Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Outdated Movie Reviews

Sorry guys, been really busy at work and am demotivated to blog even when I'm at home doing nothing. Always just wanna lie on the sofa and do nothing...
Anywayz, managed to catch some movies, which are not exactly new but I still want to share out of anality. LOL

What to Expect When You Are Expecting
Didn't have high hopes for this movie but I watched it anywayz I think perhaps because of the entertaining cast list!
The title said it all, it's all about what to expect when you are expecting, both to the mother and father. The storyline is very normal although it tried really hard in the end to make me cry, which I teared a bit, but actually it could have been done way better than that. I think the problem is the presentation of the stories and the not-so-fantastic acting from the all-star cast. I won't say it is lousy, but seriously it can be much better, funnier and touching-er. Ah, my favourite part: the part where JLo went to adopt her son... That was the best and most beautiful part of the entire movie. :)
All-star cast but not the best actors, I must say. Most of them just in there for the entertainment lar. But I love Elizabeth Bank's performance in the movie, so willing to make herself ugly and all for the role she plays.I think Anna Kendrink wasted her time doing this movie. That girl should be doing better movies than this one! 
I strongly do not recommend this one.

Honestly, I really watched this out of curiousity and because I'm in love with Michael Fassbender (Magneto, anyone?).
The movie talks about Brandon (played by Michael Fassbender of course), a guy with a VERY SERIOUS sex addiction problem. It went around showing how he struggles, how he wished to control himself but often, failed. In the end, his addiction almost caused him his sister's life... There is no proper ending or an explanation of what happen to him in the end... It's like a bit of an artsy movie.
Sexy body aside, Michael Fassbender gave a really good performance in the movie. I kinda feel his pain and struggles (although I don't have sex addiction issue, woi!). It is no wonder he has been winning awards for his performance in this movie! Another notable one must be Carey Mulligan (eh hem, I love her too) who was flawless too playing Brandon's sister who is herself a bit of a psycho too.
I know, I know, it's a movie full of sex scenes but honestly, the acting in this movie is something that you should learn to appreciate too! Not too bad a movie!

Till then, will try to update more often! *wink~*

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