Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lil' bit of this, lil' bit of that...

This is probably the last blog post of mine before I say goodbye to KL and make my way back to Taiping tomorrow~! Yeee~~~Haaaa~~~!!! Can't wait! :D

Let's start this post with some food...

Pre-CNY Dinner @ Betty's Midwest Kitchen
I swear we didn't do it on purpose, but I just confirmed that the first and last time we went to Betty's was also last year before CNY!!! Love the homey feel of the restaurant, really!
Well, because these people have been warning us with the fact that the restaurant is always packed so we basically stayed away from it until this random Friday when were we trapped in the bloody bad jam on the way to The Curve. So we decided to turn into Aman Suria for dinner at Betty's.Beh tahan the cuteness... Of my shirt!!!
The tea bag at Betty's looks so high-end and it's only RM4.50! Those lousy restaurants who charge expensive price but serve cheap tea should be shame of themselves!
It wasn't that bad when we were there but the restaurant was fully occupied later. Since it was only the two of us, we ordered a Pig in a Blanket as starter, with each of us having our own meal - Deardo's Cheeseburger and mine was the Pork Chop with Country Gravy. How can you resists this? Really?
Pork Chop with Country Gravy at RM23.
Deardo's Cheeseburger is RM15.50. In his words, it's cheaper than a value meal at McD!
Actually... I've been craving for Betty's for quite a while already! Finally I'm back! Yay~!
The Pig in a Blanket, though was freakingly oily, was bloody awesome! I mean, bacon with sausages??? What a great combination! Deardo's Cheeseburger was juicy and nice too while I really love the gravy and the mashed potatoes of my meal!
Since on the blackboard at the restaurant it says the Bud's ice-cream is rated as one of the best ice-creams in the world by Time magazine, we gave it a try too.Two big scoops of Bud's ice-cream at only Rm6.50!
Both the cookies and cream and the macadamia nuts flavours were nice! I mean, I don't know how to describe the taste, but they do taste like quality ice-cream lar!
We wrapped up our Pre-CNY dinner by paying RM67 plus. Though the portion aren't as big as the other well-known restaurants, but the quality and the cozy and homey feel of the restaurant do make a difference! :)

Random Supper @ Geylang Lor9
I've tried the famous frog porridge in Singapore during my last trip to Singapore two years ago. But I'm still not sure is it the same as this one that I had? Perhaps someone can help to certify???Geylang Lor9 Restaurant, which sells fresh frog porridge from what I know, first opened a branch in KL in SS2, if it wasn't Deardo's CG member Yapp, I wouldn't even know there is actually one so near us at Mentari! Thus we all had a very healthy supper that night with some super yummy and super fresh frog porridge! The frog porridge gang! Okay, maybe not that name since some of them didn't even dare to try.
I think the reason why I really love the frog porridge at the restaurant is because of the freshness of the frogs. I mean, there are so many places in KL selling frog porridge, especially now it is so commercialized that I could easily find one in a shopping centre. But those frogs are so obviously frozen ones whereas at Geylang Lor9 the frogs taste just so juicy and fresh! Smooth and fresh frog porridge! Yumzzz...
Ginger and Spring Onion Frog! Another yumzzz but quite spicy!
RM12 for a pot of the frog porridge is actually quite reasonable. But if you order the ginger and spring onions or Gong Bo ones then you will have to top up another RM3 for each bowl of plain porridge. To me, the taste and the freshness simply makes it worth every cent of the price!
The only downside of the restaurant? Those three stated above are the only choices you can choose from the entire restaurant! :S

I know this is so outdated... But Megamind is COOL!!!
Just watched the movie yesterday although it's not really a new movie anymore. Totally fell in love with the movie, surprisingly!
The story is just insane! I mean, where got superhero turn out to be so lousy one? Where got a bad guy always fail one? Where got a bad guy always so not confident with himself one?
Knowing me, who always love weird storyline, the movie surprised me a lot! And the script was cute and hilarious too. And what's with all the classic songs used? Damn cool okay??? Not to be forgotten, I have a lot of praises for the costumes designer! Damn nice lor all the costumes! Those costumes on Megamind, Metroman, Tighten and most importantly, Roxanne's! I just couldn't stop myself from being amazed with the clothes!
Thumb-up x 1000000000!!!

I'll see you in Taiping, people~~~!!! :D

Saturday, January 22, 2011


跟过去几部梁智强的电影一样,取景、“取人”都跟马来西亚有关。故事说的是几个不同的人物回家的过程等等,很简单、很老套,只是看它的过程如何搞笑或如何感人。我的个人看法是不会很感人,也不是很好笑,但是至少以很废的东西弄得我笑哈哈的,肯定比天天好天来得好!而且要说本地色彩,我觉得人家新加坡电影还做得比较好,而且是好很多呢!所以说,有时候还是传统的做法比较有味道!而且剧情还有几个部分还蛮紧张的,尤其是Aunty Karen在厕所里找不到厕纸的那一幕,真个戏院都在尖叫吧?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Another nice Korean restaurant! Yay~!

One fine evening Deardo's sister asked us to join them for dinner at a newly opened Korean restaurant nearby. Located at SS15, right above Kin Ryu Tei Japanese Restaurant, Korean House Restaurant has only opened since about 2-3 months ago, probably lesser than that. The whole deco is very very simple, looks more like those simple Korean restaurants you see in a Korean drama. Probably the simplest I've ever seen in KL. The Korean owner was really nice to us probably because 1) Deardo's sis and BIL just went two days ago, 2) We were only one of three tables of customers there.
We ordered quite a lot of food for four persons...Six plates of side dishes...
Our Korean BBQ pork.
Yummilicious Bimbimbap!!!
My must-have in any Korean restaurant, Sam Gye Tang!
The special don't-know-what sauce that we love a lot!
The Spicy Tofu Soup which was surprisingly good!
Made a right choice to try their Seafood Pancake too! :)
I basically tried everything we ordered and honestly speaking I'm soooooooo impressed! I think I'm most impressed with the Bimbimbap and the Spicy Tofu Soup, while I still think Seoul Korean Restaurant has slightly better Sam Gye Tang. Ohyea! The Seafood Pancake is also to-die-for! Very little flour but loads of fresh prawns and sotong! Yummzzz... The only thing I don't like is the little side dishes they offered. Only six? That's like by far the least I've ever got in any Korean restaurants!
In the end, the owner actually gave us this complimentary Korean Sushi!... Which made us all even 'fuller'...
And then he insisted to help take a picture for us...And all the food with the friendly services (with F.O.C green tea)cost us RM120, which is RM30 per person. Definitely a good price! Definitely worth a second visit, especially when it's so near to where I stay!
Another choice of place for makan! Yay~! :D


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Movie finally... 天天好天


Monday, January 10, 2011

Over the weekend...

Just went through a busy and exhausting working weekend. In fact I will also be working for the next two weekends. So please do excuse me AGAIN if I don't update my blog... I really is forced to ignore my blog!!! *Big sigh~*
So before I drown myself with work again, let me share with you some stuff I did over the last weekend.

Cheap Dinners @ Petaling Street
Yes, it was 'dinners' with the 's' at the back! On Friday night Deardo and I went to KL for the original Soong Kee Beef Balls Noodles. We've had the commercialized version at Heritage Food Village at Lot 10 and this was our first time at their original shop at Jalan Tun Tan Siew Sin.Say you didn't see someone posing in front of the shop... Say you didn't!
When we arrived the very famous Hon Kee porridge selling outside the shop was already closed. So I have no choice but to follow Deardo's unhealthy choice of having the beef noodles.
We both had the dried one with the beef innards and beef balls. True to its famous name, the noodles, which comes with the minced meat was awesome, and the innards and beef balls were fresh too. We both thought it was slightly better than the one at the Heritage Food Village, but not really a big difference, really. Yummy Soong Kee Beef noodles!!!
We ended up paying RM9.50 for one big and one small bowls of noodles, which was pretty cheap hey!I know he looks like clown here but ah well, that is why I love him! :p
And then I wasn't full enough. So we drove to Petaling Street to search for our second round. I was hoping the Hon Kee porridge there open at night too sadly it doesn't open for business at night. So we ended up having the very famous Kam Lin Gei Hokkien Mee, which I've tried before but not Deardo.The very famous charcoal fried Hokkien Mee!
We had a Hokkien Mee with Mihoon and a plate of stir-fried potato leaves. The Hokkien Mee was simply delicious, with a little charcoal smell in the noodles. And the pork lart does make a difference too! Definitely one of the best Hokkien Mee we've ever tried!Me enjoying my second round of dinner... Fei lor fei lor fei lor...
And guess what? The bill came up to RM20 (Medium Hokkien Mee, RM12 and vegetables RM8) only! So we spent only RM30 for two dinners! Now who said KL food are expensive???

I was working on Saturday and Sunday for a fair and I kinda enjoyed it! :)Me posing in front of a backdrop that I've spent so much energy helping to complete the list.

On Saturday night Deardo and I were in Genting (yes, AGAIN) for Wong Tze Wah's 娱乐圈血肉史stand-up show. It was our first time watching a live stand-up comedy! Because of the topic, the content might not be very easy for everyone to understand, but then there were still big part of the performance that we laughed out really loud and really enjoyed a lot! Not too bad an experience! :)
For now, I just couldn't wait for Michael Hui's return to Malaysia!!! It was another full house for Wong Tze Wah!!!
Wasn't allowed to bring camera in but ah well... :p

Work is taking up a lot of my time now. I totally hate it but ah well, life must go on lar yea.
Hopefully I'll be able to update a little soon! :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Yummy Dinner @ Kafe Bawang Merah, SS12

We've heard quite a lot about Bawang Merah but never really made a trip there even though it is actually situated right outside his sister's house at SS12, until one fine night...Located behind the Sime Darby Medical Centre (formerly known as SJMC), the restaurant is apparently very famous, I think especially with the Malays and Indonesians. But after my visit there, I must correct the fact because I saw many Chinese and Indians dining there too! No wonder lar, almost every time I passed by that place it is always so crowded! See... There was an Indian couple ta pao-ing food over there!
Although from the outside, it looks more like a fancy Malay-Indonesian restaurant, inside they actually serve very simple dishes. They even have a mini stall with dishes like you have at some Chap Fun (mixed rice) stalls! Of course, there are also some noodles and rice dishes in the menu for you to choose from.
Since it was already pretty late at night, I went for a Soto Ayam instead of rice while Deardo had the Nasi Goreng something (couldn't recall which Nasi Goreng he had...). I also ordered some vegetables and rendang beef from the mixed rice corner.Our side-kicks... THE RENDANG BEEF IS UNFORGETTABLE!!!
My bowl of Soto Ayam.
Deardo's Nasi Goreng.
The Soto Ayam was really just so-so but the Nasi Goreng really satisfied Deardo Wong a lot! At first because of a long wait he said he is going to boycott the shop, but once he had the Nasi Goreng he changed his mind straight away! I think it's the fact that they fried the rice with a big fire which gives the fried rice a very nice scent! Yumzzz... And true to the makcik's recommendation, the rendang beef was super awesome!!! You can actually taste the bits of the spices with the coconut which was so yummy yet, yea unhealthy. :pLooking at these pictures, I really think I look real good in this hairstyle, don't you think so???
Together with two Limau Suam, the bill came up to less than RM20, which was surprisingly very cheap hey!
To me, if you are looking for nice Malay-Indonesian food with a cleaner environment with a decent price, then I'm sure you do not want to miss this one!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

First lunch of 2011@Oriental Cravings, 1 Utama

As I said earlier, I was at 1 Utama on the first day of 2011. Right before Ducum and I went on to have our camwhore session in the fitting room, we had a sumptious lunch at Oriental Cravings.I've been here before once long long time ago and it was also 4e who brought me there. In fact, she is such a frequent customer that the lady boss actually remembers her and Ah Ma! Oriental Cravings is special in a sense where you get both hawker food, famous Chinese snacks, Kopitiam kinda food and main dishes under one roof. It's a little mixture of Dai Chao plus Kopitiam's food.It was actually our first meal of the day...
From snacks till main courses, here are what we had...Yam cake to start with...
Uncle Mike's Roti Bakar with GREEN Kaya~! I love green kaya!
Tofu with some spicy topping.
Ah Ma's Dry Curry Wantan Mee. Yummzzz...
Ducum's Claypot Lou Su Fun.
My Braised Yee Mee.
Stir-fried Lotus with Petai (ours was without the Petai).
Ah Ma's maid had the yummy-looking Belacan Fried Rice.
Uncle Mike also had this Fried Glass Noodles, with the ribbon he added in himself!
I didn't try all dishes but I was pretty happy with my plate of Braised Yee Mee. Nothing too special, but good enough to make me happy. Ah Ma's Dry Curry Wantan Mee was really nice too! I especially love the fact that the curry is curry pork in stead of curry chicken! I think the Fried Rice and Fried Glass Noodles looked really yummy too! I like the Stir-Fried Lotus with Petai (4e doesn't want the Petai :( ) a lot! I think they added some salted fish in it and that makes the dish smells really good! Hmmm... I think it will be even better with the Petai! :p
I'm not a fan of the tofu dish we ordered. The tofu itself is pretty ok but the topping wasn't very impressive.
One with my 4e, my idol and favourite 'e' since young.
Their dishes are mostly above RM10. We ended up paying around RM150 for the lunch, which is to me, pretty pricey. But I must say the portion is quite big and honestly, some of the dishes are worth their prices! And there are still some special dishes like Roast Pork Curry Mee that I really want to try!
My conclusion is, if you don't mind paying more for a better and cleaner atmosphere with some decent food, then Oriental Cravings is really not too bad a makan place.