Monday, January 9, 2012

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

Just FYI, I did not watch any of the previous installments of the Mission: Impossible movies, but this one I went to watch in in IMAX, which is like fuyoh~!
Ghost Protocol is in deed a cool action movie. I mean, those 'impossible' technologies aside (you know I'm realistic enough to not buy that kinda crap, right?), the action was really impressive that Deardo said it was the best out of all the Mission: Impossible series of movies. My favourite is of course the Burj Hotel part, which I think most of you guys would agree with me too. Such kan cheong, entertaining, yet funny scene of the movie! As an action movie, I do not think it's the best action movie I've ever seen. As a drama, this is not even up to my level. But to me, it's slow in terms of story, but action wise, surely worth watching.
I'm  not a fan of Tom Cruise, not especially ever since he jumped on Oprah's couch. So Tom Cruise aside, I find the rest of the IMF team quite good. Simon Pegg (come on! Everybody loves him), Paula Patton and Jeremy Renner all played some lovable roles in the movie, even though I sure think Jeremy Renner needs to work on his acting and body before he can play Bourne (yes, he will take over from Matt Damon). I also love Anil Kapoor's appearance in the movie, it's simply something different for an Indian actor to play in a Hollywood movie.
I found guys finding the movie a bit too slow and too little action. So I guess 'average' should be the right word to describe it lar. But to me, not the best but worth-watching!


Hayley said...

Me too, dint watch the previous episodes. This one, cool~

ShiRLeXia said...

Yes Hayley, agree! :)