Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Have your favourite Kim Gary dishes at home!

I'm sure a lot of you are fans of Kim Gary, the very famous Hong Kong styled cafe. I myself is a fan of their baked rice with cheese芝士焗饭 and borsch soup罗宋汤, while the bf always go for only one dish, the not-so-famous Black Pepper Pork Chop Rice黑椒猪扒饭.
I actually tried making the baked rice with cheese at home, now I did another test with the Black Pepper Pork Chop Rice.

What you need:Few Pieces of pork chop of course, marinate them with soya sauce and pepper beforehand, some big onions, some chili, oil, black pepper sauce, salt and corn flour (forgot to put that for the picture). Oh yea, rice, of course! :)

Method:1. Pan fry the pork chop on a non-stick pan.
2. When they are cooked, remove from pan and cut them into stripes.3. And then, heat up some oil in a wok, simmer the onions until they are golden-ish.4. Add in some water, then the chili, then some black pepper sauce, portion according to your liking lar yea.
5. When the gravy is boiling, beat some corn flour with water and add them in to thicken the gravy.5. Finally, put the pork chop stripes into the gravy and let them boil.

And that's it, pretty easy actually!
Serve them with some rice, like this...Or, if you want it to be like the one at Kim Gary...I'm kinda in love with the 10 coloured healthy rice my mum got for me from Taiping. Very crunchy and yummy... Plus! Healthier! :D

I also boiled borsch soup! Well I tried to make this soup N years ago but failed. This time around I got it right and the bf even thought it was much better than the one at Kim Gary that he even said the Kim Gary's one is nothing compared to mine! :p

For the borsch soup, it's even easier!Simply boil some pork ribs, onion, cabbage, carrots, celery, tomato and tomato puree with some ground black pepper and salt and that's it! It's something like ABC soup you have at home, only this one, with tomato puree in it. So there we had our Sunday night dinner... Very satisfying and much cheaper than in Kim Gary, portion wise, cos we had whole loads of rice and a HUGE pot of soup! WCL is a happy man! :p

I just love cooking and trying out different and new dishes!
Hmmmm... What's next ler???

Monday, March 29, 2010

Oscar Fever Part 2

The Lovely Bones
A few people, including Lay Jing, told me it's quite a nice movie, and so we went for it.
The story itself is quite interesting, where the main character can always see what's happening on her family after her death. I think the part that I hated the most is towards the ending part. She suddenly went into other girl's body and we all thought she is going to reveal the guy as her murderer. In stead, she just wants a kiss from the guy she had a crush in school... WHAT THE *&^$(&%$!!!!!! Still, I love how the murderer died in the end, that was a really good one! :)
I wouldn't say it's fantastic lar, but not too bad I guess. Good cast too actually. Saoirse Ronan is young, pretty and talented! Apparently Stanley Tucci (acted as the murderer) has got quite a lot of nominations, including the Oscar for his performance in this movie! And the graphic in the 'in-the-between' world is really cool, you might want to pay attention to that.
By the way, this is a Peter Jackson's work, you're a fan of him?

The Informant!
This is based on a true story actually, but I bet Steven Soderbergh or perhaps the book decided to make it into a dark comedy kinda thing.
Well basically the story talks about this guy, Mark Whitacre, on how smart he is in cheating his way to get to the top of his company, something like that. It involves a lot of commercial criminal that you and I wouldn't understand so easily. But well the way the movie was delivered definitely makes you laugh like crazy... Mark=Matt Damon narrated the movie with a lots of random lines which is pretty random and funny to listen.
The story itself can be very boring, but the whole thing is pretty cool and funny. And Matt Damon, well what can I say, since Ocean's 11, I've already know how good he can be acting as a con man! :p
Not too bad lar this one...

The Blind Side
I'm about to tell you about one of the best movies I've ever watched, at least recently. I always love movies based on true story, especially encouraging ones. This one being one of them that i really enjoyed watching.
The movie is about Michael Oher, a huge black guy who under a white family's guardian, became a famous and successful American Football player. The story itself is actually quite expected one, yet, it is heart-warming and I don't know why, I just love it a lot!
Kudos to Sandra Bullock, who won an Oscar's Best Actress for this movie. She is just very natural in the movie, very very... And I love almost everyone in the movie! Quinton Aaron, who acted as Michael Oher, Tim McGraw, Jay Head, Lily Collins, Katy Bates(oh yea, I always love her), etc. A nice cast is always the reason why a movie is successful, agree?
You can skip the two movies above, but you will regret it if you miss this one! :p

Saturday, March 27, 2010

This is gonna be a bit of everything...

Yes, I'm alive, and yes, I'm STILL jobless. I realized a lot of my friends are worry for me, but I'm perfectly fine. In fact, I haven't really have time think about 'me being jobless'. I've been pretty occupied with activities with the bf, with my freelance work and most of all, my Korean classes, the homework and the exam! I haven't even have time to plan my trip to Taiwan, which is happening in about less than 3 weeks time!
Of course, I'm very aware that I'm now jobless, but I don't want to make the wrong choice again you see, so I'm taking my time to think about my future, and to consider wisely which company I want to join and grow with, next. Well sure thing is, if you know of some vacancies at some trustable companies PLEASE DO LET ME KNOW! I thank you in advanced. :)

Dinner @ Little Penang, The Curve
I don't know where do you guys go with your bf most of the time. The problem with me and my dear is that we don't really have a private room or house to hang out, so we've been exploring new places to go. One of our favourite places is around Ikea, Ikano and The Curve area. I'll tell you why later, after this food review...It's been a while we didn't take picture like this!
Little Penang isn't new to me, I tried their Fried Kuey Teow before long time ago and I absolutely love it. But I didn't go back simply because I can't accept the fact that I have to pay so much for that plate of hawker food. But well, few days back the bf suggested so we went.I had the Assam Laksa.
The bf had the Fried Rice.
Kerabu Pucuk Paku... Yummy~!
I think the Laksa I had is pretty good, very thick, spicy and shower soup, lots of fish. Good one. Dear's fried rice? I forgot to ask him how was it, you gotta ask him. But the Kerabu Pucuk Paku is really nice too, despite the fact that I'm not such a fan of coconut...

We love hanging out at Ikea. You know why? Reason number 1) Dear is a fan of their Hot Dogs and they are bloody cheap! In fact, he was so sad when they disappeared for a few months because of some problems with the Hot Dogs supplier (yes he was so desperate that he went and asked at the counter...)! So glad they are back that I even had half of it as supper that day! :p 2) Well, I think a lot of you do that, make full use of the RM2 coffee or tea cup for free refill! That's what we always do, get a cup of coffee to share, and went on to refill until they are close for the day! Nice one, right? Kekekekeke...This is what you call a nice supper for the night!
So excited lar him to have finally had the Hot Dog!!!
So the next time you happened to drop by Ikea at night, buzz me! Cos I might be just right around the corner! :p

Dinner @ Blue Dragon Thai Restaurant, Cheras
On Thursday, I went to Cheras with my dear for a talk. So before that we went google searched to see if we can find any interesting place to have our dinner over there. Obviously, we are not familiar with Cheras that we had to follow the GPS all the way there! Blue Dragon at a glance...
Blue Dragon is located at Taman Cheras, same row as this very big restaurant called Junbo. The restaurant looks really nice actually, I love the whole design... It's just that it looks more like a Chinese restaurant than a Thai restaurant lar.Try to pay attention on the interior design, although I know it's hard not to notice the ghost-alike girl at the back... LOL!
Smile for my dear...
Here are what we had over there...Tom Yam Soup (small), RM 7.
Mushroom Roll, RM6.50.
Claypot Seafood Fried Rice, RM8.90.
Green Curry Chicken Noodle, RM8.50.
We both think the Claypot Seafood Fried Rice is the best of all we had ordered. I always like fried rice with the 'stuff' cooked separately, just like this one that we had here. It's just that well, that isn't really a Thai dish lar. The Green Curry Chicken Noodles is pretty yummy too~! The Tom Yam soup is pretty good too, although that isn't the best one I've ever had. The Mushroom roll is unique, taste more like a vegetarian dish.
It all came up to RM34, which is to me, quite reasonable. The food was not too bad and the environment is nice and cozy too! I shall visit it again whenever I go to Cheras.

Yeah Show 2010@ Wisma PGRM, Cheras
I missed Micheal Hui 许冠文 and 黄子华's 栋笃笑 in Genting, and I certainly know I missed something really BIG... Aih... If only they aren't that expensive lar~! :(
Anywayz, on Thursday I attended another kind of 栋笃笑, by 林以诺牧师, also all the way from Hong Kong. Well yea, it's part of the process of me learning more about Christianity that I agreed to go with my dear lar. He actually looks or perhaps acts a little like Michael Hui.
Well I must say, his isn't as funny as those I've mentioned above, simply because there are some boundaries lar. But it was in fact much better and funnier than I've expected! Had a good laugh really! It's just really something different, it's so cool to see preaching session can be so cool and funny! :D

Alright, that's it for now, time for some rest... *yawn~~~*

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Brunch @ MKP Lum Mee, PJ Uptown

Last Saturday (which was also Ducum's birthday) before mum, dad and Vivian went back to Taiping, we had brunch at this MKP Lum Mee Restaurant. It's actually a restaurant that I've visited since I was a kid with my grandpa. What I especially like about this restaurant is, it's very clean.Couple 1: My Pa & Mi actually went back to holding hands these days! :p
Couple 2: The always siao siao one...
They sell Lum Mee, Ipoh Hor Fun, Curry Mee and Dry Noodles. We ordered all of them except for the Dry Noodles. We also had their very famous fish balls and deep fried sui gao as side.Highly recommended... Their homemade fish balls and deep fried sui gao. Yummilicious~!
The very famous Lam Mee.
The Curry Mee comes with a lot of stuff in it hey!
The Ipoh Hor Fun.
I had the Lum Mee, which is good. But my auntie had commented that their quality has dropped. I didn't try the Curry Mee, but the Hor Fun's soup is pretty nice too. But my very favourite is the side! I'm not a fan of fish balls, but homemade ones are always excepted. And the fish balls here are really yummy! And the deep fried sui gao are also A MUST TRY!!!

And so we had a lot of food when my parent came. Phew~And lately the back pain has been stopping me from exercising!!!
Aiks... I'm getting fat!!! :S

Friday, March 19, 2010

Oscar Fever Part 1

Managed to watch two Oscar nominated movies lately, hopefully more to come! :)

Wanted to watch Invictus just because of Matt Damon. And you all know how excited I was when he was nominated for the Best Supporting Actor at the Oscar!
Well, the movie is based of a true story, about Nelson Mandela and how he used a rugby tournament to change his country and how people look at his country.
The movie started a bit slow and boring. I almost wanted to give up and walk out of the cinema, especially when the movie doesn't have subtitle, for some unknown reason and the people, including Matt Damon were talking with some South African accent. But second half of the movie were just great and exciting. I guess part of the reason is that I'm a sport fan lar, it excites me a lot watching rugby matches. Besides, I always like African culture and music, and that is why I love the movie so much. And that is why I'm so looking forward for the soccer World Cup this year! :D
I think this is a movie worth a watch, you will love the inspiring story, you will love the African music in it, you will love the exciting rugby World Cup final, with even a fake Jonah Lomu, and you will definitely love Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon, and if you are a fan of Clint Eastwood, he is actually the director of the movie. Haha, sorry man I only noticed that in the end of the movie! But seriously, watch it with subtitle.

I think many people are surprised at Gabourey Sidibe's acting ability as this is her debut movie. She got an Oscar nomination only with her first movie! Watch her in Precious, you are going to be so amazed. And it inspires people more just because she is fat and not exactly a pretty actress.:)
The story is about a troubled 16 year-old girl and how she overcomes everything and how she enjoy studying. Sounds very simple, but it was delivered with some sense of humour. That is what I love the most about the movie. Very touching and very inspiring.
Besides Gabourey, Mo'Nique was also brilliant. And you'll be surprise seeing Mariah Carey and Lenny Kravitz in the movie! Oh no, now that I've mentioned it, it won't be any surprise then... :p

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mini family dinner @ Souled Out, Sri Hartamas

My parent and Vivian came to KL and are still in town for a short holiday. So 4e invited us for a dinner at Souled Out, Sri Hartamas. A first look at the place made me had high hopes with the very fancy-looking and crowded restaurant...It seems like a lot of Ang Mo love this place!
The atmosphere is no doubt, is very nice. The menu also looks nice with a mixture of Asian and Western cuisines for you to choose from. And despite the fact that it was pretty crowded, the food arrived quite soon after we placed our order.A family photo...
And I'm so glad that my dear is now 'almost' part of our family... Hehehehe...

Here are the whole loads of food and beverages we had that night...Dragonfly and don't-know-what at the back...
We had two plates of these yummy Calamari.
The Stuffed Tofu are pretty good.
Beef Friedn Hor Fun.
The Chicken Cordon 'BLURRRR'... Don't laugh, that is the REAL NAME, I'm not kidding!
Salmon Steak.
Sang Har Mien.
Some seafood Spaghetti.
Another kinda seafood spaghetti.
Curry Laksa with chicken and 'see hum'.
The Spaghetti with Grouper.
Garlic Naan with some very very spicy chicken.
For 10 persons, that was TOO MUCH of food I know. But honestly, because we basically shared everything with other family members, it wasn't too bad. I must apologize for forgetting to write down names of the dishes. I was too hungry and busy eating and taking photos of the food...
The Salmon Steak I had was not too bad, but I think nothing can beat the Salmon we had at California Pizza yet. Among the other dishes I tried, I would say the spaghetti with Grouper and the Garlic Naan are good. The rest are just so-so. The bill came up to around RM400, not too bad actually, considering we actually ordered quite a lot of food, with beer somemore!
But I guess Souled Out is more to atmosphere than quality of food.