Friday, August 29, 2008

Daniel Tang is back, with his latest piece of work!

Honestly, I soooo don't want to write something about DANIEL TANG CHENG KET right after such a wonderful post I did about my dear Xiao Ma and BBT. But well, I really can't help it!
So to my readers who had been really interested and are missing DANIEL TANG CHENG KET very much, I hope you'll be thrilled by this post.HOT ITEM!
It's seems like he has a new plan!
We were just forced to pay him RM500 as rental starting this month. And he is changing it again!
The 'new policy' is, it is now back to RM420, without electricity...
Erm... Excuse me for a while, but I have to...
Oh well, obviously now, people has not got enough money to pay for the electricity lor, so he is changing the rules again lor!
So, how if I'm not happy and I want to move? It says, it the letter, you have to inform him before or on 03/09/2008!!!
Bloody hell, it is bloody 29th today! WTF?
Okay, I have no choice, it is impossible for me to find a place before September 3rd. So fuck you Daniel, you win this.
And then... My housemate, Cynco who was supposed to move out end of this month, showed me her piece of letter, which is a totally different one... And I got REALLY PISSED OFF!!!
I don't have the letter with me now, so I can only read from the picture I took...It was basically about deducting her deposit(since she is moving out) from various areas.
1) Will be deducting 25 bucks per night whenever you bring someone else to stay in the room. (Well,I understand that. The problem is, How is he going to know if someone else is in the room? Okay, let say you know. Then how do you know how many night that person stayed in the house? My god, are you telling me you have secretly put a CCTV in the rooms? Where? Where? Where?)
2) Basically asking Cynco to move out on or before 29th this month, or any shifting fees will be charged. (Look Daniel, she'd paid 500 bucks for this month, she has all the fucking right to stay till the 31st no matter what! If you want to calculate so much, you should let Cynco deduct her rental too because the internet has been down for a fucking 2 weeks now!!!)
3) &4) ones also deals with money. If you stick posters on the wall and dirty the wall, money will be deduct from the deposit. He is also DEFINITELY going to charge her RM 650/3 because of the electricity...(These two just shown how he had became a calculative and 'smart' businessman. I need to tell you, when he was around in the house, and was quite nice to us, he knows Ducum has lots of posters on the wall, but he had never said a thing!!! Now he will be charging for the wall damage! WTF? And to be honest, we had never signed any contract stating that we have to pay extra for the electricity before this! Neither did we sign any contract that says we cannot stay till the last day of the month, neither did we sign anything saying blah blah blah...)
Plus, Cynco had a conversation with another housemate who is also moving out. That girl basically argue over the whole deposit thingy. And this Daniel actually kinda threated her saying:"I will tell your mom that you brought a guy home and slept with him!"
Now, doesn't that sounds like some bloody childish line? It's like in school where some kids would tell the teacher:"techer, teacher, she slept with a guy in the room!" Teacher, teacher! Daniel Tang said he wants to sleep with me! But I'm not gay! How ar?
Talking about the internet connection... Remember he promised a second router upstairs after the increment of the rental?
Following is the SMS he sent me earlier this month...Yup, 3rd of every month is the due date of our rental payment! Too much right?
The, I replied, saying I want the router to be here before I can pay him, cos that is what he had promised. So came this SMS...'Looking forward for you rental‘ somemore ler...
Another SMS to prove that he re-promised the router will be here!
So I trusted him and how stupid I was!!! Guys are definitely untrustable! Especially DANIEL TANG CHENG KET!
Not only the second router never arrived, the internet connection had also been down for the past two weeks and I'm now sitting in Starbucks typing this...
Oh man, how could I be soooooo stupid???
And the funniest thing is, he doesn't even dare to talk to us on the phone and meet us face-to-face nowadays! He just came quietly, left some notice on the noticeboard or at our room door. That's it! And that annoys me so so much!
Na na na na na... DANIEL IS A CHICKEN!
All I can say is, Daniel Tang Cheng Ket, I've been staying out alone, renting rooms for so many years. YOU'RE THE WORST EVER LANDLORD I'VE EVER MET!!! And seriously you've pissed me off so much that you will regret it one day! I AM FUCKING SERIOUS!
And as he is making his business bigger and bigger, he even has a stamp chop for himself! Oh~Wow~ I'm so amazed...
My ass!

Not very clear? Here you go...
Square Feet Student Hostel. 39, PJS 9/12, Taman Bandar Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor (nop, that is not where I'm staying).
And his phone number is 017-5688037. His name is DANIEL TANG CHENG KET.
To people who are looking for place to stay around this area, make sure you DO NOT RENT with him! And to people who hates him as much as I do... Oh well... You know what to do with all the info I've gave you. Go ahead and do whatever you like, okay?
Cos I D.O.N.T B.L.O.O.D.Y C.A.R.E!!!






Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sama-sama lah...

It was a total co-incident! I got up the mini bus after work and sat next to this Malay girl. And look! We were wearing the same pair of sandals! Just different colours!
By the way, that was my new pair of Vincci sandals that I love a lot!

P/S: I wanted to do a longer post since I've just finished my work and feeling really bored. But gosh I'm feeling SO NOT WELL today. Had a REAL BAD stomachache last night, and I do mean it, IT WAS FUCKING BAD!!! I've never felt like that before in my entire life. And I'm still trying to figure out, was that food poisoning or was that 'wind'? Anywayz, that pain took up all my sweet sleeping hours and I'm feeling very sleepy now... Stomach still feeling a bit weird now, and I actually have a steamboat buffet dinner to go tonight! WTF?

Monday, August 25, 2008

Movie reviews after such a while...

It's so fucking annoying that I'm watching so little movies lately, since I started my new job. And I'm seriously missing GSC's international screen's movies! :(
Anywayz, here are the two latest (which is so not 'latest' lor) movies I've watched.
The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor
I've heard of all the bad reviews before going for this one. Oh well, I was going because of Michelle Yeoh and Jet Li, not really for the movie. Bare in mind that, I DID NOT watch the first and second Mummy(or Mummies if you like).
I understand the not-so-logic part like the very funny picture of Michelle Yeoh and Russell Wong appearing in the blue sky in the end, and the thing about her reading the curses in Chinese and English thingy. But honestly, to me, it's basically a movie made for the kids. So what's wrong with all these? Watch it like you are a kid, then maybe you will enjoy it. But having said that, I would still say... Yea, read the curse in either one of the languages lar, don't make it look so weird! I also agree with the fact that Brandon Fraser and Luke Ford bloody look more like brothers than father and son!
The movie was quite a let down in terms of story, but action wise, I think it was not as bad lor. My favourite would definitely be the scene where Michelle Yeoh and Jet Li fight! It was SO DAMN COOL watching them fight, okay! Ohyea, one big surprise was seeing Anthony Ng in the movie!

Ducum got really excited about this movie way before it came to Malaysia, just because of her Jim Sturgess. And yes, she was still mumbling 'leng chai' non-stop when we were watching it together! Okay, I got interested too since it was based on a real story. But erm... I think I was quite disappointed. One, I don't really understand how you can count cards to win 21? I'm sorry, my math sucks and my card playing skills is like 2 out of 10 if you want me to rate it. I guess it is no fun when you don't understand how these people win so much of money by 'counting cards', thus making you don't understand huge part of the story. And I think the pace of the entire movie is a bit too slow and draggy. It's like after some fast money-winning scenes at the casino, it then became very laid back with people talking to people on the street, in the college... I wish the pace was faster! Now this one, you may consider taking in Ocean's Eleven, Twleve and Thirteen as good examples.
Well, I admit that Jim Sturgess is quite cute, but the one that catches my eyes most was definitely Kevin Spacey! HE IS HOT!!! He is definitely one of the 'sexy old man' like what Revethi has named it.

Okay, next up would be Wall-E, hopefully this Wednesday!
And I seriously can't wait any longer for Madagascar 2!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

李言 1981-2008



这次参加了Voice Media(也就是我在上课的学校,The Voice Academy的分身)在8月17日举行的萧敬腾歌迷聚会活动。是Voice Media第一次有国外来宾,也是我第一次参加一个那么“私密”的聚会,因为现场的幸运歌迷只有20位哦!第一次全都献给了萧弟弟!
另外,我觉得他真的好白,而且也太瘦了吧?萧弟弟,要多吃点哦!:) 不过整个就是斯斯文文、很可爱、很有礼貌啦!
哦,对了,我想我最开心的大概不太是因为看到萧敬腾,而是终于看到了他的经纪人的庐山真面目!就是那个啊,那个他常常不懂要怎么回答问题时就会偷苗旁边那个人的那个经纪人(啊,我写得好复杂)!原来他是个很年轻、蛮漂亮,而且超好人的女生哦!我也想当经纪人了啦,小马,我当你的经纪人可以吗?不过你要有心理准备哦,像我那么热情的经纪人,很可能会被传绯闻的哦!(真的想很多!嘻嘻!) 萧大侠的经纪人原来是个美女!而且人很好噢!
希望Voice Media还有更多像这样的好康啦!而且那个那个萧敬腾和棒棒堂二军都是华纳的,请他们过来嘛!而且小行说到时候可以交给我主持哦!说定了哦!耶!


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Shit, someone is fighting for Cheng Chu Sian with me!

Its the celebrity blogger, Chessie, WTF???
I have no idea why we have the same taste...
Ok lor, she is younger and prettier than me... I will lose the fight, without a doubt... Sigh...
By the way, how could I forgot there is still Taekwando??? We have still Elaine Teo and Chew Chee Chan ler! There we see still some hopes for Olympic medals! And in subjective sports like that, everything can happen, okay? So you people, watch out!
Elaine Teo will be fighting in the women's 57kg on the 21st while Chee Chan will be in for the women's 67kg on the 23rd! Yosh yosh!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


就是我之前在2008马来西亚饮食展的作品,本人so far最满意的一次。谢谢育麟把我拍得那个脸没有那么包,虽然整个脸油油的(都怪那个在我之前拍的那个,拍超久的!)......
Anywayz, 献丑啦!去片~
Hey guys, the following video is my work with my school, The Voice Academy at the Malaysia International Food & Beverage Fair 2008. So far my favourite out of all the stuffs I've done.
Take a look!

Please do leave your comments, Okay?

Monday, August 18, 2008

Mixture of things, but mostly food...

Phew~It was such a busy weekends that I have no time to published anything except for the short Lee Chong Wei's stuff.
And now I'm actually using my office hour and office's computer and internet (shhhhh...) to do this here... Hehehe...
I had two gatherings last week. One was a very short one with my ex-colleagues at Penang Food Restaurant back in Perth. Chia Pin came from JB, so we all went out for a short dinner on Wednesday night. There were also 'long time no see' Charlene and Yit Chuan and Caroline and her husband Perry came later and I forgot to take picture with them... Sorry!
That's us in Perth, 2005, if I'm not mistaken... And that's us in KL, 2008...
It was fun catching up with them after such a long long time... Charlene became so lady-like with her long hair and skirt! Wee~weet~! And Yit Chuan... Missed his broken Mandarin and the "I te~il you ah, you don't te~il me"! Chia Pin became so much more slimmer while Caroline... Not much different lar. But I guess everybody is doing good. Too bad couldn't meet up with Ju Lin whom I also haven't seen since who knows when? And Weng Yew and Pat, next time you guys will have to come, okay?
And then on Saturday morning, 4e called even before I woke up to ask me to join them for dinner since Ah Ku and the kids were in town. Since it was a seafood feast, I decided to go, although I was really tired, having not enough of sleep for the past one week and having to go to class and do recording and all...
Anywayz, I always love Pantai Seafood! They just have really nice seafood and dishes! Take a look at these pictures. I am sure now you want to try them too!
This one... I'm sure it costs a lot although I don't know how to call it in English...
Clam soup, not too bad...
In Chinese we call these snails, supposedly shell fish lar, with curry powder. A bit too overcooked to me.
Their speciality Kai Lan, shredded Kai Lan. Nice one too!Oh... This one, is yummy! Crab with salted egg yolk!
Probably the most fatenning one of the night, Pork leg. But believe me, its GOOD!
Abalone with Tofu... Ok-ok lar...
The fish...I really forgot the name! The one that people usually use to cook porridge ler!
The other half of the fish is here, in the soup, which is my personal favourite dish of the night!!!
And us being us, only about eight of us and two kids, we finished what? OMG, bloody 10 dishes(I didn't take picture of the 8th one)!!! And then we actually went on to have coffee and cakes at Secret Recipe! Geng ler???
Anywayz, special thanks to 4e for the dinner! I really enjoyed it! I LOVE FOOD! AND I LOVE SEAFOOD!!!
Everybody except for the photographer.
And that's me(the photographer) and Ah Ma.
Now, here are the 'desserts'. My very sweet half ang mo cousin sister Karina and cousin brother Adrian tried their best to deliver stories in Mandarin...

They are soooooo cute, aren't they???

Sunday, August 17, 2008

It's a silver for Malaysia...

So we all were disappointed...
Lee Chong Wei was just playing really bad, and the bloody arrogant Lin Dan was just playing too good.
Anywayz, silver is already an achievement for him, and for Malaysia who had been coming home empty handed in the past 12 years.
The question now is, how long more do we have to wait for our very first Olympic gold medal?

Friday, August 15, 2008


昨天晚上,分成了『公主幫』與『宅男塾』兩組,PK了半年的10位棒棒二軍候選人,終於最後揭曉!原訂選出5位團員的計劃,當場由【V】台總監ANDY與 華納音樂大中華區總裁陳澤杉意外破格選出7人!現場10棒、兩位高層、主持人范范與容嘉…還有工作人員與入場的歌迷,在決選現場失聲痛哭!

昨 天在底迪們的娘家「模范棒棒堂」以節目錄影的方式公佈最後選入棒棒堂2軍的人選!在發行EP後,這10位男孩總計在7/11發行後,短短1個月內跑了全省 22場活動!每一位男孩都拎著自己的投票箱衝人氣!昨天率先公佈了10位底迪的歌迷票選人氣排行榜!名次為:1毛弟、2阿本、3小祿、4鮪魚、5小馬、6 李銓、7野獸、8 TERRY、9翰獎、10牙膏!由於底迪的票箱在最後一場活動後完全密封,因此這10個票箱完全反映最真實的人氣狀況!原訂選出5位組團發片的計劃,也在 揭曉前的15分鐘,經過高層密談之後,臨時更改為7位!
所有的決選結果都完全保密,只有少數高層、導播、製作人有入選名單,因此10個底迪猶如驚 弓之鳥,一改平日嘻嘻哈哈的吵鬧路線,顯得異常的安靜,在等待的時候,10個人坐在一起,不斷拍著紀念照!場面有點悲傷!底迪說:「我們最怕的一天終於到 來!多希望這一天永遠不要來!」












最 爆炸性的是,華納音樂大中華區總裁陳澤杉還當場宣佈:「今後選出的七位,也將挑起棒棒堂的招牌!所以每一個人都要加倍努力!」、「這一團為了與棒棒堂(6 棒)做明顯的區隔,將決定與【樂團】型式出道!」、「年底之前每個人都要至少精通一樣樂器,並採取【連坐法】..團員中只要有人做不到,整團就無法發 片!」入選的底迪每一個人聽了馬上收起入選的喜悅,因為「現在才是嚴苛的開始!」旋即7棒合體拍攝了史上第一張7棒合體照片!他們也信心滿滿的說:「衝 了!我們一定會努力成為棒棒堂和華納音樂的驕傲!」