Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Movies... Hoping for more posts to come!

Happy Belated Raya guys!
I have been unbelievably busy just because of one bloody project! Guess what? Still a lot more to come! But it has also been a good long weekend as I finally managed to catch-up with some movies, old and new ones as I think it has been months I haven't even step into a cinema until last week.
So here are the three movies I watched and wish to share some of my thought even though some of them are already considered old...

The Hunger Games

Reviews for this movie has been pretty good so I was curious.
Well, story wise, it is quite an interesting storyline involving some reality show, PR and marketing elements. So my type! Ha! While I do love the story a lot, there are details that they did not explain in the movie, such as why is there such hunger games? I only got to know by reading the plot from Wikipedia! I also think the movie can be cut shorter, especially near ending. Seriously, the winning interview and the guy getting into the room to see the poison cherries were redundant. Also, please don't expect it to be a kick-ass action movie, it is not! I think the best thing about the movie is the meaning behind it, it's the humanity that matters most!
I always like Jennifer Lawrence. I think Katniss isn't a very challenging role for her to play but still, she is as hot as always! :) I wish I could see more of Liam Hemsworth but the minor role disappoint me. It is no wonder he needs to marry Miley Cyrus to get himself a 'promotion' in the industry! I'm also amazed at how Elizabeth Banks carries the role of Effie so well! Good one, Elizabeth!
As Deardo said, the movie is too overrated. It is not a superb movie, but to me, worth a watch! I rate this 3.5 out of 5.

Real Steel
Real Steel is certainly my type of movie... The inspiring story of an underdog rising up and the father and son relationship. I was expecting myself to finish up a box of tissue paper watching the movie but it didn't happen... LOL! Anyway, I still think it's a cool and inspiring movie, just not the best one I've seen. Action wise, not as good too. I love seeing how the cool Atom can follow human's shadow to fight but at the same time as realistic I am, I do not buy the idea of machine fighting machine at all.
Acting wise, nothing to shout about.
I rate this 2.5 out of 5.

The Dark Knight Rises
Thanks to Karen, we managed to catch the movie, possibly right before they take it off the cinema.
Well, just an intro, I've only seen the first batman and did not watch the magical second one which everyone went crazy about how fantastic Heath Ledger was in the movie. So I went into the cinema just to see how cool the story and the action can be without knowing what happened earlier.
For a superhero movie, The Dark Knight Rises uses the same old story... The superhero gave up on saving the world, then suddenly realised he needs to make a comeback blah blah blah. And as usual, it's a very dark story, which I don't really prefer. There are cool parts of the movie especially when those batman vehicles come out but that's it. I basically think Batman sucks as a superhero compared to Ironman or even Captain America, who has much more super power. I mean, I'm not used to all these comic stuff but why does he has a cloth hanging on him but he can't fly? Figure that out for me please! And gosh I hate it that superhero lost or died because of a woman. So old-fashioned and lame!
That aside, I love the really strong cast! Christian Bale is as fantastic as always, Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman are as lovable as always, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is so cute, Anne Hathaway added coolness to her beauty and great acting, Marion Courtillard is really a class above all... I think the cast is the best thing the movie can offer, really!
Not so good as a movie, but to get such a great cast in a movie isn't easy as well. :) I'll give it a 2.5 out of 5.


Anonymous said...

Real Steel should be 3.5 stars lar..

ShiRLeXia said...

Well, this is very subjective wurt!

LayJinG said...

Wow... a professional movie review =P Haha... I haven't watch the hunger games and real steel, super outdated!

ShiRLeXia said...

Seriously? I thought I was outdated??? Well I think we all need a break! Need to catch up with a lot the movies!!! I still have a lot more to catch too!