Sunday, November 4, 2012

Before I Invade Russia...

Since I may not be able to blog for at least two weeks time, I've decided to post another random entry today.
Let's start with Little Yue Yue!
Seriously, she looks like Deardo Wong!!!
She is a very happy baby that's for sure! :)
Though these photos were taken at least a month ago, she is now 11-month-old! Can you believe it? One more month and she is one-year-old! Time seriously passed way too fast! 
It's like now that I'm at home in Taiping, I was trying on a dress which I bought for CNY this year but couldn't fit that time and I can actually fit in this time around but come to think of it, it has been almost a year! Should I be still wearing it? Outdated already lor???

About two months back the family was in town to send Vivian off for her studies and here's a nice photo of us all!
Quite a nice family portrait! I like! :)
In September, our company as usual had a Raya Open House where we get to have free food and put on our Malay costumes. Of course that's the best time for photo opportunities!
So colourful, so fun, so GANGNAM!!!
My colleagues and I have just came back from our staff trip to JB and Singapore. We definitely had loads of fun traveling together! Seriously, whenever you have us together, whether at a dining table or on the bus, we would be the ones who made the most noises! :p
A group photo of all of us from the same department at Tanjung Piai!
Remember the dancing scene in Step Up 2?
They say this is the Singing in the Rain pose.
Where is my lovely King Julien???
Bow to me... NOW!!!
I love Universal Studio! It makes me so wanna go to New York, which is flooded now but I hope one day I can visit the city of music, Broadway, entertainment and shopping! Anywayz, I will be going back to Universal Studio later this month! Ha, talk about a busy November!

This August marks the second year of my service at the company I'm working with. As it comes into the third year, this is the one job that I've work for the longest time! Like I always say, workload, complications, pressure are some of the down points of my job, but man I'm also so proud of my job because of the students!
Ee Lyn (left) and Aaron (right) are some outstanding students I hope they will be outstanding too in their careers!
The students in the photo are both award-winning students that the school has produced, who have recently finished their studies. I'm very proud of them and I hope for only the best to come for them!:)

November is a super duper busy month for me! Not only are there events coming up for me to handle, as well as the planned Singapore trip with Deardo's family, I've also got a last minute call to make a trip to Russia next week. Phew~!
Can't wait to see St. Basil with my real eyes!
Work trip is a work trip, nothing to be jealous about, seriously! I'm expecting myself to be under a lot of pressure in Russia, I was already having insomnia because the trip! Not only that, there are so much to prepare before I leave for Moscow! Winter clothes (oh yea, it will be freaking cold there), medicines, moisturizer, etc. Arrrggghhh... I'm already feeling the pressure just by typing these!!! I am however, very pleased to have such opportunity! I mean, would you even think of going for holiday in Russia?
So please pray for me for a safe trip and a successful work trip! :) 

P/S: Every time I think of my coming Russian trip, I will automatically hum the music from Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. It was damn epic man!


LayJinG said...

Wow.. So envy with u! Do enjoy your trip then! haha... Make the business work trip FUN lah! U can make it! Have a pleasant flight ya!

ShiRLeXia said...

Thanks a lot Lay Jing! I will try my best to make it an interesting trip! :)

WCL said...

and those soldiers marching.... with the music...


ShiRLeXia said...

With the misai!