Thursday, October 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Peeps... And Me!

After reading a few friends and bloggers' talking about their birthday in their blogs, I suddenly realised I totally forgot to do a birthday post for myself! So, Happy Belated Birthday to all of you September and early October babies! And like most of you, I've also turned 28 about two weeks ago!

Having a bunch of fun colleagues can be really fun but they can give you real headache too when it is your big day...
First thing I saw in the morning as I reached office...
Look! Who's birthday it is???
Well that wasn't the first time they did this to anybody in the department but I really thought I was safe since there weren't any of these posters when I checked-in to work but after a morning meeting, those posters were everywhere! And by that I mean in every cubicle in the washrooms!!! ==|||
.... Ok lar, I admit I really love what they did to me... Prank or not, I thank them for the effort and to make me feel like hey they remembered my birthday! LOL!

About two weeks before my birthday, I've received early birthday gifts from Deardo, one upon my request, one was something he knew I've been wanting for quite some time. And and and... They were shipped in all the way from the U.S.A! Thank you Deardo Wong! *muaks~*
Package all the way from the States! :)
Chris Colfer's The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell, favourite birthday prezzie this year!
My favourite movie of all time in the 45th Anniversary Blu-Ray Edition.
I gotta say I'm seriously enjoying Chris Colfer's book which I'm almost done reading! Will share more with you guys once I'm done.

It was a great birthday where we decided to go to Jogoya (again) for my birthday dinner and we were lucky to find out they were having the ladies 50% promotion! Yay!
A series of camwhoring while enjoying my birthday treat!
Everything was great until a day after when both Deardo and I fell sick of food poisoning... Such terrible aftermath for a birthday celebration! Aaaarrrrhhhh....

Anywayz, I'm one year older and one year wiser! I don't feel much difference unless if you want me to think of stepping into a whole new level of life next year! But I do pray for a great year ahead in all things in my life! :D

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