batu 红心巴乐Unlike the Jambu Batu we have in Malaysia, this one is pretty soft to chew. Very nice but quite expensive... We had that one packet of the fruit at NT$50, which is about RM6! :S
This is the one kinda fruit I really hope Malaysia has!

2) Food at 7-Eleven
I think many of you who've been overseas would be amazed at how wonderful other people's 7-Eleven are. I've seen Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwanese ones, they all have whole loads of fun stuff to eat! In Taiwan, there are such a wide variety of food for you to choose from, the sandwiches and Temaki all look so fancy and yummy! And most of them, including cold drinks such as those fancy milk and soya bean milk can be heated in a microwave upon your request. How cool is that? First meal after checking-in to the hotel... 7-Eleven! Ohyea, they have these packets of honey mustard which are superly yummy~!
Last meal before checking-out the hotel... 7-Eleven again!!!
I seriously don't want the yucky fried mihun and nasi lemak or those awful-looking sandwiches in Malaysia's 7-Eleven after having such a food fest in those Taiwanese 7-Eleven!

What we think was pretty bad in Taiwan...
Lu Wei 卤味
It's a mixture of everything you can choose from, a lot of them are animals' innards, with some salted chicken, vegetables, etc. Some of them looked all dark in coloured but this one that we tried wasn't. It's just everything mixed-up with some oil (probably sesame oil), pepper, garlic juice and some ginger. I've picked one whole packet of stuff but I think we didn't even finish half of them!
It's not like really terrible but they are all cold and a bit tasteless lor...
You might want to avoid that! Hehehe...

Perhaps it was all the hoo-haa that Taiwanese street snack are bloody yummy and all, it made us had high hopes. Honestly, street snack wise, it was quite a disappointment. The super large Deep Fried Chicken Chop there are just quite the same as those you can find here in Malaysia. And most of their snacks are deep fried it freaks us out a bit. I think it was the difference of taste buds. Taiwanese has sweet tooth, a lot of their food, even the Oyster Mee Sua tastes a bit sweet. So I guess it's probably just us not used to it lar.

Taipei as a whole, is a great city! Most of the shops and buildings still look very old schools, but mind you, their public transportation system, their cleanliness is million times better than ours! Trains and MRTs come on time and frequently, bus drivers say hi and thank you to the passengers... People smoke and keep the cigarette bud with them until they see a rubbish bin, recycle bins are all over the city next to the normal rubbish bin, people are friendly and are always willing to help... All these are what Malaysia should learn from! I would love to see recycle bins all over KL city!
Sunset from our flight home~! :)
I would say it was quite a cool trip, but not too fantastic. I reckon I had a better experience in Hong Kong... It's good to go visit once, but I'm not looking forward for a next trip there, at least not too soon.

Phew~ That was a long long long one...
If you've make it till this final line, I thank you for your patience! :p

Ahhhh... Here's a video of me enjoying my ice-cream in Tansui... Hehehehe...

Monday, April 26, 2010

6 months' celebration @ Tomoe Jap Restaurant, Subang SS15

We had just celebrated our sixth month at Tomoe Japanese Restaurant and I'm so excited to share the yummy food we had with you all!
The restaurant is very easily seen at a corner shop at SS15, right opposite Subang Jaya Medical Centre (SJMC). I've heard so much about the restaurant yet this was only the first time I stepped into the restaurant.The entire design impressed me a lot. It's very spacious, so even though there were quite a lot of people you don't really feel it's noisy. Ventilation is good too cos I can't really smell heavy smoke even if there were costumers smoking indoor! There are some rooms with the sliding door just like some Japanese house too. There is even an elevator to bring us up to 2nd floor! The whole place looks so classy even the toilet impressed me a lot! They have small towels for you in the toilet to wipe hands in stead of tissue paper! After use, just dump them into a laundry basket!The very classy-looking sushi bar.
Those rooms with some Japanese people having their beer and sake.
I think the one thing that made us thought we've made the right choice was the fact that almost all tables were occupied by Japanese! Yes, real nihon jin desu yo! And the waitress greeted us in Japanese, and some of them either they are Japanese or they can speak fluent Japanese, cos they take orders in Japanese language! Isn't that cool?Here I am, getting ready to makan~! I LOVE JAPANESE FOOD!!!
He looks extra cute with his new green and white stripes shirt!
The menu has too many choices we didn't know which are good. And some of those that the waitress recommended were just way too pricey for us. In the end, we ordered 5 dishes to share...Salmon Sashimi is a must. Five pieces for RM 20.
Kaisen Shioyaki Soba (Fried Seafood Soba), RM22.
Agedashi Tofu, RM13.
Ten don, RM28.
Super yummy Dragon Roll, RM33.
Our favourite dish of the night would be the Dragon Roll. The sushi has a whole big prawn in the middle, which is deep fried. On the outer part, there is a thin layer of my favourite avocado and sashimi of a few different kind of fishes. And they have honey mustard spread over them, which just added more points to the dish! Superb~!
The Salmon Sashimi was very very fresh, the Seafood Fried Soba was awesome, The Agedashi Tofu was just so so, but the ladies finger and eggplant they put on top of the tofu was really yummy but the Ten Don was a bit of a let down.Itatakimasu....
The bill, with service and government taxes, came up to RM133.40. A bit pricey although it was lower than our expectations lar. Most importantly, we had a satisfying Japanese dinner! :D I would really recommend you to try their food if you don't mind paying more than the usual price. Like me, I would definitely only visit this kinda restaurant once in a blue moon although yes, the food impressed me a lot! But the price... :S
Here's the add: Tomoe Japanese Restaurant, No. 1, Jalan SS15/5A, 47500 Subang Jaya.

So we are now stepping into the 7th month of our relationship. To most of you, even the bf himself, 6 months is nothing. But for me, I've never been in a serious relationship for so long, so for me it's like a record! Anywayz, I'm very happy not because I've broke the record, but because I'm with the right person.
Some of you may not know, since dating him, I started to have some back pain problem, in March, some family matters happened, I lost my job and is still jobless, and now it's killing me to see my Ah Ma so sick... If not for him staying by my side, helping me and encouraging me everyday, lend me a shoulder whenever I cry, I think I would have become crazy, like siao liao. Just like what he said, I believe god knew I will be facing problems, thus He sent him to be with me. Really, I've been single for a few years and nothing so dramatic happen to me and now that I'm going through the most dramatic months of my life, I'm so lucky to have him by my side!
WCL, I LOVE YOU SO MUCHY~!!! Muaksss~~~~!!!