Friday, July 30, 2010

Durians for dinner?

This might be one of the craziest stuff I've ever done in my entire life. *sweat~~~*
I'm not quite a big fan of durians. Back home Papo will have to bring the durian to my face with a line "bo pian lu eh, zhit ley jin eh jia ho jiak!"(I'm telling you, this is bloody tasty!) only I will give the durian a try. And the maximum I could eat will be probably like urm... Three pieces? So how is it possible for me to have durians buffet as dinner? DINNER! BUFFET!!! Absolutely super duper unhealthy.Yes! I've done that! Durians for dinner!!!
Unfortunately, that is just what I did last night, with Deardo Wong and his bunch of cool CG members....The most crowded stall of all.
Yea, there are so many stalls to choose from at SS2! After a while, we chose the most crowded one. They have buffet at RM9 and RM15. Of course we went for the RM15 one for better quality durians!People got website one ler, don't pray pray~~!
I can smell durian only by looking at this pic!
(I cannot believe myself looking at the crowd immersing themselves with durians for dinner! Are Malaysians just durian lovers or unhealthy people?)
We picked a table and sat down, you can help yourself with the plain water there but Auntie Shirlexia already prepared some nice Chinese Herbal Tea just to cool down the body as durian, as you all know, is a very heaty fruit. Look at those happy faces!
Specially made by Auntie Shirlexia, homemade Chinese Herbal Tea!
Then the people there will open and serve you with different kind of durians. Most of us, including myself, prefer the durians to be not so watery. Tell you, I wouldn't even try those durians that look like they are salivating... Hahaha, that's the way Ket Hon describes it... :pSalivating, yet??? Ducum, do you want some???
I only had about 10 pieces(yet, that is a record for someone who doesn't fancy durian so much, okay?) but Deardo and Ket Hon sapu-ed quite a lot. I can tell you some of the durians are really quite yummy! And if you are a durian lover, only the smell of the durians itself at the stalls will make you feel like you're in heaven~!
I think the owners of those stalls are definitely earning A LOT! But then if you are a fan of durians, RM15 for buffet durian is definitely worth it! So do give it a go before the durian season ends!

Before I wrapped up this blog post, let's see who won the BEST DURIAN EATER AWARD!
Coming in fourth place is Shirlexia Tan!!!Looks more like I saw something scary like a ghost or a shark! LOL!

Third place would be Deardo Wong!!!Deardo wanted to wallup the whole durian???

And second place is Ho Ket Hon!!!Okay, I know you have a new gf, KH... We are not as surprise as how you look in this pic! :p

And finally... The first prize winner, who would walk away with a reward of appearing ugly on my blog is....





Shin Enn Yapp~~~~!!!Even though that is the same old expression... It still makes him looks so like... Having a durian orgasm or something... Hahahaha...

Congratulations to all winners! I'm sure you guys have won respect among all other durian lovers! :p

Thursday, July 29, 2010


That's exactly what I want to say after watching the movie!
First thing first, I never liked sci-fi movies, but I watched it because I've heard too many good reviews that I feel guilty if I don't watch it. Plus, what a cast man! I love almost everyone of them!
The story is about planting a dream in someone and getting information from the dream. So you see this whole gang of professionals creating and falling into layers of dreams... I was quite alright at the beginning until in the middle of the movie I started losing pace... And then I picked up a little by little... Yet, until the end I'm still confused and there are still a lot of question marks... Told ya I'm too dumb to watch smart movie like this...
Anywayz, I still think this is quite a cool movie. The special effects are so freaking cool I had to drop my jaw looking at them. I'm very amazed by all the design part of the movie! The music or score they call it is very cool it will stick in my head for a while. And because it's a smart movie, I do have very much respect for the creator, Christopher Nolan. He must have such a brilliant brain to think of such 'deep' idea! I have a feeling this movie is going to score big in big award ceremonies like the Oscar!
I think the movie owes a lot to the awesome cast too! They are all great actors who had either won or nominated for the Oscar! I'm not too much a fan of Leonardo DiCaprio, but the likes of Joseph Gordon-Levvit, Ellen Page, Tom Hardy, Marion Cottilard, Cillian Murphy, Ken Watanabe and Michael Caine just made a perfect set of actors I adore! And I definitely think they did a super great job in the movie!
Well, it might be confusing, but I feel like I kinda like the movie! :p

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bon Appetit~

*Do check out some nice clothes ON SALE HERE!

Here's a little recipe I tried out myself yesterday for lunch. I actually have a can of tomato puree but I don't feel like having pasta. So I decided to make full use of my creativity... I would say this is a wonderful dish for tomato lovers!
Let's name it Healthy Tomato Rice with Fish!

What you need...
A can of tomato puree, Dory fish fillet cut into pieces and marinated with pepper and salt, chopped half an onion, one chopped tomato, sweet corn, chopped cabbage, chopped English parsley, and of course cooked rice. I suggest two cups of rice for a can of puree. (I was going to put mushrooms in but I totally forgot about the mushrooms until when I'm done cooking...)

What to do...

1) Simmer some olive oil in a frying pan until they are brownish. 2) Add in the tomato. Try to squeeze them to soften them a bit and get some of the fresh tomato juice. 3) Add in the tomato puree, corn and cabbage. Stir well.4) Add in some water. Stir well. 5) Until the vegetables are about to cook, add in the fish!6) Until the fish are cooked, add in the English parsley and stir them a bit. Then switch off the fire.7) Now scoop the rice in the rice cooker to loosen the rice a bit.8) Then pour the tomato gravy onto the rice and stir them all up. And you are all done~!
I then added a little black pepper to serve. If you like, add a sunny side up to go with it! I personally love the dish although, I must say, this is not a dish for those who aren't a fan of tomato. I'm pretty satisfied with this new try! :DCannot decide which one looks better, so I posted both pictures...
You can choose your own ingredients without following mine! Mine was more to creating the different colours. So you can see very nice blend of yellow, green and red in the dish! I put in English parsley because it will give a very nice scent to the gravy while I prefer fish than other meat since it's always a healthier choice! Low in fat too! :pSorry... Mine is a sunny side up tak jadi... I always prefer my egg york to be cooked and smashed. :p

After lunch I watch...
No Reservations
It's actually a 2007 movie! I watched the DVD yesterday after lunch, since I have whole load of time! The movie is about a lady chef, Kate(Catherine Zeta-Jones), who is very strict in her work and even daily life that made her boss forced her to get therapy. Life changed when she has to take care of her niece(Abigail Breslin) and fell in love with a guy(Aaron Eckhart)...
Well I must say the storyline isn't very special, yet the whole flow of the movie is kinda attractive. No boring scenes at all!
And I think Catherine Zeta-Jones did a good job! She is always that elegant in anywhere you see her, yet she can play such a strong character so well. Love her~! And Abigail! Lovely as always! Nop, not a fan of Aaron Eckhart though, but I do enjoyed his character in the movie. It's quite a fun character to watch! Oh and I love the music too!
Watching the movie also made me feel so good looking at the food and the way they prepare the food! You know when I saw them cook in their own kitchen, eat, play games, drink coffee, eat dessert at home... It just made me wanting my own kitchen in my own house so badly!!! Cook, eat, play games, drink coffee, eat dessert with my loved one... Ah... Tell me when is that coming true???

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Streetdance 3D

(But I didn't watch the 3D version...)
FYI, I love everything with dances, especially street dance!
I watched Streetdance without knowing much about the movie, thus I was so surprised to find out 1) it's a British movie! 2) It has Diversity, Flawless and George Sampson from British Got Talent!
The storyline is pretty much very ordinary, it's like almost all dance movies have this kinda storyline. So what I was looking for was the creativity in their cinematography, lighting and most importantly, choreography.
Mixing street dance and ballet isn't actually new. You would have seen the same in Save the Last Dance. The difference is, this time around it's a whole crew in stead of a solo performance, which is of course, much more exciting. Check out the part where the street dancers and ballet dancers kinda started a battle, I personally enjoyed that part very much. The final performance was bloody impressive too, love every bit of it (except for the cheesy stupid kiss in the middle, street dance is a cool dance, not a romantic dance!!!) that I was actually clapping watching it! I think choreography wise, they've done a great job, really! If those dancers are really street dancers and ballet dancers, I would give them a big applause for picking up both dances just for the movie! It's definitely not easy to mix the two very different dances together!
However, I feel like something is missing. Perhaps it's the cinematography, or it's the lighting. I just feel like the performances aren't very nice to look at like this. Maybe it's the lighting, it's just not dramatic enough. It's like, I can easily forget the performances in this movie but can vividly remember the one in the rain in Step Up 2! And seriously, no offense, I think the British accent always sounds so urm... Old school? Sounded like people who would act in Shakespeare in Love! It just sounds so 'classic' that it makes it so weird to listen to some street dancers speaking like that...
Anywayz, still quite a nice one! At least it made me nervous when waiting for their final dance! Can't wait to see what's in Step Up 3D!

P/S: Talking about street dance, remember TC Dragon, or 小龙? I went to Singapore last year just to see him! He and his dance crew Top Coalition had just won the BBOY Taiwan and are going to France for the World BBOY Competition! Congratulations!!! :D

Friday, July 23, 2010


Like many of you girls, I love shopping for clothes. But also like many of you girls, I always ended up buying and not wearing some of them. So after rearranging my wardrobe the other day I took out a few pieces that are completely new, mostly never been worn stuff to see if some of you might want to own them with a much cheaper price as compared to the ori price.
You know me, without job and without income now, these small money would help a bit! :)
Let me assure you that all these clothes are in perfect condition!
Here we go~

1) OL High Waist Skirt
(Very high quality material)
Length: 17.5"
Waist: 27 " (Slightly stretchable) *Note: This is a high waist measurement.
Condition: Brand new
Reason for selling off: Too tight and short for me
Bought it from DressUp Girls, price around RM70 if I'm not mistaken.
Selling at: RM30

2) Trendy High Waist SkirtLength: 15"
Waist: Stretchable rubber
Condition: Worn once
Reason for selling off: Too short for me
Bought it from Singapore, price around SGD 29.
Selling at: RM15

3) Lace Short Skirt (Highly recommended as it is the trend right now!)Length: 14.5"
Waist: Stretchable rubber
Condition: Brand new
Reason for selling off: I later bought a nicer one. :p
Bought it from Wu Fen Pu, Taipei, price around RM30.
Selling at: RM25

4) Hanging shortsLength: 10"
Waist: 30" (stretchable material)
Condition: Brand new
Reason for selling off: Too small for me.
Bought it on-line, forgot how much it cost.
Selling at: RM20

5) Stripy Turtle Neck TopLength: 21.5", Stretchable
Condition: Brand new
Reason for selling off: Didn't have a chance to wear it.
Bought it from F.O.S at RM30.
Selling at: RM15

6) Black Trendy Romper(Length of the pants is adjustable)
Length: 47.5"
Waist: 32"
Condition: Brand new
Reason for selling off: A bit too tight near the 'embarrassing part'. So this is only recommended for people who have shorter upper body.
Bought it online, forgot how much is it cost.
Selling at: RM25

7) Silk Tube Dress(with 'wave effect' 波浪裙bottom)
Length: 27.5" with rubber at the back
Condition: Brand new
Reason for selling off: Didn't have a chance to wear.
Bought it online, forgot how much it cost.
Selling at: RM18

8) 60s' Polka Dot DressSize: S
Length: 31"
Condition: Worn once, for the above picture shooting.
Reason for selling off: Too short for me.
Bought it from F Block, forgot how much it cost.
Selling at: RM 20

*Click on pictures for clearer view!
*Postage fees will be: RM6 for Poslaju (West Malaysia) or RM4 for Pos Ekspres.
*If you have any questions regarding any of the items, can leave me a message either in the comment column or the chat box at the side bar.
*Otherwise, if you are SERIOUS in buying them, email me at with your name, address, phone number and name of item. I will get back to you asap.
*I'm just letting go my own stuff, so only one piece available for all items!

Please tell your friends to check out these cheap bargains too! Thanks! :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


It's now almost 4a.m. but I'm awake. Ah, ah ah... Don't worry it isn't Ken's fault. It's just that Deardo Wong's SMS from Male International Airport, Maldives telling me he just checked in, woke me up and I couldn't get back to sleep anymore.

Things currently running in my mind at 4 something in the morning...
1. It's raining, it's cold, I'm sneezing. *Ha~Chew~~*
2. Yay~ Deardo Wong is coming home, coming back to me in few hours time! BUT Deardo's mum is also coming back to KL. Cannot together-gether yee yan sai gai... Sigh...
3. Think, think, think... Which companies can I apply for a job?
4. Think, think, think... How can I earn money without a permanent job?
5. I want to hug and kiss my man so badly!!!
6. I think I'm feeling hungry.
7. I feel like having a Chicken, Cheese and Avocado Focaccia and a hot Mocha at Bookmark Cafe, Curtin University of Technology.
8. Oh... I miss Perth... :(
One of my favourite light meals on campus! And don't doubt, that is a Chinese newspaper!
I miss you soooooo much you bloody crazy woman Jodi Reynolds!!!
I love this lovely pic I took for Mr and Mrs Ferguson, my host parent when I was doing volunteer work in Dardanup! I was going to send them this pic but I lost their address... :p
Rev, Lina, let's go to Freo together once again!
Australian Day in Perth is definitely funnier and cooler than our own Merdeka Day!
I miss my room in Vickery House~~~!!! ;(

I think every time when I'm helpless, or when I feel sad or lonely, I feel like going back to Perth, or wish that I had never came back to Malaysia!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010



全城热恋热辣辣 Hot Summer Days

泪王子 Prince of Tears

岁月神偷 Echoes of the Rainbow

Monday, July 19, 2010

All the way from Taiping...

The photo came all the way from Taiping, so did the person in the photo...Yes, believe it, that is ME, SHIRLEXIA TAN!!!!!

Those were the days when I loved my 'boy-cut' or Aaron Kwok and Jimmy Lin's hairstyle. Those were the days when I loved my t-shirt and jeans. Those were the days I think my face was chubbier than I am now...
I think I was only 11 or 12!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Super Wednesday @ Rasamas!

It sounds like I'm writing ad for Rasamas but sadly that isn't the case lar(oi, pay me pay me!).

Few months back when Deardo and I were walking around Carrefour Subang Jaya deciding what to eat, we saw this unbelievable deal at Rasamas. So ngam it was a Wednesday, they actually have this Eat-All-You-Can deal only on every Wednesday from 6-9pm. We tried and are satisfied customers who went back for a few times for it.Last night we brought Deardo's mum and BIL along and we all had a cheap and satisfying dinner! So Finally I'm sharing this nice deal with ya all!
For RM9.90(it was only RM8.90 when it started!), you'll be served with...Carbonated drink, or Pepsi, to be accurate.
A whole garlic bread to stuff yourself with.
Finally... Pepper Roaster Chicken with rice, vege, chili sauce and clear soup!
Nop, the deal doesn't stop there. Since it's Eat-All-You-Can, that means you get to refill everything from the meal! Depending on how much you can eat, it's already worth the price if you have another plate of the chicken with rice. Deardo and I normally go for more chicken and vege with lesser rice.The meal is especially suitable for guys who eat big!
Deardo's mum and me posing happily with our drumsticks! Yum~!
We love it, seriously! It's not like they serve you lousy food for such a price you know. Their chicken is as nice as always while the oily rice is just the kinda chicken rice I love! One important thing is their signature chili sauce. Once you try it you will want more, trust me! Even Deardo's mum who had it the first time asked for a refill for the chili!
It's just a perfect deal for people with a big stomach or hungry people!!! :pSorry? Big stomach? You talking about me?