Saturday, August 25, 2012

Steamed Egg with Pork and Cuttlefish

Deardo and I sure have been enjoying our new kitchen a lot so far! We are loving the fact that we are most of the time eating more healthily at home and saving some RMs by doing so. I haven't been too adventurous though, making only the usual dishes I've done before most of the time. But it is a promise to myself that I will work on that more now that I've actually bought more recipe books recently! :)
The Steamed Egg with Pork and Cuttlefish is my all-time favourite home-cooked dish. I think Ducum would agree with me that this dish was like heaven to us when we were kids. We can simply just eat this with rice with nothing else! There are a few different version such as steamed pork with egg alone, then you can add the cuttlefish or you can add salted eggs and century eggs in it.
My favourite one is with cuttlefish. I love how the cuttlefish gives the dish an extra flavour  and fragrance and it is always fun to chew them when eating this dish. It's super easy to make actually! 

What you need: minced pork (preferably with a bit of fat) marinated with soya sauce and pepper, two to three eggs, Cuttlefish cut into bits, water and more soya sauce or salt to taste.
If you ever wonder what on earth is cuttlefish, this is it! You can easily find them  at the dried food isle!  I got mine from Taiping though. :p
Very simple ingredients isn't it? Simple to make too! Here you go...1. In a deep bowl, those that you can use to steam under high temperature, lay the minced pork which has been marinated earlier into it.
2. Add the cuttlefish and mix them up. 
3. Break the eggs onto it and whisk them together with the minced pork.
4. When you are done, add plenty of water. I measure it as about two times the content of the egg and pork mix.Stir them up a little. Add a little more salt or soya sauce to taste. 
5. Put the bowl into a steamer or a wok with some pre-boiled water. Steam for at least 20 minutes or until the dish is cooked and the texture of the eggs are harden... And you are done! :)
Well of course, I've seen or eaten harder steamed egg that are without so much of water but as a family tradition, I love my steamed egg to have the smooth texture and that I can have those flavourful gravy to go with my rice or porridge. So it's really up to your own liking, really.
I love it smooth and tender! *wink~*
While Deardo isn't quite a fan of the dish mainly because I think this dish is more to a Hokkien dish and not a Cantonese dish or perhaps it's too healthy and plain for his taste buds? I myself thought as a first timer, it was quite a successful try! Love the texture, love the taste and love how I can now make my favourite food when I was a kid in my own kitchen! 
We completed our wholesome dinner with some Ginseng Chicken Soup and Stir-fry Broccoli. 
Hopefully I will have more time for more of the kitchen adventure and more time to share with you guys here, very soon! Meanwhile, happy trying! :) 


Hayley said...

Glad to hear you guys are enjoying the cooking moment ;)

Happy cooking!

ShiRLeXia said...

Yes Hayley, even he has been cooking a lot!

viviantan-yan said...

Ah duo, geng lo! you know how to make this dish!!
i think next time i should try yours style of steamed egg, maybe with different taste ,hehe

ShiRLeXia said...

Haha don't know when are you guys coming to eat at my house???

viviantan-yan said...

get ready of that, it will be very soon

ShiRLeXia said...

But Mamo said next trip staying at Ah Ma's place wor...