Monday, April 30, 2012

Yummy Pork Noodles @ Win Heng Seng Restaurant, Jalan Imbi

Well this is not exactly the first time I dined at this kopitiam and ate their very nice pork noodles but here you go, I had to wait till now to blog about it.
We absolutely love the pork noodles here! The soup is flavourful but not salty, the handmade pork balls are really yummy and I love the fact that they have pork kidney in it, which is not easy to find at any pork noodles stalls in KL!
Ooohhh... Yummy~!
I think I looked like a China Si Lai wey! :S
Deardo especially, loves the pork noodles!
The noodles however comes in quite small portion I even think the big one isn't that big and they are priced at about RM6-RM7. Anywayz, I still think it's probably one of the best pork noodles I've tasted so far! :)
Interesting enough, there is another stall selling pork balls noodles stall there which is quite famous too at the same kopitiam. You might want to check that out too.

Win Heng Seng Restaurant
Jalan Imbi,
Kuala Lumpur

Friday, April 27, 2012

BIG FAT YUMMY CRABS @ Wong Poh Restaurant, Aman Suria

I just went to Wong Poh Restaurant for their crabs yesterday for the third time this year and this blog post actually consists of photos from my second visit with Deardo's family. The first time I went there and got so amazed was our departmental CNY outing and yesterday I bought my family there and I had a sense of satisfaction when Papo especially loves the crabs so much! :)
The truth is, I was never a big fan of crabs, simply because I hate the entire process of eating it, just too ma fan and messy, don't you think so?
Things changed after I first tasted the crabs at Wong Poh Restaurant back in January. I swallowed the crabs like crazy until I think I had a minor allergy feeling very heaty after the dinner. :S
Anywayz, here are dishes we ordered that day...
Curry Wild Boar.
Kung Po Mantis Prawns.
Stir-fried Sweet Potato Leaves.
Clapypot Butter Crabs.
Salted Egg Crabs.
Fried Man Tou.
Well their crabs are in general very big in size and very fresh and juicy as well, which is why it is not hard to understand why people just love to go there for their crabs. Of course, their signature Claypot Butter Crabs, which you can go with some deep fried or steamed man tou seems like a big hit and I think it is actually not too bad. But my favourite has to be the Salted Egg Crabs! Love how they made the salted egg smells and tastes so nice and I have tried other salted egg seafood dishes but this has to be the best one so far!!!! Seriously, my colleague who doesn't eat seafood at all was licking the crab shells just for the salted egg gravy!!! I tell you, it's only at Wong Poh Restaurant you actually see me knocking the crabs out and dirty my hands and mouth, noming the crabs with a super satisfied face! Ha!
The aftermath. *grins~*
That was not as much as what I ate when I first visit that restaurant cos boss paid for the bill! :p
I tried their other dishes and I think their Kung Poh Lai Liu Ha (Mantis Prawns) is another must try. The mantis prawns has the extra crunchiness compared to those usual ones you get at other restaurants! Other dishes I tried unfortunately failed to impressed me too much.
Of course it isn't too cheap to have such crab meals. Four of those crabs cost us about RM128 but their other dishes are very reasonably priced. Great options whenever you are craving for some BIG FAT YUMMY CRABS!!!

Wong Poh Restaurant
36 & 38, Jalan BM 1/2
Bukit Mayang Mas
47301 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 603-7803 3527

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

春娇与志明 Love in the Buff


啊,还有,如果你打算去看这部电影的话,请记得留守最后的ending credit部分。如果你已经错过了,那......


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

LMFAO Live in Malaysia (From an aunty's perspective)

Sorry about the delay of this post. I almost forgot about this one!!! How could I???
Deardo and I went to the LMFAO Live in Malaysia about two weeks back because we are both fans of them. Wait, correction, fan of their 'fai-cai-ness' (Cantonese for 'nonsense-ness'), although we only know roughly five to six of their songs! LOL! Anywayz, we had a very interesting night with a whole new experience attending the concert and I hate to say this, but we both made a conclusion that we are both too old for this kinda concert.
So gungho that we wore our original LMFAO t-shirt to the concert! Party Rock people!!! Woot~!!!
Since the ticket says concert starts at 8.30pm, we went into Sunway Lagoon at 8pm thinking that however late these 'sexy-and-they-know-it-guys' are, it won't be later than 9pm. At least we went in and grabbed ourselves a nice spot not too far behind the crowd!
Camwhoring since they refused to come out on time...
Yeah, or so we thought...

At first, there were this gang of kids next to us who looked so ideal as 1Malaysia ambassadors. I totally understand how the two Chinese girls feel like because hey, dating or hanging out with non-Chinese guys is simply hip! Trust me, I've been through that and I don't think it is a problem at all (yeah you will learn from mistakes, girls!) until I find the three guys with them irritating. They were trying their very best to put their arms around the girls' waists and shoulders which all looked to me more like they are trying to 'chau sui'. That's still fine with me providing they are cute, right? Unfortunately one of the guys just need to go on Biggest Loser or Extreme Makeover to lose some kilos and a possible skin surgery. Boo~ Boo~ So not interesting! To the two cute Chinese girls, love yourself more and go home earlier! *Sounds like an aunty talking already now, isn't it?*
You see what I mean? Biggest Loser and Extreme Makeover? Somemore he was sweating so much wey!
And I thought they were already irritating enough.

They were at my right and suddenly some four or five boys just cut the queue and went straight to stand at our left. They smelled and looked like they've obviously just drank at least two pints of beer or something and seriously, they look like they are just 18 years old! WTH?!
Drunken kids who weren't supposed to be at the concert, let alone drinking!
I couldn't do much by then except for starring at them furiously. And it was already bloody 9.30pm!!! Where the hell are LMFAO??? We don't want to listen to the DJ anymore, we paid for LMFAO, not you random DJs!!! Aaaarrrrhhhh...

Freaking HOT and TIRING too having to stand in the crowd for so bloody looooooong!!! 

But I also pity the DJ also lar. That poor fellar was just doing his job standing there playing music for so long just so the superstar can be legally late for their opening of the concert. Yea but I booed him for a bit too... :p

And then around 9.45pm when LMFAO were probably still poo-ing behind the stage, this two girls dragged a guy in (obviously also very the 1Malaysia's combination), cut through us and the drunken boys and decided to just stop right in front of us. F@&#%%$!(^%## I can see those drunken boys were also suddenly awaken from their feng-tao party by that situation and we all formed a team of starring eyes, starring fiercely at them. I mean, hey, people have been standing here for almost two hours and you think you can just come in 15 minutes before the concert starts and took our space away from us??? WTF??? Of course, like Jinnyboy says, they pretended to be the Malaysian 'Invisible Man' even though the guy actually heard me saying 'BLOODY HELL!!!' and turned a bit but was too scared to look at me directly. CHICKEN!!! Yeah, I'm talking about you the Chinese guy in white shirt who came in dragged by some girls! YOU CHICKEN!!!
For some unknown reasons, he eventually backed out a bit and stood right next to me, with his foot directly just next to mine trying to tell me to move away. I was really pissed off by then but I told myself to calm down since the party hasn't even started. I shall not spoil my mood because of a CHICKEN!
Ooh I hope you have bruises on your foot after the concert, you white shirt CHICKEN!
By 10pm RedFoo (SkyBlu didn't come along because of injury) finally came on stage (phew~) and the first song was our recent favourite, Sorry for Party Rocking!!! So bloody excited I jumped my heart out and STEP, STEP, STEP, STEP on that white-shirt-guy's foot!!!! Muahahahahaha... You ask for it you USELESS CHICKEN!!! Get all that shit back from the bitchy Aunty Shirlexia!!! Didn't the title already told you that this is an experience of an aunty? Oh I forgot to also mention that this aunty isn't easy to handle. That fellar just need a lesson of life lar for being so useless, hence I was there just on time! :)
And yes, half way through the concert they left. I bet the drunken boys and me alone gave them whole loads of pressure that they couldn't take it anymore. WE WON THE BATTLE GUYS!!! *Gimme five~~* Muahahahahahaha...
Possibly the last standing concert for me... But LMFAO rocks!!!
So we party rocked for the next one and a half hour with RedFoo and the gang. By the end of the night I was all wet and sticky with sweat all over and I was already half dead because of tiredness. I wouldn't say I didn't enjoy the show. In fact, it's been a while I've never partied so badly and it's cool to have such experience once a while. But man, it was really freaking tiring and I almost wanna start a fight with those irritating people who love to cut queue and pretend that they don't know what shit they are doing there. Seriously, I'M TOO OLD FOR ALL THESE...

To those who happened to be the people at the concert and who happened to be standing next to me and happened to stumble upon my blog here... Say hi to Aunty Shirlexia!!! Don't worry, I'm most irritated with the last CHICKEN guy, the rest of you all lost to him lar. Lost gao gao okay??? *wink~*


Friday, April 20, 2012

The Artist & Battleship

The Artist
Watched this Oscar's Best Film few weeks back out of curiosity, seriously. I mean, a black and white silent movie winning so many awards? This better be a damn good movie man!
Basically the storyline is not anything extraordinary. It is just about a silent movie actor trying to stay true to the silent movie industry but failed and became forgotten by the audience. He became really sad and even tried to shoot himself off... Sounds damn normal but hey I'm freaking impressed by the way the director was able to put the whole movie together without spoken words! True, the storyline was simple, but it was entertaining enough and you actually feel damn sad for the main character, George Valentin.
Having to say that, I must pay my respect to Jean Dujardin, who truly deserved the Best Actor title. His acting was extremely impressive, using just facial expression to express himself in the entire movie... Simply wow! I love him!!!
I also love Uggie, the cute dog in the movie as well as the outstanding costume designs the movie has! Oh yes, the music! Love the OST to death man! So nice and cute! Bravo!!!
It is unfair to say it deserve to win Best Film at the Oscar since I've not seen most of the other movies nominated. But one thing for sure is, this movie really amazed me!!!

It's another movie I watched because Deardo was damn excited about it. But of course, I've heard of real good reviews about the movie only a day after it was opened here in Malaysia!
I was skeptical about it though, I mean, you know I'm not a fan of movies with aliens lar, zombies lar, vampires lar... So yea.
The movie has a storyline of romance and brothers love, but much to my relief, they weren't cheesy at all! It pays more attention to their war against the aliens (who by the way look more like Power Rangers, without the pretty faces behind them), and their war strategies which were not boring to watch. Although I still cannot accept the fact that aliens can be so hi-tech and all, the movie did impressed me!
Nothing much I can talk about the acting. But I'm a fan of the cool-looking Alexander Skarsgård, just because he is cool-looking lar ok? I do admire Rihanna's choice of movie to debut in. Not romantic comedy, not playing a sexy and attractive girl, but a marine soldier? How cool is that? Miley Cyrus, Mandy Moore and Selena Gomez should learn from her. Er... Too late now anywayz.
So, Battleship is a truly entertaining movie you don't want to miss!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lobsterish Dinner @ The Lobsterman, SS2

Deardo's parent was in town again few weeks back and Deardo's dad suddenly suggested that we go and have lobster because they have never eaten lobsters before. And that includes Deardo himself. So off we went to The Lobsterman for a lobster feast! Woot~!!!
See those live fresh lobsters ready to be nommed???
They have fresh oysters too!
And they let us kill our waiting time with crayons and paper on the table.
Deardo's parent with little Yue Yue.
So... The menu says, RM98 per lobster at 550g and you can choose what kinda method you want them to be cooked.So for six of us, we ordered two lobsters, another half (I think) came with the cheese baked rice and another meat dish to answer the hungry guys who just can't live without meat...
Char Grilled Lobster.
Char Broiled Lobster the American Traditional Style.
Super awesome wedges!!!
Lobster Cheese Baked Rice.
Mixed Grill.
We find the Char Grilled Lobster too dry without any paste or gravy, but the the American Traditional Style lobster was simply superb. Love the taste of the paste that comes with it, and the texture of the lobster was seriously fresh.Yummy~! I also especially love the wedges that come with the lobster dishes! The potatoes itself has a really different texture and the hard and crunchy flour coating the potatoes were damn nice too! The Lobster Cheese Baked Rice is a truly must try for anyone who is going to the restaurant! Seriously! It's so flavourful and delicious!!! I'm certainly not a fan of the mixed grill and I would totally skip that if there is a second visit.
Look at those FAT lobster meat!!!

Overall, the restaurant serves really fresh and some yummy lobster dishes. Of course, my top choice is going to be the rice dish, but let's stick to the basic and skip the meat next time around, okay? Unfortunately, we had really bad experience with their services, especially from this lady who looks and sounds like the owner, so that kinda leaves a black mark on our visit.

With two drinks and a bottle of mineral water, plus taxes and service charges, the bill came up to RM356.45 and most of the guys weren't even full! Ha! I guess it's just a total enjoyment of having the luxury to have lobsters that makes the price worthy lor... But yes, we shall indulge ourselves like this once in a while, isn't it? *wink~~*

The Lobsterman
53, Jalan SS2/30,
47300 Petaling Jaya,
Tel: 03-7877 6772

Friday, April 6, 2012

New found yumminess @ Shanghai 10, Genting

We always have problem looking for the right restaurant to have our meals whenever we are in Genting. Some of them are just not nice to eat, some too crowded, some too expensive. My only good experience was at Coffee Terrence but yea, we can't have buffet when we know we have a stand-up comedy to catch in one hour time, right?
So the other day before we went for Jan Lamb's show, we chose Shanghai 10 to have our dinner. It was pretty full too when we arrived but we were lucky enough to get a table very fast and food came in around 15 minutes of waiting. :)
We were basically conned by the aunty who told us the portion are small so we shall not share our food...
Ginseng Abalone Soup, RM10.
Stir-fried Broccoli with Scallops, RM18.90.
Prawn Fried Rice, RM17.50.
Shanghai Bean Noodles, RM16.90.
But we love the food there! All dishes that we ordered were up to our standards! I especially love the awesome Prawn Fried Rice and the Shanghai Bean Noodles! You can literally taste the strong fire that they use to fry the Prawn Fried Rice, so 'gao wok hei'! And surprisingly the prawns were damn fresh! The Shanghai Bean Noodles is more like our version of Fried Kuey Teow, but the noodles is really something new to us. It's bigger than hor fun but transparent like glass noodles and the texture is super nice to chew. Perhaps a little oily, but damn that was delicious! And obviously portion aren't small at all!
I was really happy with my dinner!!! Yummy~!!!
With the three dishes and a soup (we didn't order any drinks), and all the taxes, the bill came up to RM73.45. A bit pricey lar but well it's only once in a blue moon we get to go to Genting anywayz! So here you go, a new found yumminess at Genting! Yay~! :)

Shanghai 10
First World Hotel Genting
Tel: 03-6436 0690

Thursday, April 5, 2012

孩子不坏 We Not Naughty

基本上电影跟之前的小孩不笨没有什么关系,但是故事大致上带出的信息是没有分别的。其实电影看下来,故事根本就是一贯梁智强的传统storyline,一开始孩子们一定有很多问题,然后再发现他们的才华,但中间又来点悲伤的部分,让你感动一下之后再告诉你要好好珍惜你的父母之类的......没错,难听的话就是根本没有创意,再加上一些夸张的剧情和special effect,你可能还没看完就要摇头了。但是很奇怪,电影却还是很搞笑、很富娱乐性!差不多是从头笑到尾,而且看完出来到今天我们还不停的重复着电影里的几个笑点!真的,真得有几个部分笑到我都跺脚了!