Friday, May 31, 2013

Now You See Me

Now You See Me
I was lucky enough to win a pair of tickets to the preview of the movie and watched it before anyone else get to see it and I'm very excited to share this review!

Cast: Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson, Melanie Laurent, Isla Fisher, Dave Franco, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman
Director: Louis Leterrier
Synopsis: Some magicians got really famous with their shows but it became a bit of a chaos as they went into robbing bank and all kinda crimes. As FBI go after them, another guy Thaddeus Bradley (Morgan Freeman) joined the run to ruin them as he has a show which reveals magic tricks.
The Thumb-Up(s): I really enjoyed the movie, from beginning right till the end. The not-so-logic magic performances, the actions and the final twist in the end of the story... I can't help but scream MAN, THIS IS SUCH A COOL MOVIE! 
I'm not sure about the editing, but cinematography wise, to me at least, was pretty impressive.
Apart from being entertaining, the movie has a whole group of good actors and actresses! I personally love Mark Ruffalo's performance in the movie a lot. And of course, Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman too! Although I wish that somebody else who looks younger and more playful (maybe Jennifer Lawrence) would have played the role of Henley Reeves (Isla Fisher) better but Isla wasn't too bad either.
The Thumb-Down(s): Putting that much of focus on the performances, special effects and actions means the focus on each character has been sadly, cut down. Except for Mark Ruffalo, the rest of the cast didn't get much of a chance to really act, if you get what I mean.
Verdict: Brilliant movie with non-stop action that you will be hooked to it all the time just to find out what's next. I love it and I think this is by far the best summer movie I've watched this year. Well I haven't watch Fast 6 yet so yea, so far.
4.5 out of 5.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dinner @ Peruvie Peruvian Grilled Chicken, TTDI

I read about Peruvie Peruvian Grilled Chicken from KY and went on to try as I went to visit my Ah Ma who lives just a stone throw away from the restaurant. 
The restaurant has a very simple setting with the grilling kitchen right in front of you yet you won't come out stinking of grilled chicken. The wall were painted with colourful paintings and the place was decorated with some Peruvian texture and etc. Very homey feel I must say. Plus perhaps because it is still a new restaurant, the atmosphere was quiet which provides a nice dinning experience.
The menu is simple, very similar to Nando's where you choose the size of your chicken, then to have it spicy or not, then choose your sides. So just like how we always do at Nando's, Deardo ordered the Half Chicken Set while I had the Quarter Chicken Set with different sides. We also ordered the Peruvie Sangria (some Peruvian mocktail I assume) to share. 
My Quarter Chicken Set with Boiled Vege and Butter Corn. RM15.90.
Deardo's Half Chicken Set with Onion Cucumber Salad and Potato Salad. RM24.90.
Our Peruvie Sangria (Single) at RM7.90.
Personally, I think the sauce used for the chicken is very flavourful. It tastes almost like our Satay gravy, which I also love a lot! So that's a score for them! Unfortunately the chicken were badly burnt and I had to remove almost all the burnt chicken skins off to have my chicken properly. So that really needs to be improved. Most of the sides we tried were just ordinary except for their Potato Salad which has very light mayonnaise taste and the potatoes were soft enough to my liking! We did however enjoyed our mocktail, which was refreshing to go with the hot and spicy chicken meal. 
The service we got was good too and I hope that they will keep that on. And I think they only hire staffs who can speak good English and that's another plus point!
Together with the service charge, the meal came up to RM53.60, which is an average price lar, Nando's has similar pricing I think. I wouldn't say it's better than Nando's but yes for a change, or whenever you are near TTDI that's perhaps a great place to dine and hang out with friends. But yes, I do hope that they stop burning the chicken too much! :)

Peruvie Peruvian Grilled Chicken
No. 1, Lorong Rahim Kajai 13
TTDI 60000
Kuala Lumpur
016-723 1698

Thursday, May 23, 2013

More Summer Movies

The Great Gatsby
I've been waiting for this movie for a long long while because I get to see Tobey Maguire back in the cinema after years! And I thought it would be pretty interesting too to watch him acting with his best friend, Leonardo DiCaprio.
So, The Great Gatsby talks about Nick Carraway's experience with Jay Gatsby, a misunderstood rich guy, who only dream is to impress and get his girl back after five years apart. The movie has a very dramatic and sad ending which is very relevant and interesting.
In my opinion, the story was pretty dramatic, despite a very slow start. It could be done better if the director Baz Luhrmann has chosen to pay more attention to the emotions of each characters rather than the aesthetics and special effects of the movie (the movie was made into 3D as well so you can clearly see a lot of the scenes were forcefully made to suit the 3D motions). So if you are watching the movie for cool effects, cinematography, or even glamorous and gorgeous sets and costumes, you will truly enjoy it much. But for those who are looking forward to well-written and organised story it felt a bit 'not there yet'. 
I for one, really enjoyed looking at the costumes in the movies! Look at those fancy dresses and Leo's pink suit man! The Great Gatsby for Best Costume Design in next year's Oscar!!! 
Tobey Maguire was his usual him as a nerdy guy, just like how you have seen him in Spider Man, and that's just how Nick Carraway is supposed to be. So not much of opportunities for him but he does look better now with slimmer body! Love him! Leonardo gave a strong performance and really made Jay Gatsby's character alive! I love Carey Mulligan but she was just so-so in the movie. Another actors we did pretty well were Aussies Joel Edgerton and Isla Fisher (I wouldn't have recognise her if I didn't already read that she is in the movie earlier!), who both gave the audience very unforgettable performances.
I love the OST too!
I would rate it 6.5 out of 10.

Identity Thief 
Directed by Seth Gordon, who also directed the ridiculously hilarious Horrible Bosses, Identity Thief talks about Diana (Melissa McCarthy) a woman who uses Sandy (Jason Bateman)'s identity to print out credit cards and does all the crimes, which in turns brought troubles to Sandy. And then the journey was for Sandy to look for Diana to clear his name...
While big part of the story line was illogical, Deardo and I did enjoy the movie very much! The script is hilarious and the entire movie is simply entertaining. Plus, the ending brings a lot of messages and meanings so it's not the really dumb comedy you would expect it to be! I mean, I've read quite a lot of bad reviews but personally, I truly enjoyed the movie! :)
Jason Bateman is again, his usual him while Melissa McCarthy gave the character a very good portrayal  which I really salute her for it.
I'll give it an 8 out of 10.

*Next movies I wanna catch are Fast & Furious 6 and The Lone Ranger! How about you? 

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Of Bridal House & Pre-Wed Shoot

Generally, I've not heard of any good comments about Malaysian bridal houses, except for XT's bridal house, which is a Taiwanese company so that doesn't count. Most of the time it's all about the nightmares dealing with them, especially those who would force you to pay extra to choose more photos when you can't decide which to take out from the bunch of selections.
I wouldn't say the bridal house I choose is damn bad because one of the reasons we chose them was because of the very good service we got from the salesgirl who handled us compared to other bridal houses we've visited. Read here.
Things changed when we met her the second time. Unlike you lucky ones who either can afford to pay for a damn good freelance photographer and rent gowns separately or those who get to use bridal houses overseas, in Malaysian bridal houses this is how it works... They give you a time limit for your shoot, say 5 hours or so. Mine was 8 hours including time for the make-up and hair-styling. So according to the amount of time you have, you choose locations for the photo shoot. We originally had 3 ideal places to go, but then the salesgirl gave us possibly the BIGGEST NO I've ever heard in my entire life. Oh like this you have to cut down on your gowns and styles you get because it is time consuming to travel, blah blah blah... Her bitchy face kinda shows a bit and Deardo was especially very annoyed that he commented that things really changed as soon as we made the payment. 
No prize for guessing did I chose this gown! :p
I tried to calm him down and said hey I don't want them to spoil our photos just yet! So without much choices (plus feeling threatened that they might ruin my photos), we went with just Putrajaya alone, which is a place with everything you need in your pre-wedding photos, be it the greenery or the building, so that I get all gowns and styles included in the package. *calculative mode onz~*
Come to think of it, I feel stupid about myself. It's like we are the customers paying for your service and I'm supposed to be scared of you? WTF?! You know what it sounds like? It sounds like taking a taxi ride in KL. You as a customer, have to open the door and freaking ask beg the driver to drive you to where you wanna go. And then if they refuse to do so you can't just kick the door cos they may get angry and come after you! You get what I mean, right? 
Deardo putting make-up on his face for the first time... Or did he have other experience in kindergarten? 
I call the hair the 'Adele's hair' and no wig included! All my own short hair! Amazing isn't it?
We just did our photo shoot few days ago. The bridezilla in me came out because I was so pissed off that I prayed for maybe two weeks for good weather and it actually rained on me!!! I was so worry I won't get to shoot all the gowns I have! So I sort of didn't enjoy the shoot as much as Deardo Wong, who was ironically not a fan of such photo shoot. Anyway, as the rain took almost one hour of our shoot to stop (oh thank god for that), our photographers and make-up artist didn't ditch us right on time! They actually went on to do their job for another hour, making sure I get to wear all my gowns (including my tailor-made one) in the photos! Damn you salesgirl! The photographers and make-up artists aren't as calculative as you! And guess what, I think I'm taking the make-up artist for my actual day because I love her work a lot! 
Sneak Peek: I love how the gown made me look slimmer and the hair-do was so pretty! 
So overall, we had kinda good experience during our one-day photo shoot. I think Deardo especially, didn't expect it to be so fun. And in his opinion, God made it rain because He knows he hates hot weather, which is quite true because after the rain, we sort of just stop sweating while doing the photo shoot! :) I love my make-up and hairstyles which were all done without any wig or hair extension! I think I still look very me, except for maybe some of the poses which made me super girlish. LOL! Most importantly, my tailor-made gown looks gorgeous in the photos and people around me have been complimenting it! :) Don't worry guys, will share with you about the gown soon, I promise! :)
Sneak peek of my tailor-made gown which I'm totally in love with! :)
While it will take another three months to have all photos ready, I hope you enjoy the sneak peek in this blog post!

Here's a true story I would like to share, which is quite cute... *wink~*
Before we went to choose the gowns for the photo shoot, Deardo and I had this conversation...
Me: You know how in Hong Kong or even Korean dramas, they always have this magical moments at the bridal house as they open the 'curtain' and the bride appears with the gown and the guy will have a jaw-dropping look on his face and goes 'nei hou leng ah' or 'ye po yo' (you are so pretty in Cantonese and Korean) even though you may actually think it's just so-so. I think you won't be like that, right?

Deardo: *with a 'that's bullshit' smile* yeah... I don't think so... That's sooo cheesy! Hahahahaha...

Me: *sharp stare~*

Then at the bridal house after trying out and choosing the gowns I want in less than 30 minutes (I know what I want full stop), I sat next to Deardo as the girl went to return the gowns to their original places.
Deardo: You know the first gown you tried just now, I really had the magical Hong Kong drama moment! You look really nice in it (plus some other obscene stuff he said which I shall not mention here)!

Me: Really? *sweet smile~*

So here's the gown that I DID choose for our photo shoot...:)
Got shinny stars around me or not jek? :p

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Brunch @ Tom, Dick & Harry's, Pavilion, KL

Tom, Dick & Harry's always sound more like a a place for people who wanna hang-out and have a drink but for the weirdest reason, Deardo and I had brunch there on a Sunday afternoon.

Since their breakfast set and set lunch sounds quite cheap to us, we decided to give them a try. The TV has sports channel on and there is a small stage for bands to play so it really does look more like a pub. But the deco of wooden-made furniture and piggies all over impressed me a lot! And the non-stop 'mou man tai' line appearing all over the restaurant is just too cool! 

Very interesting deco at the restaurant.
Our brunch fix that Sunday! 
I was really craving for big breakfast so I ordered their Everyday Big Breakfast while Deardo picked the pork chop from their set lunch menu.
My Big Breakfast set comes with orange juice and tea or coffee, RM26.
Pork Chop with soup of the day or dessert and soft drink, RM18.
Honestly, the presentation of my big breakfast was kinda disappointing, especially the scramble egg and the pathetic amount of sauteed mushrooms. Luckily the pork sausage and the bacon were quite good, especially the bacon, which were very crispy and yummy. While I think I can find better big breakfasta elsewhere, Deardo's pork shop was satisfying. The pork chop was done pretty well with the meat tender and juicy to the mouth. I also like how they give steamed vegetables as side because I hate restaurants who simply give some greens with Thousand Island dressing... His set lunch also comes with soup of the day which was pumpkin soup. It was quite okay but I really like the crispy garlic bread. 
Since both sets come with drinks, the meal turned out to be quite economical at RM44. We were both satisfied and Deardo has since mentioned that we should go back for the pork chop one day! You hear that? pork chop, not big breakfast! :p

Tom, Dick & Harry's 
Lot C3.10.04, Connection Level 3,
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Malaysians, United We Stand!

Hi all!
I didn't attend the gathering at Stadium Kelana Jaya yesterday not only because I didn't want to skip gym, but also because I thought hey whatever you do, the GE13 result WILL NOT change. True enough, the news this morning said SPR has stated that the result won't change with such rallies held. But following the updates, photos and videos on social media and from friends who attended it since last night till this morning, I realised that it may change things. Those people moved me to tears, those people have proven to everyone not only in Malaysia, but to the world that we are all ready to change and to do that, we stay united as a nation, no matter what skin colours we carry! It will change people's perceptions, it will, if not much, a little.
Over dinner Deardo and I shared our experiences after all these racism havoc started by some brainless blogger, leaders and the media. At work, one of Deardo's close Malay colleagues went to him and shook his hand saying:"Kita masih kawan kan? Tak de Tsunami Cina kan?" (We are still friends aren't we? No Chinese Tsunami right?), in which Deardo shook his hand back saying of course! Then he told Deardo this:"Tak pe kalau ada apa-apa, you datang rumah I" (It's ok, if there is anything (assuming riot or anything like that), you are welcome to come stay at my house). 
On FB, I posted a status to express my disappointment that people put the blame on one particular race on BeEnd's win and my very old Malay classmate replied...

I almost cried when I saw her saying she loves me so openly on FB. I love her very very much too! 
I told Deardo, with tears in my eyes, I don't understand why are they doing this to us? After such hard-fought battle to get the people united, they have to make things awkward between us when we are already best of best friends, without racial obligations! Why do they want to tear us all apart with some accusations that are totally not true? Why?
From what I can see, despite the fact that some Malays do buy in those silly statements, some remain 'cautious' that those are not real facts. We may be different in skin colours, we may come from different parts of the country and we may even support different political parties (my friend Saliha works for the government TV station, so I'm just assuming), but that doesn't mean we don't love each other and that we really cherish our friendships like we can't live without each other.

So dear Malaysians, I have something to say about the entire racism thingy.
1) I can't really say this on behalf of all Chinese, but I can say this on behalf of the Chinese whom I know that we have NEVER EVER wanted to take over Malaysia, We have NEVER EVER thought of taking your special rights!!! 
We learned about the Malays' special right in secondary school but I'm sure most of us never felt that we are treated any differently. Perhaps those who got straight A's and didn't get a place in public universities may have a lot to say, but to most of us who have average results, as long as we can make it into any private universities, I must say we actually prefer it that way.
Personally, I think the special rights that help the Malays so much throughout their life have made them a bit more laid back and friendly. If you ask me, they are one of the most friendly people I know! They wanna be friends with you without thinking of any agendas behind them. Honestly, in this case, we Chinese are much more selfish than them.
So yes, you have your special rights and we don't give a shit about having those rights to us.

2) There were almost 600,000 turnout at the stadium last night. Seriously, do you really think all 600,000 of them are Chinese??? Oh come on, some of us have better things to do (that will make money, especially) and some of us are still loyal BeEnd's supporters! A stadium with an amount of people that even a World Cup final crown may not be able to beat,  a highway that turned into car park, with people of all races united just to express their disappointment towards the dirty and unfair election and to show the world that there are no 'racism' in our dictionary... Doesn't that tell you something?

3) Chinese not voting for BeEnd and we became the 'Chinese Tsunami'. Oh thank you for such compliments but no thanks. Chinese not voting for BeEnd because we want to take over the country and eliminate the Malays? Oh thanks again for the compliments for having such high expectations on us.
Up until now, do you all Malaysians still believe in those lies? If voting for oppositions means we voted for Chinese and that Chinese can take over the country, then why did we vote against MCA, which are the real representatives of Chinese? Now we don't even have any MCA members in the cabinet! But I voted for a Malay dude in my area, does that make me a Chinese traitor? Didn't you realise that the opposition has a mixture of all races in it? Didn't you realise if they win, the leader of the country is still a Malay? Didn't you realise that the opposition don't categorise themselves in different parties of different races? Didn't you realise that we, who voted for the oppositions are more united regardless of races? Don't you realise that we are sick and tired of race-based politics?
We, Chinese, Malays, Indians, Iban, Kadazan, etc voted against the government because of the corruptions, the safety and security of the nation and sorry to say because some of those people are just total idiots. We did not vote just for the fun of bringing BeEnd down, nor did we vote to bring Malays down.
So please stop accusing us for things that we have never even thought of doing so!

4) If raising racial issues is totally a strategy to get us all out of the country and you Malays conquer the country by yourself, then think about this... Without Chinese, where do you get Dato' Lee Chong Wei. Without Indians, where do you get the likes of Nicol David? I'm telling you these not to boast about how fantastic we are and how we have contributed to the country. I just want to remind you of the time when all of us Malaysians, and by that I mean all races stood together and cheered like crazy for two Olympics finals when Dato' Lee Chong Wei was playing for gold. Have you thought about not supporting him just because he is Chinese and you are not? No, right? In fact, if I didn't remember wrongly, most of you who went to welcome him home at the airport are not Chinese, because once again, Chinese don't bother about all these welcoming which doesn't give them much benefits!
In Malaysia, we support each other because we are all Malaysians, not because of races. In Malaysia, we are blessed that we have got talents from the Malay, Chinese, Indians and other communities who continuously bring glory to the country. WE ENJOY THIS ENVIRONMENT AND WE CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT EACH OTHER!!! 

I didn't write this to attempt to brainwash you that you should also vote for the opposition, nor did I write this to object the GE13 results. I wrote this because my heart aches that racial issues became a political tools and that it may create an awkward relationship between all of us, despite the fact that we are supposed to be 1Malaysia (say who?). I wrote this because I want to tell all my non-Chinese friends, I love you all and nothing is going to change that!
To all my friends who feel the pain of losing the GE13, keep calm and we shall see if we can change things in the future. For the time being, we should stay strong and united and SAY NO TO RACISM!!!

*Pictures of the gathering are taken from sharing on social media. 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Homey Traditional Malay Food @ Belanga, Empire Shopping Gallery

If everything we talked about today must be about the just concluded GE13,blackouts or racism, then I shall start this blog post by saying, do you know that I love Malay food and my two years life in Perth wouldn't be as good without my Malay housemate who cooked me Malay food once in a while! :)
Choosing what to eat has become a very difficult question to both Deardo and I. Since we have been spending quite a lot onour house and wedding, we are trying to not spend so much on food like we always do. Also the fact that I'm on a diet for the big day, there are quite a lot of stuff that I'm trying to refrain from taking. So there we were strolling at Empire Shopping Galley one night looking for something to eat for dinner and couldn't really decide where to eat when we decided to try Belanga.
It wasn't actually Deardo's first time but it was my first visit to this cozy little cafe/restaurant.I absolutely love the atmosphere of the place, bright and comfy, cool furniture and decos. And I thought their so-called 'Malay cuisine' may be a bit commercialised but to my surprised, very homey and satisfying!
For the two of us, we ordered the following dishes...
Nasi Kerabu Ayam Percik, RM 15.90.
Homemade Chicken Balls Soto Soup, RM13.90.
Cucur Udang, RM 3.50.
Teh O Limau, RM3.90, Lime Juice, RM4.50.
I was very happy with my Homemade Chicken Ball Soto Soup, which comes with nice fragrant soup, interesting veges and most importantly, very yummy homemade chicken balls! The chicken balls was tender with a twist of crunchiness in the carrots and spring onions (if I'm not mistaken) in it. A very good choice for those who want something not so oily. Deardo's Nasi Kerabu Ayam Percik is surely a must try! The curry gravy and the ayam percik are surely to-die-for as they taste very much like what you can get from the kitchen in your own house, perhaps from your mum or your granny! The Cucur Udang was not bad, at least it tastes better than those you find in those roadside stalls as it definitely tastes fresh and crispy. 
Deardo and I enjoying our quiet night together with nice food! :)
We were really happy with the dinner that night and we thought hey, we just found another nice place for nice food! :) Together with 10% service charge, the bill came up to RM45.85 which is quite a decent price for such quality of food and dining experience! Definitely going back to try other dishes!

Belanga Cafe
Empire Shopping Gallery,
UG18, Jalan AA16/1
47500 Subang Jaya,

Monday, May 6, 2013

Keep Calm and Love Malaysia

Today's weather has been pretty gloomy and I think it suits the mood of majority of us in Malaysia.

I'm really exhausted not only because I didn't have a good night sleep, but also trying to digest everything that has been going on either on FB or even discussions at home. Truth is, I'm a realistic person who don't believe much in rallies and petitions, not especially in our country. Yes, I think our General Election was a dirty one, very dirty one, but I don't think we all can do anything about it. So I hope all you Malaysians out there can stay calm and don't do anything stupid that will give people anymore excuses to blame us for. Please, be wise!

Throughout the entire voting day, I encountered some racism comments and statements on FB, particularly.  One of my 'not-so-smart' Malay friends told her Malay friends that a vote to opposition party means a vote to Lim Guan Eng. And then the next morning our 'DEAREST' PM blamed us Chinese for not voting for them. Why? Why at this point do you guys have to mention race differences? Honestly, I can tell you, I voted for a non-Chinese too because I voted based on a viewpoint that we needed a little change, not based on candidates who are Chinese or non-Chinese. Raising racial issues will not help especially when the public are already unhappy with the results! And tell me, how many of you actually want to un-friend your non-Chinese friends? Aren't they sometimes cooler to hang-out with compared to Chinese? Tell me, how many of you want another racial war happening in the country, which may contribute to perhaps an economy slowdown of the country?

The truth is, we have cast our votes based on a simple reason, and that is to have a better nation, and that means peace and harmony even with Malaysians of all races. Nothing related to races or even religions and it's really silly for some people to think so. So personally, friends and leaders of Malaysia, please I beg you, not to raise racial issues anymore for we are truly a multiracial country that we all should be proud of, regardless of which party we are supporting!

Malaysia is my home country and I love it for what it is. To my smarter and wiser non-Chinese friends, I love you for who you are too! Together, let's keep our country in one piece (or two pieces?)! 

To all Malaysians who have made an effort to travel back to Malaysia to cast your vote, thank you! :)

Friday, May 3, 2013

I am an Important 1st Time Voter!!!

I am, and so are you, you and you!!!
In two days time I'll be voting at the General Election for the very first time in my life and I am extremely excited about it. I vividly remember how I regretted so much for missing the opportunity to become part of the very interesting election five years ago.
Compared to five years ago, I'm obviously more political-savvy and have more thoughts about the entire situation so I know affirmatively that I'm voting for some reasons, not only because I want to become part of the history!
So why? You ask me why I'm so eager to vote? Without going through a very long list of reasons that most of you already know, I'll just list down three main things:

1) As journalism grad and an ex-journalist, I know best that media has no freedom and it pissed me off that only ONE party can have their say in the media. Hence all the horrendously done commercials are flying all over TV, radio and newspapers, manipulating the public whom may not be aware that those are not the truth!

2) I simply want a change. Look, truth is, as a boss, when you complain so much about your staff, you fire him/her. As a staff, when you complain so much about your job, you quit. So didn't all of us always complain about our country? How jam is the traffic, how bad is the security, how expensive are the cars and houses, how bad our dear government spent our money on some useless stuffs... Did you realise that you yourself is the cause of all these because you have chosen that ONE party to control all these in the country? Complain, complain, complain!!! Do something about it lar! Why not give another party a chance to proof to you that they can fix all these problems for you? If you are not happy with them, in five years time you can still fire them!

3) I want a better and safer life for myself, and my future generation(s).

Honestly, I'm very tired of all the stuff that has been going on and on in FB! Everything is about the GE 13! All the dirty tactics that I'm not sure whether they are true or not, all the stupid homemade music videos and brainless campaigns... Honestly, so far, I know we can do nothing even if Bangladeshis and Indonesians are send over to vote for the ONE party. So I can't be bother much.
All me and you all Malaysians can do is to play your part. If the rumour is that there are about 30,000 foreigners coming in to vote, we need more than that to change the result! Got it?
Last advice, don't be clumsy when you cast your vote. Make sure you have a clean ballot,clean fingers, dare yourself to request for a clean ballot if you have a dirty ballot and cross within the box. Most importantly, think properly about how you life has been in Malaysia and how you want your life to be in Malaysia in the future. 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Iron Man 3

Since I have an Iron Man avid fan fiancee, I must proudly say we watched it within the the first three days of
it in the cinema. So here we have my honest review of the movie.
Iron Man 2 sucked and that was agreeable by a lot of people out there, including my Iron Man avid fan fiancee (feels weird still calling him 'fiancee') and I didn't have much hope on the third one, despite the fact that I think Avengers was awesome.
From the trailer I thought it would be another fall of the hero and how he heroically gets back to the top, which is so freaking boring cos almost all movies do that nowadays! Fortunately, the fall of the hero was merely losing his home and it took him only seconds to get back to work and fight back! But my favourite storyline has to be The Mandarin, who turned out to be a freelance actor (SPOILER ALERT!!!)! That was a really good twist which made the movie so much more interesting! So Iron Man 3 certainly scored in terms of storyline this time around. It has also less talking, which was the main reason why the last one sucks. But I would say the action part was just average lar, nothing really vow me this time around.
One very big complain I have is the fact that there wasn't a clear thing that say how the villain can be killed. Some of them can just fall down and die, some will get burn and burn and can still walk out alive. Perhaps it is just me being anal about this kinda stuff. Seriously, it's like watching a horror movie without an ending that explains why did the ghost come kacau the people! I don't dig that!
Acting wise, I'm glad that they found Sir Ben Kingsley to play The Mandarin. His acting and character made such an impact to the movie that I think he leaves better impression than the villain Aldrich Killian. Other than that, not much we can talk about in terms of acting.
So my Iron Man avid fan fiancee and myself think this is better than the last Iron Man but the villain sucks lor... Mickey Rourke as Ivan Vanko is still my very favourite. But overall, still cannot beat the first of the three Iron Man movies.